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The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader Pt 8

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Title: The Wife Of A Future Mafia Leader.

Genre” Mafia, angst, suspense.

Member: Jongup.

Word Count: 3500.

Description: What happens once Mr Moon is dead? The attack of revenge of course.

“Y/N, though you may feel you are in debt. and can’t be friends with my family, please never hesitate to come to me when you need me. Because I will always have the power and the will to help you with whatever you need. And I’m afraid one day I’m going to have to ask you to do the same for my son, you may not remember me telling you this, but already it is obvious my son Jongup, will never be good at communicating with others, Y/N”

You couldn’t remember your first meeting with Mr Moon’s son, the one where you were sitting so shyly in the shelter of your parent’s arms, only to rant and rave to Jongup about all of your favourite toys. Because you were never well off in the social department. You were never a strange child, one that other children feared, for some reason you were just someone they all ignored. And though you wished to change that, there was your growing shyness keeping a tight grip on you and stopping you from doing so.

Maybe that’s why you remembered, maybe that was why the only thing you could think about right now was Mr Moon, everything he had ever said to you and Jongup, at home, doing who knows what to help himself deal with this pain of losing someone you love.

There was one hand on your collar bones, the small pendant providing comfort under your fingers, your phone was in the other hand as you watched Jaeho’s back. The way he was rushing in his steps earlier all seemed to be reasonless, he was casually strolling now, walking down the street with the same pace as the people doing their window shopping.

Your phone vibrated in your hand and you quickly answered, putting it your ear just a few meters behind Jaeho.

“Yo” You answered and Daehyun’s serious voice answered you.

“There’s another corner not too far from you, I have a feeling he’s gonna go right there, keep following him and just tell me where he is going. I can’t let him see the car”

“Oh ok that’s cool” You answered, you were just in hearing range of Jaeho. You kept the phone to your ear, and just as Daehyun predicted, Jaeho made a right, you didn’t know how Daehyun knew he was gonna do that, but he did and as you slowed down in order to not make your stalking obvious.

“Ok, how far away are you?” You asked, Jaeho briefly glanced back at you as you turned your corner, continuing to walk towards the crossing as he continued on the way he was going.

“We’ll stay just around the corner; tell me each time you make a turn” Daehyun commanded.

“Ok, I’ll do that” You responded and quickly crossed the road. You didn’t have to talk to Daehyun when you were on the other side of the street, out of Jaeho’s sight as you followed the direction he was walking in.

The office was big, you didn’t know what Mr Moon wanted to talk about for your father to have brought you here, but it must have been important if you weren’t meeting at a restaurant or answering the front door of your house to greet him.

“Mr Moon!” You exclaimed, at the tender age of seven, you ran into the office, ignoring the scolding voice of your father and missing the confused eyes of Mr Moon’s assistant.

“Y/N is that your sweet voice I hear?” He responded, spinning in his chair and standing, he put a phone down and you quickly rushed to hug the older man.

“So it was you, where is your father Y/N?” Mr Moon chuckled, picking your small figure up in his arms and pinching your cheek.

“I’m right here, I’m so sorry Lee Jong, she hasn’t been listening to me ever since I told her where we were going” You father immediately bowed in apology as he rushed in after you.

“We both know that’s no problem, now is it Y/N? Come on over and have a seat, I have something to tell you”

“Take another right” You spoke up, coming back to your senses and following Jaeho around the corner by crossing the road again, Daehyun hummed and you could hear Zelo cursing at the cords and wires surrounding him in the back seat. You didn’t know this area, and Jaeho kept his leisurely pace, you looked for any street signs to help you tell Daehyun where you were. There was another corner and your mind became blank as you walked through the seriously unknown area.

It was starting to look dangerous, like the men with their senses drowned in alcohol and minds spinning with the effects of drugs would start lurking around, looking for trouble and victims. You were tense and it was obvious to the people around you if they were to look at you.

“Keep going up” You commanded and you could still hear Zelo trying to organise himself as the motor of the car travelled through the phone and behind you. You looked behind you, they were slowly travelling down the black behind you, parking and waiting for your next instructions. Jaeho seemed to be picking up his pace again now, he looked around him, not checking behind him as he took up a light jog towards a fancy looking building. It was the fanciest among the other average looking buildings, as he approached the steps to the building he looked around again, eyes sweeping over you who still had your phone to your ears and your eyes on the other side of the road, walking to the side of the road as if you were about to cross again.

“Come up to the next block and he’s gone into that really fancy building, hurry up and get here I feel like I’m gonna get jumped at any second now” You muttered into the phone. The was the rattling of a can being kicked along the ground, you had this curse/power where you practically predicted what was about to happen based on your feelings, hence the can being kicked against the ground wasn’t something you should ignore.

You looked in the direction of the sound, not too far from the big fancy building was a really tall person staring you down and you instantly pretended to have only seen the can, not him. He was almost as tall as Zelo and though he had a soft featured face, he looked scary and you weren’t about to get in a fight with him.

“I’m crossing the road some creep is staring me down and I am not dying tonight” You rushed, you crossed to the other side, hardly feeling safe as it only took a few seconds for the other man to do the same. He was walking towards you, you were beginning to shake, were you going to be able to shake someone that size off of you?

You heard the roar of an engine and looked behind you as you took a couple steps back.

“Daehyun, a bit of speed might be nice” You muttered and the car sped up in response. Daehyun could see you now, and he recognised who was approaching you. The car was moving too fast for it to be legal now and Zelo didn’t have to be told anything. There was a classic black beanie with the holes for eyes and a mouth in the back seat amongst the giant’s mess, and when he found it he pulled it over his head, throwing the cords off him and swinging the door open when Daehyun snarled at him.

“Get her Zelo we aren’t gonna die by Jongup’s hands tonight!” Daehyun ordered and Zelo was out of the car before it had come to a complete stop. He was close, you were stepping away as if you couldn’t see him but you were shaking. You screamed as someone grabbed you and you punched them several times until you were falling into the backseat of a car with them, feeling the cords dig into your skin and hearing the familiar growl of Daehyun’s angered voice as the door swung shut thanks to Zelo’s feet, your eyes widened as you looked at him over your shoulder, his panicked eyes meeting your own.

“Oh my god Zelo, I’m so sorry! Take that damn thing off” You ripped the beanie off him and Zelo groaned as he rubbed the places you had managed to hit him.

“Jesus Christ woman where did you learn to punch like that?!”

“I thought you were that freak trying to steal me and hide me in a rusty old shed for the rest of my life!” You exclaimed in return and Zelo groaned as you tried to sit up.

“I don’t think we’ll be getting out until a door is opened Y/N” You looked at the situation you were in and Zelo was right. You were both tangled in the cords because of the struggle you made and Zelo was just too tall.

“Damn, this is gonna hurt later” You sighed and Zelo muttered something you couldn’t understand.

“But do you really have to put your legs on me?” You asked after a beat of silence and Zelo glared at you as he lifted his head.

“I’m sorry little miss short but they have to go somewhere!” He snapped.

“I’m not short!” You yelled back and Daehyun sighed as he turned the radio up to tune out your bickering with Zelo.

“You’re not the only one with cords digging into you Y/N!” Zelo roared and Daehyun only turned the music up louder, causing the whole car to be engulfed with the ear splitting volume he had the music at.

“You’re lucky this is a good song Jung Daehyun!” You screeched but Daehyun couldn’t hear you as he bopped along to the music, turning a corner sharply and causing Zelo to squish you more.

“Jung Daehyun!”


“They should have Zelo spying on the building by now, they’ve been gone long enough” Youngjae muttered between his fingers pinching his bottom lip, it wasn’t hard for the brains to get into the files containing some of Jaeho’s deepest information. He scrolled through it lazily and Jongup pulled the sleeve of his jacket back to look at the gold watch resting on the comfort of his wrist bone. His brows pinched together when he realised just how much time has passed.

“We can’t finish our attack plan if we don’t have an insight of their building” Yongguk muttered he too was clamping his fingers down on different parts of his face to express his stress and the concentration he was putting into the plan for their great attack.

Jongup continued to pace, arm bent in front of him so he could watch the time pass as he stormed from one end of the room to the other. There was a knock on the door and the three of them looked up at the sound, Jongup swung the door open in his stomp towards the front of the room and Himchan greeted him with several barrels and bags containing tubes surrounding him.

“Should this be enough?” He asked, there was an arrogant grin barely being restrained from his lips and Jongup stared at the gunpowder surrounding him.

“Eh, should be” Jongup shrugged as the look on Himchan’s face flattened and they stared at each other for a few silent seconds.

“Bring it in” Jongup sighed, moving through Himchan to one of the barrels, it met his waist in height and Jongup remained silent as Himchan watched him move the barrel, rolling it through the door and into the weaponry room. He passed Yongguk who looked up at him with curious eyes when the door to the side room for the already large weaponry room was opened. Jongup turned the light on and Yongguk continued to watch him disappear through the door with the barrel before looking back down at all the paper scattered on the lit up table in front of him.


“How long are we going to sit here before anything is done?” The music was turned down again, but your ears were left ringing and you had never felt so stiff in your life.

“I’m pulling over now so you can get out, then we’ll circle the building and see if anyone is in there. That’s where you come in Zelo”

“Yes sir” Zelo did his best to salute Daehyun as the car came to a stop and you groaned as he began moving. You didn’t know how Zelo managed to use his foot to open the door, but he did and as you opened the door at your head your crawled out of the car arms first as Zelo rolled off of you and onto the gravel at his feet, sitting and rubbing the sore spots before getting up and stretching.

“We better never have to do anything like that again” You hissed, hands massaging the sore places, constantly moving to aid each part of your body.

“I can’t promise you anything, now get back in the car you two” Daehyun commanded and you stood up slowly and moved back to the front seat as fast as your pained body would allow you to. As the three of you sat in the car your body began to ease up and you soon stopped noticing the pain that was fading away.

Like Daehyun said, the car circled the building as Zelo stuffed everything neatly into a bag. You looked at the building each time you passed it, not sure how to feel as you laid your eyes upon it. It was the fifth time circling the area when Zelo spoke up.

“Let’s start looking for a way in” Daehyun pulled over immediately and you all got out, walking towards the building as Daehyun looked around, then nodded for the two of you to follow him down the side of the building. He took the two of you to the back door, testing the door handle and then looking at Zelo. He nodded and Zelo stepped forward, shoving two wires into the door there was some sort of box in his hand that once pressed down on a few times, caused the wires to unlock the door.

“What are we now? Some sort of mafia spies?” You hissed in a whisper and they both shrugged at you, not understanding how a device capable of unlocking any door was a big deal. The door was slowly pulled open, you couldn’t see any lights on from the inside so you doubted if anyone was really in the building, or if this was even the main building you were meant to be searching for.

But as Zelo pulled out a torch, the light met with a black flag, the white splash of paint and two female faces mirroring each other, a crown and the word history in capital letter scrawled across a line of red paint seemed to prove Daehyun right as they grinned at each other.

“We’ve got it” Zelo chuckled and you stared at the two of them.

“You. Take her with you” Daehyun pointed at Zelo then to you, pulling his finger towards Zelo as if it were some sort of rope that would pull you towards him.

“I’ll wait here and give you the signal if anyone shows up. You two are on your own if someone comes, got it?” The two of you nodded, Zelo nodded in understanding whilst you nodded in a stupor, baffled that you were being given some sort of big job on a such an important mission.

“You’re here for a reason, aren’t you Y/N” Daehyun grinned and you nodded as you met eyes with him.

“Don’t let that fear cloud your reason” Daehyun kept his smile and you nodded, turning to follow Zelo’s retreating footsteps.

“I already set one up at the back door while you were having your moment of skittishness, we need one at every angle of the area so no mistakes can be made” Zelo whispered and you nodded, reaching out to hold the fabric of his jacket as he shone the torch around the area.

“Hold this” He shoved the torch at you and you shone it on him before following where his hands were going to work under a bowl of fruit.

“Isn’t that to typical?” You asked under you breath and Zelo shook his head.

“Everyone tends to avoid the typical. So they won’t even see this little guy nestled in here” He waved the small go pro in his hand and you watched as he set it up.

“We have one camera coming in” Youngjae notified and with heavy breaths Jongup rushed out of the side room to look over his shoulder at the computer.

“Don’t make to much noise, we don’t know if they’re in here” Zelo demanded and you rose an eyebrow at him.

“So this is a suicide mission?” You snapped lowly.

“Basically” Zelo shrugged before using one of the office chairs to plant a camera behind the bar holding the curtains up.

“There’s our second” Youngjae pointed as another box popped up on screen. The two of you could be seen putting the chair back and scurrying to another part of the room, setting up a camera and creating a third box on the screen of Youngjae’s laptop.

“They’re getting there” Yongguk muttered, grateful nothing had gone wrong so far.The two of you left the room and only seconds later there was the view of Zelo’s nose too close to the camera. The four watching cringed as he breathed out and the screen became fogged up.

“We need to keep moving quickly” He pulled away blinking as he adjusts the camera and rushed to another section of the hall, shoving one of the cameras in a pot plant as you lit the way for him.

“Bring it over to the computers” Jongup demanded and everyone followed him as Youngjae rushed to connect the laptop to the widescreen computers. More boxes popped up as the two of you made your way through the building, reaching the second floor at a high speed.

“Zelo, if you have these camera’s what the hell were the cords for?” You asked and Zelo turned to grin down at you.

“You’re just gonna have to wait and see about that” You rose an eyebrow at him and he stepped away from the camera, shoving your shoulder to keep you moving. You followed him with rushed steps as you got to the last room in the building, the most important one of all. Zelo opened the door and the light from the torch shone on the objects of Jaeho’s office as you trailed it around the room.

“Let’s be quick so we can get out of here” Zelo muttered and you nodded, quickly opening the door wider as the two of you stepped into the room. Jaeho’s office was the place with the most hiding spots and the most cameras. You shoved things at Zelo and shone the torches in areas for him to put the cameras. There was a sudden, high pitched flow of melody and Zelo looked at you with wide eyes.

“What the hell is that? Who the hell would be singing at this time of the night?” You asked and Zelo shook his head.

“That’s Daehyun’s signal”

With his hood covering his face, Daehyun brought his fingers to his ear. His mouth fell open as he hit the high note, causing two sets of eyes to fall on his figure leaning against the car, parked rather closely to the back door of their building. When he was done, he got in the car and drove off before the two could say anything about what they just witnessed.

“You think that’s something we should be worried about?” The tall silhouette looked down at Jaeho and he scoffed, shaking his head as he chuckled.

“No one’s brave enough to challenge us, of course we don’t have to worry about freaks like that”

“Zelo what the hell are we meant to do?” You panicked as Zelo rushed you out of the office and towards the stairs.

“It’s important we get as close as we can to one of the exits, we’ll hide somewhere downstairs and leave through the back door just like we came in, if we can” With his hands on your shoulders he forced the two of you down the stairs and onto the main floor as you both looked around.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me” Jongup growled, pinching the bridge of his nose as he watched through the cameras.

“Why do the two specialising in the jobs on the site have to be total fucking idiots?” Jongup snapped as Yongguk shrugged.

“Hey, you asked for them”

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Oikage Week - Day 1

Words: 1878
Rating: G
Notes: I tried p hard to make this as canon as possible so i guess this could be considered pre-relationship? Hmm idk, but enjoy ~

Kageyama felt silly standing in front of Aoba Johsai with flowers in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other. He was pretty sure the graduation ceremony was almost over with and he hasn’t even crossed the gates entering the school. 

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Day 7: Cover me - Comfort/fluff

It was finally over. They were finally able to have the peace and the quiet that they craved. They found a place in the warm weather because it was better for Jack’s joints. It was a small beach house but they didn’t need much space. Gabriel no longer shifted into wraith form, his anger and anxiety gone. Being at peace allowed him to remain the same Gabriel Jack had known all those years before.

Not that it would have matter as Jack was now fully blind, and needed help doing even the most basic of tasks like shaving. But it didn’t bother him because it was Gabriel who did those things. It was his life partner, the man he had fought for, with, and against. The man who knew him inside and out.

They comforted each other through nightmares, flashbacks. It wasn’t perfect, but it was theirs. Sombra would peek in on them from time to time because Gabriel had helped her complete her objectives, which meant she owed him a favour. And he had already told her what he wanted: when Jack left this world, she would hack and disable his nanites and let him join him.

People visited from time to time, still not used to the idea that Soldier:76 and Reaper were living a domestic and idle life. Swimming in the ocean helped relieve stiff joints and their nights were spent wrapped around each other, happy for the first time in years.

The night was clear and the breeze soft as it blew through the small house with all it’s windows open. They talked, late into the night until Jack couldn’t keep his eyes open. As he said every night, just in case, he croaked out the words “Don’t be too far behind me. We have the gates of heaven to storm. I love you Gabriel Reyes.”

Gabriel’s reply was soft in his ear. “I won’t be long behind you mi luna. Yo quiero Jackson Reyes.

That morning Jack didn’t wake up. His flesh was cool, lips pale. Gabriel glanced down and knew immediately. He reached for his communicator and connected to Sombra. “It’s time.”

It didn’t take her long to get there and once she was, she held up her glove hand that dealt with all her hacking. “Are you sure about this Papá?”

He nodded. “That fool is going to storm the gates of heaven and never learned to guard his left. Because that’s where I should be. Tell everyone we love them.”

She brought her hand down and hugged Gabriel who hugged her back. “And when you find that ingrate we called our son….. Tell him we’re proud of him. And of you.” he said, and she clung to him for a moment longer before stepping back and holding her hand up again. She was trying to hold her tears back because damn it she was a tough woman, she didn’t have tear ducts, but they fell anyway, silent and slow.

“I’m going to try and make this as painless as possible. I’m sorry if it hurts.” she said before her fingers started to move and Gabriel’s body started to glow purple and disintegrate. He held back his small noises of pain and soon was as gone as Jack was.

Jack sat at a bar, young, built and blonde. On his face was none of the aged, weathered damaged, just the scars that Gabriel had liked so much. Someone slid onto the stool on his left and he glanced over at the man. “Hey baby you’re a 9 and I’m the one you need.”

“You from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.” Gabriel replied just as rakishly handsome as he had always been, with just a little grey starting at the temples.

“We finally made it.”

“Now what?”

“The same thing we do every night Gabe. Take over the world.”

Gabriel was lost for moment before he burst out laughing. “Good god Jack that was an old reference.” Jack was laughing as well, leaning his head against the man’s shoulder.

“I thought you’d enjoy it.”

Dark As Night.[Kurt Wagner Drabbles].

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A/N: Thank you to @shimmer-cat for helping me with the German today! :)

Title: Dark As Night.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Female!Reader.
Words: 2528( Eight Total Drabbles)


“Is that the new girl?” Kurt asked, letting his eyes linger on you before looking at Scott, whom the question was directed at. Something uneasy rested in his chest as he waited for his friend to answer, but it seemed like Scott was really taking his time as he raised his head to look over. A slither of a smirk donned itself onto Scott’s face, but only briefly, as if amused that Kurt had taken a sudden interest in you from across the room.

“Oh, yeah. You two haven’t met yet?” Scott’s voice came out smooth and Kurt shook his head, “Her name is (Name). She’s pretty nice.”

“She is pretty.” He muttered.

Scott glanced over at Kurt with a coy smile on his face, “I said pretty nice.”

“Nice.” Kurt added on, obviously trying to cover his tracks. This made Scott laugh slightly, his shoulders raising in amusement as the blue mutant next to him finished his sentence, “She seems like she’s pretty nice.”

“I’d work on your flirting, before you go talk to her. Don’t want to scare her off.” Scott patted Kurt’s back in an assuring manner. Kurt pursed his mouth before baring his teeth at Scott, as if to say, ‘don’t tell me what to do’, as the brown haired boy walked away with an all to knowing grin.

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I’ve been putting this off long enough.

I’ve fiddled with this damn thing off and on for ages now, so I’m just gonna announce this little project now and have done with it.

As y’all know, there are a couple of Kemetic lists floating around. As far as I know, though, the only one that organizes everyone by the deities they work with is the one curated by Intaier. And yeah, it’s definitely great to be able to find people who work with deities you’re interested in, so that maybe you can learn more. But I know there are quite a few people (myself included) who are pretty…let’s say ‘uncomfortable’ with some of the things Intaier’s been saying lately, as well as the company they’ve been keeping. So, as an alternative, I present The Kemetic Directory.

It’s still pretty WIP-y; I just wanna help out the community and try to make it a better place in what small ways I can, so I’m opening the floor here for any input from you guys. Suggestions? Want to have your info added or changed? Hit me up, yo, I am all ears. But not literally. That would be weird.

Victuri One Shot - Celebration

Pairing: Victor x Yuri

Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice

Word Count: 2701

Note: Set after episode 5. Just a quick idea I discussed with a friend.

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nalu week day 2: gratitude

Just a really quick first meeting AU thing. Thank mslead for the inspiration ;)

With a critical last look into the big mirror, Lucy ridded herself of the remaining bit of clothing covering her body and stepped into the running shower.

The day couldn’t get much worse.

The only thing that was missing was an unfortunate step that would send her flying onto the slippery shower tiles, leaving her with a broken bone and no one around to hear her screams. When nothing of the sort happened, she was almost surprised.

Holding her face beneath the stream, Lucy let the sounds of gurgling water drown out everything around her. She didn’t know how long she stood like this, losing her sense of time as she focused of the sensation of hot water running down her tired body.

“ If I should staaaaay….”

Lucy snapped out of her little reverie when a loud voice hollered through the tiles. In disbelief, she turned her head to the wall, that stood as stubborn and solid as ever. But not thick enough to stop the sounds from the apartment next door from coming through, apparently. Now that she concentrated, she could make out water running on the other side aswell, mingling with her own shower.

This had to be… her neighbour?

His voice was deep, loud, emotional - and definitely out of tune.

And was he singing Whitney Houston?!

“I would only be in your waaaaay. So I’ll go, but I know - I’ll think of you every step of the waaaay.”

His voice even broke on the emotional parts. Lucy couldn’t help it - she started laughing. Alone, under her shower. The first time on that stupid, dreary day. 

The sound must have made it over to her unsuspecting entertainer, because suddenly he interrupted himself.

“Hello?” he called, confusion clear in his voice. When he was not singing, Lucy decided, she liked it even more. It was a little rough, even scratchy as he raised it.”

For a short moment, in which her heart gave a leap, Lucy considered remaining silent. But she had been missing some social interaction all day, and it was already bad, so she would take the risk of making it worse - or infinitely better.  

“Oh my god,” she called back, certain she would reach him, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Just– uh. Continue?”

For a moment it remained quiet, with only the sound of falling water keeping her company. But then, to her infinite relief, he spoke again.

“Aw, you gotta join in then!”


“You heard me! We gotta do it together or it won’t be fair!”

“Uhh.. I - I guess!” she called back, asking herself what the hell she was agreeing to, and what in all the worlds she was doing in the first place.

Having a casual conversation through her apartment wall. With a stranger.

Maybe she had been wrong.

Maybe her day could get better.

Sudden gratitude flooded her; gratitude for a faceless singer with a weakness for emotional love songs. Lucy smiled.

He apparently decided to take the first step, because now his voice came booming back at full force.

“Aaaaaannnddd IIII will alwaaayyyys….”

“…looooveeee…” she joined in, unable to stop a massive grin from working onto her face. She didn’t even care that she probably sounded even worse than him. She giggled at the thought that she was about to confess her “love” to a man she knew nothing about.

“y-” she began, but was suddenly cut short.

“Fooooooood!” he all but screamed, voice cracking at the highest tone.

Lucy lost it. 

She started laughing, accidentally swallowing some water, but unable to even care about her coughing. She laughed until her chest ached in the best of ways, resting a hand against the cool tiles to stabilize her shaking limbs. Only when she started to gasp for breath did her laughter slowly die down, reduced to small guffaws.

“Yo,” her mystery man called, “You okay?”

“Couldn’t be better!” she answered, and suddenly realized that she really meant it. He had sung the sadness and frustration out of her like it was nothing. Wiping some dripping strands of hair out of her face, she smiled. “Thankyou.”

Her tone must have changed considerably, because he remained silent for a bit. But not for long.

“Wanna come over?” he sounded a little unsure all of a sudden. “I made too much pasta and, uh, if you want… I’m a little bored right now.”

Lucy’s grin almost reached her ears. 

She couldn’t wait to find out what her dedicated shower performer with the deep voice looked like. Or, she thought with a little mischief, if he could cook.

Either way, her day would end infinitely better than it had started, she was sure. She felt the sudden overwhelming urge to thank him.

“Give me five minutes.”

3D printed Elsword things??

[Just curious: how many of you would 100% buy Elsword costume accessories (max size: length=10in, height=maybe 5in) from me if I 3D print them? (Yeeee I have a small 3D printer)
Likeee: Ciel’s earring, Lu’s crown(s), Add’s dynamos, MM’s Apocalypse (cat), Ara’s Eun headpiece…

Whether you guys are interested or not, it will be a 10000years before I print anything because all I know about 3D modeling is making a cube :’/// ]

lady chance

lady magique

lady chance
lady du cœur

Adrien is subdued the next day in school.

“Bro, you alright?” Marinette overhears Nino asking at their lockers.

“Huh? Oh, yeah… I’m fine, thanks.”

He doesn’t sound fine, though, and when their teacher calls on him in class, he actually fumbles for an answer.

It’s her fault, of course. She basically told him that she knows who he is. She’s crossed a line, and it tortures her. What is he going to say to her?

Nothing, apparently, more than a slightly subdued version of “My Lady!”

She can’t bear it. “It’s unfair, isn’t it?” she asks when they’ve purified the akuma of the week.

He shrugs, eying her beeping earrings. “You should go,” he says quietly. He hasn’t used Cataclysm today. His ring sits silently on his finger.

“You don’t care at all?” Marinette insists.

He smiles sadly at her. “Only as much as you want me to care, my Lady.”

She stands before him, indecisive, for a moment longer, staring wordlessly at his green, green eyes.

It’s at the last beep of her earrings that he says, more quietly, “I would be honored, my Lady, but the public…”

“R-right,” she sighs, and casts her yo-yo.

Marinette is a little flabbergasted at the small welcoming committee waiting for her at the bakery after school.

“Happy birthday!” Alya, Nino, and Adrien chorus. “I know we’re already having that party tomorrow, but I thought it would be nice to spend time together, just the four of us!” Alya continues.

“I, ah, alright,” Marinette agrees, and then in a flash of inspiration proposes, “We should watch Amélie.”

Alya grins at the boys. “Marinette is in love with the movie. Not even for a good reason! We watch it every year.”

“It is very sweet, and the good kind of strange,” Marinette protests. “I thought we’d watch it the day after tomorrow, but since you’re here now, why not?”

“I haven’t watched Amélie,” Adrien admits. “Don’t look at me like that, I never had time! What is it about?”

Marinette manages to smile at him, fondly. Tikki is not guarding her heart this time. “No spoilers.”