they all have a very similar voice type

End of the Day - Made in the A.M. series

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Requests: 1.  Jealous harry or harry giving you the silent treatment or maybe a combination. 2.  (This might get a little much) can you do a Harry imagine where the reader is an actress on riverdale. Harry and a few of his friends are invited to the premiere where afterwards he meets the reader and he tells her how much he liked her character (or whatever you’d like) and they end up dating.

Pairing: Harry x Riverdale actress!reader

Warnings: drinking, vomiting, jealousy?

A/N: um lol if anyone wants to go absolutely ballistic with me over the start of Harry’s tour and how amazing it is already, feel free to message me

Being cast in Riverdale was proving itself more and more everyday to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Not only did your career get a major kickstart when the show skyrocketed when it first aired last year, but because of the show, you were now standing face to face with the most beautiful boy you had ever seen. It was the season two premiere party and your eyes had nearly popped out of your head when you saw Harry Styles enter the room. So by the time you realised he was walking straight towards you, you nearly fainted.

It was well known among the cast and crew you had grown so close to that you had a massive celebrity crush on Harry, so it was no surprise to you that they had all kept his attendance to this party secret in an attempt to shock you. And shock you they did.

Moments before he arrived in front of you, you regained enough sense to close your mouth and stand straighter, you didn’t want to look like a complete basket case. You just hoped the massive smile that had broken out across your face made you look attractive, not like a freak.

“Hi, I’m Harry,” he greeted you with a toothy grin. I know, you thought. “Y/N,” you returned, extending your arm out so he could shake it. As he shook your hand firmly you begged yourself not to think about how much you loved the feel of the callouses on his hands from countless hours of guitar playing. You quickly pulled your hand away, despite wanting to linger there.

“Look, I just wanted to say that I’ve seen the show and I’m a massive fan of yours. You’re obviously going to have an amazing career and I can’t wait to see what you do next,” he leaned towards you as he spoke so he could be heard over the noise of the party. You were so distracted by the intoxicating scent of his cologne that it took you a moment to process his compliment.

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Dang, sorry you get all these weird asks >~< I have a less weird ask, if it hasn't been asked before. Aside from the glorious birbs and tree you voiced, what're your favorite character designs in BotW so far? Personally, I think each of the races have some really cute and cool designs (even if the Gorons tend to be very similar to each other).




Female Models in 40k

After reading numerous posts on the amount of females in 40k, especially surrounding the discourse of female Space Marines, I wanted to share my own opinions and see what others think. I’ve heard some people think that there is equal representation in 40k, I disagree with this, but perhaps I have interpreted them wrong.

I have gone over all the official codices, and some of the major datasheets as well, and objectively looked at how many females there were. I’ve looked at the characters and the units, I’ve read up the lore on which units are only/predominantly male or female and I’m only counting the main codices. I’ll mention the Imperial Armour or White Dwarf magazines where necessary but this analysis is focusing on the core of 40k, not all its offshoots which don’t actually change much regardless.

This is not a statement of what 40k should be however. I’m not saying how many 40k fans are male/female, I’m not saying what 40k fans want, what Games Workshop should do, I’m not saying anything about marketing or the money making side of things. This is purely an objective (or as objective as I can make it) look at the 40k models in regards to how many are female, male or other.

Objectively, the Warhammer 40k factions are dominated by males, with relatively few females. Here is how I came to this conclusion… (beware, this is a long post)

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Since HomeWorld doesn't approve of different gem fusions (ex: ruby and sapphire), do you think this would extend to color variations of the same type of gem? (Ex: blue topaz and yellow topaz)

I think it’s mostly the mixing of Gem types, because it seems to come down to the fact that Gems have this kind of rigid, particular class system where each Gem type has a specific function, purpose, and station. Fusing between types creates something new which doesn’t fit into the system

I figure this, in part, because we’ve seen that some Gems of the same type are, essentially, the same person. So far, we’ve seen differently colored Pearls, Zircons, and Sapphires and even with the color difference, they have the same voice actor, same overall look, and same function (of course, Padparadscha’s function doesn’t work as it’s supposed to). So, were they to fuse, it wouldn’t really make someone new, it would probably be more similar to how Ruby described fusing with other Rubies - just herself, but bigger. 

The only differently colored Gems of the same type that we’ve met so far that don’t share these things are the Diamonds and Quartzes. For Quartzes, I think this is just because Quartz is an overall type that’s divided further into subtypes, kind of like Corundum - rubies and sapphires are both just different colored corundum but Rubies and Sapphires are distinctly different Gems (different voice, different look, different function), but there are some similarities between them - they’re the same height and their gem cuts are similar (just that Sapphires are triangles and Rubies are squares), which may indicate they are the same overall type but different subtypes, and they subtypes are what differentiate Gems. 

The subtype thing is pretty much necessary from a meta standpoint because a lot of gems are the same type even if they look very different, like amethysts, jaspers, rose quartzes, and agates are all quartz. To make them the same would be very restrictive from a creation standpoint. But the relation does seem to be relevant because all four varieties of quartzes we’ve seen so far have visual similarities. Amethysts, Rose Quartzes, Jaspers, and Agates are all clearly related, even though they have different voices and different (but related!) functions. I suppose this is not all that related, but I just got down that lane of thinking and thought I’d share

though something to consider is that, in Homeworld society, Fusion seems to largely just be a tool for fighting. We can see this from the Homeworld Gems we’ve seen fuse, Rubies being bodyguards, Topaz being an enforcer/containing captured Gems, etc (in Pearl’s hologram flashback in “Sworn to the Sword”, she seems to be fighting an Amethyst Fusion). Jasper talks about Fusion as just a way to make one stronger and Peridot calls Garnet a “war machine.” So it’s possible Fusion just isn’t done even with Gems of the same type, if the purpose isn’t to fight or make use of increased strength. 

So a Pearl, Zircon, or Sapphire would just have no reason to fuse because their function is not to fight or use force. Like, in “The Answer” Sapphire says that “of course” she’s never fused, but we know that, while rare Gems, there are other Sapphires (in “The Trial,” Blue Zircon asks about Pink Diamonds Sapphires). Originally, I always thought she said “of course” because there were very few Sapphires that she’d never have occasion to come across any, but now it seems like there are other Sapphires around, its just they don’t have reason to fuse so they wouldn’t.

Anyways, so I’m thinking that Gems of different colors but same type, of the kinds we’ve seen, they just plain wouldn’t be fusing to being with and thus would already be violating Homeworld policy, if on a much less serious level than fusing with another type

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Noctis and Prompto are kidnapped so rather than get they all get violently raped or killed he seduces one of his captors in order to get what he needs to escape?

I got a bunch of requests for kidnapping. You guys are all sick.

sorry for mistakes and shit.

Prompto couldn’t remember when he fell asleep, if he did at all. He was sore all over and his neck was killing him from sleeping on an odd angle. He tried to groan, but ended up blinking a couple of times when he noticed he couldn’t really open his mouth at all. He frowned and quickly tried to sit up, his senses in full alert now. Prompto was wide awake, his body stiff and sluggish at the same time. It took him only a couple of seconds to realize that he wasn’t sleeping on a bed, not even a couch, but the cold floor of a dark room with only a couple of lights on the far corners.

Where was he? What the fuck happened? He couldn’t remember, in fact he couldn’t even bring himself to remember anything from this morning, it was as if his memory was wiped clean. He could remember the day before, and he could remember going to bed last night but asides from that, he couldn’t remember anything else.

Prompto’s hands were tied behind his back, and whatever had been used went all around his hands as well, making it impossible try to even move his fingers. Something was stuffing his mouth, and whatever went around his head to keep his mouth shut was tight around his jaw. He couldn’t even move it. He struggled to see in the darkness, but his eyes eventually adjusted to the low light. The first thing he noticed was that he was wearing his uniform. There was no way he went to bed with his uniform on, which meant that he did go to school, but whatever happened after he wasn’t sure.

“Oh look, the other one is waking up,”

Prompto moved his head in the direction of the voice, his blood turning cold as panic quickly began to spread through his body. He wasn’t alone, whoever was responsible for this was here. There was a tight feeling in his stomach, and was starting to make his body tremble. It was almost as if stones were slowly building up in his belly, and the cold feeling on his skin had to be from the sweat that was crawling down his brows. Even with the tight bonds around his jaw, he could feeling himself tensing up. He couldn’t bring himself to blink either, afraid that he would miss any sort of details. He couldn’t even see where the strangers where.

“Took you long enough, your friend has been awake for half an hour now, heh.”

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Unromantic? (Hwarang! Ban Ryu)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi, sweetness!! If it’s not too much trouble, can you do a Hwarang scenario where Banryu and his gf have like very similar personalities, but when they’re together they’re both all nice and sweet? I have this head cannon that Banryu is just a big cinnamon roll 💕

You walked with your friends who walked behind you. Walking into the club you heard voiced you heard before you were in front of Banryu and his friends. The room grew silent as you two simply stared at each other “see you at dinner” you spoke as he walked passed him and found a table. He remained silent as he watched you before he began walking out of the club.


You sat down at your table at your home and as Banryu took a seat beside you and smiled lightly. Alcohol filled your glasses as you two waited for food to be served “you know it was interesting interacting there. We never really see much of each other outside of this home” he spoke as he took a sip from his drink. “Your fans must be heart broken you’re no longer available” you spoke as he chuckled lightly taking another sip as you drank yours.

He chocked lightly on his drink “I don’t care what they think. I haven’t been available for any flirtations since I was 13” he spoke as you rested your head on your hand. “You never flirt either way” you tell him as he nods “I understand that” he tells as you chuckle. “I’m kind of glad you don’t though. You’re so unromantic” you told him as he stopped moving “what?” he asked “you’re not the romantic type. It’s fine I don’t want anything different” you spoke as he scoffs.

He moves from his spot over to you and you get confused “wha-” his lips were over yours as he kissed you lightly on the lips as his thumb rubs your jawline. Your hand touched his shoulder unsure of what to do with his random affections before he pulled back “romantic. Yes?” he asked as he pulled away still holding your face. You looked down as you nodded “I think that’s the sweetest thing you’ve done since I lost my shoe when I was 15″ you tell him as he smiled lightly. “Good” he let you know as food was put down on the table and remained seated beside you as they sat down on your side.

Honey Lemon and Disney Talk

In the movie Big Hero 6. We have a young lady that goes by Honey Lemon. She is a chemist, with an excitable personality, and is as fashionable as she is smart.


She is very passionate about her work and is good at it. As a friend, she is caring and encouraging, as any good friend would be. Honey also is part of a team called Big Hero 6. Where she uses her talents to fight crime.

External image

Aside from how awesome she is, there are people who don’t like her because of how she looks. She’s just like all the other white female characters Disney has created. Well, even though she shares similar features with some characters, she isn’t white. In fact she’s quite possibly Latina.

In some of the concept art it can be seen that she would have dark skin and hair. In the movie, she is shown listening to Latin music and her constant pronunciation of Hiro’s name shows the little accent she does have. Her voice actor Genesis Rodriguez, though born American, is also Latina.

External image

And I know, a lot of you are thinking she’s this tall, fair-skinned, light eyed, dark blonde women who doesn’t look Latina.

External image

Now let me ask you. What does a Latina look like? Dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes, and really short? Well, let me give some examples.

External image

My friend Alma, the hairdresser, is 5’11’.

External image

A client of my mother’s who likes to lighten her hair because she just likes it that way.

External image

My Tia Blanca, who can’t tan to save her life and has amazing amber eyes.

But apparently, she still looks too much like some of the female disney characters.

External image

Which isn’t fair to be honest. Especially, when there is so much more to her than just her looks. Even more-so when you actually look at the characters, their faces may look the same but that’s where the similarities end.

External image

Honey is an incredibly tall, lean, light haired, hazel-eyed, smart woman. Latina and going to college with a major in chemistry.

External image

Anna is an auburn-haired, blue-eyed, average sized woman who is loving to the point where it’s her fault.

External image

Rapunzel ISN’T blonde, has green eyes, toned body, and has a nice smile with cute rabbit teeth. She’s brave and curious about the world.

External image

Elsa is a shapely QUEEN, with a fair complexion, white hair, and ice powers. She is powerful, but also so very vulnerable, having anxieties and insecurities.

It might not be ideal to have characters look similar to one another, almost being carbon copies. But let’s do appreciate the types of people Disney is starting to acknowledge. Just a couple decades ago none of the characters wouldn’t have even been in any movie, let alone their voice actors. Change happens, there’s no questioning it, but let’s not count out the people who’ve helped make that change, real or not.

External image

The point is, diversity exists everywhere, that includes all POC communities. There is no concrete way of how people look, maybe just patterns and similarities. And Honey Lemon, is no exception. She isn’t unique, but what makes her extraordinary is who she is and the actions she does.

External image

Thank you for reading.

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Voltron crew and free time? Like what do they do in their leisure time. (Paladins+Allura and Coran)

Okay, so the Paladins don’t have that much free time so whenever they do they all treasure it like gold.

-Lance listens to music and when he asks Allura if she has any instruments in the Castle and she gives him an instrument similar to guitar he begins composing. A lot of his songs are very personal, so he doesn’t share many, but the other people in the Castle hear him singing often and they love his voice.

-Keith likes to train more, but with different weapons than he is used to. He’s tried now and arrows, and throwing knives even javelins. Basically any type of weapon. But he secretly really likes swimming and like to float around in a pool inside the castle.

-Pidge is constantly making improvements to her robots and her gadgets, it calms her down and is relaxing. She also figured out a way to charge her laptop that she always carries with her and plays the games she downloaded on her laptop. There is no internet connectivity, but not all games require wifi. She is even coding some of her own.

-Hunk likes to create new recipes for better food and work on the ships in the hangar. Pidge and him work together a lot on modifying different shops, because they are both skilled mechanics. They are both pretty close.

-Shiro likes to draw and paint. He is right handed, and when he began trying to draw again he didn’t trust his protest if hand to be able to draw directly, but it worked just as well as his left hand, he just hand to be careful with the pressure. One time he asked Allura to pose for him, and he painted a portrait for her. He told her it was a present for getting him the art supplies.

-Allura like to genetically engineer plants. It sounds like a bit of a weird hobby, but she is trying to recreate Altean flowers. She is close to reaching her goal.

-Coran like to work on the ship and watch movies. He’s one of those people that loves movies in other languages so he turns off the translation circuit and reads the subtitles.

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What's your ideal guy? Both physical and character wise

I don’t normally answer personal questions like these, but it’s 4:30am so why not

I have 4 types: bottom, Vers, top, and vagina

Submissive, skinny-toned, cute jiggly butt, shorter than me, into the daddy kink (I know, shame me) smooth

Very similar to me, willing to split the check, chill, fun, similar build and height as me, actually Vers, without a preference either way and wanting to flip flop the roles

Dominant, relaxed, confident, aggressive, able to make the first move, more muscular, able to bench press me. Preferably taller, older, deeper voice, and hairy but those aren’t deal breakers at all. I love guys with big chests and arms, I don’t really care about the rest.

Vagina (girls, trans boys, gender fluid / nonconfirming individuals):
The connection has to be platonic before it can be romantic, and if there’s any pressure to make it sexual I’ll get nervous, so they’d have to be willing to take things really slow

I like nice people who put other people’s needs before their own. A dry sense of humor is a huge plus. People with goals really impress me. Money is nice. If you’re rude I’ll instantly be turned off, and I hate whiners. Or anything cutesy, I really don’t like that. If you’re mean to me, even jokingly, I will not like you. Confidence is sexy but cockiness/ arrogance will annoy me. Someone who wants to see me all the time but also has a life of their own that they prioritize above me. Some form of dedication to fitness would be nice, ideally someone I could go to the gym with. I’m no body builder though so they don’t have to be either. Someone who thinks I’m incredibly handsome. I’m a sucker for sweet talk, but if it’s not backed up I get really angry. I like cool, relaxed, quieter people to compliment my loud obnoxious self. LIBERAL and preferably not religious. Cool friends of their own, and willing and able to get along with my friends. Great in bed. Someone who likes to party as much as I do. All races and ethnicities welcomed.

People complaining about the AoT English dub without taking all the factors into consideration...
  • They have to change words (3DMG) and sentences so the voices will match with the characters’ mouths while saying something very similar with two very different languages
  • The voices are not going to sound exactly like the Japanese because… different accents… different words… different culture.
  • It is nearly impossible to satisfy English headcanons when you think about the fact they have to find someone who is a voice actor, has a similar voice to the character, tried out for the part or proved they can do a certain type of voice, agreed to commit to the project, etc. It’s not as easy to get a voice to fit your headcanon as you would think.
  • The English dub is not going to match the Japanese perfectly. Again, different languages, so it’s automatically harder to replicate the character perfectly. As said: accents and culture. 
  • English dubbing = interpretation. Characters and personalities may change, but that’s what the world of drama and acting is about. There might only be one character, but when two different actors do it, you’ll get two different ideas about who that character is. Take it as a chance to evaluate the character from a new POV. 
  • The company still has to consider marketing, which is why they didn’t just release all the actors/actresses’ names at one time. They aren’t just marketing to people who are already fans, but new fans who keep an eye on their work. Slow reveals keep people coming back. They don’t care about some negative, impatient fans. 
  • If you are inclined to immediately be negative about the dub without even hearing more than a few clips, don’t bother watching because you’ve set yourself up to be super critical about it. No one is forcing you to watch it. Let people who like it enjoy it without being a jerk and elitist. Fans of the Japanese can also be a fan of the English without being any less of a fan.
  • It’s fine to offer critique and express your opinions, just try to be fair and consider all the above before saying Funimation ruined the show and did a terrible job with it. It’s different, sure, but that doesn’t make it bad. Basically, give a fair critique, not flat out hate.
Who is Hawkmoth?

Okay, so, we all theorize that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth, right? 

(picture credit to tikki-transform-moi)

Sure, we all have good, plausible reasons for this. Same voice, same attitude, same posture. And isn’t the rich dude always the bad guy, anyway? 

However, I submit to you… brothers. Like a Master Splinter and Shredder type deal, here. For one, Hawkmoth’s lips are fuller than Gabriel’s, but they do look very similar, like they could be closely related. I’m not sure Hawk daddy would go for the cliche evil twin thing, but let’s not rule it out, friends. 

And I’m completely serious when I say “Master Splinter and Shredder” thing. What came between Master Splinter and Shredder (2012 Nick version), even though they used to be “brothers”? Tang Shen. A woman. A woman who is now dead because of their fighting over her. 

What could’ve come between Gabriel and his brother? 

Adrien’s mother perhaps? Another woman who is also dead, possibly because of their fighting over her? 

Maybe they both loved her, but only one could have her. Maybe she chose Gabriel and left Hawkmoth heartbroken and angry? 

I mean… Hawkmoth’s hideout is shown miles away from the Eiffel Tower,

while the Agreste residence is shown to be a street away. 

So either Gabriel is really, really, really fast, or he’s not Hawkmoth. 

And this could also explain Gabriel’s protectiveness over Adrien. He’s afraid to let Adrien leave his sight because he doesn’t want his only son, the only living remnant of his wife, to be taken away from him or hurt. And how do we know Hawkmoth didn’t threaten Adrien’s life or safety in some way?

Maybe your wacked out Uncle? 

Maybe Gabriel is a totally innocent hard-ass that just worries about keeping his son safe from his crazy brother?  


After the miracle at Holywell it was time for the small group to move on, leaving in their wake a spiritually awakened populace eager to spread rumors. Thankfully, it was easy to move along with well wishes, and plenty had gathered up offerings for them to take along. It would come in handy where they were going. Their travels took them through a valley surrounded by a scenic mountain range.

Somewhere up in the largest peak was a shrine where Griffith once again hoped to meet his Father, though Judeau had his doubts. Supposedly there would be some kind of inn about halfway up the mountain where they could leave their wagon and Siegfried. After all, it’d be cruel to force the poor beast up an entire mountain while dragging a wagon along.

Trekking up a mountain was both peaceful and difficult. Judeau was enamored by the scent of mountain pine, eyes pointed upwards to peek through the canopy of green foliage. It was rough terrain, but it was well traveled, making it easier to traverse than it may have possibly been. As they went higher and higher, Judeau became increasingly aware of the bitter cold wind of the mountain path before him. Dirt became sludge and eventually snow, until the whole group was thoroughly bundled in layers of fabric.

Everyone save for Zodd. Strangely enough, he seemed more than happy to remain in the sparse wear he already head.

“I haven’t kept the company of another for over four hundred years.” he mused out loud, leading the way to keep an eye out for bandits to crush, for which he was terribly eager. “Now it seems, I have three companions.”

Judeau pressed onward, thinking for a moment that his situation had been somewhat similar. It felt somewhat odd to have the comfort of another voice to hear him, even if he had not much to say. The blond could hardly believe they were travelling with Nosferatu Zodd. Certainly, if Griffith had not been one of them, they’d all be ripped to shreds.

Those thoughts he pushed into the back of his mind as they continued up the mountain, instead he admired the view and merely listened to any conversation that passed. While Judeau had always been very friendly, he’d always been the type to listen rather than speak. It helped pass the time, really; for before he knew it, the shape of a large compound in the distance came into view.

Through wisps of powdery snow, Judeau stopped a moment to turn to Farnese. “Is this the place you mentioned?” he asked, only because it didn’t quite look like an inn. In fact, he’d never seen an ‘inn’ quite so large, surrounded by palisade walls no less.