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Fave B99 character(s) and why?


  • she takes no shit from ANYONE, whether it’s jake, her dad, or even holt. she always stands up for herself no matter what
  • she likes to do empowering things “for all of womankind”
  • she loves jake peralta so much
  • she is honestly the most beautiful person i’ve ever seen in my life????
  • feminist icon tbh
  • not a generic latina stereotype
  • passed the sergeant’s exam on the first try!!!!
  • went to a weekend-long math conference called “funky cats and their feisty stats”
  • she’s so pretty wow
  • looks at herself in a mirror wearing a captain’s hat and practices saying “dismissed!”
  • hasn’t listened to rap music in three years and doesn’t know the lingo
  • learned how to kiss from reading books
  • the entirety of season 3 episode 5 “Halloween III”
  • loves binders so much!!
  • just jammin
  • jam on
  • jam on
  • have i mentioned how gorgeous she is

I’m gonna legit cry over how far Natsume Yuujinchou has come when it comes to production quality and value. I mean, i started watching this show literally when it started coming out, 9 years ago when I was eleven years or twelve years old. The first season did not have stunning animation, or a huge budget. It was pretty and soft and they made due with what they had and it worked and we all loved it. Then they upped the production value for the next 3 seasons of the show and that was lovely. This was all in the 2008-2012 era though, and now basically 5 years has passed and look where the show is now. 
i think that the animation and direction for natsuyuu this season is the best its ever been from what we’ve seen so far, especially given that gorgeous opening. But they didn’t just make it pretty and give it no substance. somehow, i still feel like im watching an episode of the first season. the feeling, that gentle sweet, warm blanket feeling that was in the first season is still in this newest season and i adore it. im so happy that natsume yuujinchou exists, and so happy that its popular enough for it to be constantly improving. im just so happy. 


Patterns, refs, and more+

So this con season I made myself Pidge and a Shiro paladin costumes to wear, with pretty good results. The worst part of it though was the amount of time I spent drafting patterns, so I figured this might be a good resource for anyone else looking to make armor in the future.

This is all based on my measurements (a 5′1″ average-ish build with… bigger thighs), so you’ll likely need to make adjustments to have this fit yourself, but hopefully this makes building your own cosplay a little easier. Materials, patterns and everything under the cut. Hope it helps!

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RWBY volume 4: Finale thoughts

Okay then! This volume is finished huh? Coulda fooled me..

Don’t get me wrong, it was a good episode… If it was in the middle of the volume. Idk I’m just a little underwhelmed..

Start with the bad!

- I think the fight could have been a little shorter. Don’t get me wrong I loved it! Just you know in a 30 min episode with 5 mins of credits a 10-15 min fight is a tad much.

- I love monologues as much as the next person but omg even I got bored during Ruby’s.

- Ruby, why don’t you use your scythe anymore? It’s like the animators forgot that’s even s thing.

- Lets play “how many times can we tease the to Ruby or to Raven ploy” like yes we get it Yang has a decision to make, but c'mon it’s so obvious she’s going to Ruby.

Alrighty now that I’ve got that off my chest, the good!

+ Jaune was very brave being Qrow to safety, that was really nice.

+ Ren baby calm down its okay! Also side note when Ren got trapped against the wall and Nora dove in front I swear my heart stopped.

+ The renora moment under the building warmed my heart! Everything about it was beautiful, Nora diving into Ren, refusing to let him go, crying at the thought of losing him! I swear Renora both platonic and romantic is perfect.

+ RNJR working together to kill the creepy Grimm was awesome.

+ I’m really glad RWBY is using and respecting characters like Nora and Ren now, that they have done well.

+ Yang looking hot af in her new outfit.

+ The moment with the last of team JN_R was really cute and sad.

+ Everyone heading to Mistral, good set up for volume 5!

Okay that’s pretty much all I’ve got for this finale, and yeah you might disagree with me but I just expected a bit more. I shoulda learnt my lesson really, considering how slow this season has been.

Hey I’m not losing hope tho! The next season is well set up so maybe it’ll heal what’s been done!!
What Really Happens Behind-the-Scenes of a "Grey's Anatomy" Wedding | Cosmopolitan

Planning a TV wedding is a lot like planning a real wedding — you work with venues, florists, dress designers, and tailors. Only you have no more than three weeks (typically just one or two) to get the whole thing done. Can you imagine?

“I’m not a wedding planner, but we always joke that I could be after how many weddings we’ve done,” says Nicole Cramer, set decorator for Grey’s Anatomy since the show’s fifth season. (She worked as a shopper on Cristina Yang’s season-three wedding to Preston Burke, under then-set decorator Karen Bruck.)

It helps that Cramer is one of a team of people, from the production designer to the props master, working with TV money. (The set budget for April Kepner’s wedding, which didn’t have a reception, was about $20,000; the set budget for Miranda Bailey’s, which did have a reception, was roughly double that.) Still: three weeks, max, to pull together a wedding. That’s impressive.

Also under extreme deadline is Mimi Melgaard, the show’s costumer designer since its third season. “Everyone’s always shocked when they find out we’ve put a wedding together in 10 days,” she says. “We’re kind of used to it.”

Here, Cramer and Melgaard tell the stories behind eight Grey’s Anatomy weddings, all of which began with a vision from show creator Shonda Rhimes. (Think of her as the bride.)

April Kepner and Matthew Taylor: “Get Up, Stand Up” (Season 10, Episode 12)

The location: Windy Hill Ranch at El Campeon Farms. “We knew it was going to be a barn wedding to reflect on April’s past,” Cramer says. “We got that note right off the bat.” (April was raised on a farm in Ohio.) “Of all the weddings, this one was probably the least stressful because the venue was pretty already. Of course, what you’re seeing out the barn doors, the mountain and the lake, are a green screen.”

The details: “We plan the wedding around the character. So April has little signs made — ‘Happily ever after starts here.’ We were like, 'April would do this, for sure.’”

“[Same with] the butterflies, which were scripted. And I think the 'Mint to Be’ favors were also scripted. Somebody must have seen that on a wedding planning blog.”

The flowers: “We got the fabrics from the bridesmaids’ dresses [in advance] and that helped us choose the flowers. With the orange, we kind of went off April’s red hair.’” As with most of the Grey’s weddings, the flowers were fresh-cut (Cramer often sends cast and crew home with arrangements); in this case, she worked with a local florist called AOO Floral. “Everyone thinks flowers are so expensive, but they really do make the wedding beautiful, they bring in the color — that’s where you don’t want to cut corners.”

The lighting: “We always do a lot of twinkle lights, they make everything look magical,” Cramer says. “We also made a couple of Xs and Os out of twinkle lights, and we did a heart shape out of them. I don’t think we saw that [on the show]. Sometimes things that we want to make it into the shots don’t make it in. We were nervous that the chandeliers weren’t going to get in, because Shonda had requested big, beautiful chandeliers, and we really loved them.” Thankfully, they made the cut.

The dress: "Once I heard Shonda describing the barn feeling, I knew exactly what I wanted, so I was going to have it made,” Melgaard says. “But when I was getting some pictures for inspiration, to get the dress approved before I had it made, I found the exact dress that I saw in my mind online, with this designer Peter Langnerout of Rome. They sent me a sample overnight that didn’t fit [Sarah Drew, who plays April], but we at least saw it in person. We sent Sarah’s measurements and Peter made it with very few changes [to the original]. The process is usually four or five months for real brides, and he did it lickety-split. He was amazing and his workmanship is amazing.”

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren: “Things We Said Today” (Season 9, Episode 10)

The location: Calamigos Ranch. “I think this wedding was my favorite because it was the hardest,“ Cramer says. "A huge labor of love. Just picture that room completely empty. We only had one week, two at most, to get that wedding together, and so much detail went into it. We tried to make it very sparkly and romantic and beautiful.

The details: "I loved the table settings. We had fresh lavender in the napkin rings. We worked really closely with the florist, Sandy Rose — we have a wonderful relationship with them and they help us execute our vision beautifully by adding little touches, like glitter to the pine cones. And then we had twinkle lights in mercury vases; we bought all the mercury glass they had downtown.”

The dress: “Bailey is that perfect mix of a soft, feminine person who has a strong job,” Melgaard says. “That’s why she always wears shirts that have something like a floral pattern — I think in her mind, she’s more of a feminine person. But she’s the boss. Like all successful women, she has to change gears and be focused. So I wanted a really feminine dress for her. We started with a dress and altered it a lot — I added the bling around the sweetheart neckline. I added the belt.”

“On TV, I can buy a very expensive, custom-made dress from Italy or a dress from downtown Los Angeles, and it doesn’t matter as long as it works on the body. Chandra [Wilson, who plays Bailey] looks so good in things that hug her figure, which is amazing, that I just went for it.”

The surprise dress: “That was an interesting episode because it went into Richard dancing with his wife, Adele, who’d just died. We had to get a dress for her too. We tried to get something that felt vintage-y since their wedding was supposed to be decades ago.”

Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins: “White Wedding” (Season 7, Episode 20)

The location: Descanso Gardens. “There’s a round stage with a big ring that’s already built into it at the top,” Cramer says, “so we just attached the pink-and-white plastic streamers to the top of that and draped them over the stage. And then we did a pink carpet. We called it the pink wedding. Very girly and sweet. Those were the notes that we got.“

The cake: "We found somebody local in Los Angeles to make the little cake topper to match Callie and Arizona and their dresses. Shonda actually has that cake topper in her office now.”

“Shonda also wanted a candy bar. We bought the jars at a Muscatels and then picked all the pink and white candies that looked good at a candy shop. We made such a great candy bar but you never see it!”

The dresses: ”[We wanted] to make the girls look different so it doesn’t look like two big, white dresses,“ Melgaard says. "I knew I wanted to do a more traditional one on Callie because she’s from a more traditional family, her family’s Catholic. That’s why I put the veil on her. I altered her dress quite a bit. I changed the neckline, but I still felt like it was missing something, so I had some custom sparkly sleeves made.

"Arizona’s dress was really pretty, with all these torn pieces of chiffon. We tried on a whole bunch of dresses to find the right one. We knew we didn’t want it to be white because Callie was in white, and that color with Jessica’s skin just worked perfectly. It wasn’t too full but it was romantic.”

Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev: “What a Difference a Day Makes” (Season 5, Episode 22)

The location: “We looked at so many churches,” Cramer remembers. "I think this one was the grandest and most beautiful. It had the stained glass and the mezzanine on the top, so we were able to drape flowers from the mezzanine.”

The theme: “Her wedding was the fairytale wedding — over the top, with candles, romantic. That was Shonda’s notes: that Izzie was living vicariously through Meredith by planning the best, most beautiful wedding she could. And there was a note [to use] lots of candles and flowers and tulle and twinkle lights.”

The dress: “That one was interesting because it was supposed to be Meredith’s dress for her wedding to Derek, and then Izzie gets sick,” Melgaard says. “So we knew all along it had to be something that looks good on Izzie — it’s definitely an Izzie dress. It’s Kenneth Pool for Amsale and they did some alterations for us, like lowered the waistline and changed her neckline a bit. Shonda and I wanted her to feel like a princess — you know, it’s a princess wedding, she could be dying. So it’s a big, beautiful dress with sparkles.”

Amelia Shepherd and Owen Hunt: “Family Affair” (Season 12, Episode 24)

The theme: “Amelia’s is definitely more eccentric,” Cramer says. “We used fresh wild flowers — Shonda wanted the wedding to be intimate and romantic, with candles, wild flowers, and a harp musician.”

The dress: “I had to have three dresses for this one,” Melgaard says. “[Caterina Scorsone, who plays Amelia] was secretly pregnant, so I had to choose a loose silhouette, because nobody [from the show] knew she was pregnant besides Shonda and me.”

“Then there was the dress that got rained on. And then we came back three months later and continued shooting, so I had to have a third in a much bigger size as well. Amelia is so strong, but she has broken parts, so we tried on a lot of dresses to find something that wasn’t too girly, wasn’t too precious, but that was also beautiful and honored the day for her.”

Cristina Yang and Preston Burke: “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” (Season 3 finale)

The theme: “The instruction I got was ‘Shonda’s dream wedding,” says Karen Bruck, the set decorator on this wedding. “That kinda freaked me out. I said, 'Oh my god, how am I going to live up to that?’” So they gave me the color scheme that she loved, which was the green and the dark brown — see, it affected me, that I remember so many years later. And lots of flowers. We had to make it a little over the top so it was definitely not Cristina’s personality. Nothing about it was her personality.“

The dress: "That dress was so over the top for Cristina, with the bling and the necklace,” Melgaard says. “Everything about it was so not her, and she was so trying to be that person for Burke. On paper, if you saw a picture of her, you’d be like, 'Oh, she looks so beautiful, it’s so perfect for her.’ And then you cut back and it’s like, 'But that’s not her at all.’ And I’m sure that there are brides who can relate to that in real life — being dressed up and propped up and having to walk through and have a wedding with 200 people, and you only want to talk to four.”

The rip: “There was a stunt dress we used for Meredith to cut. We took the zipper out and inserted a piece of silk fabric that was attached by Velcro and she cut into that, and that piece of silk was easily replaceable for each take we needed to shoot. We still have both dresses — we save everything in storage. We have a bridal room with all of the bridal dresses and bridesmaids.”

Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt: “With You I’m Born Again” (Season 7, Episode 1)

This was “a home wedding, sweet and sophisticated,” Cramer says, so the décor was simple and the dress was vintage. “She already had a wedding that was so unlike her, so I wanted this one to feel like her,” Melgaard says. “Shonda and Sandra Oh [who played Cristina Yang] both loved it.”

Richard Webber and Catherine Avery: “You’re My Home” (Season 11 finale)

The location: “The reception took place at Meredith and Derek’s house, which we called the 'The Dream House,’” Cramer says. “It was the last time we ever filmed on that set.”

The dress: “That one I made,” Melgaard says. “I wanted that color, so I just made it here in-house. I have a wonderful full-time seamstress. I brought her the drawing, and all of a sudden, she made it, including the jacket. We did a fitting with Debbie [Allen, who plays Catherine] and it was perfect.”

The (missing cake): “We had a real, three-tier wedding cake by Cake and Art in Los Angeles, and we cut into it as if they had already cut the cake,” Cramer says. “I can’t remember if we see that in the episode. I’m pretty sure the crew enjoyed it at the end of the night.”

Hello girls! 👋🏻
I’m 18, somewhere in between bisexual and lesbian and from Germany.
I’ve just finished my A-Levels and now I’m a bit bored whilst waiting two months for my voluntary year to start, which I’ll be doing in Melbourne, Australia. I’m already pretty excited 🇦🇺😍
I like listening to music, watching movies and tv series (already excited for season 5 of OITNB 😍), traveling and drawing. 😊
I’m also desperately in need of new blogs to follow and I need some new queer friends too for sure!! So message me and check my blog out. I’m already looking forward to writing with you all! ❤️

My blog is:

So I binge-watched Sense8 S2

It was okay. It lagged in some parts, but it’s hard to write 8 plots for a single story. That being said, here’s how I rank each of the Sense8 this time around, from worst to best (spoilers ahead):

8 (worst). Kala. Jesus, woman, quit whining about how much you love Wolfie. Make up your damned mind and stick to it. There was also a bit in there about expired drugs, but that was an issue for only, like, half an episode. Seeing Capheus’s reaction really sold that part. But, like I said, that’s apparently resolved. Unless her husband’s lying. Her husband seems wrapped up in… something, but we aren’t really privy to it, so who cares. Her best parts were when she was actually showing off her smarts, like when she was checking up on Will’s doses or when she got that car to explode.

7. Wolfgang. His stuff last season was kind of interesting, but he didn’t even really have that this season. He kinda just sat around in bars and occasionally helped someone else. Oh, and he ran into another Sensate who wanted to fuck and/or kill him. Which seems to be kind of a common theme with these guys, like, what the hell. Maybe it’s good Homo sapiens mostly wiped them out if they’re all assholes like this.

6. Riley. She felt pretty middle of the road, and there didn’t seem to be much for her to do except take care of Will. Even what she learned in Chicago felt like it could’ve been more easily shared just by conversation or even messages (do Sensates forget that’s another way to contact people, not just popping into one another’s heads?). I really liked her interactions with the old Scotsman, but I don’t get why essentially every other Sensate is such an asshole. Like, I get it, Whispers is dangerous and they’re scared of him, but he’s not untouchable–he’s actually pretty open to attack just because he’s alone and you all can take blockers and just kill him any old time. Also, didn’t any of them have to learn about this, the same as our cast? Why do they all know so much more and act like they’re part of this big damn culture–none of them were raised in it, they couldn’t have been, so they must’ve had to have learned it, or I guess just invented it wholesale. Asshats. Anyway, she was okay, but she’s not even all that helpful as a supporting character because she doesn’t have many skills the others don’t.

5. Nomi. Her storyline was a lot stronger last season. Here, I didn’t feel much of a sense of urgency, and she was pretty much just there to do tech magic. Her wandering around in the woods looking at Angelica’s old cabin felt kinda boring and anticlimactic. But maybe that’s just because I didn’t really like Angelica. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed all the time Nomi spent with her awesome girlfriend, and it was nice to see her dad stick up for her and tell the FBI to fuck off.

4. Lito. I feel kinda bad putting him this far down the list, but–like Kala–a lot of this felt like a rehash. It’s not like I expected this all to have been resolved last season since his life was essentially flipped upside down, but I would’ve liked a new conflict to focus on, besides just dealing with being outed. On the other hand, I just love him. He’s so over the top. And it was really nice to see him enjoying the Pride Parade.

3. Will. He spent a little too long high on heroin, and his dad’s death felt a little rushed, but it was so satisfying watching him beat the shit out of Whispers it made up for, like, everything (although how the fuck he get in there…? oh well).

2. Capheus. I liked seeing the political route they went with him. It was out of his comfort zone, but still plausible for the character, and I was really interested in how he was trying to grow into the role. He’s such a genuine, awesome person, anyway. Although I did worry a bit when he gave that interview at the exact same time as Lito and they said the exact same things–thought that might come back to bite one or the other of them as having “scripted” answers or whatever. Well, anyway, it’ll be nice to see how he’ll actually fare if he gets into office.

1. Sun (best). I would watch a whole damned show just of her. She’s such a badass, both in her own story and as support. I also really enjoyed that scene with her and Lito when she had to make a sidecar and he needed to land the acting role. And her storyline is by far the best. I really hope Detective Mun survives and they team up to beat the ever-loving shit out of her brother.

My Home (Final Part)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader x Derek Hale
Words: 3,098
Warnings: none.
Request: yes or no
Parts: 1 2 3 4
Inspired By: the movie John Wick, because I watched it and got inspired to make something similar to it…so thank you John Wick!
A/N: Finally got caught up with this story!! so this one is pretty lengthy because i did NOT want to have this go on any further. I hope it’s okay :)
*disclaimer *  so even though this story was inspired by John Wick it will NOT have any parts of the movie in it! this also conflicts with Season 5 of Teen Wolf which I altered a bit because we all know Derek Hale was NOT in Season 5 of Teen Wolf, so things will end differently then in the show if not at all. that is all. Enjoy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day: A WestAllen Family Fic

Hey, guys! This is for all the WestAllen Fans out there who are needing a pick-me up after the season finale, and might I just say that it had some pretty good points! H.R.’s sacrifice was a great plot twist, and I’m so glad Harry is staying! Though, I think I’ll actually enjoy it (more) when Barry comes back from the Speed Force. This idea came into my head not long after the episode, and I decided to write it down.

Here goes!

Iris West-Allen woke up and looked at her alarm clock. The red digital numbers read 5:30 in the morning. Something had woken her up, but what? Did Barry get out of bed? She rolled over. No, he was sound asleep.

The sound of metal on the kitchen counter echoed throughout the hall and into her bedroom.

“Aw, man!” A little voice complained.

Iris felt even more confused. What was little Hank doing up so early? He wasn’t supposed to be up for another 45 minutes.

Iris lifted the covers off of her legs and slid out of bed and was greeted by the cold wooden floor. She grabbed her bathrobe from the hanger on the door and walked out into the hallway sliding it on and trying the belt as she went along.

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Hello everyone! We are looking for a few new members who love classic Supernatural (seasons 1-5) and can be active on the blog. We are trying our hardest to keep the blog updated daily and with original creations. So if you are interested in joining us then just go HERE to submit an application!

We are looking for:

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Member Application:

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Norman Reedus - All For It

Originally posted by iheartnorman

Imagine being part of The Walking Dead cast and you go to Comic Con. A fan asks a question about yours and Norman’s characters possibly getting together and Norman is all for it because he has a crush on you. He is pretty much fawning all over you the entire time and the other cast members start picking up on his feelings for you and start giving the both of you looks.

Norman Reedus x Reader

Requested by Anon

AN - I got a little carried away with this one so it’s quite a long one but I just loved the request so much.


You had joined the cast of The Walking Dead in season 5 and it was a dream come true. You instantly bonded with all of the cast but out of all of them you were closest to Norman because you got to work with him a lot since your characters on the show were very close. He was your best friend and you did have feelings for him but you didn’t let it get in the way of your work.

Chapter 1

When you got the call that you had gotten the role on The Walking Dead you were ecstatic, you had been a fan of the show since the very first episode and now you were on the show! Here you were at your first ever Comic Con as a cast member of The Walking Dead. Scott, Greg, Andrew, Chandler, Lauren, Steven, Melissa and Norman had all been called on stage before you ‘Oh God why did I have to be last?’ you thought to yourself. “Now the newest member of The Walking Dead cast Y/N Y/L/N” Chris Hardwick called your name and you walked out on stage to the crowd screaming and cheering your name. Norman stood up and hugged you before you took your seat next to him and he draped his arm on the back of your seat when you sat down. “Hi Y/N. How does it feel to be here as the newest member of The Walking Dead family?” Chris asked you from his podium. “Surreal. I keep thinking that I’ll wake up at any moment and it’ll all be a dream.” You replied.

“When I had you on Talking Dead you told me that you had been a huge fan of the show since season 1. Now you’re working on it. How does it feel to work with the cast?” Chris asked you.

“God they’re going to tease me for this later but I love it. I could not ask for better people to work with. I just them all so much” the crowd cheered at your reply. “She loves me the most though” Norman spoke from next to you and the crowd all made an ‘awww’ sound as you giggled and rolled your eyes.

Chapter 2

Norman had his arm wrapped round your shoulder and he was twirling hour hair around his fingers. He had been very affectionate with you for a while now but you didn’t think he’d do it here. “Alright so now that we’ve spoken to the cast a little bit how about we go to some fan questions?” the entire crowd erupted in cheers.

A young girl around the age of 18-20 stepped up to the mic and spoke softly, “Hi, my names Josie and my question is for Y/N. What’s it like working so closely with Norman?” she was sweet and shy. You smiled at here as you spoke “Hi Josie. Norman is fantastic, he’s so lovely to work with. He’s very shy though, he was so shy nervous when I first got to set but he warmed up to me” as you finished your sentence you placed a hand on the arm that Norman had rested on the back of your chair, still twirling your hair in his fingers. This earned you and Norman looks from the other cast and crew members because Norman didn’t usually do this to you.

Another girl stepped up to the mic after Josie. You noticed she was wearing a Daryl top and you couldn’t help but smile. “Hi, my names Alyssa and my question is for Norman and Y/N. Do you think Daryl and Y/C/N will possibly get together on the show? If they did how would you feel about it?“ Norman moved his hand from the back of your chair and rested it on the table in front of him, you had your hands resting on the table so Norman grabbed them and started playing with your fingers. Norman answered the question first “I’m all for it! Y/N is such a fantastic actress and she’s so beautiful so why wouldn’t I want our characters to get together?” you blushed at Norman’s words, you could feel the eyes of the other cast members on you as Norman entwined his fingers with yours. “Isn’t he sweet?” you said as you patted his chest. “I’m with him on this one. I am all for our characters getting together. I think it would be very interesting.” Norman lent over to you and placed a soft kiss on your cheek which made the entire crowd scream and clap.

“I ship it” you looked at Chandler after he said this and just burst out laughing along with everyone else on the stage. “I can’t believe you just said that Chandler” Norman spoke up from next to you. He still had one hand entwined with yours with the other on your knee, he rested his head on your shoulder which only earned you more odd looks from everyone.

Chapter 3

The panel had ended and you were now all walking off stage waving goodbye to the crowd. You all walked back to the room you had been sat in before the panel and you were thankful to see that the table had been filled with food. After you had grabbed some food you walked over to one of the couches and felt Norman’s hand press against the small of your back. You sat down next to each other and draped your legs across his.

“Okay I can’t hold it in any longer” you looked up from your plate of food at Lauren who was staring at you and Norman with furrowed brows and her arms crossed against her chest. “What?” Norman asked from next to you. “Don’t play dumb with me Reedus. You were practically fawning over Y/N for the entire panel. Holding her hand, playing with her hair, kissing her on the cheek. Can you just admit you have a thing for each other already?” she asked sternly.

Her words almost made you choke on your food. “What?” you squeaked. The others were just looking between you and Norman with grins on their faces. “Just stop okay guys. Come on Y/N. Let’s get out of here. Wanna go for a walk?” Norman moved your legs off of his and stood up and held his hand out to you. You grabbed it and he pulled you up, you walked out of the room together hand in hand. You were happy to get away from everyone’s looks and questions and happy to spend some time alone with Norman.


O L I C I T Y -  T H R O U G H   T H E   Y E A R S

A r r o w  1 x 16 |  2 x 16  |  3 x 16 |  4 x 16  | 5 x 16

20 questions tag thing

pretty self explanatory really 20 questions <3

name:  Ana

nickname: my last name (one of my friends shares the same name as me so our friends used to call us by last name), Karen (middle name)

zodiac sign: leo

height: 5′4

orientation: straight

nationality: mexican-american (chicana)

fave fruit: honeydew, cold watermelon, frozen grapes, cherries, strawberries

fave season: Winter season (love looking at all of the xmas lights)

fave book: To Kill a Mockingbird/ Catcher in the Rye, The Outsiders (omg check this one out. highly recommend)

fave flower: any kind of flower. i love them. although i really enjoy looking at wisterias and want to travel to japan to visit the ashikaga flower park oml. so pretty!

fave scent: my fave scent is a yankee candle scent called sage & citrus. it’s so nice and relaxing.

fave colour: light pink, gray, black

fave animal: Frenchies (their snorts are so cute lol)

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea please

average amount of sleep: 6 hrs

cat or dog person: dog person

no. of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2, depends on how hot it is

dream trip: I want to go back to the UK, visit Russia, South Korea, Japan, New Orleans, Disney World/Universal Studios in Florida. All of these with friends. (but I have to make friends first lol)

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Name: Katrin

Nickname: Kat. And tons of others, courtesy of @mugenjo :P

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: ~5′6″ | 1,70m

Orientation: Asexual, biromantic

Favorite Fruit: SO MANY. Almost all types of berries… and maracuya. The, uh. Big, yellow ones…? They are fruits, right?? And mango, I adore mangoes.

Favorite Season: Autumn. The leaves get super pretty.

Favorite Book Series: Too many. I seriously can’t decide.

Favorite Flower: Any kind that looks pretty and smells good tbh

Favorite Color: Yellow!!

Favorite Animal: Racoons

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I don’t like hot beverages D:

Average Hours of Sleep: around 8. 

Cats or Dogs: B o t h

Favorite Fictional Character: Idk. I don’t have an overall favorite.

Number of Blankets: One. 

Dream Trip: A trip around the world!! I love traveling and I honestly want to visit as many countries as possible.

Blog Created: October 2016

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