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Why did you delete Harrys joke about Roy? Unless your position is no humor about any sensitive topic, that joke was not offensive. He is not mentioning anyone. He is using himself to call out Roy's behavior. For 100s of years, humor is used to communicate hard topics and call people out. This joke was as tasteful as a joke can go. Just because all the fake woke people screamed, you don't have to follow x

“Unless your position is no humor about any sensitive topic, that joke was not offensive”
It wasn’t funny. There was nothing humorous about it. That joke was written for the American GP who we all know equates a Harry Styles concert with teenage girls. Guess what Roy Moore did? Preyed on teenage girls. So much so that he got banned from a mall for harassing them. I wonder why he would be kicked out of a Harry Styles concert? I don’t know about you, but I don’t find it funny to joke about child molesters with a slap on the hand for his behavior via “ha he should be kicked out of a concert that is predominantly attended by young girls/women” Where he belongs is in jail. 

“He is not mentioning anyone. He is using himself to call out Roy’s behavior.”
He/the writers did. They mentioned Roy Moore, known child molester and pedophile. And implied he would be kicked out of Harry’s show because he’s known to prey on teenage girls. So they also mentioned teenage girls by implication. They weren’t using Harry to call out Roy’s behavior they were using the attendees of Harry’s concerts which as stated above, the American GP would say is predominantly attended by young girls/women, as a punchline to a tasteless joke.

“For 100s of years, humor is used to communicate hard topics and call people out.”
He didn’t call him out. He delivered a tasteless joke. Countless people have called Roy Moore out without having to joke about him preying on teenage girls. Also remember how the American public joked about the “hard topic” that is Donald Trump… look where that got us. 

“Just because all the fake woke people screamed, you don’t have to follow”
I, along with many others, were disappointed and upset over it. It should have never made it past the writers room. So that’s why it was deleted. Also, you don’t get to decide what offends people and what doesn’t. It WAS offensive to some people. At the end of the day, no matter the intention, a joke about sexual assault or implied sexual assault (bc that’s the way it came across to numerous people and will come across to the general public) should never happen. It’s tasteless. The writers/producers obviously realized that since they cut it from the show and deleted the video from twitter which I’m glad they did.


context: the party was fighting two cultists, and had already used unconventional methods to get rid of some cultists earlier (see: our wizard using whisper to make one think istus had chosen him, causing him to “see the light” and leave). terry, our tabaxi druid, decided to use charm person on the cultist who hadnt yet taken any damage. then this happened:

terry: so, what’s your name?

me, trying to quickly think of a name, uncertainly: uh… my name? it’s… uh… braaaaandon?


this lead to like. ten straight minutes of rping, with some highlights being:

me: and now its brandon’s turn in the order. he looks kinda confused, like he doesn’t know what to do, hurt you or the other cultist.

neev, our tiefling rogue: BRAAAAANDON! KILL HIM! KILL HIM! KILL HIM!

brandon: guys, i don’t know… you guys are my new best friends? like i love you? but also i’ve known this dude for a long time… i don’t think i can kill him…

clem, our tiefling cleric: maybe don’t kill him… you can just knock him out?

ro, our human fighter: yeah, just knock him out. that’s a good idea

brandon: okay… if terry thinks so? because terry’s my bestest friend, terry, i love you so much i’d do whatever you want.

terry: yeah, brandon, i love you too. can you knock him out, please?

and also this, when the party started to get tired of talking to brandon:

nyx, our drow bard: hey BRAAAANDON, sweetheart, why don’t you walk into my knife right here?

braaandon: uh, i don’t think that’d be particularly fun, but if terry says so, i guess?

terry, a sweet nerd who’s never committed a murder: UH, i…

and, finally this:

terry: please, brandon, i love you, tell me about the shards (and object he mentioned their cult is collecting)

brandon: i can’t…

xav, our half-elf wizard: can we just kill this dude already?

ro: yeah i’m fed up of this can we GO

brandon: wow, terry, your friends are kind of rude… do you wanna just go? because i only need you, terry. i love you. there’s an altar in the next room. let’s get married. *he starts tearing up*

terry: yeah, ok, brandon, let’s get married. you can tell me about the shards then.

brue, our gnome fighter: fuck this *succeeds a roll with advantage because brandon is distracted and beheads him*



Prompto: confronted the circumstances of his creation and embraced his command over his own destiny whilst preventing a titanic magiteck monstrosity fueled by his biological father’s demon-essence from literally devouring the world

Ignis: single-handedly stabilized a war zone, swayed the heart of an enemy, faced down Ardyn without flinching, and had his eyes burned out by the kings of old in order to protect the life the True King, and also, subsequently, the world

Gladiolus: felt insecure and left his friends alone to go bro out with the Immortal, fight a dude, and get bragging rights and even bigger scars

in the year of our lord 2017, the debt that white america owes black america is still expanding at roughly the speed of light


Hypocritical Critting Hippies

Adventures of a 20-Charisma Rogue/Barbarian with a Nat-20 Penis and Expertise in Persuasion, and a depressed Dragonborn Bard

Bard: So in just 2 sessions you seduced and married 3 vampire lesbians, a male bronze dragon and a half-troll woman, you okay there buddy?

Rogue: Can’t a man just build a commune of peace, happiness and love across all species and genders without being judged?

DM (me): Yeah but then again you smashed some heads in while enraged, let a few dozen kids die cause you were fleeing with said vampires, oh AND you sold your soul TO THE FUCKING DEVIL just so you had enough money to start a coal mining company that supports the arms industry of the neighbouring totalitarian empire.

Rogue (mumbling): Well if you put it like that…


Read this. Seriously, he is whining that jail is too hard, and he’s too smart to be in there…

…this bloke sexually assaulted, stalked and harassed a 13yr old girl, and when placed on bail he immediately breached it by harassing her on social media and sending… ‘photos’.

Seriously, read it, he has a lot of excuses that boil down to ‘I’m too smart to be in here, and I’m only 21 how could I have known what I was doing?’

Like, m8… 


Last part of my art trade for @imperialgradients Tarkin everywhere! You said you die, if i drew him in that outfit and i said “Prepare for Trouble!” but please don’t die ;v;!

There was a posing of him just standing there and all I could see was the “i’m a little teacup” pose so, of course, i had to draw it.

The last one was suppose to be Tarkin with a boa, slippers, and wine glass but i felt like Tarkin deserves a fluffy robe instead….And krennic can’t understand what’s going on!…lol

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i hope this doesn't come off as rude, cause i swear i don't mean it, but maybe you'd get more messages if you opened your requests? people are probably less likely to be engaging when they see that. it makes it seem like you're closing them off. idk...

FUCK OFF!!! I am seriously not in the mood! Pay me and I’ll take your requests! 


“When I’m lost and wandering, be my star.. Will you be my star for my unknown tomorrow? .. Be my friend.. Be my starlight~✨” - Starry Night


happy birthday to this beautiful beautiful man with the purest soul and a big big heart full of nothing but love 💞 i can’t even describe how much lee jinki affected me and changed me as a person.. it sounds so dramatic jshd but i really do love him with all my heart 💝 i’m so thankful for everything you’ve done to me, to your members, to your family, to the shawols, and to the entire world and universe!! you are utterly and dearly loved by many, and my birthday wish for you is that i hope you always remember that.. we love you and your cute face and bright smile and warm hugs and amazing talents and everything about you and what you’ve done! you’ve always been there to be our starlight in our times of darkness, and now it’s our turn to light your world up ✨💓

happy birthday to our only dubu, onew, lee jinki 💞 we love you the most!

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Dudddeeeee I thought Asher's mom was turning a leaf after opal was born

I know. :(

To be fair though, I would say she had… minus the fact that she never told Asher about Lila and the baby. BUT, yeah- she’s gonna have to deal with sometime soon, I would assume.

Home is where you’re wanted

What defines home?
Many people say that,
Home is where the heart is,
A place where you’re loved,
A place where you’re wanted,
I didn’t know what that looked like.
Now, I know how it feels.
To be loved, to be wanted,
To finally be somewhere you’re not dismissed or forgotten.
I found that with my friends,
The people I can laugh with, smile, and be free.
And if someday, somebody asks for me.
Say that I lived to love you,
My family.