they all look so awesome in uniforms

you know what? i think i’ve figured out why i’m so unironically fond of Ferengi Fashion. after staring at those monotonous Starfleet uniforms all through TOS and TNG and Voyager and Enterprise, by the time i finally got to DS9 i was like “cOLOR! TEXTURE! TAILORING!!!!!” also Quark’s suits are fucking awesome and i looked forward to seeing what he was wearing in each episode


I’ve waited so long for this moment.

Look at this fierce woman all grown up. I LOVE HER. But I’m definitely considering on polishing this up and making a companion piece with Rainbow Mika. My sister and I use to play so much Street Fighter Alpha 3 back in the day. It’s so awesome to see old favorites making a return. 

If Sakura gets confirmed and she’s STILL wearing that blasted school girl uniform, Karin better have the unique greeting, “Sakura… Honey, no…”

ANYWAY. Quick indulgement, back to MGSV~ <3

5.24 - The Next Phase

This is another selection from the library of “TNG episodes that I remember from my early childhood.”

So the Romulans are in trouble AGAIN (for an evil empire, their ships break down, like, all the time) and because the Federation is so frickin’ virtuous they offer to help. Ensign Ro’s on the away team.

I’m feeling kinda stupid that I wasted my HEADBAND reference on my last post. Who am I kidding? I can use it again: HEADBAND.

Like, Michelle Forbes is awesome enough that she’d kind of be from another race even if she didn’t have that Bajoran nose. I mean, look at the arch on those brows! Anyway I think she’s the best. Also, I now notice that every officer who’s worn a headband has matched it to the uniform. Part of Starfleet regs?

So, dead Romulan:

Another Romulan killed by small face burns.

The Romulans are experimenting with some shifty ass technology, and when Ro and Geordi try and beam back to the Enterprise, there’s an accident and the transporter “loses them.” Chief O’Brien is nowhere to be found, and it’s this officer at the control panel.

Secretary of Teleportation Chic

Like… that’s Hillary, right? Wait a second.

Hmm… not quite right…

There it is.

Anyway. This was mostly so I could play around in Photoshop.

There are a lot of non-senior officer hairdo drive-bys in this episode. Like this lady:

If you look closely, I think her bumpit is eating her braid.

Also, girl, that is a SASSY lip color for that uniform. I suppose it could be the color balance or whatever. But the bridge has all sorts of sassy things going on.


That’s the kind of sideburn that make Dracula be like “Oh, god, what did you do?” Also, why does this guy get a zipper-in-the-back uni?

So everyone thinks that Ro and Geordi are dead, but in fact, they’ve been cloaked and phased, which means that nobody can see them and they can pass through walls and objects (though not through the floor? I don’t super understand how the faux science holds up, but you know, that’s just another day at the races). 

Bajorans are terrible at high-five.

Ro arrives in Sickbay in time to see the captain tell Bev to make out the the death certificates.

The only thing holding my wild mane back is this barrette, Jean-Luc.

Actually for some reason I got obsessed with these barrettes and photoshop was open and then this happened:

Her hair may be tied back, but she’s barreling ahead at Warp 9! Coming Fall 1993 on UPN!

Why they never did an ER in Space I don’t *quite* know, but I’m handing this franchise to you on a platter, guys. I’ll take an Associate Producer credit, thanks.

I like this grab of the captain walking through Ro (which is the first time she passes through anything) because it makes Ro look like she has a mustache. 

If you need me, I’ll be blasting Alanis Morissette’s “Right Through You” as loud as my JVC boombox will allow.

My favorite part of this picture is that you can see the very top of Picard’s pate over Ro’s head.

In their attempt to try to figure out WTF is going on, Geordi and Ro go back to the Rommie ship and discover the cloaky/phasey thingy, but THIS DUDE is being sketch as hell.

Somebody went a little hard on the cheek contouring…

I also love Ro’s “What you talkin’ bout, Willis?” expression in the background.

So it turns out this Romulan was also cloaked and phased, which is too bad because while they were on the ship, G & R uncovered an secret attempt by the Romulans to blow up the Enterprise! Even after all that good will! What punks! While team GeoRo try to figure out a way to warn the Enterprise, this guy follows them back to their ship.

Her expression is 80% “Oh shit” and 20% “I’m gonna kil’ you.”

And then we get what we’ve all been waiting for: a chase scene through the walls of the enterprise. The first room we run through is this woman’s room:

The girl who is that towel-wrap is absolutely rocking some School Picture Day from 1989 bangs, which, great work.

Also, is that a REGULAR TERRYCLOTH TOWEL ON THAT CHAIR? This is sort of breaking my understanding of 24th Century drying technologies. Can someone make sense of this for me?

The next room is even better.

PUSH IT. By Garbage. Which also was blasted on that JVC boombox.

I mean, if I could pull off a green tank exercise onesie I absolutely would. Especially if it made my ass look like


I’m a little sad that the screengrab didn’t include the split-second presence of Ro’s foot going through this guy’s head, but not THAT sad because I wasn’t about to go screengrab it myself.

It was almost as if they knew, lo those twenty-three years ago, that someday someone would be detailing each and every outfit, because the next scene is even better.


There was too much going on in this shot so I had to break it down visually.

Man wouldn’t it be the worst if they got interrupted?

Even the ghost of Ro Laren cannot make them break their gaze.

Actually, as long as I have Photoshop open…

We have fun.

Ro and the Romulan fight, like, in this room, and then Geordi comes to help her, and he kicks the Romulan into the wall, but since he’s whatevered, the Romulan just like SAILS INTO SPACE! It’s kind of a badass moment but still also begs the question HOW DOES THIS SCIENCE EVEN WORK.

The b-plot sort of in this ep is that Data has taken it upon himself to organize Geordi’s funeral since they’re friends (and there is some real tear-jerker “Android trying to make sense of death” scenes here) and he settles on throwing a party in Ten-Forward.

It’s Data the Robot and his Color Blocking Band!

I mean, what else is there to say, except that this Tuba player is, like, EARNING his day rate.

The other fashions we glimpse are the butt of this waiter number we’ve seen before.

The problem with these hi-res screengrabs is that now we can see the extra’s panty-lines. On the other hand, I can see that this is now a kind of space-houndstooth he’s rocking? If that’s a thing.

I know what you’re thinking: I got the pattern from Soothing Doctor’s Waiting Room Patterns Monthly.

What’s with the dracula hair in this ep? I’d say he looks like he’s about to go in for some feeding except it seems like maybe he hasn’t put his lips on a woman’s neck in a few millenia. I’m a little sad we didn’t get to see this lady’s face, though, because she is rocking some Kitty Forman (from That 70s Show) hairdo realness.

Meanwhile Ro and Geordi are trying to walk around a bunch in Ten Forward so that science will do a thing to help them, and Ro has this Romulan’s blaster, which helps the science and it also gives her an opportunity to do this:


Anyway, it works and they are back and they join the party and for some reason are left with the cleanup? Not really, but we see this shot:

Either that’s a cocktail shaker (though what is it doing way over here?) or a really futuristic baby bottle. Also behind it, the narrowest decanter.

At the very end, GeoRo have a nice heart-to-heart while Geordi is stuffing his face and throws in a “We haven’t eaten for two days” which, duh, but also, that’s where you’re going to get quibbly about cloakphase? I love this show so much. BYEEEEE.

So I just watch the DBSJ Army MV and this is exactly why I desperately need Super Junior to comeback with an Army concept! I am freaking out watching the MV, of course, I’d like SJ’s comeback mv to be better quality but like do you hear the hardcore beat and see them dancing in uniform? That’s what I want. I want something like Don’t Don all over again. That would be an epic comeback. Also the song in this mv is really good and catchy too. When the first beat dropped I was like yes bshes this is gonna be awesome! And it was!!

Did anyone else cry when Sungmin came in front and started singing? I teared up. I miss him so much. And when Shindong got center I was yesss that’s my man get it Shinnie! I’m so glad they gave him focus!! Hyukkie looks gorgeous as ever and his little army march came off sexy compared to the others. LOL Honestly..the way this boy walks, you just can’t unsee it. So sexy~ XD

I think what I’m freaking out the most over is that DBSK and Super Junior are in the same MV. I feel so giddy watching Yunho, Sungmin, Shindong, and Eunhyuk dance together in front of and behind each other. It brings back such precious memories and oh my gosh I can watch it all day long. I love it!!