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I sent you an ask before but never got a response. What's the best way to stay motivated to actually use bullet journalling? I've tried for months and I can't seem to fall in love with any of my spreads so it makes it not enjoyable.

Hello, I’m sorry, there are currently tons of unanswered ask in my inbox, and I try to answer the oldest first, yours is somewhere in the middle. I would eventually get to it. I’m actually thinking about closing my ask for a while and just catch up on those I have in here, because I answer one and other three appear. I am very happy that you guys trust me with your questions and maybe take the time to write me a nice message (which makes me very happy and warms my heart), and I want to give you all a well thought out answer you deserve, but that takes time, and sadly I also have other stuff to do, so I was trying to do at least one ask a day for a while but it got sort of out of control. I’m sorry I’m rambling on your ask but I had this thought for a while and this seemed like a great opportunity to address it.

For your question – is it the system you don’t like, or do you feel like your spreads are just “not enough”, but do enjoy making them? If it’s the first issue, then bullet journaling is probably not the right thing for you and you should maybe try planners, that are already pre-set up, or go for other type of journaling. If it’s the latter, stop comparing yourself with others and just enjoy making your journal. Or maybe try a different style, try to get inspiration from the spreads you like. I don’t know if I helped, I wanted to give you a more in-depth answer, but oh well.


I got a call to go in and read for this character, who was 6 out of 12, I think it was. It was a short arc character. So I went in and read the scene. It was very brief. I was like, I don’t know, I can’t really remember what it was, I was falling off a motorcycle or something. And then I did this flip and saved [Buffy]. There was something mysterious and brooding about it.

Ok so in Cherry Bomb Mark said something really,,, interesting:
‘’hater, hater, talk, talk, whatever i hear from you, i can digest easily. take a fist or a stone or a gunshot. Strong nine, take it, a cherry bomb’‘ 
Which, in my opinion, clearly stands for the hate Donghyuck has been getting for his ‘’scandal’’ + the hate Johnny and Doyoung got for being added to NCT 127 and let me tell you i’m so proud of Mark for always addressing such things just like in Mad City with the iconic line ‘’Why are they doubting TY?’’
He’s truly an angel that wants the best for his members.💖


taeyong’s birthday countdown / D-6

↳  abc's of taeyong ; A for Affectionate

af·fec·tion·ate /ə’fekSH(ə)nət/

(adj.) readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness; having great affection or love; warmly attached; warmhearted 


baeksoo forehead kiss (>/////<)