they all look so interesting omg

Best quotes from the new dnp craft video

“Friends are important. then you have more knives”

*laughing* “Lying makes you go to hell!”

“This one’s long with a big head. Like him!”

“Throw the smallest over your shoulder! No one wants that.” 

“I’ve selected as many knives as i have friends. Two!”

*heavy breathing*

“Next, grab your potato! Grip it with all your strength.”

“Slice it like it will remember it.”

“Chopping things fills me with good memories.”

“Sometimes its nice to look up at the stars and remember that theyre all already dead.” 

“The universe is so big….and cold.”

“If you make a mistake while cutting, just think about it for the rest of the day!”

“Phil. Too hard. You hurt it.”

“Space is violent.”

“I only trust my potato with my true friend”

“Im going to place mine [potato] in the trapdoor under my bed.”

*satanic shit*

Olivia Puckett as Zoe Murphy

Here, I’m gonna analyze and describe Olivia Puckett’s performance as Zoe Murphy, and the ways in which it differed from Laura Dreyfuss’s. Enjoy!

First of all, Olivia Puckett is a blessing to us all. I love her so much (have you seen her Instagram stories?!) you all have no idea. She was so sweet, so good.

I’ll start from the beginning. Instantly, right as she entered during “Anybody Have a Map” her differences with Laura Dreyfuss were evident. She slouched in her chair, her foot giggling under the table. Also, with Connor, her dialogue was lighter, in a way. She delivered the “He’s definitely high” line almost jokingly, like she was just this younger sister poking fun at her brother. It wasn’t disapproving and harsh the way Laura’s delivery felt.

Even while they were exchanging “Fuck you’s!” they seemed more like siblings messing around than two extremely damaged teenagers taking out their anger on each other. It honestly felt like a normal sibling relationship. She wasn’t even yelling, and neither was Mike Faist. It wasn’t mean or anything. It was. Good.

Even when she marched off the stage, proclaiming that she’d leave without Connor if he doesn’t spead up, I felt as though she wouldn’t leave without him. Like that was yet another joke. No big deal. Like she’d wait in the driveway for him to come, and maybe give him a bit of a hard time about it all later, but that they’d laugh about it next week or something.

Then, she met Evan. She rushed over to him in the middle of WTAW, and he instantly recoiled, his shoulders turning inwards, his eyes on the ground, his hands twitching. She seemed genuinely concerned. Her voice was low, and she seemed to purposefully stay away from him, almost fearful of scaring him, while simultaneously wanting to be closer.

When she called Connor “a psychopath,” it sounded like she was angry with Connor for pushing Evan, who obviously didn’t deserve anything, but wasn’t disgusted or hateful. She didn’t sound like she hated Connor. Or even really disliked him. Just has a stereotypical teenage sibling relationship that’s a bit edgy.

When she walked away– “Okay…Jose…” –she turned around and looked back at Evan before leaving, almost fondly. It almost gave me the impression that this crush was requited, and perhaps had been for some time. That Evan’s love for Zoe wasn’t one-sided, that Zoe didn’t grow into liking Evan throughout the musical, but actually, in fact, liked him before it even began.

She entered, again, before “For Forever” and I could see a physical change that occurred in her during the 10 minutes or so she was off-stage. I could almost see her lose Connor, in that entrance. As she noticed Evan’s presence, she didn’t ask “Why is he here” like “Why is this weird kid in our house” but more like “Why is Evan, who I talked to in the hallway a few days ago, here?

Throughout the dinner before “For Forever,” she did this leg jiggle again. Which was. So fascinating. She had these particular ticks, ones which almost mirrored Evan’s. They seemed like two pieces of the same pie, in their own peculiar way. Simply, if Olivia Puckett announces one day that Zoe Murphy has a minor anxiety disorder, I would believe her in a heartbeat.

When she retorted about good times with Connor, saying that “There were no good times!” she didn’t sound like a possibly abused sibling. She sounded almost angry with herself, as though she was wondering why she didn’t notice something was wrong with Connor, as though she wished she’d tried harder. She didn’t sound like someone who was wronged and was furious, she sounded like someone who was remembering her entire childhood and trying to pinpoint where everything went wrong.

Laura’s Zoe seemed like a young person who suddenly lost control over seemingly everything in her life, someone who was almost drowning. Olivia’s Zoe seemed like a young person who had just temporarily misplaced control, someone who was floating just above the water’s surface.

During “Requiem,” Olivia cried, actually cried, which is something Laura definitely did not do. 

The whole “You were not the monster that I knew” thing was much less believable. But the “You’ve given me my brother back. Thank you.” thing at the end of “You Will Be Found” was so. much. more. believable.

I really felt for Olivia’s Zoe. “Requiem” was when I started crying fully during this performance, rather than during “You Will Be Found” (which normally what gets me). I felt her loss so deeply and profoundly, like she was taking the whole audience on this journey with her.

She truly seemed to mourn Connor, to have loved her brother. She seemed so devastated during “If I Could Tell Her” that she never got to tell Connor what she thought. 

It was just a different kind of loss.

As well, her relationship with Evan was so vastly different. She seemed to be more interested in him specifically and less interested in his connection with her brother. At the end of “You Will Be Found” when she kissed Evan the second time, she kept a hand on his when he pulled away. When he kissed her back, she wrapped her arms around him and like hug-kissed him. In the boot, with Laura Dreyfuss, Evan leaned Zoe into her back on the bed. 

The opposite happened here, with Zoe really taking control of their kissing, pushing Evan into the bed.

Also, during “Only Us” she put a hand on either side of Evan’s face and held him so softly when she sang “We can’t compete with all that” rather than motioning with one hand (see: Laura and Ben’s performance of “Only Us” on Seth Meyers). There was a part where she sat on Evan’s bed and Evan kneeled before her, and she held both of his hands between hers.

They held hands whenever they were together after that, honestly. During “Only Us,” Zoe normally kisses Evan once, at the very end of the song. Here, Olivia kissed Ben three (3) times. Twice while singing and once at the end of the song.

I cannot over-exaggerate the softness in her eyes when she looked at him. In all honestly, y’all, I felt myself really loving their relationship, which isn’t something I did beforehand. 

With Laura’s Zoe, I never would recommend Zoe and Evan being together for their own health. With Olivia’s Zoe, if they had met under different circumstances, if Evan hadn’t lied, I firmly believe that they could’ve had a healthy and happy relationship.

And the kegger skit!!! OMG!! She did the same dorky voice that Evan did with “til your mom gets home” when she said “in three hours!!” and they laughed. They laughed a lot.

It was so interesting to see almost Ben’s reactions as an actor to what Olivia was giving him. This was only the second time they’d ever done the show together in those characters, and it must’ve been so unusual to what he had been doing for the past hundred or so performances.

Zoe was so sweet? And? So strong? And never once mean to Evan? With Olivia, the whole “you don’t have to keep saying sorry….I was a little impressed, you ruined it” thing wasn’t as weird? It didn’t feel uncomfortable. It felt like: Zoe liked soft Evan, who apologizes all the time, she just wanted him to be comfortable enough around her to not feel like he had to apologize, rather than wanting him to change.

She felt like a young girl, who had suffered an immense loss, who was coping as best as she possibly could. She wasn’t some semi-popular girl who Evan liked purely because he thought she was hot (neither, of course, is Laura’s Zoe, or any form of Zoe, in fact). She was a multi-dimensional person who existed in her own right outside of anyone else. There was no room to see her as anyone else.

When she found out about Evan’s lie, it was almost more devastating. 

I would have believed her if she had said she loved Evan. 

Laura’s Zoe was angry and possibly depressed. She was desperate to grab a hold onto anything in her life, her life which was quickly spiraling out of control before her eyes. There, Evan seemed like the perfect person to grab onto, someone that was malleable and almost willing to be controlled.

Olivia’s Zoe felt in-control, like she knew what she was doing and knew where she would be in ten years, she just wasn’t there quite yet.

She obviously loved Connor and was mourning his death, but there didn’t seem to be as much guilt involved.

In her final scene, where she met Evan at the orchard, she, like Evan, seemed to have also gone through a metamorphosis. She seemed to have grown so much, and she held her head higher, too, just like Evan. To me, Zoe is a lead character, sharing the female lead title with Heidi Hansen, rather than a supporting character.

I love Laura Dreyfuss with my entire heart and soul, and her Zoe was a very particular character as well. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact differences between her Zoe and Olivia’s Zoe, because they are both truly incredible. Both woman are powerhouses of whom I will forever be in awe. Both portrayals make Zoe a fascinating, dynamic, complex, female character, one that is much, much more than a love interest or plot point. She, in some aspects, feels like the beating heart of the show. It’s hard to put my connection with her into words.

Again, like I said with Michael Lee Brown’s Jared vs. Will Roland’s Jared, neither performance was better. Both are heart-wrenching and powerful and conveyed a message to the audience, reached out and grabbed our hearts in their hands. Both are incredible. Just very, very different.

Essentially, Olivia Puckett’s performance was incredible. Unbelievable actually. Any desire to not want to see the understudies is pointless and wrong, let me tell you. This entire cast and entire crew are the most talented people I’ve ever seen.

good things about yugioh
  • Duel Monsters: Nostalgia!!! Yugi is such a cutie omg!!! Mai is the female duelist we always deserved! Egypt is so cool!! Lookit how beautiful and cute all the friends are they're so good to each other oh no i'm crying
  • GX: holy hells the character development, so good A++ insert the ok emoji here; beautiful dorks going through angst what else could you want?? and what a lovely message about growing up so good yes 100%
  • 5D's: the motorcycles are SO COOL OKAY and Yusei is HOT; fascinating setting, cool ass dragons, amazing look at classism in society, Aki has such a beautiful character arc, Lua has a beautiful character arc, Crow is such a good birb dad, Jack/Carly is so pure and good and well developed A++
  • Zexal: omg, the animation, top notch, the music??? beautiful and fantastic and perfect, the characters are all so cheerful, upbeat, and adorable, would protect 11/10, good foreshadowing and interesting twists and cool past life shit, Yuma is a good boy, beautiful messages about healing and forgiveness
  • Arc V: ahhhhh the writing and foreshadowing is so on point!! the character designs are A++++++ 15/10, the dimensional setting is an amazing premise, the duel writing is 11/10, Entertainment dueling is so much fun and the monsters are so cute and it's great seeing the duelists interact with them and run around the field together; there are SO MANY GIRLS and everyone is pretty af and good and pure and they have interesting emotional struggles and it's A++ inspiring 12/10 would be inspired again

a thing i’m thinking about today:

harry potter, aged 23, visiting teddy and andromeda for his normal weekly cup of tea and w/e, and andromeda is in the kitchen and teddy’s run upstairs to fetch harry the latest game he’s obsessed with, and harry notices a leatherbound photo album half-sticking out of the bookshelf in the living room that he’s never seen before, and sort of idly takes it down, and it’s full of photos of the malfoys

photos of narcissa: standing stiffly next to andromeda, the two of them not touching, looking very dubious, and teddy’s ruffled head in the bottom left corner of the picture as he tries uselessly to leap up and wave; sitting very still in a high-backed armchair looking quietly pleased and possessive with teddy six months old and asleep in the crook of her arm; frowning intensely as she pushes rune cards towards a blithely chattering 3 year old teddy.

but most of the photos are of draco. draco asleep on the sofa with teddy curled up and asleep on his chest – there are deep grey circles under draco’s eyes and he’s waxy pale with exhaustion even in sleep, and teddy can’t be more than a couple of months old. draco looking horrified and holding a squirming pudgy teddy at arms length as teddy gleefully spits up what looks like some of his first solids on draco’s crisp white shirt. draco reading a copy of the daily prophet with a 2001 date while teddy crawls up over his back and hangs off around draco’s neck and blows spitballs in his ear. draco and teddy posed solemnly in andromeda’s back garden, draco straddling a broom, teddy next to him and almost beside himself with excitement on the toy broom harry got him for his fourth birthday. draco and teddy playing exploding snap. draco walking in a park next to andromeda with a fast asleep four year old teddy scooped up easily in his arms, snoring on his shoulder. draco in dark jeans and a soft, worn thin looking t-shirt laughing up at the camera while teddy advances on him with hands covered in brightly coloured paint.

harry had no idea narcissa and andromeda were in touch, let alone draco. when he hears teddy thundering back downstairs, he quietly closes the book and replaces it in the cupboard. it doesn’t have to mean anything. he testified at both of the malfoys’ trials. he doesn’t care about them anymore. he’s not even angry.

only that monday at the ministry, when he’s heading for auror hq, draco malfoy wanders past in his buttoned up formal robes clasped tight around his neck, frowning and haughty as ever over a file, shooting harry a swift venomous look as is his habit, and harry’s heart suddenly kicks into high gear.

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hey mom !! i finally have some time to watch kdramas and i was wondering what are some that you recommend ?

omg i have so many,,,,hmm

  • “it’s ok, that’s love” there’s representation of a variety of mental illnesses present in well-thought out characters and the female lead is strong and independent!!! 
  • w - two worlds, killer plotline!!! so interesting 
  • weight lifting fair kim bookjoo, heartwarming and the female lead is to die for and the male lead too ,,, finally a male lead with a type that doesn’t adhere to normal standards
  • (this is a j-drama but OMG) from five to nine is ,,,,, everything it’s humour, it’s drama, it’s plot like,,,,,,,,,i loved it so much!!!! 
  • age of youth,,,,all about friendship and it addresses a lot of issues young girls face,,,,,it made me cry literally
  • le’ classic, secret garden or you’re beautiful LOL
  • dream high or boys over flowers if you’re looking for more classics (personally, i liked dream high better) 
  • the producers,,,,,i really liked the characters but it could get dry sometimes
  • reply 1988,,,,,so funny and relatable!!!!
  • the lover,,,,,,is more or less slice-of-life but really funny!!!!
  • you’re all surrounded,,,,police drama but it gets cute sometimes hehe also a really good ‘bromance’ line in this one
  • cheese in the trap, second lead syndrome galore 
  • scarlet heart ryeo, the only historical drama i went HARD for
  • strong woman do bong soo (ongoing and it’s ruining my life)

The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.


spit fire epilogue.  

well this has got to be the longest crush ever 

“This is ridiculous, babe.” Noa runs her hands along the pleats of her blue skirt, more nervous than she can ever recall being in the entire two years of her captainship. “Why do I feel like this?”

manips by @booksncoffee and @stylesmyth / @stylesmanips 

read below - story page

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do you ever wonder who you would be without patriarchy? like how your personality would be different? i feel like i’d be a lot more confident, like less fearful of the world generally. i almost definitely wouldn’t have the mental health struggles i do now. and maybe my hobbies and interests would be different. maybe my college major would be different. maybe i would want different things for my future. and omg i bet id look so different, like would i still have the same hair color? i bet it wouldnt be as long as it is. idk if i would still have all my piercings. i wonder how i’d dress, and walk, and act, and talk….. i wonder who i would be

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hii! i read your tags from my post (aka 7thtens) hahaha. i can tell that you really love those boys and it's so nice to see! but yes, please send me cute bap things. but i think it'll be easier if i followed you, so i'll look out for those cute (and not so cute ones too lmao 🙊) things! ahhhhh, i genuinely wanna know more about them.

OMG I truly with all my entire heart and soul adore these men and lovelovelove sharing them with new fans and it makes me very happy when people show interest in them so here I am, willing to give you any content you should ask for lol (sorry I just am very dedicated to them) 
((also I just linked a lot of info so please if you ever have the free time go through them, B.A.P is so neat and just wow lol)

I made a post a couple months ago for just my favorite reasons to stan B.A.P if you would like to go throug there?
It just points out cute moments/MV’s, songs, interviews and other variety things that I personally enjoyed and other Babys basically obsess over (truly they are the cutest weirdest bunch)

Heres a list of all their MV’s
(strap yourself in for their mvs, they’re all amazing!)

Members SNS
Yongguk: Twitter || Instagram
Himchan: Twitter || Instagram 
Daehyun: Twitter || Instagram
Youngjae: Twitter || Instagram
Jongup: Twitter || Instagram
Zelo: Twitter || Instagram || 2nd Instagram(videos) || Mochii (his pupper) instagram

Official websites: VAPP || TS.Ent Youtube || B.A.P Japanese Youtube 

B.A.P Blogs: @itsbap @mato-world

 Member wise you Got
Bang Yongguk: Leader, Rapper, composer, writes almost all of B.A.Ps music. fluffy awkward dad, tigger enthusiast , puppy cuddlier prolly, mean mugging intimidating to others but is actually a cupcake, cave voice marshmallow. holy shit Yongguk is actually so precious 

Originally posted by missbaptan

Kim Himchan: Sub vocals, Visual, wine mom, bunny teeth smile, actually so super adorable with Babys, actual fucking nerd it’s ridiculous, softest heart with the hardest head, in love with bbang and jongup, will protect his children over anything. Took over as leader when bbang went out on hiatus for health reasons, carried B.A.P through end of the year performances/award shows + Noir comeback so bless Himchan ;;;

Originally posted by mybutterflyfact

Jung Daehyun: Main vocals, annoying oldest son, biggest fanboy of B.A.P, biggest fanboy of Babys, spoils all of us, is really loud and really extra, screams a lot, bounces around a lot, singing at any chance he gets, has really cute dimples and whiskers when he smiles, is actually a soft cute bun, like the softest honestly, can be a massive asshole to the other members but does it out of love, never take Daehyun srs please lol

Originally posted by daehdream

Yoo Youngjae: Lead vocals: sassy middle son, soooooo extra, brains of the group, MC of the group, fluffyfluffyfluffyfluffyfluffy, also super loud, gives everyone hella sass during interviews and vlives it’s actually super great. Daehyuns husband bestfriend, they are a power duo, never leave them alone together honestly. Is also rude but is just really smol can never take srsly, has a deal with his mom to never expose himself, we have yet to see any skin of Youngjae and it’s a curse. #DaehyunsMomOwesHimFood, looks really amazing in pink, Young+longcoats=gods work, actual king of aeygo.

Originally posted by hatfelting

 Moon Jongup: Lead dancer, sub vocals, little nerd boy, “one puuunch~” is actual a pup, needs to be protected at all costs, is really shy on camera, but sometimes he lets his real self show when he’s comfortable, is actually the most hilarious man ever, loves anime, loves reading manga, likes to be naked, is Himchans lil love bug, this kids sense of humor is amazing, literally a fucking meme without trying to be. Has a really strong love connection with chocolate milk. Likes to take his shirt off a lot, no ones complaining, he’s ripped asf, flips, flips everywhere. cutest crooked teeth. someonebuyhimglassesplease.

Originally posted by himchah

Choi Junhong(Zelo): Maknae, rapper, lead dancer. tall .-. only member with a stage name, goes hard asf with his verses honestly, imo one of the strongest rappers in kpop, loves his puppers, loves his hyungs, his hyungs love him so much. respects all of his brothers so much, meme lord, likes to be shirtless on instagram. huge flirt, 3am vlive adventures to waffle houses alone, drinks underage in America and we don’t understand how???????? He and Jongup help make up the choreography for B.A.P, has helped Yongguk write and compose music. is actually a very tall squish, needs to be stopped 25/8

Originally posted by ninichu

shit okay this got long, but if you have any questions feel free to ask me or any B.A.P blog on here, theres so many and I can give you some of the best if you feel like joining the fandom. We’re all really chill really meme-y sweet people and always welcome new babys to the fandom with open arms! 


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XIUMIN: He would find it interesting///also would visit you at school so often your students would look forward to his visits. 

SUHO: He would find it so sweet that you spend all day with kids and would take you for little dates during lunch\\Also understands you being a mother of 8 :))

LAY: Like the others, Lay loves that you are able to work with kids all day. He would visit you often and all the girl students have a crush on him.

BAEKHYUN: OMG he would be so excited putting little notes in your lunch and whatnot and love listening to your stories at the end of each day. 

CHEN: Love listening in on the teacher gossip and taking your side// he would also love thinking about you with children and how good of a mom you will become!!

CHANYEOL: This little squish would be so happy and even ask you to teach him for his English speaking fans// also he would attempt to speak English to impress you. 

DO: Would understand how you feel at the end of the end of the day,considering he has to put up with 8 little sh*ts everyday\\

Kai: Kai would honestly love that you are a teacher. He would text you frequently throughout the day asking how you are and during lunch you two would call or he would visit you to have lunch in your class room. 

SEHUN: ahh sehun would totally (like chen) love hearing in on the teacher\student gossip when you come home from work\also he would send texts throughout the day to check in and though visits are rare, when he makes them they are always amazing.


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hey i'd be super interested to know what your thoughts on the new anastasia costumes are. I am personally in love with the red gown

First, OH MY. I went to the Anastasia tag to find a specific costume gif set I saw last week. Turns out there’s lots of porn tagged Anastasia. LOTS. This is where I wish Tumblr made it possible to search for two tags at once…

All the naked ladies aside… I rather like what they’ve done with the costumes. A standout-scene for me is the “ghosts” in the ballroom scene, where the dancing royalties and nobilities in the background really looks like shadows of the past

This is so well done it sends shivers down my spine. And of course, their silvery, glittering attires has that strong 1900s imperial look, and is well contrasted by Anastasia’s rougher brown clothes.

The addition of the red/gold ball gown is also a welcome change. I question the silhouette a bit, it looks more 1950s Dior that something you’d see in the 1920s. But it’s a gorgeous piece in itself. I also read designer Linda Cho wanted to give a feeling of something typical Russian and also imperial, with the “Russian” red colour and a bodice decorations which was meant to visually remind of the double-headed imperial eagle:

Not sure many gets the eagle symbolism, but the red will at least be understood. And red is also an epic stage colour. Of all of the Anastasia musical costumes, the red dress is IMO the most memorable one and one we’ll probably see in cosplays. There’s lots of fantastic costumes in the musical, but few really sticks out and tickles my OMG-I-HAVE-TO-MAKE-THAT gene.

I also love that there’s a stronger focus on the blue gown. It looks lovely, with interesting decorations, and quite regal overall:

Though *slightly* in danger of envoking the Chrysler Building gown from The Producers… Though to be fair, the gown from The Producers is made to look like Anastasia and the style of that era, so the references are quite overlapped! Just happy Anastasia is not wearing a Kokoshnik (big screen-like headgarb with beading), like Roger DeBris is… 

(”I’m supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like the Chrysler Building“)

OK, back to the case here… I overall like the Anastasia costume design a lot. The costumes are telling something about the characters, and they envoke the period and the style of the respective eras. Only negative comment is probably that there’s not all that many stand-out pieces and showstoppers. But a solid piece of design anyway. :)

Haikyuu!! Chapter 255: Discovery




Of course, he seizes it as a chance for revenge to stop the annoying oddball quick (and the oddball duo) he has to deal with daily.

Hahaha, and the freak duo get what he means with his words and expression (Hinata shudders in fear, Ukai is just amused). Honestly, these Karasuno first years give me life. (That reminds me to finish my first years fic, askflasjflaflahfajhlaskjd;asd;af;jd)

Another thing that caught my attention:

Akiteru’s small cameo even looks so sad that he cannot go watch his brother’s games. But what’s interesting is how well the others know his reaction to Tsukki’s excellent block (OMG, Akiteru is such a sweetheart and precious older brother). I wonder whether they often meet and hang out outside Karasuno matches as fellow Karasuno alumni and supporters, along with Ukai. After all, they seem to come up with the idea of Saeko with her Taiko group. I kinda want to be the fly on the wall to see whatever shenanigans they get to. Adults don’t mean anything when they’re with fellow adults.

Anyway, another prideful moment for Karasuno.


This is what potential Tsukki has seen of Hinata, confirmed by Hoshiumi.

Remember how skeptical Ukai and Suga was when Hinata told them that he saw things in slow motion in the air? And yet? Tsukishima came to his own conclusion on his own, and even gave Hinata the opportunity to polish his spike in the training camp, in order to keep his skill sharp despite being a ball boy. Huh. Now I can understand Akiteru’s feeling, I feel like crying with him in pride for you, Tsukki. (And may I add that’s how I started to ship Tsukihina?)

Fuki, the All-Japan Boys’ Representative Coach makes an appearance, also an interesting observation about Hinata.

His words pretty much an echo of every coach’s observation and opinion of Hinata, that makes him ineligible for training camp. His value relied on Kageyama. Of course this makes a perfect segue to Hinata’s slowly but surely stepping out of Kageyama’s shadow.

Naturally, it’s Kageyama who realizes it first. After all, old Kageyama would have tried to give the easiest toss for Hinata to spike after repeated block out, not the best toss, which angered Hinata back then.

Honestly those scenes shows how much Kageyama, and Ukai trusts the team. Ukai understands his students very well. He even gives insight of what is going on Tsukishima’s mind. I’m putting this into my album of Ukai’s best coaching moments.

Still, I cannot really figure out Hinata’s expression. Definitely not calm, not disheartened, but… what?? It’s the strangest expression I’ve seen on him, as if he doesn’t quite know what to feel. Annoyance and admiration mixed together? But honestly, Hinata’s officially known as Kageyama’s partner by now. XDDD

The next chapter’s gonna be interesting now we’re closing in to the match point. Who’s gonna win the first set?


Daichi saves the day (again).

Karasuno really needs to up their defense, they shouldn’t let Daichi and Noya do all the work.


Note: Well hello! I’m Juli-paints! And I’m here posting my very first Imagine about GotG, with Rocket Raccoon! Well, actually I don’t know exactly how this ‘Imagine’ thing works, but to put it short, it’s a one shot.

Summary: You and Rocket are spending a day off together and found a new store in Xandar.

Rocket Raccoon x Female!Reader

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D

Imagine a rainy day in Xandar with Rocket Raccoon…

It was a common day in Xandar, except for the fact that you and rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy were there because the Nova Corp needed to talk with Star Lord, or Star Munch for you, nothing to worry about, but they really needed him. So the rest of the team, except for Gamora, who was staying with Peter, were given a little free time, just enough time to look around and relax a bit.

You and Rocket decided to go after good deals, and his favorites, scrap metal pieces that he could use. While Drax and Groot went in a different way, looking for good food to taste. Rocket felt a bit worried about leaving baby Groot with the maniac, but you convinced him that it could be good for both of them to spend some time together, besides, lately Drax was being a little bit more responsible when it came about baby Groot. So Rocket accepted to let go his tiny baby sprout with Drax.

You two were having a stroll down the street’s market. You were going from store to store looking for some good deals and maybe to buy another good blaster or riffle for your own use. Well at least buy it on the legal way.

After buying some little stuff, you saw a new store in the street’s corner. You stood there, outside the store and found out that it was an antique store filled with interesting stuff from all across de galaxy, including objects from Terra, your home planet.

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Viktuuri Fic Rec

hello yes!! i have read many viktuuri fics, here are my favorites and some others that i think look cool!

Unwritten by kaizuka on ao3 (34k words, completed)

soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s! this fic was absolutely lovely, with lots of cuddles and cuteness! link here

i see quiet nights poured over ice by ohhotlamb (16k words, ongoing)

it’s the same storyline but with a ton more background, is from viktor’s pov, and makes viktor a lot more yuuri obsessed! link here

like your french girls by ebenroot (nic98ole) (102k words(!!!), completed)

au where viktor is an artist and yuuri is his muse. slow burn (i love slow burn so much oml). honestly i’ve reread it 3 times i love it so utterly much link here

Switched by GhostsOnSaturn (11k words, ongoing)

soulmate au where your consciousness sometimes swaps with your soulmate’s, it’s a very interesting concept and i can’t wait for more chapters! link here

Expomise by thankyouforexisting (49k words, ongoing)

honestly my favorite fic atm?? it’s a harry potter au where yuuri is kind of a clueless lil wizard and viktor’s character is much more reserved and they become friends! i’m so excited for new chapters for this fic!! link here

Blue Roses by Fauks (31k words, ongoing) 

childhood-y au where viktor and yuuri grow up together! i’m planning on reading this soon! it looks lovely and the plotline also seems interesting!  link here

Deluded by SuggestiveScribe (3k words, oneshot)

viktor and yuuri dance together. does include some angst but, well, it’s worth the read! the description was amazing omg,, link here

Five Kisses by oh_imintrouble (4k words, oneshot)

this was awfully cute?? i loved it sm?? and honestly i’m about to read it again, it was pure and adorable and skdkandk link here

Connected by bibliomaniac (18k words, ongoing)

this looks so interesting omg! in which yuuri was childhood friends with viktor and they part and when yuuri meets him again viktor doesn’t remember him. friends to enemies to lovers is literally my favorite thing in the universe i need to read this ASAP link here

 I Write Sins Not Tragedies by otaku_trash (10k words, ongoing)

in which viktor is a blogger and yuuri is a fanfiction writer. i need. to read this. link here

aand that’s all for now! thank you for reading! ily!

teamyolomid  asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if you could recommend me some FFXV blogs to follow? I'm relatively new but I love your and missimmortal's blogs but I'm also looking to give other people a follow as well! I love all of the boys but especially Ignis and Glady (and then as a couple too!) and I'm also okay with blogs with NSFW content~

Oooh I’d love to! Welcome to the fandom, yo!

There are tons of blogs I simply adore on this site. They’re all run by really super nice people that are fantastic and easy to talk to. I’ll give you a list! <3 (also I agree, @themissimmortal‘s blog is bae lol)

Alphabetical order:

  • @chocobruh-art: Fantastic artist. (Takes commissions) She makes some really beautiful fan art that leaves me speechless. I don’t believe she writes but her art is 100% worth a follow.
  • @cupnoodle-queen is one of the best writers on this site, tbh. She write a lot of enchanting NSFW stories that leave me shooketh. She also has a series that I definitely recommend called Chasing Suns. It’s a Gladio x OC series that’s 10/10.
  • @hypaalicious is hysterical and her writing is more than quality. She writes a lot of NSFW stories with the upmost elegance. It’s beautiful. :’) I aspire to write like her one day, tbh.
  • @ignis-scientia-estrogen-brigade AHHHHHH. (Sorry that was my first reaction lol). BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. She is a phenomenal artist and writer. Not to mention she as is sweet as can be. Her blog is super organized and professional and I respect the heck out of her. Super amazing.
  • @insomniascure writes some of the best head canons that I absolutely adore. Her requests are open! (I think. I hope. I’m sorry if I am incorrect lol. I have the memory of an elephant as well as a goldfish akjfdjdkfn)
  • @itshaejinjuis the sweetest person on the planet. Great person to talk to. Great writer. Just all around amazing. She puts out amazing content and he requests are open until June 25th, I believe! She’s also Gladio’s biggest fan so… lots and lots go Gladio fics for you, yo.
  • @ladyscientia is currently writing one of my favorite multi chapter fics in the fandom. ALL IGGY ALL THE TIME AHHH. Her one shots are definitely worth the look at as well.
  • @lupanaoflaminar is a legit published author. AND FOR GOOD REASON. She’s got a super interesting FFXV story in the works now and it’s definitely worth checking out <3
  • @nifwrites = artist with words. She has a ton of content already out on her masterlist and she updates her blog pretty frequently. She’s been busy as of late, but she will be back to her schedule pretty soon from what I’ve heard from her. <3 Either way. 10/10 would follow.
  • @stephicness is another great artist (she takes commissions btw) and fantastic writer. She elaborates greatly on a lot of FFXV characters, Ravus especially. Before looking through her blog, I can honestly say I never had much an opinion on the guy. But now Ravus interests me to no end. 
  • @stunninglyignisis incredible sweet. I believe her requests are open as well! She’s a great writer and she’s currently writing a multi chapter fic with Cor. It’s GONNA BE LIT. 
  • @xnoctits is my fellow enabler and Noctis lover. She has a never ending love for all the other bros as well and writes them all fabulously. HER FICS GIVE ME FEELS

I probably am forgetting to write down so many people but omg. I’m gonna stop the list here because I don’t want to make a infinitely long post. 

Friends! Let fellow friend @teamyolomid about your blogs and the stuff you write!! <3 I’m sure they’d appreciate that greatly!!

anonymous asked:

I've been watching videos of GOT7 concerts and of them interacting with fans there and the way JB interacts with black women is so different than with any other race. Like I'm not saying he has absolutely no interests in other races but like the way he looks at and interacts with black women just shows how much he's into black women. He's so obvious with it. Out of everyone I've watch he's one of the most obvious.

Omg I like to watch fan meeting and concert type videos and I notice the same with Jackson as well. You right, you right. And all that whispering to each other and stuff and then walking up to them right after and all in their camera and stuff blowing kisses and stuff mmm hmmm ☕️ grabbing their hands for a long ass time and stuff mmm hmmm..staring all in their cameras mmmm hmmmm 👀…


I was in complete denial for a bit when i saw this, it had to be a mistake some random error i could not explain, but after refreshing and checking my follower list, it is real @wingspiral is following me!

I cant even, but i really wanted to draw my mental reaction of this, i have been following wing spiral on my mod blog for some time now and absolulty love the characters and the story and i cant believe wingspiral is following me, I dont know how you came to find this blog but i thank you for finding such interest in this blog, you are one of the many that inspire me to draw and create the stories that i want to share with all my followers, im happy you are now one of the many that i can share my stories with ^^

Have a fantastic Saturday everyone!

Edit: due to my over excitement i over looked a lot of important details on characters and had to correct it

anonymous asked:

Ukitake, Kyoraku and Shinji: how they flirt hcs please? <3 Love the blog!

thank you!


•Jushiro is all smiles and grins when he’s flirting. His whole face just lights up when he smiles. There’s no suave or seductive edge to his flirting. He’s just giddy and lighthearted

•He’s free with the compliments too. He sees no problem, or no reason not to dish out compliments as he sees fit. Sometimes he doesn’t even do it on purpose. He just notices how nice your hair looks, how the sun catches it just right, and he feels the need to tell you

•It’s less about his demeanor or his actions, and more in his words that he tries to convey his flirting. He just talks and talks and talks when he’s flirting. He tries to carry a conversation. You’ll know he’s flirting because he keeps his attention on you and only you, and tries to keep yours on him. Alllll his focus is in your conversations. Totally invested and attentive

•He’ll try to find common ground. Wants to figure out your interests, see what gets your eyes brightening and your voice more lively. That’s when Ukitake knows he’s found something that interests you. He’d much rather talk about something you enjoy and have you engaged than find something boring to talk about. Like, flirting is fun of course. But he wants to make sure the person he’s flirting with is comfortable first and foremost

•A warning though: Because Jushiro is all about keeping conversation, it sometimes drags on for too long. He blushes when he realizes this, and will candidly apologize. “I’m blabbering, I know. You’ll have to forgive me”


•His flirting starts before he even gets to directly talk to someone. He sends subtle glances toward the person of interest until they notice, then he smiles and tips his hat when they make eye contact. He’s so smooth too omg you know it’ll get you swooning in seconds. That nice little Shunsui smile just reels you in

•He was honestly just waiting to get caught looking anyway, so if they don’t seem too opposed to his smiles and looks, he’ll approach his interest. It’s all about getting a green light. Kyoraku prefers not to approach and even attempt to flirt unless he sees there’s potential there

•He waits midway through the flirting to actually introduce himself. He keeps his identity a mystery at first. He finds that works best. That whole enigma factor can be pretty seductive when he tries

•Kyoraku is really good about reading responses, so he knows when enough is enough when it comes to flirting. He knows when he needs to back off. Kyoraku doesn’t often have unproductive flirting attempts, but he can tell when the person is a little disinterested. So he’s really good about cutting it off at just the right point where they don’t have to continue the flirting, but, they can still talk about something casual 

•He’s alllll about the body language. Facing you when he’s flirting, keeping his eyes on you, smiling and nodding and being responsive. Never lets you think he’s disinterested

•If he’s feeling bold and can tell you’re interested in him, he’ll initiate physical contact. But it’s subtle and not overbearing. Like a hand on your shoulder or casually admiring a ring on your finger by taking your hand in his. Just little stuff, but it’s enough to let you know he’s interested


•If Shinji is kinda going for a half-assed attempt at flirting, one that he’s not too serious about, he’ll wink at them a little. It’s kind of bold, kind of corny, but he might as well try it. He likes winking. Flirting is just an excuse for him to give a little sly wink every once in a while. It’s saucy

•He goes for cheesy pick up lines when he feels like he has nothing else to lose. It’s so awful

•He’s also the type who gets a littttle touchy. Not super audacious though. Just gets in your personal space and puts a hand on your leg if he’s feeling good vibes from you. Other times, he’s the exact opposite. He just doesn’t want any contact because he’s afraid he’ll get flustered

•He kinda messes up sometimes and talks about topics that are too personal or too controversial? Likeee Shinji will probably bring up politics or something right off the bat. Bad move Shinji. He also has a bad habit of shifting from casual conversation to conversation that focuses too much on him. He talks about himself way too much. Then he just starts complaining about random stuff. Shinji is a complainer

•Shinji’s spectrum of flirting goes from smooth, to too strong too fast. There’s no in between actually. It really just depends with Shinji. Mostly, on whether he’s completely serious about the person he’s flirting with or not. If it’s just some fun flirting that he wants to attempt for the hell of it, he’s not too worried about being efficient or charming. He can just be a dork