they all have their little side parts in the film

Having now seen “Phoenix Forgotten” again, fully sober this time, I can definitely say that it’s a great film.

It’s more of a mystery-thriller with horror themes than a horror movie, but it’s very well written, with really tense pacing. It gives you the feeling of picking up a cold trail in old mystery, and in the process, discovering something you shouldn’t have. It draws you into it. Also, the really good acting and really good writing came together to make for characters you actually care about, people that feel like real people.

Part of the secret to it’s success is that it does something a lot of found footage horror films forget to do: includes small details and subplots with no importance to the main plot in order to make it feel real. It includes little side conversations and small talk, characters share opinions on things, they talk like people actually talk. The movie also includes all these little extra flourishes that help add depth (the nerdy kid who loves aliens had an “X-Files” VHS, when the teenagers get beer illegally it’s a really cheap and shitty beer, etc.) The whole thing is made to feel like it’s real, and that helps you feel a deeper sense of investment in the already-great characters and in the story.

My only complaints are little things: there’s one minor but noticeable plot hole, and they draw on a few cliches they c/should have gone without, and there was more they could have done with it. But I really, really want y'all to go see it: not only will you enjoy it, but it’s a pretty small film, and this is the kind of filmmaking that deserves to be rewarded.


theyoungcritic  asked:

You should really watch the Double Toasted "Doctor Strange" Interview with C. Robert Cargill, he was the writer for the film. It's towards the end when they bring up the casting of the Ancient One. Cargill actually explains the reasoning behind the casting in a way that I think you should really hear. Trust me, I'm all for equality (Adopted Ethiopian girl, here), especially in film, but at some point you have to REALLY understand the issue. I believe his insight on the matter is what you need.

Side note, I think your blog should be a little more positive. I mean, compared to DC, Marvel’s killing it with diversity, in all forms. Basically, your blog should acknowledge the amount of diversity we already have and yearn for more, rather than just bitch about it. If you have a problem with POC in superhero films, it should be with DC tbh.

i mean. like. really?

here’s the relevant part.

suicide squad was banned from china and made fucking buckets of money. could’ve cast dichen lachman, a talented actress already part of the marvel family. but here’s the real issue. if the story as a whole is just such a landmine because it was written at a time where shit like this didn’t matter as much in the public consciousness, maybe don’t make it. just a thought. i do really understand the issue. i’m an asian american. from asia. born in asia. i was adopted and i live in america. i understand the asian outsider perspective. i do have insight into the matter. i have heard all the excuses before. it was bullshit laziness then and it’s bullshit laziness now.

you want positivity? there are tons of positive or at least neutral blogs out there for your perusal. you don’t want to consume criticism, you don’t have to. i do recognize the amount of diversity. that’s why i try to reblog fan edits and art and meta about the characters of color. and it’s funny, DC says the same about marvel. this isn’t a zero sum game. both companies can really up their rosters. this just so happens to be a blog about marvel. you are free to make a blog about DC’s whiteness. don’t let anybody stop you.

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Beauty And The Beast 2017 

➥ Lets Join Now and Enjoy >

I was really looking forward to this film. Not only has Disney recently made excellent live-action versions of their animated masterpieces (Jungle Book, Cinderella), but the cast alone (Emma Watson, Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline) already seemed to make this one a sure hit. Well, not so much as it turns out.

Some of the animation is fantastic, but because characters like Cogsworth (the clock), Lumière (the candelabra) and Chip (the little tea cup) now look “realistic”, they lose a lot of their animated predecessors’ charm and actually even look kind of creepy at times. And ironically - unlike in the animated original - in this new realistic version they only have very limited facial expressions (which is a creative decision I can’t for the life of me understand).

Even when it works: there can be too much of a good thing. The film is overstuffed with lush production design and cgi (which is often weirdly artificial looking though) but sadly lacking in charm and genuine emotion. If this were a music album, I’d say it is “over-produced” and in need of more soul and swing. The great voice talent in some cases actually seems wasted, because it drowns in a sea of visual effects that numbs all senses. The most crucial thing that didn’t work for me, though, is the Beast. He just never looks convincing. The eyes somehow don’t look like real eyes and they’re always slightly off.

On the positive side, I really liked Gaston, and the actor who played him, Luke Evans, actually gave the perhaps most energized performance of all. Kevin Kline as Belle’s father has little to do but to look fatherly and old, but he makes the most of his part. Speaking of Belle, now that I’ve seen the film, I think her role was miscast. I think someone like Rachel McAdams would actually have been a more natural, lively and perhaps a bit more feisty Belle than Emma Watson.

If you love the original, you might want to give this one a pass, it’s really not that good (although at least the songs were OK). Also, I’d think twice before bringing small children; without cute animated faces, all those “realistic” looking creatures and devices can be rather frightening for a child.

Writing Creepy: Perverting the Normal

Take dolls for example. If you go to a store and see a doll, you probably won’t look at it and consider it scary, right? But put the doll in a horror movie with a knife in its head (physical) or give it a criminal conscious (story), then it becomes a little more disturbing, and if done well, you might feel uncomfortable whenever you see a doll.

Sometimes, making something normal creepy is more powerful than creating something foreign and outlandish.

After I read The Hunger Games trilogy, I couldn’t look at roses the same way for months. Every time I saw a rose it reminded me of President Snow, him poisoning people, killing children, and his constant, omniscient presence in Panem. He, and by extension his roses, became creepy.

But perhaps more unnerving were the genetically engineered, human-animal hybrids. In the first novel, the Capitol mixes dogs with the DNA of dead tributes. They unleash the creatures on Katniss in the arena.

Here is some concept art from the movie. As you can see, the mutts were toned down a lot in the final product.

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Making Friends With Pyro

For SillyScrunchy.

Sorry it’s at the eleventh hour. The holiday season was… eventful.

Request: Pyro thinks that a merc (preferably Spy) is just so cool, but the merc just thinks that Pyro is super weird and turns away their advances for friendship, placating gifts, etc.

I. A Happy Little Light

It all began with the lighter. It was an odd basis for friendship, or at least it would have been for anyone other than Pyro. Just like Engineer had his machines and Medic had experiments that painted him redder than any of their uniforms, Pyro had an obsession with fire. The light, the heat, the movement, Pyro could mumble about them for hours. In his own way, he was a scholar.

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Marauder Film? No, but thank you.

Am I the only one mildly irritated by the new project for a Marauders film?  

I’ve noticed, and I’d like to be proved wrong, that the cast and writers are all American. Does anyone have a deep understanding of British culture? 

 To take one character: I, like Sirius, am a Londoner. It’s a unique city and unless you’ve lived here you’re not going to understand Londoner, let alone British, attitudes. What’s more, you’re not only taking a country you probably have little understanding on, but are trying to recreate a very specific period of time. Imagine where you live, and then people tried to create a serious movie based on stereotypes they have watched in films or read in books. I’m sure you’d be a little offended. Sure, it’ll probably be based in Hogwarts, but you don’t suddenly lose your identity by changing locations. The film deals with identity, and identity is built on context and culture. Therefore, I foresee potential issues. I can usually tell when someone’s fanfiction is British or American because it’s all in the little details (and the spelling).

You can argue that the Wizarding World is different, but the marauders are a part of British culture and live alongside it. You also have halfbloods and muggleborns. It’d be quite silly to say that there is no overlap or heavy influences.

Therefore, I do not know whether I like the idea of this film. I think it’s a sweet thought, but potentially problematic. The tea turns cold. 

Side note: A Very Potter Musical and Potter Pals are parodies done by Americans and with their own distinct charm. They didn’t even try to take themselves seriously or portray anything truly accurately. 

Fun fact – I scribbled this on my Italian film/politics essay. Funny enough, the essay is on the importance of history and memory – changing perception and accurate representation.

Does this bother any other Brits or am I alone here? 

Five Reasons Staying with Dan and Phil Beats Staying at a Hotel

Title: Five Reasons Staying with Dan and Phil Beats Staying at a Hotel
Rated: PG
Summary: This one… pretty much does what it says on the tin. 

1. No check in process.

“Here, let me,” Dan says, grabbing the bags and immediately hauling them upstairs to where they’ve set up the guest bedroom.

“We’ve opted for a takeaway.” It’s about dinner time for them and certainly for a guest who has been caught in travel limbo hell for going on most of a day now. “If you want to grab a shower and get changed I think you have time.”

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Submit: Another Rant

Hello Ballsy,  

I appreciate that you mightn’t want to post this. I just have to vent about some aspects of this “pregnancy” that is really upsetting me. 

I couldn’t care less for the fake romance – I don’t care if they are true love forever more or fake. They’re adults, they can do what they like. But the pregnancy thing is really getting distressing. The bump comes and goes. No one seems to know when Ms Sophie is due. PR wants us to accept it is authentic but presents us with a different story every time we see her. The father seems oblivious. He walks her into a bin, refers to her as “pregnant lady” (won’t even use her name, just her valuable condition) so he can move easily through a line of photographers. Until yesterday he wouldn’t even look at her. Why are women actually applauding this as some kind of adorable romance? If you saw pictures of your friends in a similar situation you would (I hope) be enraged. 

Perhaps it’s just as well they don’t seem to exist anywhere off the red carpet. No one sees them together anywhere. Why? They’re a couple, for Christ’s sake. They are promoted as a couple. Is she kept in a basement with no food? Why are they only a couple at pre-arranged stunts where a camera is guaranteed? 

I’d be happy to watch and point from the sidelines if it were just a fake romance and both participants were in any way happy. But it’s getting worse. This alleged relationship, complete with a baby, is an exercise in misogyny, an unknown woman hauled out to either be adored because she caught a big time male celebrity, or loathed because she is the face of a campaign running on trickery. 

When I saw the first BAFTA shots my first thought was, why isn’t she putting on weight? Why is she getting more slender? Her shoulders, her back, her arms – all sinew and bones. She should be thicker, softer. Is someone looking after her? Is she seeing a doctor? A dietician? And I am tired of all that crap about every woman being different blah blah blah. This isn’t an analysis of how perfumes smell different on different women, this is a unchallenged fact about a biological condition. Pregnant women put on weight. A pregnant woman who gets to six months and is actually losing weight is in trouble. I have no warmth for her but I am genuinely concerned that if she is really pregnant, she’s just being hauled out as a prop with no concern for her welfare. Is anyone actually looking out for her? Does she have someone actually supporting her during this pregnancy? 

Then we got a glimpse of Ms Sophie’s popped bellybutton. Bellybuttons on a pregnant belly pop around 6 – 6 and a half months. You can look that up. They don’t pop at three or four months.  So if she is really pregnant, this noticeably underweight woman is due pretty soon. It’s sad that neither parent seems to be anticipating that with any kind of visible cheer or even concern; you can only hope there is a warm and loving welcome for that little one who hasn’t opted to be part of a Oscar campaign or a long term financial maintenance program.  And too bad if you want reassurance that mother and baby are okay – she never talks. He won’t answer any questions because apparently it’s all private. You can ask about the film he’s selling or how talented he is but don’t cross the line to check on someone’s welfare – that’s private. 

Then you have the other side of this grizzly spectacle: the thing is, if she isn’t pregnant, and she’s going get out of this with a faked sad loss, well, we are in stillbirth territory. That is, based on what she’s showing us – that her bellybutton has popped so she’s six months (or more) along – if she ceases to be pregnant, she’s classified as having had a stillbirth. PR, if you are auditing these sites for a checklist to continue this hideous charade, you might want to know that such a death will have to be registered. In terms of record keeping, a stillbirth in the UK is treated the same as a live birth. She has 42 days from the birth to register the infant. 

I’m going to repeat that. If she’s fake pregnant, then she’s going to have fake a dead baby. I mean, what the fuck? What is this ugliness? Have we got to the stage where faking one of the most miserable events possible is a means to an end? 

I don’t believe their romance is genuine, and I’m having a hard time believing she’s pregnant. The alternative though is just so tawdry. I don’t know what is more depressing  - the studied disinterest from both parents for a live baby, or the intention of one or both to fake a dead baby. This preposterous stunt was funny at first, then ridiculous, and now it’s just hateful.