they all seem to be complaining haha

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could u tell us more abt Sven/Keith? i saw u mention that they were a thing in previous voltrons n got curious thanks

They weren’t


If any couple should have been a thing.. 

Like, Keith and Sven were obviously the closest two out of the 5 (I think it was like Hunk/Pidge, Keith/Sven who were the closest buddies), and Sven was kinda older and more experienced and seemed like he’d be the leader, but Keith was, and Sven was second in command. Which seemed kinda odd, but was never explained why it was like that. (this is what I think VLD is trying to do)

And it’s obvious (both in Golion and Voltron) that Sven meant alot to Keith, but we never get the reason.

And that, combined with Keith’s seeming lack of interest in Allura, who the american version made inlove with Keith (wasn’t the case in golion) and some funny changes to the dialog, I think made it very easy to get the impression Keith was gay for Sven haha (in Voltron, less in golion) atleast until the special commissioned episodes forced Keith and Allura together.

Like the scene where Allura takes the black lion, in golion they are all complaining about her and saying how “Sven” would have never done that, and Keith is the only one who doesn’t mention “Sven” and supports Allura piloting black. 

But in Voltron they made Keith be the only one who says the “Sven would have never done this” line, and combined with Allura’s romantic feelings for him in this version and how he keeps shutting her down all the time, it just becomes really funny 

Then you also got “Sven dying” in Keith’s arms

The happy reunion where they hold hands and look into eachothers eyes

The original ending where Keith lets Lotor destroy Voltron to save Sven’s life

I dunno, I think even back then that relationship really stood out, but was never explained. So I think it left alot of room to do something very significant with it this time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if when watching the old series before making vld the vld staff were all

 “He loves you”

and then went all TOMODAAA and wrote them the love story they deserve in VLD haha (cause seriously if any two characters should have been the “gay couple”…)

But you kno, in DotU Keith ends up with Allura (for the american audience). Sven and Romelle were an actual thing in both, but in Golion they dun end up together either (cuz Ryou dies)

So obviously they could have gone with those two relationships too and just developed them into better more believable love stories than they were in the original, but I just wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go the Keith/Sven way either, because well, there was definitely a base there imo.. 

Anyway, @misterpoofofficial is the fandom’s expert on vintage Sheith, so maybe they can expand on the whole Sven/Keith thing more

You’ll Be Fine

Request: hello friend!!! Could you please do a sister!reader fic where Sams in college and reader is about 15-16 and its it first day of highschool. Shes like really nervous and dean conforts her and stuff. She find a quick salt and burn with the guy she sits next to? Idk i thought of a whole story but i think you could write it better, thanks soooooo much!!! @rosiesstanderds

A/N: I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I have been dying at college. I hope you enjoy this!! And again, I am sorry I have been dead to the world for like months.

Characters: Dean x Sister!Reader, John Winchester, OC, Sam (mentioned)

Warnings: swearing, angst, violence, mention of blood/gore, sadness, let me know if i missed anything!

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Another stupid day. Another moment where you wake up and forget for a second that Sam is gone, that he left you and Dean, and won’t even answer your texts or phone calls. Another stupid hunt. Another week or two of wondering if Dad is okay, if he is alive. Another stupid school. Another month of hearing Dean complain that Dad left him behind on this hunt to watch poor little old you.

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I just feel like Lance is this type,

*get’s papercut* *complains about it ALL day long* *everyone is annoyed*

*is actually bleeding out* “haha, how many free stays in the pod before i have to pay rent?” *everyone is freaking out*

Like he’d joke about it to make it seem less serious because he’s scared and if he’s joking it’s fine. Litltle things he’ll complain about though, because there’s no real danger there

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Apparently most of the reviews for the new ME:A are actually pretty good!

They’ve all been good except for literally the Rock Paper Shotgun one lmao. And I’ve seen countless people who also played the game early respond to that article with total confusion because they disagree on almost every level. Like the game has the usual BioWare rickedinss but overall the consensus seems to be that the aspects we all love BioWare games for (story, romances, compelling characters) are all top notch. People complaining about rough animations are making me laugh because this is literally BioWare’s first time having a game with characters that emote. Like literally. Even the faces in Inquisition were emotionally blank outside of the more intense or emotional moments. Shepards face changes maybe ten times over the OT ahaha. This time around they did their best to hand key accurate facial expressions for every conversation. Does it sometimes feel off? Yep. Absolutely. But does it mean this game is bad? Nah haha. Reviewers have praised the game for the reasons we all love Mass Effect. If they want to complain about something in the game, let it be the facial animations. I’d rather have a beautiful game with a good story and great characters over an empty game with perfect animations. Everyone who is worried should relax. This game is going to be awesome.

About Me!

I’ve had a studyblr for a while now but I haven’t even introduced myself haha. So here’s my late introduction!

I got lazy drawing but here is some more info


  • Playing piano and learning new songs (I only play songs I like)
  • Drawing (or scribbles as seen above)
  • Photography (I’m all my friend’s personal photographer haha)
  • Sleeping really late or sleeping at 4 am and complaining why I’m so tired
  • Purposely using many dishes when it’s my brother’s turn to wash them
  • Going to the library and accidentally forgetting to bring pens :))))

School Life

  • My school specializes in film (my blog doesn’t make it seem like it, right?)
  • Manager of the volleyball and basketball team
  • So ready to graduate high school
  • Would slack off but gotta maintain my ranking to give the speech at the end

Other Thingies

  • the out-going positive friend
  • Haruki Murakami is my favorite author! My favorite of his is Kafka on the Shore.
  • I love The Little Prince omg
  • This stupid mosquito kept bothering me at 3 am. That thing started to buzz all around me. It left me alone for a moment but when I was eating my ice cream while watching Kubo, it came back and started buzzing again and I threw my ice cream.

Blogs who inspire me are @studyplants@merakinotes@studythereal@obsidianstudy@mochi-studies​ and many more!

Super late on the introduction stuff but it’s whatever. That’s about it, ask me some questions if you want to lmao

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Read through the blog and I'm mcloving it 👌👌 could I get some domestic headcanons for Pidge pls???? (I loved the ones for Lance and Keith)

Lol Mod Awkward is the Domestic HC queen, but it seems like someone bouta overthrow that position >__>  ~Mod Saffron

  • You call her Tinker Bell for a reason; she stays home for the duration of the day and just builds. She will make new inventions all around the house and modify your utilities. At first you were complaining because you didn’t know how to use them, but on second thought, an automatic bubble bath doesn’t seem all that bad.
  • You cook for her. Don’t let her in the kitchen. She nearly blew up the house with her “modification” on the heat thermometer for the oven. 
  • And she’s cool with that. Pidge loves your homemade meals, mostly your cookies (haha) and your soups. 
  • When she feels sick, you are the best caretaker in the world. She is so easy to take care of? But careful, don’t say that out loud (Pidge: what, is it because I’m small?!)
  • Because her lion and main element is earth, you two often go on late night walks through the woods and climb hills to pull out her telescope and name the stars. Sounds cliche, but that’s only because couples barely know the names. Pidge will point out nearly every constellation out there, and even make up her own.
  • Speaking of baths mentioned above, Pidge will join you for non-sexual baths. When either of you are feeling sad, the other partner’s go-to will be to the bath. You just sit quietly and lather each other’s hair in funny ways and massage shoulders. 
  • Kiss her nose. Since her revelation of being a girl, Pidge has been kind of self-conscious about her appearance, even though Team Voltron accepted her as she was (it’s all Lance’s fault). Tell her she’s cute. She’ll pout, but you know she loves it.
  • Pidge LOVES Disney movies, esp the sci-fi ones. Her favorites are Treasure Planet, Wall-E, and Big Hero 6. It brings her nerd level 200+. Also, popcorn and soda are a must. And them peanut butter cookies/sandwiches.
  • Just because she loves tech, doesn’t mean she will refuse gardening. To relieve her stress and anxiety, you two will plant flowers and herbs. Yup, you’re gonna be great grandmas.
  • No matter how much she begs, you will never let her be the big spoon. Poor child is too small. But she does enjoy being spooned. It gives her a sense of comfort and safety. 
  • If you’re a girl, she will lay on your boobs and fluff them like personal pillow orbs at night. She barely has her own so she feeds off on others’. They’re also warm and are kinda like headphones??
  • She loves feeling a thrill of some sort so your dates often involve theme parks, water parks, attractions, roller coasters, fairs and so on. She cheats on most games and you help her while praying for your sins.
  • You always pinch her cheeks. When she says something cute, pinch. When she says something sciency, pinch pinch. When she yells at you to stop, PINCH.
  • You have pet names for each other but they are weird and based mostly off of memes. Some include spongebob, tarnation, H2O, or nerd her.
Hello, Goodbye

A Samurai Love Ballad Party special New Year edition!

This fanfiction is dedicated to my friends is twitter, thank you for spending this year with me! Please take good care of me too next year!

SLBP 12 men x OCs

Warning of super OOC!

this is a story filled with bunch of sweet short stories from each pairings, so please do enjoy! also, please take this as my greeting card for you all! Love love~!

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Mini Trivia for Aomine

Because I still can’t get my head into finishing my fic. 

  1. He was also an only child of the family (so many characters in KNB with no siblings). It never stated who he live with but I assumed that he still live with his parents.
  2. Aomine is afraid of bees. He’s been stung by one when he was little. He also used to put a frog on Momoi’s head which made her cry and make her hates frog ever since then. (What the hell Ahomine!!!)
  3. He hates vegetables and often get scolded for not eating it. Especially goya because he hates bitter stuff.
  4. He likes to collect basketball shoes and never use it. He’s actually very good at choosing basketball accessories since he helped Kuroko picking his own shoes. He’s a walking encyclopedia on basketball shoes.
  5. Despite being bad at studying like Kagami, his best subject is Japanese History according to Fujimaki-sensei (he said if he had to pick one). His English is terrible. VERY VERY TERRIBLE.
  6. He liked to play in the mountains when he was little and collect cicadas and crayfish. He said in one of the drama cds that he graduated at cicadas and crayfish hahaha.
  7. He seemed to like Nigou from all the drama cds and official arts. 
  8. Fujimaki said that Aomine was the character that he felt so emotionally connected with the most. Although he often complained how Aomine’s dark skin made him use a lot of screentones that it made his manuscript so thick haha
  9. Apparently he wrote everything in Katakana. Lazy much Aomine.
  10. His teammates have to lock him up so that he could finish his school assignment so they could go to tournament. Just like Kagami.

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I'm a white straight girl so this is maybe not sth I should comment on (haha a post can't be good if it starts like this, right? ;)) I feel like a lot of ev/ak shippers try to make season 4 about ev/en (all they talk about is him and mikael)? when it is sana's season? I don't really care about is/ak or ev/en but I still can fully acknowledge that they are important representation. but shouldn't sana be important too? idk this seems kinda hypocrite to me to complain about the lack of ev/ak

Nah it doesn’t.

Some fans take it to an extreme with e.vak. Because while they’re both wonderful characters (isak is actually my child he even has one of the names on my potential list) and amazing representation, Sana is revolutionary.

How many times have we seen a muslim girl in a hijab as the lead of  a western show? How many times on western television have we seen a character constantly confront and overcome islamophobia? And with Sana comes her entire storyline. How many times have we seen a group of Muslim boys be shown as physically affectionate and silly with one another instead of aggressive and intimidating? How many times have we seen on western television two Muslim POC fall for one another and navigate that situation?

My personal answer is none and I’m pretty sure thats the answer for most people. But I have seen over the years two white males fall in love and have a solid and healthy relationship.

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Hey :) I loved reading your post about the comments on SKAMs official website. I was just wondering what the general opinions on Sana's season has been so far, based on comments on the site? Just the jist of things because I can't read Norwegian. I hope it's positive?

hello my friend!!
hey yaay, i’m happy you enjoyed reading it.

i haven’t read all the comments cause i’m lazy and it’s so many haha but i can tell you what kind of impression i got from some of the comments under the newest clip that i did read if that’s alright.

it seems like alot of people like the sana x yousef concept, some people are angry at the girl squad, and i saw alot of comments on fridays clip how they loved the scene when sana prays. as of right now they all complain about the lack of update, someone answered to that with “it’s easter we’re all supposed to be out and get fresh air.”

they also talk about which language elias and sana speak in the latest clip, which someone answered “they speak finnish“ that comment got like 250 likes or something haha.

that’s all i know from what i’ve read. have an awesome day/night :)

today some dude was complaining that i was the only cashier that could sell alcohol (we’ve only just started selling it in grocery stores in canada so it’s new and people always feel the need to comment on it) and i was explaining you had to be at least 18 since that ontario law and that’s the reason i was the only one able to sell it at that current moment

he continued to tell me how silly it was that we were allowed to sell it but not ALL cashiers were allowed to sell it, and i was absently repeating it was ontario law because i can’t tell customers to fucking shut up, when the guy behind him (a regular also buying beer) just deadpanned “i don’t think it’s silly”

the first guy seemed sort of flustered and left quickly after and the regular was like “wow some people just need to complain about everything huh?” and i just ‘haha yup’ because god do they ever

i figured that was that and he paid, then just out of nowhere he says “I’m going to go fight him in the parking lot” and then just left as I burst out laughing

literally my hero tbh, i wish more of my regulars offered to fight my annoying customers

New Roommate || Ashley & Mark

Mark was at his office in the house, checking a few last details about a new video game that was about to come out very soon. He was working all day, checking, reviewing and well, in some breaks playing too some of hid game he had in front of him. He didn’t complain though, he loved his job more than anything in this world. Well, this and his dog. Everything seemed okay and Mark decided to take a small break before he would go back to work. Walking to his kitchen to make some coffee, Mark got a little distracted with his dog.

Those were the moments he liked and saved; for example, simple moments like playing with Chica. When he was done, he went back to make his coffee when he suddenly heard a knock at the door. Raising an eyebrow curiously he made his way to the door. He was not expecting anyone. Opening the door Mark’s mouth dropped. “What are you doing here?” he said excitedly wrapping his arm around Ashley’s body, holding her tight. “What the fuck?” he said excitedly. “Why you didn’t call me? I could have come and taken you with my car or something” he said.


does anybody know why the past couple of disney animated movies have had “plot twist” villains??

like idk it seemed to have started with turbo from wreck-it ralph and every disney studio animation movie since (frozen, big hero 6 & zootopia) has pulled that same sorta thing where you think you know the antagonist and then it does a 360 and the movie’s like “haha NOPE it was *completely innocent seeming character* all along! gotcha!”

i mean.. i’m not complaining necessarily but i’m curious as to how this became a trend

Answering questions about Kirkmall

So as I totally accidentally published the Christmas at Kirkmall ask (Accident because I like to try and draw stuff for my asks and i just wanted to write down all my thoughts on it to draw then when adding tags it published and i was like oh, thats what that button does, oops hahaha. I figured it only fair that i go in and publish all of them, even if its only with words! (I still want to try and draw everything even still tho haha)

Also! I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet and taking the time to send super rad messages and thoughts and all that <3 And also the likes and reblogs and super hilarious and sweet tags <333 You are all too rad! 

But anyway presenting LONG POST OF TALKING! 

I really need to draw Hawke punching more old people in the face. Like? That would make everyones life so much richer and more fulfilled?? 

Haha probably something to that effect! And then that would go into the whole like hacking social media accounts can get SO DANGER. much like magic??? idk but yeah mages r totally nerds and the templars would b the jock equivalent yes totes

YESSSS. That is coming and in the works! Just everyone hipsters at the mall because yessssss <3 Also for me everyone in Inquisition like, fits a modern au so perfectly 

Oh Hawke definitely is. If anything she is the self proclaimed Champion of Kirkmall because she is vain and enjoys empty titles as much as Admiral Captain Isabela haha however everyone for some reason seems to love her and ask for her help with every stupid problem. No one has any idea why, but she gets the job done so no one really complains and is like omg ok we will call you champion w/e

Yesssssssssssssssss. Just yes. To all of this, so good! So accurate!

Oh of course hahaha omg basically <3 Flemeth just randomly appears everytime Morrigan trynna be cool and is just. So much cooler than her. Also for some reason I really want all of the Origins crew to be in a band, and Flemeth made Morrigan join even though she was like omg mom no they are all losers. (Leliana is like vocals and some hipster ass instrument like the ukelele, Zevran can be handsome sexy guitar, Morrigan can play bass, the Warden can sing and be lead guitar and Alistair can be like, triangle. For it is a hipster band you see. He insists to everyone he plays the drums quite well, Morrigan is like shutup u r triangle loser)

I think he would be a jack of all trades creative writing wise. Varric would try his hand at everything books, comics, EVERY GENRE UNDER THE SUN. Also omg Cullen would totally be in one of those just being a huge noodle haired nerd who is Merediths yes man.  As time goes on and he grows as a person he is less yay Meredith and more like, Imma work in this nerdy ass game store that sells those fancy stone chess sets and all those stupid mind puzzles and Hawke is like, oh my goooooddddd why are you so boring stillllll.

All of these kind messages and thoughtful comments have drastically improved the quality of my life. <3 but like no seriously they totally have and all of you guys are the greatest and so sweet you deserve every happiness :)))))) (that sounds so dumb but like, dude for real you are all collectively the greatest!)


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Gom and kagami and takao braiding (or trying to) their girlfriend's hair

KUROKO: His eyes are focused as he makes the first braid of hair and she applauds him. A cute smile graces his face and he’s determined to make her hair prettier to complement her already pretty face.

KAGAMI: He’d act like it was a chore at first, because he has no idea what he’s doing. But with just a few pointers, he’s making pretty French braids through her hair and she wants him to do this for her every time.

KISE: “Ok, but you’ll braid mine afterwards, right?” He’s easy to persuade and he seems to have some experience doing this. He’s beaming with happiness while showing off all the styles he’s learned from his hairdresser.

AOMINE: He snorts when she suggests it, but knows he’ll get dragged into it anyways. “Why’s this so complicated?” He complains, even though it wasn’t. His girlfriend feared he was gonna make a mess of her hair.

MIDORIMA: Refuses at first, until she’s literally waving her hair in front of his face with a frown. After initially pulling her hair and hurting her accidentally, he’s more gentle and starts to get the hang of it.

TAKAO: “Haha, sounds like fun!” He not only wants to braid her hair, but gathers up these flowers and hair pieces to put in. He tells her that he’s gonna try to make her look like one of the elves from Lord of the Rings.

MURASAKIBARA: His eyes light up when she says he’ll get his own hair braided too. He’s doing a decent job of it but the nice smell and softness of her hair makes him start to drift off and fall asleep in the middle of it.

AKASHI: He knows she just wants this opportunity to spend time with him and this makes him chuckle. He sits behind her and massages her head gently before starting to make these intricate braids in her hair.

So some quick opinions from myself regarding each of the boys during the Arashi concert:

Jun was the most excited and happy to be there. He was totally in his “prince” element and was working the crowd like a well oiled engine. His smile is a lot cuter in person too. Jun feels so much more sweet and approachable this concert than any other concert I’ve watched him on DVD on lol

Nino was the most miserable there. Not to say he didn’t have a good time but it was obvious to me Nino hates the heat like a cat hates baths and he kept looking up at the sky as if asking for a breeze, some shade, any kind of reprieve and I caught him tugging at his clothes a couple times. Also he seemed a bit exhausted from the heat to begin with. Most fan service done was between Juntoshi and Sakuraiba, and there was only one Ohmiya moment I saw (Nino pressed his back up to Ohno’s front and spread his arms wide like he was Rose and Ohno was Jack from the Titanic)– it was almost like all the members knew that an uncomfortable, hot Nino is not to be touched. LOL. Also we all know how feminine his dancing is but seeing it in person– what a seductive brat! Total gratuitous hip-shaking like the rent was due tomorrow or he’s getting evicted. Not that I’m complaining. Now it may seem like I’m paying particular attention to Nino here but can you expect any different, considering he’s usually my staple favorite? lol

Aiba is RIDICULOUSLY, and I mean ridiculously good looking. Like all the boys look better in real life, if not a little bit pale (seems like the camera tans them haha!), but Aiba is an archetype hero stepped out of a shoujo manga he is that pretty. The camera does him NO justice, sweat looks like too much on Aiba when on camera but in person it’s like he just stepped out a steaming shower and jeez Aiba as if you weren’t good looking enough please give you fangirls an opportunity to breathe. I don’t even know how it even happens but I guess it’s true when they talk about “HD faces.” Jeez Aiba was so pretty I can’t even say how, but it’s like he has this glow that dulls exponentially on screen.

Sho is the closest to Arashi that we know on screen in all aspects (rapper, MC, reporter, variety show host, Arashi member, etc) as he is in real life. He holds the crowd easily and I don’t know what else to say about Sho except he was EVERYTHING I expected him to be and I couldn’t be more happy with that considering how high my expectations were.

Ohno is the one who is there for the fans. Now obviously they’re *all* there for the fans, but Ohno performs *so* differently from the others it was all I could pay attention to when I watched him. The other boys perform for an audience, but Ohno seems to perform for one person at any given time. He points at a fan and lets you know it’s *you* not the person behind you, but YOU that he is looking at and thanking for being there. He reads signs and does the services requested, laughs along and then looks for people he might have missed who may consider him his favorite. When he’s singing it seems half hearted even though it sounds great, but that’s because he’s always looking beyond the crowd and at specific people, and the song is muscle memory but every fan there is someone he loves and appreciates and he wants to be there for *you.* I don’t think I’ve ever seen any performer quite like Ohno. =)

I got a bunch of ‘bonus sound files’ and attempted to animate even after animating my school project which was a pain, haha. I was supposed to animate Mephistopheles, but I still can’t draw him right, oops.

It… Looks okay? It looks okay.

Have a 3 second thing.

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what's so great about the white pants

ugh they’re HOT AS HELL! Don’t you agree?

It’s just my opinion, but I think Matt looks really good in white. 😍

The white pants haven’t been seen a great deal since the end of BHaR era. Matt wore them a lot during BHaR tours and in photoshoots and tbh, that era is my favourite for all the guys’ fashion (but especially Matt’s):

(i’m not gonna pretend that it’s not about the booty) ;)

but let’s not forget about the iconic Supermassive Black Hole video and Matt’s outfit in that!

He always seems to take himself a lot less seriously when he wears them. idk why, but I’m not complaining!

But like I said, we haven’t seen him wearing them much since. So I’m so happy that they’re back now because not only do they look great on him, but it means he’s letting himself be the carefree and silly dork (with questionable fashion taste, i’ll admit) again that we all know and adore!!!

Haha! Thank you for the ask, Anon!!! Have a wonderful day/night! *wolstenhug*



Puddin’s completely alert and active, I thought he was dead but he’s completely far from it. ;~;
He’s got some dirt and dust stuck on him so he’s being treated right away and I’m monitoring him closely to make sure he’s not sick.
I’m so freakin’ happy oh my god…all of my snakes are okay and things seem to be getting better now even though I just caught a serious cold last night, ew.

askdjfslkdjf I’m going to continue spending time with my boyfriend’s family since stuff came up and his mom’s nonstop complaining about things, haha. ^^;