they all seem to be complaining haha

I just feel like Lance is this type,

*get’s papercut* *complains about it ALL day long* *everyone is annoyed*

*is actually bleeding out* “haha, how many free stays in the pod before i have to pay rent?” *everyone is freaking out*

Like he’d joke about it to make it seem less serious because he’s scared and if he’s joking it’s fine. Litltle things he’ll complain about though, because there’s no real danger there

Customer called to complain about me

Story time

So a customer literally called the store to complain about me. Because I didnt seem happy when ringing them out…..BECAUSE I DIDN’T SEEM HAPPY. WHEN CHECKING THEM OUT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? haha. Seriously?
So I try to be upbeat and happy when ringing people out in the morning because its the morning and im just a nice person.
Ill admitt I had a couple customers who I could have been more upbeat with. But when you have a line of people and are trying to just get them all checked out sometimes ill get zoned in and focused and not be super upbeat.
My manager came over and told me a customer called and complained and different thoughts hit me at once.
1. Uh oh will I get in trouble?
2. Seriously?
3. What?!

I dont know how to feel, like should I feel bad? Should I not care?
I try to always be upbeat and cheery. I dont wanna feel like I have to apologize for not being “happy” when ringing something out for someone.

Just so you guys know, as much as I joke or complain about it, I really am grateful for all of the new publicity that misophonia is getting because of the new study. Mainly because these new articles are some of the first that I’ve seen that make a genuine effort to show that misophonia is real and harmful. Most of the older publicity has been nothing but jokes of people make saying “lol I totally have this disorder cause chewing annoys me haha.” I do have some problems, like how they all seem to make the “nails on a chalkboard” comparison, but they overall have been great. When I’m joking about articles on misophonia, I promise that I am only talking about the bad ones for the sake of humor.

anonymous asked:

for some reason i feel like Hau from pokemon sun and moon and Aoi would really get along- maybe because both of them are giant sweethearts, and have similar gravity-defying hairstyles, haha?

I don’t particularly like Hau as a character, but I do agree with you.

I think both of them are pretty easygoing and laid back. Asahina takes her training seriously, but I think Hau would find it fun to TRY and keep up with her. He seems like one of those people who wouldn’t complain, he’d just joke about it and do his best. And you’re right. They both seem to have big hearts.

I liked Hau’s character design a lot, but they didn’t make him seem all that important.

does anybody know why the past couple of disney animated movies have had “plot twist” villains??

like idk it seemed to have started with turbo from wreck-it ralph and every disney studio animation movie since (frozen, big hero 6 & zootopia) has pulled that same sorta thing where you think you know the antagonist and then it does a 360 and the movie’s like “haha NOPE it was *completely innocent seeming character* all along! gotcha!”

i mean.. i’m not complaining necessarily but i’m curious as to how this became a trend