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Kane & Toews: forever linked (x)

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Time Alone (M)

**Late like freaking always, but I supposed it’s better late than never lol also sorry if it seems rushed- I’m exhausted and a tad under the weather again**

Genre: Smut

Length: 1,300+

Kinks: Daddy kink/hints of dd/lg, exhibitionism, dirty talk

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Though there were tons of people around Wonho couldn’t help but to have every ounce of his attention fixed on you. Everyone else appeared to be so plain and dull in comparison. 

The burgundy dress you were wearing hugged your curves perfectly and the black wedgies booties you had decided to wear made your legs look a mile long. You looked so delicate and delicious- all he found himself wanting to do was ravage you; he needed to hear your angelic moans, he needed to feel your tightness around him.

He smiled brightly the moment he noticed you looking over at him, expertly hiding all the sin that was going through his head. As he watched you talk to the girls his friends brought as their dates, he silently decided he couldn’t wait any longer. Standing from his seat, he made his way over to you. 

Once he was finally beside you, he turned to the group of girls, flashing that cheesy, charming smile of his, “May I steal my girlfriend from you girls for a moment?” And just as they nodded their heads, he took your hand in his and led you to a less crowded area. 

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Peter Pan Imagine/”Let me Reassure you.”

You feel insecure and start to doubt your relation with Peter ever since Wendy shows up, but Peter reassures you you’re his.

Warnings:Smut, cursing,self conscious,

 Everything was perfect, you had Peter, Peter had you, then one day, everything changed, all because of Wendy Darling.

When it was just you and Peter it was perfect, he was perfect, sure he could be an ass sometimes, but he was your ass, and you loved him for it.

“Y/n!” he would yell 

“Yes Peter!” you would yell back , chatting it up with the mermaids

“I need you love.” he would yell

“Coming! Sorry girls, the king is waiting” you would wink at them as they all ohhhh at you because that’s just what girls do.

Finally you get in Peter’s view and he instantly smiles, looking at you up and down, ready to devour you in seconds.

You smile and nod at all the lost boys, they were like your little brothers, and they all looked up to you and Peter.

“You look lovely today.” he says as he kisses you on your neck, uh oh.

When Peter kissed you on the neck, that means he wanted you, like wanted you.

“Peter..” you would moan a little , not wanting to make it obvious in front of the boys.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it love.” he says as he stares into your eyes.

It was simply hard to say no to Peter, he would look deep into your eyes and it was like as if he cast a spell on you

“To my cabin, now.” he said in the most stern but sexy voice you have ever heard in your life

“Yes my king.” you smirked as you walked away, not looking back but swaying your hips in a way that would make Peter look, you could almost feel him burning holes in you.

“Felix, look after the boys, me and Y/n have some things to discuss.” he smirked at him

Felix nods, “Aye captain, whatever you say.”

Peter nods as well and starts to walk away

“You dirty dog.” Felix whispers, knowing exactly well what was about to happen

Peter smiles but doesn’t look back he just walks to his cabin , as you wait for him.

He opens the door and there you were, on his bed, which you both shared now ever since you two both became a thing.

“Are you going to keep staring or?” you said to him, almost teasing

He gets on top of you and starts to kiss you , roughly grabbing every inch of you, Peter never liked to make love, he liked to fuck.

It would be like this almost every night, and you easily fell in love with him.

It wasn’t hard at all, the way he touched you, felt like how the wind touches the tree’s , so soft but roughly. The way he kissed you, your lips would melt, like how chocolate melts on a hot day, and how he holds you, just like how the clouds comfort each other in the night sky, that, is why it was so easy to fall in love with him.

One day you woke up, like any other day, got ready for the day , and walk outside.

You were a little confused, the boys were all in a circle, looking down, including Peter.

“What the hell?” you whispered as you walked towards the boys.

Peter turns to look at you, with his finger on his lips, signaling you to be quite, you did so, pushing the boys aside, it was a girl , a pretty girl at that. Oh no, you say in your head, you already knew where this was going.

“Who is she?” you ask Peter.

“We don’t know, it’s been about 10 minutes since we found her.”

“Well send her back to wherever she came from.” you say with a little attitude

“It’s not that easy love.” he shakes his head as his eyebrows nit together in confusion

“Well why is it so hard?” you asked

“Because she landed on my island, she’s lst, I just can’t abandon her.” he looks at you , and you start to worry. You nod your head.

You go and talk to your mermaid friends because you needed to be reassured that you were over thinking, well this was the most baddest idea ever.

“Oh hell no.” a mermaid said

“Nah girl she gonna ruin everything!” another said

“She gonna try to take your man!” the other said

You put your hands in your face and sigh

“Ugh, I knew it.” you say, dreading every second of the day left.

You go back to the campsite and see that she has woken up, you roll your eyes as the boys are practically hovered over here, typical, but then you stop in your tracks to see that Peter is there as well, laughing and smiling with the rest.

“Oh hell no.” you say as you walk up to Peter 

“Hi Peter.” you say as your rub his chest and kissed his cheek, looking at the girl, marking what’s yours.

“Hi Y/n, uh this is Wendy , Wendy Darling, Wendy, this is Y/n.” he said as he looks a little nervous

“Nice to meet you!” Wendy said, she had a high pitched voice, perfect teeth, perfect hair, and her body, don’t get me started.

“Nice to meet you as well!” you say with the most fakest smile, holding in all the anger.

“Well, let’s have breakfast shall we?” Peter said

Everyone cheered and agreed.

You all eggs in a biscuit, Peter’s favorite.

Knowing that Wendy would try to sit next to Peter you tried to sit next to him but Wendy was too damn quick. She sat next to him, all close and what not, Peter seemed a little annoyed but he didn’t seem to mind

“So tell me , how did you get such strong arms.” she asked

You rolled your eyes, Felix walked next to you, watching what was about to go down.

“Well , uhm I do a lot of arm work outs I guess.” he said , really wanting to eat his food

“Well I bet they’re good for other things.” she winked

Peter spits out his drink almost chocking on it

“Oh my are you okay?” as she bats her eyelashes

“I gotta go, excuse me.” he said avoiding eye contact

“Can we talk? Now!” he asked

“Y-yeah sure.” you say as you walk with him

As you and him walk deeper into the woods you start to become sad

“She’s gonna take you away from me, isn’t she?” you asked as you turned to him

He shakes his head, “I promise you, she won’t, I’m yours, do you understand that love?” his british accent getting stronger

“Yes Peter.” you say, not fully trusting what he has to say.

He grabs your head gently with his muscular hands, and puts your forehead to his, “Please, don’t do this, not right now.” 

You knew Peter was stressed , he’d been stressed, with everything, the lost boys, the island, the food, the supplies, a lot goes into Neverland, and you could see his frustration coming out, not wanting to make him anymore stressed, you nod. 

“That’s my lost girl.” he says as he kisses your forehead

You go to bed that night in tears, as Peter holds you, you just knew that it wouldn’t be the same, and you were right.

Wendy would constantly flirt with Peter, and it would annoy you to the point were you wouldn’t even go outside because you hated seeing it.

Peter would beg you time after time after time to come out but you refused, unless it was for a special occasion, you would go out when everyone would be asleep.

Well today was a special occasion, one of the lost boys had a birthday, Rufio, and you wanted to be there for him.

You decide to go out and bake a cake and yummy treats for everyone, it was good being outside, you got to say hi and talk to all of the lost boys, they all huddled in the kitchen, even Rufio came I and sat on a chair to talk to you.

“I miss you Y/n, we all do.” he admits 

“I know, I miss you all too.” you say as you mix something in a bowl

“Why don’t you come out anymore?” He asked

“Oh.. it’s just…” you try to ignore the question

“He doesn’t like her, you know that?” he looks at you, seriously

“But yet she’s still here.” you fold your arms, showing your emotions

“She’s a bitch dude, we all hate her, all of us, she can never take your place, I assure you that.” he said as he gets up

“Everyone is saying that, they reassure me, but I can’t help it.  you put your head down

“I’m one of Peter’s best friends, trust me, you have nothing to worry about.” he said as he lifts up your chin with his finger

“Now, hurry up and make my cake.” he says as he laughs

“You got it!” you smile and continue to bake and cook


After what felt like days were only a couple hours you asked all of the lost boys to come help you carrying out the food, they gladly accepted wanting to get away from Wendy.

They all placed the food on the table, licking their lips, eyes gazing, it all looked so delicious.

“Okay I would like to say something!” Peter raised up his cup, filled with whatever rum was being served that night

“Rufio is my best friend, my best mate, my brother from another mother, so we have to celebrate like we have never celebrated before! I love you buddy!”  he yells with his cup in the air, everybody yells too and starts to eat and drink the night away.

You all dance and drank the night away, Peter had his arms wrapped around you most of the time, not really caring what Wendy did, or thought, he was yours, and he was going to keep that promise.

Not much later around 1 or 2 in the morning the boys started to tell scary stories, very bad scary stories, they weren’t scary at all, matter of fact, they were pretty hilarious.

You started to drowse off and fall asleep on Peter, that was fine until Peter had to take a piss, he slowly took you off of him and lay you near the campsite, he would bring you back to bed when he was done.

He started to walk into the woods, well guess who followed, yup, Wendy.

After he takes a piss he hears a giggle, being a little drunk he ignores it, and puts away his stuff.

As he starts to walk he was pushed on a tree, by, you guessed it, Wendy.

“What the fuck.” he says as his vision becomes more clear and see’s Wendy

“Hi Peter.” she says sexually

“You are to call me Pan, only Y/n is allowed to call me Peter.” he said in a stern voice

“I don’t give a fuck.” she says as she kissed him

He quickly pushes her off of him, “What the bloody hell? You know Y/n is my girlfriend!” he says as he starts to walk away

“Is she even good in bed?” she asked

He shakes his head in disbelief, and walks away

“You know I can treat you way better, so much better, I have the body, the looks, the personality.” she walks with him

“How did you even get on my island? Are you even lost? Lost boys and lost girls come to my island because they’re lost, or they feel lonely, not because of whatever the fuck you’re trying to do, you’re leaving first thing in the morning!” he yells

“Please please please! I beg you Peter! I love you, I beg you , leave her and be mine.!” she yells

Peter looks at her one last time, and shakes his head, “You’re fucked in the head laddie, you need help.” he turns around and leaves and head towards the campsite

  Getting to the campsite he see’s you and smiles in relief, but you’re awake, and you’re pissed

“Where were you?” you asked

“He was with me.” Wendy poked out of the woods

Peter’s eyebrows knitted in confusion, “What?” 

“Don’t deny it Peter, it’s not good to lie.” she smiles

You looked at Peter, with tears in your eyes

“Y/n listen-”

“Save it! You clearly want her, so have her.” you said 

“It’s not like that!” He yelled at you, he was pissed, pissed at the fact that Wendy tried to tell such a disgusting lie, and pissed that you actually believed her.

“Whatever!” you yell and run to your cabin, well yours and Peter’s.

“I want you out of my island now.” he turns to Wendy

“Oh stop it, you know you like me.” as she puts her hand on his face but Peter grabs it roughly

“Ouch!” she screams

“Don’t you touch me, don’t you EVER, touch me. Shadow, take her way.”

The shadow comes and takes her

You could hear her scream in horror, begging  Peter to let her stay, you just cry, knowing that she is gone , was like a weight lifted off your shoulders, but still, you were mad at Peter.


Minutes later Peter comes in the cabin, you’re there on the floor with your knees to your chest, not wanting to look up.

“Love?” he asked

You didn’t respond

“Baby girl.” he sat down and rubbed your arm

You flinched back not aware that he was that close

“Hey hey hey, it’s me, it’s just me.” he says

“What do you want?” you asked

“I want to go back, pretend that this was all a dream, I want to apologize for even letting her stay this long, it was my responsibility, and i take full blame for it.”

“I need to ask you something.” you say

“Anything.” he said as he looks in your eyes, but you quickly looks down

“Did -did you ever, at any point, get feelings for her? Or thought she was pretty, or anything like that?” you said 

He lifts up your chin with his finger “Not even once love, I told you, you’re mine, and I’m yours.” he smiled

“I just felt so ugly, so worthless “ you begin to cry

“Well you’re not, you’re so damn beautiful and you don’t even know it.”

“I’m not sure..” you still shed tears

“Let me reassure you.” he says

He grabs you and puts you on top of his so that your legs are straddled around his waist, he starts to kiss you and your lips simply melt into each other, then kisses your neck and starts to softly rub your body, unlike the other times.For tonight,  it was different.

He picked you up and put you on top of the bed, and gets on top of you, he lays on his elbows so that he isn’t laying on you and starts to kiss you ever so softly, he then makes you moan allowing his tongue to sneak his way unto your mouth, your tongues are now dancing with each other , like lightning dances with the clouds, so beautiful yet terrifying all at once.

He takes off his shirt and he takes off yours, exposing your bra, but that’s quickly off as well.He softly rubs your breast quickly turning you on more and more.

He then takes off your pants, and starts to kiss your other lips, and you start to moan more and more.

Peter loved when he heard you moan, it was like music to his ears, and when you started to get a little twitchy, and your legs would start to shake, he would rub your legs, reassuring you that you were okay, and he wasn’t going to hurt you.

It always worked

He then softly goes into you and you were pretty sure all of Neverland could of heard you. Peter didn’t mind, he never did.

As he thrust into you his pumps never got rough, they got faster, but never rough, this wasn’t like Peter, for like I said, he liked to fuck, but he wanted to reassure you, that you were special, and you weren’t just a good lay, you were his girlfriend, and he felt you needed to know that.

“I love you Y/n, do you understand?”

You just nod, not being able to say a word, he always left you breathless at these times, he kissed your forehead and then whispered sweet nothings into your ear.

You start to cry , because you realized what he was doing, he was making love to you, he wasn’t just fucking you, he was showing his emotions, and that made your heart be filled with joy.

You start to scratch his back with your finger nails, leaving red marks , and as you do that he leaves red blotches on your neck, and all over your body, it was , he was clearly marking what was his, as he always did.

“You’re so beautiful.” he would tell you

He then went full on and his thrust became sloppy, signaling he was close, and you were too.

“Oh fuck.” he said as he was about to


Fuck Y/n”

“Right there, right there

You both screamed at the same time, he rided you out until your high came down, he then kissed your lips, and your kissed him back.

“I love you my lost girl” he said “I reassure that.” he winks at you

“You just smile and giggle “I love you too Peter.” you kiss him back

Just started watching a show on Netflix called “Samurai Gourmet” and it is so good! At first, I thought it was going to be a documentary style show, kinda like the shows on food network, but I was so wrong!

It plays out like a J-Drama but starring this adorable 60-year-old man trying to enjoy his retirement with his cute wife and finds the simplest things like the taste of ramen noodles, or cold beer in the middle of the day, like heaven on earth. All the while, imagining if he could be bold and fearless like this ronin samurai, standing up for himself and taking charge of his new life.

The HD quality on the food imagery is mouth-watering. Now I want to go out and eat all the Japanese food! How did they make plain white rice looks so delicious??!!! This show is so wonderful and wholesome! I highly recommend it!

I watch this over and over. Not only is it sexy as hell to watch her take it all, but this looks so similar to my husband’s delicious dick. And I imagine it is him, sliding into that beautiful pussy. And THAT makes me throb.

BTS Reaction: Seeing you only wearing your underwear and his shirt. [Hyung Line]

Hyung Line | Maknae Line

Namjoon | Rap Monster:

It would be a normal day for Namjoon. He’d wake up, but he’d frown when he noticed you weren’t sleeping next to him. He loved waking up before you, and stare at your angelic face until you shifted in your sleep, and woke up, locking eyes with him. You’d give him a small smile, your eyes still half closed and greeted him with a quiet ‘Good morning.’ But now that you weren’t there, he felt slightly disappointed that he couldn’t stare at his beautiful Jagiya until you woke up.

The sweet smell of pancakes and syrup filled Namjoon’s senses as he climbed out of bed and dressed in his casual clothing. A black t-shirt, with a grey hoodie and ripped black jeans. The rapper decided when he got to the kitchen he’d teasingly scold you for waking up before him. He silently prepared as he made his way to the kitchen and put on his best-annoyed expression.

“Jagiya! Why are you up before- Whoa,” he stopped mid-sentence when he strode into the kitchen to see you cooking, in nothing but his white shirt, and your underwear. Namjoon couldn’t help but stare at your thighs as you had your back turned to him and flipped the pancakes in the frying pan.

“Morning Oppa,” you spoke, turning around and giving your boyfriend a warm smile. “Sorry I’m up before you, but I wanted to surprise you,” you sheepishly laughed as you avoided his gaze, which hadn’t moved from your thighs. He shook his head a few times, bringing him out of his trance before he looked up at your face, and smirked.

“You know, I was going to scold you, but this is a perfect way for you to apologise,” Namjoon grinned as he stepped forward and wrapped them around your waist, pulling you closer. In an instant, he had lifted you up forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist and carried you back to the bedroom.

“Uhm Namjoon,” you suppressed a moan as he kissed your neck roughly.

“Yes my sweet Jagiya?” he smirked in between kisses.

“The pancakes are gonna burn,” you giggled lightly. He suddenly stopped and growled lowly.

“Fuck, you always know how to ruin the mood,” Namjoon playfully teased, which resulted in your pouting like a child.

“I’ll go turn off the stove, then we’ll continue where we left off. How about that?” you shyly smiled, avoiding his gaze. He smirked and climbed off of you.

“Sure, go ahead,” he replied. Quickly you stood up and began to make your way out of the room. A quiet squeak left your lips when Namjoon had spanked you and laughed lightly at your reaction. “Don’t be long,” he cooed, as you left giving him a glare.

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Jin | Seokjin:

Jin would wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs and smile warmly when he realised you were cooking. ‘Gracefully’ he’d roll out of bed and got dressed in a white shirt-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. He’d stumble his way out of the door and make his way to the kitchen.

“Morning Jagiya~” Jin would say in a sing-song voice. He’d suddenly stop in his tracks however and stare at you, jaw dropped. You stood before him (Like the goddess all ARMY’s are) wearing his white shirt that was just washed and your black lace underwear. “J-Jagiya?” Jin asked with a small stutter.

You turned around and greeted him with a small warming smile. Jin would slowly make his way towards you and wrap his arm around your waist and pull you in for a gentle kiss.

“Morning Oppa~,” you’d reply in a sing-song voice, almost mocking you boyfriend. He pouted and rubbed his nose against yours, with his eyes closed.

“This shirt was just washed, I was going to put it away when I woke up, but it looks like it’s going to need to be washed again,” Jin sighed. “What am I gonna do with you?” he laughed.

“Hey! I’m don’t smell that bad,” you whined with a pout. Jin chuckled lightly at your cute reaction.

“I’m just teasing Jagiya, you smell lovely,” Jin muttered as he placed his head in the crook of your neck, rocking you both back and forward.

“Jin, I’m gonna burn the eggs if you don’t let go,” you giggled. He instantly released you and let you get back to what you were doing. 

“Jagiya, I’m not in the mood for bacon and eggs, I’d rather taste you, after all, you look so delicious in that shirt of mine,” Jin suddenly changed the mood and gave you a look full of lust.

“Too bad, I’m hungry too, and as a matter of fact, I am in the mood for bacon and eggs, so wait your turn,” you laughed as you instantly shut him down, leaving him sitting on the couch with a pout.

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Yoongi | Suga

Yoongi would return early home from work and surprise you. Quietly he opened the door and crept into the house, fortunately not making his sound. He heard you moving about in the living room and smiled from the other side of the door, getting ready to open up the door and yell ‘surprise.’ He takes a deep, quiet sigh he placed his hand on the door and opened it quickly.

“Surprise Jag-,” he stopped suddenly when he noticed you standing there, hair wet from your shower, wearing only your underwear and his new shirt. His surprised expression instantly changed to a dark one, eyes filled with lust.

“Y-you’re home early,” you stuttered as you attempted to cover yourself up, but it was no use. Yoongi could easily see through the shirt, as your skin was still slightly damp from the shower, your breasts easily showing through it.

“Well, well, well Jagiya, I was planning on surprising you, but it seems to be the other way around,” Yoongi smirked as he stepped closer to you.

“N-no, don’t look,” you muttered. In all honestly, you were self-conscious about your body. You’d only been going out with Yoongi for a few months and you were scared to do anything, in case he didn’t appreciate your body.

“If you’re thinking I won’t love you anymore because of your body, you’re wrong,” Yoongi spoke up, making you stare at him in surprise. “I love you just the way you are, and I want you to know that no one can change that,” he smiled and he opened his arms up to you. “I won’t come to you, if you don’t come over, I’ll know to stop, but if you choose to come over, you know there will be no turning back, but I promise I will be gentle,” his voice was calm and soothing.

After a moment of thinking, you slowly began to step forwards. His words gave you confidence in yourself, and you’d been wanting to try something with Yoongi for a while not, you were just scared. You stood in front of him, and wrapped your arms around him, letting him know you were ready. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you as well.

“Now, where shall we start,” he smirked as he stepped away from you slightly and looked at you up and down.

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Hoseok | J-Hope

The ray of sunshine groaned slightly when he rolled over in bed and noticed you were missing. He always felt saddened when you weren’t next to him sleeping. You’d normally be up before him because of work, and because he’d worked so much himself, he’d wake up at 10 am or after. However, today was different. Instead of the house being quiet, music was being played in the bathroom and he smiled brightly.

“Jagiya?” Hoseok called from outside the bathroom door. He listened carefully to the music and lightly laughed when he heard Not Today was playing. You had told him it was your current favourite song and you’d been listening to is for the whole week. Of course, Hoseok took it as a joke, but now he was genuinely surprised that you were listening to his group’s music. He knocked on the door and patiently waited for you.

“Hoseok?” you called from the other side of the door and quickly opened it. “You’re up!” you giggled happily as you gave him a quick peck on the lips. His smile faded when he noticed that you only wore your underwear and his shirt.

“Jagiya, you’re wearing my shirt?” Hoseok questioned in shock. You looked down at the clothing and awkwardly smiled as you rubbed the back of your neck.

“Ah sorry Oppa, I just grabbed the first shirt I saw, I’ll go change in a sec,” you replied as you began to walk away to the bedroom. However, your wrist was caught by Hoseok as he pulled you in for a hug.

“No, don’t. I love you wearing my clothes, I think it’s really cute,” he replied and he hugged you tighter. “And sexy,” he whispered into your ear, lust laced in his voice. You were surprised by his sudden change of voice but it turned you on as well. He grabbed your thighs and pulled you up, forcing you to wrap your legs around his waist.

“O-Oppa,” you stuttered, clearly embarrassed. 

“Don’t worry Jagiya, I’ll be gentle,” he grinned as he led you back into the bedroom to give you a good time.

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VIXX: dating Ken would include

▪ ok this is the love of my life so I’m gonna have to make this super long

 ▪ him being completely stunned and speechless when he first sees you 

▪ and that’s saying a lot…this boy never shuts up

 ▪ if another member knows you, he’ll pester them and constantly ask about you, until they formally introduce him to you if you two haven’t met 

 ▪ he’ll make sure to be extra loud and funny while around you, his heart skipping a beat whenever he hears you laugh

 ▪ then when he finally realizes he needs to confess, he’s a ball of nerves and sweaty palms 

 ▪ but he just casually asks you one day to go on a drive with him, and parked in the middle of a grass field he’ll just take your hand and nervously pour his heart out 

 ▪ then after you make a comment about how this is totally out of a romantic movie, you just take him by surprise and peck his lips

 ▪ which completely catches him off guard and tries to go in for several other kisses until he’s satisfied


▪ omg, you better make sure you’ve eaten in front of him or this mom will scold you like there’s no tomorrow 

 ▪ “y/n!!! Baby, you know you need to stay healthy. Why haven’t you barely touched your food? You know what, let’s go out to eat instead”

 ▪ he’s so soft and cuddly in the morning, won’t even need to beg you for another 5 minutes 

 ▪ bc you wouldn’t even think about leaving him on the bed and looking all delicious by himself 

 ▪ loves it so so so much when you compliment him or give him feedback, even if it’s something small

 ▪ gets so much of an ego boost whenever he makes you laugh 

▪ extra points for when you spit out your food

 ▪ often would take off his shirt when you’re around during their rehearsals, just to see you catch your breath 

▪ then you’d get payback by asking another member to teach you a routine

 ▪ *cue adorable grumbling Jaehwan* 

 ▪ going on spontaneous drives together in the middle of the day/night

 ▪ heavy makeout sessions in the back seat 

 ▪ ok let’s not get too nsfw yikes 

 ▪ but seriously, sex with him would never be rough no matter how needy he is, he’s always so slow and passionate and in the moment omfg ok I’ll stop 

 ▪ having the best time babysitting his nephews and nieces with him

 ▪ and after you’ve tucked them in and they’re sleeping, he’d hug you from behind and talk about how he’d love to have children someday

 ▪ then proceed to hide his face in your neck bc he’s never really talked about that before  

▪ knows how to make you melt and gives you the cutest nicknames

 ▪ you and him trying to make Leo laugh, and fail 10/10 bc Ravi is the only one who could do it

 ▪ speaking of Ravi 

▪ I mean he knows you stole his bf, but he’s cool with it and he’s your guys’ biggest shipper tbh 


 ▪"jagiiiii, please come cuddle with me, I’m cold" *daeub* *flirty smile* *wink* 

▪ buys extra large sweaters on purpose just so you’d wear them 

▪ “oops, this is 3 sizes too big, I guess we’re gonna have to wear it at the same time” *daeub*

 ▪ won’t even bother hiding the hickies from the night before, he deals with the teasing like a man

 ▪ expects you to do the same (he’d point at your neck or move your hair out the way so everyone can see, the cheeky muffin) 

 ▪ actually very thoughtful and supportive and you become his first priority before anything else 

 ▪ rarely fighting with each other bc he’ll always sit you down and talk things through- he’s not a type to run away from his problems, esp with you

 ▪ he values you too much to have petty fights over nothing, and always makes sure you know that 

▪ he’d only tell you he loves you after being intimate or while you’re lazing away the day cuddled up in his lap 

▪ not too into PDA, he’d like to save those moments for when in private 

 ▪ insists on feeding you food when you’re sick, while making airplane noises 

 ▪ he’d try and make you laugh despite your pain, and calls in the other members to try and cheer you up if they’re not busy 

 ▪ loves you with all his heart and it’s obvious for the world to see

 ▪ pls treat my bf right and don’t break his heart 💘

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My piece for the Sheithlentine exchange on Twitter! Happy Valentines, @foxkunkun! I’m still learning how to draw digitally so I’m sorry if the colours are too bold, but I hope you like it! A lil fic to go with this underneath c: EDIT: Something in my theme is causing this to be copied twice when you look at this on my blog from a computer?? IDK how to fix it, sorry ^^;

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Bad Girl Ch 15: Living By My Rules

“We could turn and run you know,” Jiho mumbles in my ear. I elbow him in the gut and glare at him over my shoulder. He pouts but says nothing else. My hand is in a tight fist held up resting against the heavy wooden door prepared to knock but my hand won’t move. We’ve been standing here for more than five minutes, Jiho making comments about running away and me basically shaking in my heels. I have to prepare myself for what is beyond this door. The insanity I kind of miss but in the long run actually drove me insane. Am I ready for that again? The rules? The unending neediness? The baby talk?

“I think I’m ready,” I finally decide.

Jiho chuckles, “Then knock.”

With a deep breath I knock on the door three times before stepping back right into Jiho’s chest. He lets out an oof, “We are not here to play ding dong ditch, step up big girl.”

The door is ripped open by the youngest brother, “Noona!” He yells gleefully.

“Hi Sehunnie,” I chuckle at his childish excitement. The others appear behind him with the same goofy smiles. “Hi everyone!”

“You are home!” Xiumin rushes past the others and scoops me up in a tight hug, his tucks his face in the crook of my neck and mumbles softly, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I miss you too, Minseokie,” I muse playfully.

He leans away with a small smirk on his lips, “I love hearing my name on your pretty lips.”

“I’m going to g before things get any weirder,” Jiho grumbles. I step out of Xiumin’s embrace to give Jiho a small hug. “I’ll see you Monday, okay?”

“Yes, bright and earlier! Are you going to update the boys without yelling at them or should I call them later?”

He rolls his eyes at me, “I’ll let you know, they will be curious as to why you aren’t at home, so it’s up to you really if you want to explain that to them.”

“Lets just keep my location quiet until further notice, I don’t want anyone worrying.”

“It is going to take less than a day for them to know something is wrong, or different I guess.”

“Ugh,” I groan, “We’ll just deal with them when they ask, until than go home and get some rest, this is your first weekend off since we met. Enjoy it Oppa,” I pull him down to my level and place a kiss on his cheek.

“See you later, Pretty bird,” He hands my bags over to a glaring Kris before turning on his heel and heading back to his car. He winks at me over his shoulder, I grin and mimic his action.

Kyungsoo surprises me by wrapping his arms around my shoulders, “I thought I told you that I don’t like seeing other boys touching you.”

I chuckle as I turn around in his grasp, “And I thought I told you Jiho is going to be a big part of my life.”

“That doesn’t mean he gets to touch you,” He grumbles.

“He didn’t, I touched him.”

“Such a smart mouth,” Kris clicks his tongue.

“Would you want me anyway else?” It was meant to be a rhetorical question but it ended up being loaded with so much more.

“We love you anyway you are,” Xiumin answers quickly stroking my head.

“Good answer, now Kyungie,” I pout cutely, “I’m hungry.”

“Good,” Kyungsoo kisses the top of my head before dragging me inside. The inside is exactly the same as before but instead of the usual smell of their clones, the air is thick with the smell of cleaning products and other fresh fragrances.

“We cleaned,” Suho explains.

“Deep clean? What did you boys have to get rid of?” I muse.

“We had been gone for over a year, things need to be cleaned, especially after you were coming home.”

In the dining room Kyungsoo sits me down at the table full of food, “Wow.”

“I hope you are hungry,” Baekhyun gives me a big smile.

“This all looks so delicious!” I clap my hands together. They all join me at the table and for a brief moment I forget about everything. I look around the table and feels like nothing has changed, like I never left in the first place. They must feel the same from the playful conversations they are having with each other, actually acting like brothers compared to the hostile atmosphere from before. It’s surreal.

“Before you mentioned a few more rules,” Luhan chimes in on my left. I stop eating and give him a small smile.

“Are you sure you want to talk about it now? Things are really peaceful at the moment.”

“I would like to know what is okay and not okay to do to make sure we don’t make you upset.”

I sigh, “Alright, first off, no trash talking Jiyong or Jiho, I know you are all still pissed about what happened and you should be but out of respect for me, please don’t. No daddy over rule, well in most situations. If I say I have to leave, I have to go, if I say I can’t wear that out, I can’t wear it out. Connected to that just like how you guys can’t ignore your work I can’t ignore mine so when Jiho shows up on the door step you guys need to understand that I have to leave. When it comes to work, feel free to ask me anything about it, as long as you are all 100% honest with me. This is going to be hard to get through but secrets will only make it worse. I have seen what you guys can do,” I lock eyes with Xiumin, “I have heard the stories but I’m still here.”

“It is going to be hard to tell you things like that,” Tao admits meekly.

“You don’t have to pour your soul to me about it but if I ask don’t sugar coat it, just tell me what happened and we will leave it at that. Next thing, please do not tell my friends I’m me, or that I’m alive, I don’t want to make things more emotional.”

Kai smiles, “Good, I don’t want to share you with anymore people anyway.”

“Did you have anything else?” Xiumin wonders with his hand on my back.

“One more, please, you guys, do not try to lock me up in here again. I am not getting back into that bubble. I won’t cook, I won’t swear in front of you, I’ll call you daddy, act little, ask permission to do little things but I will not let you guys force me into a little state of mind again. If I’m feeling little, I’ll act like it, but if I’m big I don’t want cold shoulders and asshole comments, okay?”

“Of course!” Luhan pulls me on to his lap and hug me tight, “I missed my sweet baby so much!”

“I missed you too daddy lulu,” I laugh as I snuggle into his embrace.

“Are we really going to pretend like everything is fine?” Kris wonders. Any light in the room suddenly turns dark and the air gets thick.

I sigh , “I mean I guess we can all talk about everything that happened, but from what I saw last week you guys saw what happened to me. Everyone gave me an update on what was going on with everyone else, is there something else you wanted to tell me?”

“But Baekhyun almost slit your throat. They were going to slaughter you! Jiyong lied to you and sent us on a self-destructive path, who knows what the Jiho guy had to do with all of this but I can guarantee that he isn’t innocent. How are you just going to pretend that everything is okay?”

“Because my only other option is to leave all of you behind, is that what you want? I still have my bags packed if you would like to drive me to the airport.” I try to stand up but Luhan’s hold on me tightens.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Luhan snarls, he glares at Kris. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“I’m trying to realistic, she had this really traumatic experience and she is just blowing it off, how are none of you concerned?”

“How do you want me to handle this?” I muse.

“She is past it,” Suho snaps, “why the hell are you trying to hold on to all that shit?”

“I just don’t want to have this idea in my head that everything is going to be okay but tomorrow or the day after you could decide that you don’t want to deal with us and life with Jiyong is so much better. I can’t handle you leaving us again,” The giant answers honestly breaking my heart. I leave Luhan’s embrace to go to him, pulling him in to my arms I rest his head against my chest and my chin on his head.

“You got me daddy, don’t worry,” I reassure him softly. “I’m sorry for being gone.”

He wraps his arms around my waist, “I’m sorry for letting you go. You are never leaving us again, got it?” I lean away to give him a stern look, he groans, “Unless it’s work related or Jiyong’s time, okay?”

“Whatever you say Daddy!” I chuckle.

“God, I’ve missed that word from your lips!” He surprises me by scooping me up off the ground into a tight hug.

“Now is everyone good? Anyone else want to tell me their worries because now is the time.”

“I haven’t been able to get you at all, that’s all I want,” Chen whines cutely. I pat Kris’s chest so the giant will let me down.

“Well get up lets go!” I say with a  big smile.

“Go where?” Half of them echo.

“To play!” I giggle mischievously as I run out of the dining room to the living room where I find the floor to ceiling windows that open to the steaming pool. It’s probably only 40 degrees outside but that doesn’t stop me from pushing open the windows and peeling off my clothes until I’m left in just my underwear. I jump into the warm water before the boys even have the chance to grab me.

“Baby!” A few of the yell in concern. I pop out of the water and tread in the center of the pool with a big grin on my face.

“What do you think you are doing? It’s absolutely freezing out here! You are going to get sick!” Chen worries holding his hand out to me, “You need to get out right now!”

“The pool is heated, it’s fine! Come on! We never used this pool the whole time I was here now seems like the perfect time!”

“Jooyoung get out right now!” Kyungsoo orders.

I stick my tongue at them, “Come and make me.”

Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Kai, and Xiumin are trying their best not to crack a smile and failing horribly. Baekhyun is the first to begin stripping out of his jeans and shirt, followed by the other three.

“What are you guys doing?” Suho scoffs.

“Going to get her,” Chanyeol muses and he jumps into the water.

“Come on daddy Chen,” I sing, “Don’t you want you play with me?”

“What if you get sick?” He nags.

I swim up to the edge a pear up and him, “Then you can just nurse me back to health, until then…” I surprise the man by grabbing him arm and pulling him in. “Who is next?” They all stare at me dumbstruck for a moment. “Sorry I forgot to act little.”

Tao smiles, “Forget about acting big or little how you are acting now is adorable. I see you’ve been working out.” He jumps in and pulls me away from the wall, “Look at my strong girl.”

“I learned how to kick some ass, maybe we can try sparing again.”

He grins, “I can’t wait.”

“You can not just pretend you did not pull me, fully clothed, into the pool!” Chen roars as he swims our way.

“Ah Daddy help! Daddy Jongdae is going to get me!” I scream as I swim towards the large group of boys already in the water. Kai catches me and holds me tight in one arm and holds his hyung away with the other.

“Fuck it! Everyone in the pool!” Suho decides, the last six standing on land finally join us.

“Does this mean I’m not in trouble for not listening?” I coo.

“Hell no,” Kyungsoo chimes with a smile, “we are just going to have some fun before hand!”

“I think I’m going to enjoy this new Joo,” Baekhyun smirks, “She is going to be a bit more trouble but a lot more fun.”

“Oh you have no idea!”

Okay lovelies I have a question for the readers who aren’t exo fans or kpop fans in general. Did you look up them up to see what they look like or did you just make up an image of them in your head?

Reasons why Hannibal/Bedelia makes perfect sense:

  • he feels protective of her.
  • of all the psychiatrists he could have chosen, it was her. There’s something about her that intrigues him.
  • she has the capacity to do Very Bad Things, which is something Hannibal knew before she did.
  • he refused to accept her resignation and she chose to accept his refusal.
  • he covered up her murder as she covered up his involvement.
  • she’s the only person besides Will Graham who knows and understands him.
  • he opens up to her about his innermost thoughts and feelings to a degree he hasn’t even done with Will.
  • she’s suspected that he’s dangerous for a while but continued his therapy regardless because her professional curiosity in him was too great to resist.
  • she’s one of very few people who saw him for what he is and survived it (in part through her own intelligence, in part because he cares about her to a degree).
  • she made the conscious choice not to kill him and instead chose to join him because again, her curiosity in him is too great to resist.
  • he allowed her to go with him instead of killing her right there, when he had already left everyone else to die (Hannibal is a social creature who enjoys company and Bedelia is a familiar force in his life he feels trusting of).
  • she’s drawn to the criminal mind, Hannibal’s in particular.
  • she’s no innocent bystander; she’s complicit in his crimes and while terrified also fascinated and participating in them to a degree she hasn’t anticipated but is undeniable.
  • they have very similar tastes; Bedelia’s house closely resembles Hannibal’s and they listen to the same kind of music. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Bedelia enjoys the environment and life they have in Italy as much as he does (apart from the crimes).
  • she’s an unconventional psychiatrist, like him, which doubtlessly drew him to her and makes her therapy with him about as unhealthy as his with Will’s.
  • she’s intelligent and capable enough to see through him and manipulate him to a degree, making her more an equal than a victim.
  • she never sugarcoats things and is always extremely frank with him, despite knowing what he is, and he reacts to those moments with almost childish petulancy, not anger. She’s much more of a guiding force in his life than he would probably like to admit.
  • he wanted to be her friend and she shot him down, stating that they’re colleagues but not that – because he doesn’t show his true face and hides behind a veil. The veil is now lifted and they share an openness and honesty Hannibal has never had with anyone else except to a degree Will Graham.
  • from what we’ve seen, her life is somewhat depressing; he’s her only patient, she’s alone in the house, and apparently nobody missed her when she disappeared. Hannibal can offer her excitement and intrigue, which she seems to be interested in, judging by her continuous involvement with someone who she knows to be dangerous.
  • them posing as a married couple is no coincidence; it’s Hannibal’s way of enforcing commitment, ensuring her loyalty. If she truly wished to betray him, a ring on her finger wouldn’t stop her, but somehow Hannibal seems to think it would – marriage clearly means something to him, and he chose her to do it with.

ok but unpopular opinion, the prologue theme/the rose theme should be considered the main theme for Beauty and the Beast and not “Tale as Old as Time”

The Transfer Student (Part 2)

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Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Fluff and angst

Length: 2.8k

Summary:  You recently moved to a new city because your dad got a promotion and that meant you had to transfer schools. Again. You don’t expect to nor do you want to make friends because you’re expecting to move again soon. You were used to it anyway.


Part 1

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

“My ex hangs out here alot so let’s hang out here too.”

“What if she’s not here?”

“She probably will be, we came here almost everyday when we were going out.”

“Jungkook,” you say as you walk into a dessert place, “why did you and” you pause when you realize you don’t know her name


“Yeah. Uh. Why did you and Yoongi break up?

“She cheated on me.” he says it bluntly.

“So that’s why you’re trying to make her jealous”

“Y/N, what do you want to eat?” he asks while changing the subject.

‘I won’t pry if he’s not comfortable’

“I want the double chocolate fudge cake”

“Can you find seats? I’ll pay.”

“Thanks Jungkook.”

It wasn’t too hard finding a seat but this place was definitely popular, people were buzzing in and out. There were so many other students just hanging out here with their friends.

When Jungkook sits down with the cakes you start drooling. He had gotten a strawberry shortcake and tiramisu crepe cake. They all looked so delicious and grab your fork, ready to dig in but stop and turn red when you see Jungkook looking at you and smiling.

“It’s okay Y/N. Go ahead. I’ve never seen someone so excited to eat cake so I find it a little funny.”

When you look down at the table in embarrassment he adds, “It’s cute so don’t think it’s a bad thing.”

You’re too embarrassed to eat first so you just sit there and wait till Jungkook eats first. Excitement bubbles inside you when you see Jungkook scoop up a little bite. You hide a little smile and look up to admire the cakes, however, you see some cake right in front of your nose.

“Here Y/N, you take the first bite. Hurry though, my arm is getting tired.”

Although you were shocked, you never turn down food so you quickly ate the cake off the fork. While doing so, you somehow managed to get cream on the tip of your nose. You grab a tissue and before the tissue can reach your nose Jungkook had already wiped off the cream.

“Hahaha Y/N are you really that excited? How cute.”

You blush and glare at him but you still ate the cakes with the same excitement.

After eating cake you felt even worse. You were so busy eating cake that Jungkook barely ate any. He mostly just watched you eat in amazement.

“Don’t worry about it Y/N. Watching you eat filled me up.” He chuckles and pats his belly.

“I promise I’ll pay you ba-” you spot a candy store and your body naturally moves towards it.

Jungkook doesn’t say anything and just follows you in.

“Hi, how can I help you?” a handsome man asks.

“Hm? Oh. I’m just looking.” you say as you look at the different types of candy.

“Would you like to customize your own candy?”

“You make customized candy here?!”

“Yes, would you like to do that?”

“Ye-,” You look at Jungkook to see if it’s okay with him and he nods his head. “Yeah, I would like to do that.”

Both you and Jungkook made your own designs but he refused to show you what he made.

When it was done being made, you pop some of the rainbow design candy in your mouth. You even share with Jungkook. He just looks at you when you try to feed it to him.

“Are you really not going to show me Jungkook? You saw mine.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” he takes your hand and puts the little baggie in your hand. “We’re dating now so we have to make it look like we’re dating.”

You look at the bag and see rainbow hearts. Your heart skips a beat and you hug Jungkook.

“Yes! More candy for me and it’s so cute!!”

“You know Y/N, you remind me of a dog.” He says with a smirk.

“What?!” You bark back.

“Like a pit bull. You look scary but you’re actually really cute and sweet.”

With nothing to say, you just eat more candy and keep walking; leaving Jungkook.

He jogs behind you and hugs you.

“I think you and I get along really well Y/N. This will be fun.”

You lightly push Jungkook off of you but you didn’t really hate his sudden hug.

“Yah Jungkook. Don’t forget this is fake okay?”

“Yeah yeah. I know,” He says with a smile “Let’s go to-” He suddenly pauses and stares behind you.

“Jungkook? What’s wrong?” You turn around to see what he was staring at.

It was Yoona and her new boyfriend.

“Jungkook,” you wave your hand in front of him. “You said you didn’t like her anymore.”

“I know Y/N but I don’t like seeing her kiss another guy anyway.”

“If we’re going to do this fake dating thing you have to get over her.”

He peeks at Yoona and her new boyfriend but you grab his face and kiss him. It was a quick one but Jungkook was staring behind you again so you turn around.

Yoona was right behind you. She has long wavy hair, pink lips, and big eyes.

“Jungkook, what are you doing here? I thought you were sick of coming here.” Her voice is really soft and angel like.

“Yoona, hi I was here with my,” you pulls you beside him, “girlfriend, Y/N. She just moved in around here so I thought I’d show her around.” His voice was slightly shaky.

She stretches out her hand, “Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Yoona.”

You take her hand and shake it. Then her boyfriend comes from inside a store. He walks up next to Jungkook and glares at him before looking at you. He looks you up and down and you see the faintest nod.

‘Did he just nod in approval?’

“Babe, who’s this?”

“Oh you’re back. You already know Jungkook, this is Y/N, Jungkook’s girlfriend. Y/N this is my boyfriend ”

“Oh… I see. She’s pretty.” You blush with he says that. No one has ever blatantly said that to you. “Anyway, it’s almost time for the movie, so we’ll leave first.” Yoona gives a small wave and they leave.

Jungkook looks angry. His fists were clenched.

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s the guy she cheated in me with.”

It was weird that he wasn’t really bothered when he them together in the cafeteria but maybe it’s because he saw them kiss he got upset.

“No point moping over it. I mean, isn’t that why I’m here?”

“Yeah. Let’s go. I’ll walk you home.” Jungkook just walks away, his fists clenched.

During the walk home he doesn’t really say anything.

'I guess it’s hard to get over someone if they cheated on you.’

You’ve never dated anyone for real because you were constantly moving around. There was no point in it because nothing would develop and long distance relationships are difficult to maintain.

As soon as you reach your house the front door flies open and your mom is standing there with a bright smile.

“Sweetie! Is that a new friend? Invite him in!”

Before you can even say no, Jungkook is pulled into your house.

Once your mom does something there’s no stopping her. Jungkook is probably going to have to stay for dinner too.

“Y/N bring him to your room and I’ll bring snacks.”

Jungkook follows you up the stairs and into your room.

“Jungkook, you really don’t have to stay. I’ll make up an excuse like your mom is sick or-.”

“Nah. Don’t worry about it. I’m your boyfriend I have to meet your parents at some point right?” He puts his bag down as he laughs.

“Sorry. It’s just I’ve never brought any friends home with me.”

“Never? How could you never?”

“I moved a lot because of my dad’s job. But she says we’re probably going to stay here for a while. I don’t know though.”

“In that case I can come over anytime. Just give me a call.”

“We never exchanged numbers”

“Oh right!”

Just as you exchanged numbers your mom knocked on the door and came in with tea and cake.

“Thank you.”

“Enjoy!” Your mom says with one last peek at Jungkook.

“Well since I’m here Y/N, let’s just do homework.”

“Uh. Sure if you want to.” You say as you reach for your bag.

Jungkook stares at the textbook for 10 minutes as if if he stared long enough answers would magically appear.

“Do you need help Jungkook?” You finished the homework already. It was stuff you already learned so it was like review.

“You finished!? How? I see you sleeping in class too!” He loudly says as you sit next to him.

“I sleep because I already know this stuff. The last school I went to taught things a little faster.” You explain.

“Wow. I’m so lucky. My girlfriend is a genius.”

Him saying girlfriend so nonchalantly made you feel kinda weird. It almost made you wish it was real.

“Finally all done, thanks for your help Y/N. If it weren’t for your help I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Jungkook! Y/N! Come down for dinner!” Jungkook immediately jumps up and runs downstairs with you following behind.

“Wow. Everything looks so good! Thank you for the food” Jungkook is scarring everything down and you slowly eat. You can’t but laugh when you see him eat.

It’s like there’s a bubbly feeling whenever you see him happy or excited.

After dinner, Jungkook goes back to your room to get his stuff and gets ready to leave. You watch him leave and the excitement of having a friend over dies out. It was fun having someone over. But was it because it was Jungkook or because you finally made a friend?

You go to sleep that night thinking about that question.

The next morning you woke up a little late so you don’t eat breakfast at home but you do stop by a little café and buy a cake to snack on. When you go to school you see Mina but she was with her friends and she looked really happy.

'Hopefully it’s because the trio stopped bothering her’

As you’re thinking that you nearly stumble over because someone suddenly bumped into you. But that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that the cake had fallen and now smashed.

“Yah! Watch where you’re going!” It was the person who bumped into you that said that. And coincidently Hyori.

She turns around to see you glaring at her. She gasps and finally realizes what she had done.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” She and her friends were looking down at the ground. This began to gather attention. People started murmuring things like 'is there going to be a fight?’ 'That’s the new girl’ 'They’re fighting over cake?’

You push your hair behind your ears but Hyori seemed to have thought you were going to punch her and flinched.

You just turn around and before you can take your first step Jungkook comes out of no where.

“Y/N! What happened?”

You quickly explain that your cake was ruined while you walk to class with him.

To your surprise he laughs, “You’re so cute Y/N! You ate so much cake yesterday and you already want more? It’s okay. I’ll buy you more after school okay?” He says and then lightly pinches your cheeks.

He pulls you into class and everyone is still staring. They probably heard what happened outside.

The classes went by like every other class. Boring and tiring. Lunch was the only highlight. Jungkook was really funny, the boyfriend vibe from him was strong. You kept feeling that bubbly feeling.

“Jungkook I have a question.”

“Ask away.”

“When I talk to you I get this bubbly feeling. Why?”

“Ohhh you like me!” He pretends to be shy by covering his face and shyly slapping your arm. “Haha. I’m kidding. You’re just excited to have an amazing boyfriend such as myself.” He says that as he keeps eating. But you keep looking at him

'Do I like him?’ You think that to yourself before eating.

The rest of the school day is boring. But it was exciting because Jungkook said he would be buying you cake again.

You go to a new cafe that opened today and it was flooded. All the seats were filled and people were pushing back and forth. Jungkook grabs your hand and pulls you by his side so you wouldn’t get carried away.

“How about we come here next time Y/N, there’s too many people here.” Jungkook pulls you outside because you were stuck between two big guys.

When you step out, Yoona and her boyfriend was just about to go in. Her boyfriend does a once over at you and again, that nod.

Yoona smiles at the two of you and then walks into the store. Jungkook looked angry and this time you could feel it cause he was still holding your hand.

“Jungkook, don’t be upset. I’m here. We just need to do something that make her jealous. We need a plan.” You try to reassure him.

A few seconds later, Yoona and her boyfriend come out too.

“Haha I see why you guys came out with nothing. There’s way too many people in there.” Yoona looks at Jungkook’s hand that’s holding onto yours. “You guys have only been dating for two days and you’re already so in love.” Her voice seemed happy for you but the face she made while she said that wasn’t.

“Let’s go on a double date.” This time her boyfriend says that.

In the end you go along. The restaurant is a Chinese restaurant and it seemed like Yoona and Jungkook had come here alot cause the waiter recognized them but didn’t say anything when he noticed that they weren’t with each other this time.

“I’m going to go to the restroom to wash my hands” You say as you get up.

“Oh! Me too. I’ll go with you Y/N.” Yoona walks next to you and you two go to the restroom together.

After flinging the water off your hands Yoona asks you, “Is Jungkook doing this to make me jealous?”

“What? No.” You say that a little too fast for it to be believable.

“It’s okay Y/N, I knew as soon as I saw you two together. Your not Jungkook’s type.” She says it so innocently.

And that’s when you said something you’ve never said before. “No. I’ve fallen for Jungkook.”

Her eyes widen and dampen. “Really? But does Jungkook feel the same way? What if I went back to him. Who do you think be would choose?” She says that and walks out, leaving you standing there with your mouth open.

When you go back to the table, the food is all there and Jungkook is already diving in. Yoona is being fed by her boyfriend and you awkwardly sit next to Jungkook.

There wasn’t much to talk about during this double date. You could feel her boyfriend’s eyes crawling all over you.

“Jungkook I think I have to go.” You felt too uncomfortable with being checked out every 5 seconds and Yoona’s words kept repeating in your head.

“What’s wrong Y/N? You don’t like the food? Do you want cake?” He grabs your arm and looks at you with concerned eyes.

“No. I just don’t feel well.” You pull your arm away and walk towards the door.

You breathe the fresh air and sigh.
'Do I seriously like Jungkook?’

Jungkook comes up from behind and loops his arm in yours.

“Let’s go get cake. That’s why you’re not happy right? You’re such a cake monster.” He taps your nose and pulls you along.

“Jungkook, I th-,” You think about whether you should tell him or not. “Nevermind.”

“Let’s go to this one. Their chocolate cakes are delicious.” He points to a little shop.

You decide to have it to go so you can just go home.

“I’ll walk you home. Actually, we can just do homework again.”

You just nod and keep walking. Your mom isn’t home so she probably went out grocery shopping. You walk to your room and set everything down.

The cake definitely put you in a better mood and that’s when you decide to tell him your feelings.

“Jungkook. I have something to tell you.” He half pays attention to you

“To be honest, I think I like-” His phone suddenly buzzes and he looks down to read the text.

“Jungkook I like-” You’re interrupted again.

“I have to go. Yoona says her boyfriend broke up with her.” He runs out your room.

“Wait Jungkook!” You shout as he runs out but he was already gone.

“I like you, you idiot…” Tears roll down your cheeks and say painfully say that.

'Yoona was right. I should never have agreed to this stupid thing’

You don’t eat dinner that night and you just lie in bed until you fall asleep.

'Was it really this painful liking someone?’

Sorry it took me so long to write part 2. But I hope you guys enjoy it! I’ll try to get part 3 out very soon. Feel free to message me or ask me anything!