they all looked so pretty in season 5

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Monday things ☺️

• woke up at early as fuck o'clock (5:50am) and went to my spin class at 6:30am!

• an hour of spin happiness :)

• I am now sitting in the caf at school and drinking a large coffee with soy and watching season 2 of Quantico!!

• I had two pieces of cinnamon swirl bread for brekky!

• ps. look at that skyline!!! 😍 so pretty!

• I am trying to weigh out some big options lately. I am so tired of school and spending all this time and money on getting a degree I have no interest in using. I get having a 4 year degree is never a bad thing. But all I want is to continue moving up and working at Trader Joe’s (which is an amazing company with all benefits and a retirement fund etc!) and I so badly want to take some classes and get my personal training certification!! If I did I could personal train in the mornings and work Trader Joe’s in the afternoons! They’re two things I don’t even feel are jobs! I LOVE Trader Joe’s and I’ve been there a year and not one single day has it really felt like a job!! That’s rare. It’s not everyday that you find a job you genuinely love. And I don’t need this four year degree for this plan. I’m just wasting my time and money. I am weighing pros and cons and options of what to do here. And I’m just worried if I don’t do this and I just abide to what I know my mom would prefer, is I’ll look back on my life in 10 years and realize I put off living a life I’d prefer.

• so much thinking lol ugh

• anyways, I have a bio test in an hour and I am not ready. At all. But 🤷🏻‍♀️

• and then I work from 2-10!

• alrighty guys, now I’m gonna continue watching quantico (so good!!! 🙌🏼) and keep on contemplating my fucking life.. 😬🙃

I hope you’re all doing well!

Things ISTJs have said:

You should feel obligated to love me, I’m adorable.

When I have a witty come back but I have to keep it to myself, it depresses me.

AWWWWWWW that’s sooo cute (is looking at a picture of a grotesquely mutated tortoise with mounted turrets)

Alright so I had a slice chocolate cake for dessert yesterday and the caffeine kept me up till 5 am. (it was not a cake infused with caffeine, they are just weak)

I couldn’t sleep cause i was too busy laughing at a pug with a flower crown.

 *looks at my code* NO STOP YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG *adds spaces that changed nothing* there now its all pretty!

Yesterday was pretty productive, i watched half a season of Grey’s Anatomy

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name: Neve
nicknames: “garbage child” (this ain’t even a joke lmao)
zodiac sign: Taurus
orientation: guys & dolls (har har har)
height: 176cm (5′9ish??)
nationality: Australia
favourite fruit: raspberries
favourite season: Winter
favourite book: this is like… how do y’all expect me to choose?
favourite flower: tulips, roses
favourite scent: new books, clean laundry, forests, my nan’s perfume
favourite colour: to look at: yellow, to wear: lightish grey
favourite animal: cats
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot chocolate
average sleep hours: within the realm of 7-9. 
cat or dog person: cat
favourite fictional character: I literally cannot choose between Han Solo (a precious space nerd) and Harry James Potter (who I will cherish and defend until my dying day)
number of blankets you sleep with: 1 duvet + about 4 blankets in winter haha
dream trip: Italy, Scotland
blog created: end of 2015? I think lol
number of followers (you don’t have to put this if you don’t want to): 2.1k supposedly but idk where y’all are at

So Luke Cage was great. It was. Positives:

1. Misty Knight. Simone Missick was amazing and I want to see much more of her please.

2. Theo Rossi. I know I’m late to the party, but dude’s a fucking star. 

3. I loved all the continuity between the show and the rest of the MCU.

4. Alfre Woodard and Mahershala Ali. SO great. 

5. The music was fantastic. I’m not all that into hip hop and rap, but even I was like “Damn, this is some pretty good shit”.

6. There’s plenty of set up for season 2. Always a good thing.

7. I loved - LOVED - the Colleen Wing easter egg. If Claire’s going to be getting martial arts training…. having Colleen Wing be your trainer ain’t bad at all.

8. Mike Colter. Obviously.


1. Some of the super strength stuff still looked terrible and cheesy. 

2. I hated - I absolutely HATED - how they wrote Jessica Jones off as just a meaningless “rebound chick”. HATED. IT. One of the great relationships in comics and it was just treated like garbage. Hated it.

Free Things to Do in Chicago

For @owenabbott

1. The Lincoln Park Zoo. It’s 100% free for everyone, every day, and there are numerous indoor exhibits and Zoolights so even in the winter, it’s fun and cute and contemplative. It’s east of the Fullerton Red/Purple/Brown Line stop (or accessible by bus). 

2. The Lincoln Park Conservatory. This indoor botanical garden is encased in a beautiful mid-century building on the northwest side of the zoo. It has a variety of plants and provides lushness and warmth in the cold winter months; it’s very peaceful and pretty and free. 

3. The Chicago Cultural Center. Also totally free, beautiful architecture and all sorts of things to look at. It’s right across the street from Millennium Park, so just get off at the Loop and head east and you’re practically there. 

4. Watch Dogs at Montrose Beach. This one is out of season, but seriously, Dog Beach is the best. 

5. Walk the Lakefront Trail. It’s brisk outside and a little gray, but hugging the lake and seeing the city shrink behind you is always a delight. It’s even better in the winter than the spring, I think. 

6. Live Lit. Many of Chicago’s premier literary events are free, like Tuesday Funk (first tuesday of the month at Hopleaf), Essay Fiesta (at the Book Cellar, my favorite book store in the city), and The Paper Machete (every single Saturday at The Green Mill, 3pm). 

7. The Bahai Temple. This one is a journey, but it’s weird and one of a kind and worth it. Take the red to Howard, get on the purple, take the purple to the end of the line, and then exit and take a right on the first road you encounter. You’ll walk past a weird golf course, then boom: one of the only Bahai temples in the world. Check out the museum in the basement, walk the grounds, sit in the temple and read or meditate or whatever, and don’t worry, you’re totally welcome there and won’t be bothered. 

8. The DuSable Museum of African American History. Another great free museum! It’s open to the public on Sundays, I believe you don’t need to be an IL resident to get in for free. I took my summer school students here and they really enjoyed it, almost as much as I did. 

9. The Jane Addams Hull House Museum. This historical location is in fantastic form and is utterly free. Learn a little about Chicago history and architecture and Addams’ many contributions to the city and its peace movement all at once. 

10. The Garfield Park Conservatory! It’s massive, stunning, and free. 

hero-complex-girl  asked:

Hey! I just have a small question. So, I was thinking about sterek in Philosophy class today (lol, sterek never leaves my mind), and I was sort of mentally going back over the scene in season 4 where Derek is dying on the ground and Stiles looks like he really doesn't want to leave him. So I guess I'm just curious. Do you think that scene held some sort of clues as to how their relationship is going to be in season 5? Like, was that scene trying to lead us up to something more?

Ahh sterek, i know the feeling :)

i think this was another step in the ever evolving relationship of stiles and derek. People talk about sterek as subtext but i disagree. I think sterek is pretty much all there in the text - or let me rephrase that - the text provides us with all the foundation needed for sterek to become more. If the show wants. We don’t really have to dig deep and interpret things to see the potential. It’s been building since the first episode of season 1 and i hope to god they have the balls to take it further. It’s been building so gradually that i’m not entirely convinced it will explode into passionate kisses, but maybe just gradually be revealed as something real through gestures, hand holding or whatnot. No matter it would be all kinds of awesome and pretty great. 

so YES! i do think that scene is telling us something about the direction sterek can take in season 5. Remember there was a lot of people there in that scene including Peter (family) and Braeden (love interest). You should think they would get equal amounts of reaction shots given their connection to Derek. And we do get some, but not nearly as many or as lingering as with Stiles. 

7 reaction shots! 

People far better than me at film theory have already waxed poetic about the use of reaction shots and what they signify. mgnemesi posted this a while ago with regards to the scene in Derek’s loft where possessed!stiles is looking for trouble.  When Chris points the gun at Stiles the first reaction we see is that of Derek. (gifs in the post)

when you’re filming about a character being in danger, it doesn’t matter how many other people are present, you must always, ALWAYS show first the reaction of the one that’s most emotionally involved. The reaction of the one character who’s got the deepest connection with/interest for the one in danger.(x)

This is directly from people who’s studied film direction! We’re not making this shit up.

And we have another example of this with sterek from tw 4x01. When Scott and Braeden drags wee!derek out of the churck we get Stiles’ reactions first.

Also let’s not forget we also got two reactions shots of Stiles when Derek is revealed to be a key to the deadpool list - once when Lydia cracked it

and then again after Malia pins it to his murder board.

And of course in 4x12 when we get a number of reaction shots of Stiles in that one scene. Here’s just a few of them. 

It’s the last one that really hammers it all in for me. That is such a profound and intense moment of him looking back, hesitating. Why include that at all if it wasn’t important? The answer is they wouldn’t. The show has a lot of story to tell in a short amount of time and most scenes and dialogue serve a purpose. Jeff Davis has stated this many times, that he sometimes wish they had more time to just show character moments.  So yeah this might be a character moment, but it’s still probably vital to the story. 

(unless outside forces takes the choice of pursuing this from them but i’m feeling confident it won’t) 

Season 5 kicks off almost six months after this so who knows what has happened in the meantime. but the season 4 finale did provide us with lots of sterek so i have hope :) 


Insane promo!! Some things caught my eye (or down right confused me).

Pic 1: the A game continues!!! At the beginning I was so against there being a third A but I don’t mind it because it links to Charlotte - it’s not a totally separate new storyline. It’s all part of the one bigger picture that will all tie in together so I’m ok with a third A.

Pic 2: who the hell is that visiting Ali??? If we look at pic 8 of Shower Harvey, the gloves and jacket kind of match so maybe it’s Sarah?

Pic 3: I SAW THIS AND I THOUGHT I WAS WATCHING HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. In the latest episode of HTGAWM they all went to a storage room, opened the door and there was a suit case sitting in the middle of the empty room. Almost identical scenes and I love it. So creepy.

Pic 4: MELISSA AKA THE BLACK WIDOW IN MY EYES IS BACK AND I’M SO HAPPY. Surely she’s involved in this new A storyline hence she’s back. She has to be involved. There’s no way all her creepiness and mysterious side over the years can’t be explained.

Pic 5: never seen that side of Ezra before, wonder what caused him to get that angry! I can only imagine all the laughter from Ian and the girls when filming that episode!

Pic 6: creepy AF! Is that Charlotte locking away her stuff or is that the new A’s??

Pic 7: wtf did Aria do?? And why is that not signed by A?

Pic 8: GET. OUT. OF HERE. If she’s gonna stay she at least needs to say why the hell she was working with CeCe but once she says that, go away!!

Pic 9: dafuq?

Pic 10: yaaaassss detective Spencer is my favourite Spencer!


this episode looks so answer full 

it looks like dr sullivan on the opposition lol 

oo so intense!!

sturdy faces from all the girls and the man who tried to make himself look like a real life ken barbie in the right corner

how nice of varjak to grace us with his presence, see the blonde knows 

these pictures of ali are breaking my heart

tanner saf- shady as fuck

i think this picture truly broke my heart, look how scared she looks anyone who still thinks she is -A is more mental than radley put together, shes actually so vulnerable!!! omg i think i love alison more than emily! TEAM ALI FOREVER!!

but yeah this is day  of the trial

tanner ssaf- still shady as fuck

cindy and mindy turned up hmmm

loving this new bromance ezleb

ezra: somethings gonna happen quick into the pose from the incredibles

ezleb: oh

caleb: wtf ezra you said something was gonna happen, now we looked like idiots and -A probs has that on film

caleb: my mum brought me this car

ezra: hey i think theres something on your windscreen

ezleb: *detective shit while the liars are in court*

caleb: well that was productive

ezra: are you still pissed about the incredibles thing?

Day in the life of ezleb

is this another meeting mike and mona set up, mikes story line is so sad rn

more thrilling ezleb action

bad ass #TEAMEZLEB

mikes busted

Washboard Wednesday - It’s Arrow Day! Edition

Hey Abs-olutely Wonderful Person! 

It’s that day we’ve been waiting for and the big reveal of Episode 1, Season 5 if minutes away for me. So, I thought it would be nice to reminisce with some pretty just to get the blood flowing. I hope you enjoy and I hope we get lots of new shirtless opportunities in Season 5. 

Happy Arrow Day to all of us! 

More Salmon Ladder!

More low slung towels!

More Salmon Ladder! (Yes, I know I said that already, but it bears repeating.)

More smoldering looks. And Bratva tattoos. And vein-y biceps. 

I want it ALL. 

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Take care, my dears and have a lovely week. 

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A Book Snob’s GoT Season 5 Drinking Game

We’re getting pretty close, so in preparation, here’s how I’ll be coping with the season. Drink:

  • Anytime Jon and Olly are shown bonding
  • Anytime an original character takes the line from a book character when that book character is in the show
  • Anytime someone compliments Tyrion
  • Anytime Dany gives a platitude with a monotone delivery
  • Anytime it’s so dark on the screen you have no idea what the fuck you’re looking at
  • Anytime Carol Lannister makes a compelling point
  • Anytime a Tyrell is sassy
  • Anytime Littlefinger’s accent changes
  • Anytime there’s a gay joke
  • Anytime Brienne reminds us she’s a hardened, boss-ass bitch
  • Anytime Jaime gets that look on his face like he’s a lost little puppy because even Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has no clue what character he’s playing anymore
  • Anytime two characters meet that totally don’t meet in the books and there’s serious, marked implications for the fact that they met
  • Anytime Varys outright explains his plans or motivations
  • Anytime Carol is justified in her paranoia
  • Anytime a character says anything that is actually the complete opposite of anything the book character would say

Bonus: finish the bottle during any original monologue.

…maybe I should make this into a BINGO board so we don’t die?

chArles Age

Suspects by Strictly by Male that fits the age group 24-28


Ezra - messed around with Alison ewwww

Ian - supposedly dead; police got his body though and they buried him; messed around with Alison…ewwww

Garret - supposedly dead; looked pretty dead but so did Mona; Police got his body though

Jason - he’s the brother of Charles so maybe he’s helping him???

Holbrook - kind of don’t think so. He showed up in season 5

Wilden - a little too old and dead BUT could be the twist

So basically eliminate Ezra and Ian due to the potential incest thing and the fact that Ian’s dead. And the other dead guys.

Wren or Jason acting on behalf of Charles. Jason could have a split personality. He had all those blackouts and blurs. Maybe it was the drugs but maybe his split personality just makes him think it’s the drugs. Think “Fight Club”. Tyler/Jack


Why are you not surprised aria?

So this could be completely wrong but I thought i’d share it with you guys to see what you think.

So the gif below is part of the last few minutes of 5x02, when they find Alison’s mother, Mrs Dilaurentis dead. Now what I found interesting is that Aria doesn’t look at all shocked or surprised like the rest of them, she just sort of stands there. 

Now at first I thought this could just be what aria looks like when she’s shocked or scared but then I thought about this

This gif is from 4x01 when aria dreams about ezra getting arrested. Her face looks more shocked and scared here in a dream than above finding a dead person. 

So yeah, thought it was interesting and wanted to share it with you guys!

Is anyone else worried about Sam Evans? 

Like, I know he’s said that being Beiste’s assistant was his dream, but… I’m pretty sure he went back to McKinley to reform the glee club, not to coach football (which is a team that he was on in Season 2 – during which time he and Finn were actively fighting for control so maybe not the best memories – was not allowed to rejoin when he came back in Season 3, and apparently wasn’t on at all for Seasons 4 and 5).  There’s all that stuff in “Pompeii” with him looking in at the old choir room, now a computer lab.  But when we find him again at McKinley, the choir room is still a computer lab, and he’s helping a team that never really helped him.

I think there’s another failure arc that we haven’t seen; I think Sam has lost as much as Blaine or Rachel or Kurt.  I just don’t think it’s been made explicit yet. 

And now he’s distant from Blaine and Kurt and being used against Will and Rachel and I’m just really worried about him.


“Walkin After Midnight” was a song featured in the season 5 finale that automatically came on in Charles’ soul room and so for him it probably has plenty of meaning. I’ve looked alot at the lyrics ever since Marlene posted it on Instagram a few months back and they bring us all back to the same conclusion of someone searching for a dead/lost loved one. So, I decided to research deeper into not the song, but the artist and  I discovered that Patsy Cline died in a plane crash.

I think Charles is the middle DiLaurentis child, the one that was shown on the video in the vault. The family went on trips to the Campbell Apple Farm and I think something terrible happened there and it was possibly Charles’ fault. Planes have been used frequently in PLL and we know Alison actually learnt how to fly a plane. I have this idea that a plane crashed on the farm, and obviously, Charles was too young to fly a plane. But what if it was like Andrew’s parents who they would of knew since they spent a lot of time on this farm? They died instantly and Andrew had to be adopted as he was just a baby. What if Charles was playing with his younger baby sister at this point or was holding her nearby and witnessed it? He feels to blame.

This leads me to the idea that Charles is now mentally ill as a result of witnessing this at a young age, I think he suffers from Retrograde amnesia and so is trying to relive certain events he does remember as he wants to alter that one event. He was sent to Radley soon after as he began to show signs of bizarre behaviour, the family agreed to keep it a secret from their children and leave Charles there. Jessica probably got on the board there as she wanted to see her son grow up from afar.

It seems like Charles is using his vault to try to remind himself as much as he can about his childhood but I think its more than this. I believe Charles is trying to remind Alison about him and his family about what really did happen. He uses Mona/Sara and Alison’s friends as he is subconsciously reminding his younger sister about him or about her childhood with him that was taken away from them. The dolls, the baby cot etc… this is how Charles would remember Alison, as a baby. Perhaps his whole obsession with Alison is to just try and get to know her now, who she is and be apart of her life. Another hint to this is the treatment used:

If you’ve watched the promo for next week, it seems A used electroshock therapy when the girls were in their rooms. Considering Radley has also now mysteriously been sold, what if he bought it and stole the treatment used on him? Thats ultimate payback and revenge.

At Radley, its possible Charles met Bethany and he immediately saw her as Alison. “This is what my younger sister would be like” and they became close friends. Charles told Bethany all about his family and vice versa. Charles probably spoke highly of them, not wanting to tell her that he hardly saw them. This is when Bethany got smart and started to put 2 + 2 together, he was Jessica’s son. This is where Jessica comes in, getting to know her, treating her to shut her up and oops she even begins to have an affair with her father. The dress was probably for Charles, as he might of wanted to have something of Alisons. Bethany begins feeding Charles the truth, his mother is evil and his family doesn’t care, she even draws for him. Cece Drake comes along as Alison and also tells Bethany about the affair which gets back to Charles. Charles becomes very confused, is that really his sister and are they all that bad? He urgently wants to know and so he gets violent and abusive, he needs the truth.

Marion Cavanaugh death was probably Charles’ fault, she looks a lot like Jessica and maybe he got so angry he wanted to kill his mother, Bethany was probably the fragile patient who saw although she was probably pushing Charles to do it. Jason’s prom I believe may of been the same night of this event, Jessica received a phone call from Radley about the situation and had to leave her eldest son’s prom because of this, maybe he even had to come with her. Charles may be reliving the prom as he feels bad for ruining it for his family. After this, Jessica makes sure the two are seperated.

Charles over time being alone grows more isolated, angry and determined to find his sister/family and make things right. He and Bethany probably creates all of the ways to get out of Radley or just to sneak to see each other. 

NOTE: I think Cece went to Radley as Alison in order to lure Bethany out to cause shit for Mrs D. They could wear the yellow top and be twins to scare the crap out of Jessica. Cece and Bethany would now be wearing the top, Alison probably was wearing it already and thats why Cece chose it. She did this without knowing about Charles.

Bethany and Charles were excited, this is how they could get out. She told him when they got out for the night, to look for a girl in a yellow top with blonde hair and since she thought she knew Alison, she would show him. They got out and it all became tangled, Cece was not Alison she was a liar. Bethany hit Alison thinking it was Cece or she just didn’t want her to take Charles away from her, Jessica helped bury her. Alison secretly got out, Charles then hit Bethany thinking it was Cece or because he knew she had just killed Alison and he ran away. Jessica agreed to not file either of them as missing as she told Bethany the two of them had to run away and stay out of trouble. She thought Alison was dead and Bethany was alive with Charles. 

Charles now was very ill, he kidnapped Sara as she looked like Bethany. He needed to feel like he had her with him. He watched Alison’s friends from afar, they were the closest he was to both Alison and Bethany since she probably talked about them and wanted to meet them. He knew everything about them. Mona comes in and becomes apart of their lives but anonymously, he loves the idea and gets Sara to befriend her. She tells Mona what to do when she is caught, go to Radley and he will help her get out. She then tells her about Ali being alive and when Charles/Sara take over they dig up the grave and take the body. He realises its Bethany and now is so angry he wants to find Alison and torment these girls in the hopes to lure her out to him. He builds the dollhouse, locks Sara in as he does not need her anymore and she probably becomes deranged too. 

Charles wants his family to see him and know that he did not mean for certain things to happen so he relives a lot of the same nights in order to try and piece together what happened. He uses these girls to figure it out and to get Alison to figure it out too, over time he has just become too ill though and does not remember exactly why he is doing these things which is why he becomes very angry and abusive. Since they do lie a lot too it confuses him easily and he tries to discipline them into being truthful. 

The only problem with this theory is that Charles has to be someone we know and he can’t be a twin in the case of this theory, it makes no sense. He also has to be someone who was newly introduced to the show since people like Toby/Jason/Lucas etc are in flashbacks from times where Charles would of been in Radley and couldn’t of been living a life. He would also have to be around 4/5 years older than Alison and the girls. Any ideas?