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Some days I really want to kill myself but I don't do it because I wouldn't want to miss your posts....I know it's stupid.

I am glad I am here then.. because losing you to something like that would make me really sad. 

Looks like I will be posting everyday for the rest of my life. And i will take pleasure in doing so knowing that you are still here enjoying them.

In the meantime I would really love it if you would visit my friends at

they have some great people over there who are trained in crisis intervention and are standing by waiting to chat with you. All you have to do is click on chat now… you dont even have to call. I promise you its worth it.. and that they would really welcome you and be happy to be there.

similarly.. theres the hopeline at

you can actually call and hear a voice.. or simply online chat as well. and they have some great resources to help you that focus on everything from sexual assault to self harm and more. 

Theres zero reason you should ever feel alone… and please please please dont feel like you are a burden or bother. You are important… to me.. and many others. 

Never give up… and keep giving me a reason to be here. 


An ancient curse

Word count: 3.6k

Summary: Phil is trying desperately hard to find his soulmate, but it’s getting harder with each passing year when he has barely any idea of where or who they may be.

I was cold, I was hungry, and I was still alone. It had been 6 years since I had been split. I shouldn’t complain, this happens to everyone, it’s just, most find their half faster than me.

It has been 6 years since I have been able to eat, able to breathe, stuck in the shadows. I lost them at 16, my body just shut off and then suddenly when I woke up, they weren’t there. They were gone, and I just felt so lost without them. 

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So I’ve been meaning to post an updated pic of my Dark Souls collection, but didn’t really have the chance to - so here it is, in all its crappy mobile phone camera-quality glory!

Introducing the latest member of the team: the Looking Glass Knight; AKA the Hero We Need, He Who Slew Phillip of the Darksyde, destroyer of Sunlight Spears and champion of all things good and reflective.

I’ll have to take a better pic when I upgrade this stupid phone, that Looking Glass Knight statue is absolutely gorgeous.


I think this might have been a request. I can’t remember. This was in my file of not post imagines. 

“Out of all the stupid things you do Y/N.” Dean gave you a nasty look. “This has got to be one of the stupidest. I can’t believe you did that!” 

“What Dean? I didn’t do anything. At all.”

“Stop lying. You ate my pie.” He accused.

You had eaten the last piece of his pie. But that was only one of the things you had done to piss Dean off today. It was beginning to be fun for you.

“Oh that. It was quite delicious by the way.”

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Can I ask you something without you ignoring me, or getting sensitive, what's so great about Val? He seems like an arrogant player. Every season he's kissing, or rubbing up on a new contestant, and all these girls act stupid silly around him. It's annoying. He's a great dancer, but I just don't get the hype. Who does he help? What's the name of the charity he heads? He has an amazing platform, what's he doing w it for others? Yes he's attractive, but he has to bring more to the table than looks.

I’m answering this because you asked me to and because I love nothing more than sharing with the world everything Val does for people. The charity he supports is “Pencils of Promise” among others. He also goes to children’s hospitals both here in NY and in LA even on his off time. He got the kids at the children’s hospital Christmas presents because he was alone in LA away from his family. Every single person he’s met will tell you how sweet, kind and genuine he is. He looks you in the eye and truly engages in a meaningful convo with you, even if it’s brief. He and his studios opened their doors for people in wheelchairs after he gave me a free lesson (see he wasn’t looking for a quick buck.) I don’t think many people realize what that means to people in wheelchairs, who get doors slammed in our faces daily and because of that wouldn’t even show up at a dance studio. And now many people can in NY, NJ, CT and Cali…where his studios are based. He also fully supported valchmerkovskiy (the owner of a big fan page run for him by a big fan) during a time in her life when she needed support. He rallied his fan base for her and he didn’t have to do that. He gets a million tweets, can’t possibly answer them all but manages to always reach out to people in the sweetest ways…whether it’s what he did for her or even if it’s just a reply to someone ready to take a school test. As far as his personality on the dance floor…he’s passionate. His specialty is the Latin dances, even tho he’s amazing in all genres. Those are steamy, passion filled dances and he teaches based on emotion. That’s how he operates as a person and a teacher. He has a big heart. Is he screwing all his partners? Absolutely not. Does he care about them all? Hell yes. I’m sure he cares about people he doesn’t even know. If you follow him on social media you can see just how much he cares about things going on in the world. He’s a man of extreme substance and I sincerely hope you see that after reading this post.