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I love Chloe Bourgeois, give the bitch a bee, I bet she'd find Hawkmoth in a week and kick his ass. Chloe Bourgeois would fight one akuma and then flip her shit about how INCONVENIENT it is to have to rush away and fight a new villain at a moment's notice. Chloe Bourgeois and her bad attitude will turn over every rock in Paris just so she can personally drag Hawkmoth out of his Hovel With A Skylight and beat him to shit because he caused her to miss a party


Ladybug: = 3= *refuses to admit she’s cool*
Chat Noir: *sobbing* I’M SO PROUD OF HER

I miss Taylor terribly but while I was thinking about what she could possibly be doing I thought of the following…. I always like to think of us as a very supportive fan base / group of friends who all wholeheartedly love and support each other while standing by one incredible person who has enriched our lives in unthinkable ways. What’s even more extraordinary is that we get our love and support reciprocated even though we’re millions and Taylor is one. Now that Tay is finally enjoying her well deserved break we must continue to be there for each other because we all miss her and we all face obstacles daily in which we wish we could just talk to her. But again we’re millions so every time you get lonely or feel miserable about anything reach out because together we’re so much stronger than the one man army inside of you telling you, you can’t do it… You can!

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Hi could you do head canons for Draco Malfoy dating Hermione Granger's twin sister who's in Hufflepuff. And if you have time could you also do head canons for being Hermione's twin in Hufflepuff and Newt Scamander is your idol, please? Thank you. I love you blog.

Being Hermione’s sister:

It’s one of those things. You miss being around her. Miss being with her all the time because you’ve been split into two different houses but sometimes you have class with her and she lets you into her common room and vice versa and the two of you make as much time for each other as you possibly can.

Dating Draco:

Not good. This is a racist asshole (at that age anyway, he does grow we know this) who will literally call you a mudblood. He is not a good guy to date as a muggle born and he torments your sister. It’s not until he leaves school and does some growing up that he stops being such a horrible dick, but even then it’s hard to remove years worth of ingrained bigotry. 

He’s a bully and that’s not going to change during school. 

Lucaya Texas au oneshot becuz I'm bored

Maya stares out the window of her new home in Texas, the sky freckled with tiny specks of light. She watches the stars in awe, in love with the darkness, yet also in love with the light in the stars and the moon that overcomes the vast sky of black. Maya misses her home in New York with all of her heart. She longs to be reunited with her friends, with the buzz of the city, with the feeling of walking down the sidewalk at night with Riley on their way to a movie. But one thing that she’s willing to trade, is the sky.
Maya gets up from her spot beneath her window, walking to the door of her room and peeking her head out.
“Mom?” She asks hesitantly, willing her not to answer.
There’s a silence, long enough for Maya to infer that her mother is asleep.
She tip toes down the stairs, slipping on her black converse and sneaking out the door.
Maya reaches the road, the only light source being the pale moonlight. No neon signs, no street lamps, not a car in sight.
She walks slowly and breathes in the warm summer air, running her fingertips along the tall blades of grass on the side of the road.
She suddenly approaches an open field of cut grass, an old looking barn sitting in the corner of the space.
Maya walks into the grass, beginning to stroll while she stares at the stars.
She stops in a good spot and stares upwards, the only thing in her view being the broad night sky.
She closes her eyes for a moment and breathes in deeply, taking in the scent of cut grass and humid air.
“Excuse me, but you’re trespassing on private property.” Maya hears, her eyes opening casually as she looks at a figure in front of her. His back is against the light of the moon, making him only a silhouette with broad shoulders and a cowboy hat.
“Ooh, ranger Rick is here to arrest me. I’m innocent, I swear!” Maya says in a nonchalant manner, pacing around the boy so that he turns to face the light.
She looks at his features, feeling butterflies in her stomach.
He has a sharp jawline, eyes that seem green or hazel underneath his long lashes, and full lips, topping off his.. perfection.
“Seriously. I could call the cops.” The boy says, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket.
“Go ahead.” Maya chuckles, sitting on the grass and laying down, staring into the stars.
“Fine then. I will.” He says, beginning to type something into his phone, before sighing and turning it off.
“That’s what I thought.” Maya smirks, her eyes staying in the sky.
“So who are you anyways?” The boy asks, laying beside Maya.
“Maya.” She says simply.
“Right. I’m Lucas.”
They sit in silence for a few moments, Maya’s eyes never leaving the sky as she searches for constellations.
Maya notices Lucas staring at her in the corner of her eye, but doesn’t look back.
“Why are the stars so fascinating to you? I mean, they’re kinda here every night around here.” Lucas says, breaking the silence.
“Well maybe I’m not from around here.” Maya replies, turning away from the stars for the first time and looking into Lucas’s eyes.
“Well I like how they make em’ wherever you’re from.” Lucas smiles, and I lightly scoff at him.
“Was that an attempt at a shitty pick up line? Because I don’t get it.” Maya chuckles, Lucas smiling as well.
“It means I think you’re really gorgeous, Maya.” He smiles, Maya letting out a small chuckle before the two fall into another silence, staring into each other’s eyes.
Maya notices Lucas’s mouth flicker up into a small smile, her cheeks flushing as her eyelashes flutter, breaking the eye contact. Breaking the invisible charge of electricity connecting the two of them.
Maya stares back into the stars, feeling a toothless grin on her face.
She jumps slightly as she feels Lucas’s fingertips brushing up against hers, before she accepts the request and entwines her fingers in his.
And that night, neither of them knew the other person well at all. All they knew were names. All they knew were that they shared a love for the stars, a love for open space and summer air.
But alas, what else do we really need to know?


remember the white dress i wore all through that film? george came up to me the first day of filming, took one look at the dress and said: “you can’t wear a bra under that dress.”

“ok, i’ll bite,” i said. “why?” and he said: “because… there’s no underwear in space.”

he said it with such conviction. like he had been to space and looked around and he didn’t see any bras or panties anywhere.

he explained. “you go into space and you become weightless. then your body expands but your bra doesn’t, so you get strangled by your own underwear.”

i think that this would make for a fantastic obituary. i tell my younger friends that no matter how i go, i want it reported that i drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra.

rest in peace, carrie fisher (october 21st, 1956 - december 27th, 2016)

Anyway here is an itemised list of the reasons why I’m loving Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries so much:

  1. Miss Fisher is obviously a badass but also she’s not young! She’s Of A Certain Age and she still lands the absolute hottest dudes. The hottest dudes. The hottest dudes
  2. It’s the Carousing Good Guy trope but a lady!
  3. Her lady-loving doctor friend Mac wears the most wonderful suits and she is amazing and I want to kiss her
  4. What kind of a name is Phrynie. It’s absurd
  5. Super old-school anti-procedural. Like Jonathan Creek but without all the British cringiness. Like Star Trek but instead of space stuff it’s murders and instead of space it’s set in Australia.
  6. I didn’t even know Australia had a ‘20s until I watched this show. Upon closer study, it seems plausible
  7. Miss Fisher is absolutely ruthless, clever, dangerous, insightful, and willing to go to any length to solve her case - including playing any number of fanciful parts, scaling large buildings, getting herself nearly poisoned to death, and otherwise putting herself in physical and emotional danger - and she does all this without having to sacrifice her love of pretty things. She scales those buildings in beautiful hand-tooled Italian heels. She is always impeccably, gorgeously dressed, and doesn’t ever change that about herself, even when she starts being taken more seriously by the police force or when she is doing serious detective work like interviewing wicked murderers or hunting for the man who killed her sister. Miss Fisher is only ever entirely herself.
  8. She adopts strays like no one’s business.
  9. There’s something very appealing about the story of a woman who has seen terrible, gruesome things, decided afterwards to dedicate her life entirely to pleasure, and then (almost despite herself) ended up becoming a philanthropist and a den mother and a doer-of-good. I have seen this story many many many (many, many) times from a male perspective, but not so often from a female viewpoint, and Miss Fisher does it without ever begrudging what she’s become. She’s infinitely more graceful than every other good-guy-against-his-better-judgment story I’ve watched or read.
  10. THE END

this week has been really weird and i get the feeling that something shady this way comes


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

shoutout to my 3rd grade teacher who themed our classroom into Harry Potter, who made our four-table groups into the four hogwarts houses, who made most of our classroom activities based on Harry Potter, who gave us a taste of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, who made us butter beer (alcohol free) before we left for Christmas vacation, who at the end of the year made us watch all of the Harry Potter films, and raffled HP merch while all the other teachers were giving the other kids end of the year assignments

shout out to mrs. rhodes who made our year magical

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)