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HOLLAND fan names

yo so there’s been some discussion about what holland fans should call themselves. i’ve seen fairies float around but a lot of us are quite :/ about it since, y’know, known slur against gay men and all that

so we thought of something that still fits with the peter pan theme that doesn’t have as many bad connotations and we came up with pixie/pixies based on tinkerbell being a pixie in canon! 

if that name is taken by any fandom let me know, and if anyone has any other ideas just throw them out there as well! chances are holland will choose something entirely different and make us adjust again anyway;;

Y’all please don’t start the CW rants in the tags again. FOX passed on Black Lightning and we still wanna fight them over Sleepy Hollow and Pitch. It’s a good fit and time slot and the Akils know what the fuck they’re doing. Let Girlfriends, The Game, and Being Mary Jane as well as writing credits for Moesha and The Jamie Foxx show and the list goes on be your examples


96 days until RnR Marathon
39 days purge free!

Sunday Runday and damn this one felt good!!
I not only ran the farthest I’ve ever gone without stopping but I also beat my 10k time by 3 mins!

I was a bit intimidated by the distance today so last night I downloaded Aaptiv. It’s an audio fitness class app that’s basically like having a coach run with you - each class has its own playlist too so you don’t have to worry about that! They also have treadmill running, elliptical, yoga, strength classes annnd a 30 day free trial. There were 5 mins left in the class so I didn’t finish it but I honestly wouldn’t have done so well without it! I don’t work for them or anything I’m just a big fan haha

Now time for hydration and some yoga with Adrienne 🌻 Hope you’re all finding love and doing something that makes you happy today!!

Top Ten Spookiest Classical Pieces

Perhaps I’m feeling macabre, but tonight I’m digging out my favorite spooky classical pieces and listening to them. So I thought putting together a top ten list of these would be fun while I drink my scotch. Note: These are not really in any particular order. I love them all.

1. Beethoven: Piano Trio in D major, op. 70 no. 1, “Ghost” - 2nd movement. Rattling of chains, shrieking of spirits; the nickname of this trio fits it well. The first and third movements are good as well, but only the second movement is really spooky.
2. Schubert: Der Leiermann (from Winterreise). A heartbroken young man sings about the hurdy-gurdy, an outcast who sits just outside the village and plays his instrument while dogs snarl at him and people ignore him. Particularly chilling is that this is the last song of an hour-long cycle, and it drones on without clear resolution, ending with the line: “Strange old man, should I go with you? Will you accompany my songs on your hurdy-gurdy?” 
3. Mussorgsky: Night On Bald Mountain. You may know this one from Disney’s Fantasia, which is featured during the Witches’ Sabbath sequence.
4. Schubert: Der Erlkönig. Based on a poem by Goethe, this song tells the chilling story of a father and his ailing child riding through the woods on horseback, while a malicious spirit tries to lure the boy away, unseen and unheard by the father.
5. Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre. Death plays his fiddle in the cemetery, rousing all the skeletons from their graves and dancing with them until they have to slink back at the first light of dawn.
6. Brahms: Ballade in D minor, op. 10 no. 1, “Edward.” Based on a Scottish ballade, the story is of a mother who knows that her son has murdered his father - she just wants to hear him say it himself.
7. Shostakovich: Viola Sonata. Shostakovich composed during the height of Soviet censorship, and his music almost always has a hunted, almost panicked feel to it. He composed this viola sonata just a month before his death.
8. Shostakovich: String Quartet no. 8 in C minor, op. 110. Between the frenzy of the second movement and the insistent “knocking on the door” of the fourth, this quartet can really put you on edge. What makes this music even freakier is Shostakovich’s musical signature (D E-flat C B) throughout the work.
9. Mussorgsky: The Hut of Baba Yaga the Witch (from Pictures at an Exhibition). This one always sounds like Baba Yaga’s “Hut On Chicken’s Legs” is chasing me through the woods, but that might just be my wild imagination.
10. Scriabin: Piano Sonata no. 9, “Black Mass.” Some of the directions that Scriabin writes in the score are “mysteriously murmuring”, and “with a sweetness that becomes increasingly poisonous,” which is a pretty apt description for much of this work. It begins mysteriously, then builds in tension until it all explodes in some kind of orgiastic climax. It ends just as enigmatically as it begins.


Part 3

More BNHA/Pokemon 

i got a few request to draw some of the staff (plus Hitoshi and Stain) as Pokemon and thanks to @ronin-ryker and @sylanc for suggestions on the staff.

All Might and Aizawa took a bit too find one to match and since All Might’s quirk is limited i wanted to make him a pokemon with a mega evolution and needed to be a fighting type, and well mega blaziken had a similar hair dew so i stuck whith that one. And for Aizawa he likes cat’s so i wanted to make him a feline like Pokemon and since Luxray has gleam eyes  thought it fit enough.

PS: thx for all your support and i hope you like them and again if you’d like to see more just send me a note and tell me which one you like the most.



An AU where Bitty didn’t go to Samwell and instead started working at a bakery in Providence. The bakery is around the same neighbourhood where Tater lives.

Tater starts frequenting the place and soon enough, you guessed it. Bitty and Tater become friends.

The best of friends. The ride or die friends. The I’d hide a body with you friend. But also the how many skittles can you fit in your mouth? Friend.

Tater starts a lot of his stories with ‘B and I…’ ‘Took B to’ 'B is’ etc and everybody starts assuming that B is Tater’s girlfriend, until he brings him for a game.

Everybody sort of goes 'oooooh’ and assumes this is Tater coming out and bringing his boyfriend to meet them. And if you think about it, it sort of explains Tater calling him B.

Then Tater comes super excited one day. 'B will move with me!’ And they all congratulate him and everything, thinking it’s so nice that Tater and Bitty’s relationship is going well, while actually Tater has been nagging Bitty to move in so he can have access to pie 24/7.

But also because Bitty is his best friend and since he bought his apartment he has been feeling a little lonely, this is the reason that does convince Bitty to move in because he has been feeling a little lonely too.

Fast forward a year, Jack graduates and joins the team. By this point Bitty is a regular at the games, he is a very in demand babysitter and makes a lot of food for the players.

Before he starts, Guy and Marty take the time to feel him out and explain that Tater has a boyfriend, and that they will have nothing but acceptance in their locker room.

They do this after asking Tater if it was ok to tell Jack about Bitty.

'No problem!’ Tater replies happily 'But B so good he need no introduction.’

Jack is pleased by this of course, and happy he is in a welcoming team.

Then Jack meets Bitty.

And to make it better, let’s say he meets him when he is carrying a bunch of stuff for the nook.

'You should eat more protein,’ Jack jokes after seeing all the pies, and offers a hand to carry things.

Bitty jokes/flirts back. They are having a moment, Jack feels butterflies in his stomach and well, if the team is ok with Tater, surely they’d be ok with him…

'B! You made it!’ Tater bellows from down the hallways and rushes over, picking Bitty and putting him in a bear hug. 'I miss you.’

'Tater!’ Bitty yells laughing, and kisses his cheek playfully, 'you saw me this morning.’

'Yeah but you sleepy, you grumpy when sleepy. Like tiny bear.’

And then Bitty and Tater start to bicker like an old married couple. This whole time Tater is holding Bitty up.

Jack stomach drops to his feet, because of course Bitty is taken. By his teammate.

Jack develops a crush, a massive problematic crush because holy fuck Tater is the nicest person ever, and he would never want to get in between him and his boyfriend, but also he is terrified of Tater finding out because he once took two defence man by himself and won.

Meanwhile, at Bitty and Tater’s home, Bitty flings himself dramatically over the counter.

'Tater! I’m in love. Jack is so cute and nice, I like him so much.’

'Jack nice guy, he good guy for you. I approve,’ Tater says solemnly with a mouth full of pie.

'Say it don’t spray it,’ Bitty asks for the millionth time. 'Do you know if he likes guys?’

And then Tater being the good friend he is, tries to feel Jack out and play matchmaker, while an increasingly alarmed Jack thinks Tater is warning him off about crushing on Bitty.

Which isn’t helped by the fact Bitty keeps popping up to chirp him, which kind of feels like flirting but surely not…

Things get clarified and everything, Jack and Bitty start dating, and Tater has to explain 8 times to everybody that no, he never dated Bitty.

'We kissed once. We agree weird. We best as best friends,’ Tater says once again.

'Yeah but if he was going to date somebody other than you why couldn’t it be me?’ Poots complains loudly.

'You no good enough for B,’ Tater chirps back. 'I only let B date good teammate who didn’t eat my pie.’

'Will you let that go man!? I didn’t know it was yours.’

'It had sticky paper with Tater on it! You don’t fool me Poot, you food thief!’

Because I still haven’t got over how shitty Amanda’s “friends” were treating her so:

Emma R’s the one that’s been coercing everyone else to avoid and exclude Amanda because she knew that Noah actually used to have a crush on Amanda, and Emma R felt threatened, so she’d told Noah that Amanda thought he was a creep and instead convinced him to go out with her instead.

So after Amanda has that big argument with Emma R-

(”Well if you think I’m so terrible then just stop being my friend!”


-she just completely stops talking to them, and Emma R. starts feeling kinda guilty, because this is her best friend after all, and they’ve known each other since they were 7, and she kinda misses her.

So one day, she’s sitting at their usual lunch table with the rest of their friends, and she’s waiting for Amanda to come in so she can apologize.

But then.

The cafeteria door opens, and in walks the school badboy, Lucien Bloodmarch, and the rest of his clique.

And he’s got an arm around Amanda’s shoulder, and she’s laughing at something he must’ve said, and she’s joking around with the others in the group, and they’re all looking at her as if she were the sun, and she fits in so well with them, like a missing piece of their puzzle.

And Emma R feels an unexpected spike of jealousy. Because that’s her best friend.

She’s so caught up in her own thoughts that she almost doesn’t hear Noah’s snide comment to Amanda as she and Lucien walk by with the rest of her group.

“Never would’ve thought badboys were your type, Amanda.”

And the group of 5 just stops short.

Amanda is confused and has no idea what Noah is talking about.

Lucien understands, but doesn’t bother to correct the guy despite how horrendously wrong he is.

(Ever since their fathers had started dating, he and Amanda had started spending more time together, and they ended up bonding over their shared rebellious streaks, problems with authority, and utter adoration of their dads.

She’s like the cool older sister he’d never wanted. He couldn’t see her in a romantic light if he wanted to.

And not to mention he’s gay.)

Lucien just smirks down at Noah.

“What, like it’s any of your business who she dates?”

Noah bristles at that, and looks like he’s about to start a fight right then and there.

But Emma R stops the fight before it can happen by getting up and asking Amanda if they can talk.

Amanda looks skeptical for a moment, before telling he others to go ahead.

Lucien, who’s having so much fun riling up Noah, smirks and says, “Sure thing, Panda,” before ruffling her hair and walking off with the others.

“Hey! You know dad’s the only one who can call me that!” she yells good-naturedly.

“You keep telling yourself that, Panda,” Ernest chimes in with a snicker as they walk away.

Amanda rolls her eyes and turns back to Emma R, her smile immediately slipping off her face to be replaced with an aloof expression.

“Well?” she asks, arms crossed, eyebrow raised.

Emma R is a little stunned, a little out of her depth. She’s not used to Amanda having inside jokes without her.

Emma R swallows her pride, apologizes to Amanda, asks if they can be friends again.

Amanda thinks it over for a long moment. She’s so tempted to say yes, to leave it all in the past and have her best friend back again.

But her father’s words echo in her mind, and she steels her heart.

“No,” she says.

Emma R looks taken aback.

“I don’t want to surround myself with people who would alienate me for absolutely no reason at all, people who would avoid me and talk behind my back. Real friends don’t do that. I deserve better.”

And with that, she turns around and stomps off after the rest of her new friends.

Emma R watches in astonishment.

Ernest gives Amanda a quick, one-armed hug as she rejoins the group.

Lucien says something too quiet for them to hear from so far away, before slinging an arm around Amanda’s neck and turning to smirk smugly at Emma R.

so @tuptaju and I were talking over on ao3 about lance making keith sweaters for the winter…

  • he tries to make them as ugly as possible…. it’s his secret mission to put keith off so much that he refuses to wear them
  • keith ends up liking the first sweater lance gives him
  • he tries harder next time. the colors clash horribly and lance is grimacing the whole time while knitting it
  • keith still ends up liking it
    • oh it’s on
  • “this time. this time he’s gonna refuse it, hunk. i know it. it’s just too ugly, not even keith can ignore that”
  • lance gets a genuine smile for his efforts
    • and a kiss
    • and a “thank you, lance”
  • he’s is baffled. how can keith still wear that thing?! that was the most appalling design he could have possibly-
    • lance: “pidge, emergency session. call hunk in too.”
      pidge: “why, what’s wrong?”
      lance: “i need your help to design the ugliest sweater you can think of. i’m talking top level ugly. zarkon level of ugly. SUPREME DELUXE EXTRA LEVEL OF UGLY.”
  • meanwhile keith feels warm and loved because of lance’s presents
    • keith: “look, he made me another sweater, shiro!”
      shiro [sweating]: “oh, that’s…. great……..”
  • keith doesn’t care how horrible they look or how much the colors clash. lance put time and effort into making these. the thread is soft and lance obviously has talent, every sweater fits extremely well
  • at some point lance just can’t take it anymore
  • he’s on the verge of tears from both laughter and desperation as he confronts keith about it
    • lance: “how on earth are you wearing those?! what does it take for you to break?!?!”
      keith: “…break? but you made them for me? and they are warm?? i like them, am i not supposed to?”
  • lance first thinks that keith has to be joking
  • then he realizes that this is keith, he is 100% serious
    • lance: “but… but they are all so ugly……”
      keith: “don’t say that! you have talent, they all fit really well!”
      lance: “that’s- that’s not even the point-”
  • lance is floored. his boyfriend is so dense. so dense but so incredibly genuine and loving that he just can’t take it anymore
  • he feels bad for making the ugly sweaters. he wants to make keith real ones now 
  • he tries to take the old ones back and unravel them but as soon as keith realizes what’s going on he hides them
    • lance: “keith! give them back! i’ll make better ones, i promise-”
      keith: “no way! you gave them to me, they are mine now!” 
  • at some point lance gives up and just concentrates on making a new one
  • keith ends up wearing it over his jacket every time they leave their place
  • (he would wear the old ones too but lance forbids him to go out of the apartment like that)
  • (he’s fine with it as long as he can still keep them)

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Statistically, it’s “rare” to be born with red hair. Less than 2% of the world population have red hair. And still, nobody would seriously look my beautiful wife in the eyes and tell her “Oh, come on, red hair? That sounds fake. Isn’t that like super rare anyway? You’re just trying to be special.”. That would be ridiculous. 

Yes, red hair is “rare” - there are only, like, 140 million people with red hair. 

It’s statistically just as (un)likely to have red hair as it is to be intersex. The only difference is that “Isn’t that super rare, tho” seems to be a valid way to shoot down any discussion about only one of those two groups of people. 

And that old “only 1% of all people are asexual” argument? Well, yeah, that’s over 70 million people. 

“Rare”, when it comes to gender or identity, often translates to “actually lots and lots of people but they don’t fit in my world view, so shut up about them”. 

Even if some people think of you as rare, you still deserve respect. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 


•When in doubt wear it in black, white or grey

• Have at least one outfit that makes you feel like a BOSS ASS BITCH whenever you need a pick me up where it. You don’t even need to wear it out if you don’t want to, wearing it around the house will make you feel killer

• NEVER buy something you will only where once or with that one pair of jeans

• Don’t leave the house with sweatpants or leggings and jumpers on unless you are going to workout. It will make you feel like crap all day. Don’t get me wrong you have the right to be comfy but just make sure that what you wear makes you feel like a million dollars and other people will notice how damn fine you are.

• Have a colour scheme for your wardrobe and stick to it. If everything can go together you will never not look put together and classy.

• Don’t waste your money on trends they are trends for a reason - THEY WONT LAST

• If you want to look expensive buy clothes that fit you or get them fitted.

• Clean lines look chic and beautiful IRON YOUR DAMN CLOTHES

• Know what looks good on you and what you look good in, bear in mind that they may not be the same thing so have outfits that do both as well as one or the other. Cover all your options

• Become confident flaunting what you got, you look amazing.


• Don’t make rash decisions when it comes to buying clothes make sure it’s good material and truly looks good. Sleep on decisions they may be the best one you ever made.

• MAN MADE MATERIALS LIKE POLYESTER LOOK CHEAP CAUSE THEY ARE. Save your money and buy 100% cotton or linen or silk or satin etc. Don’t buy man made materials they look cheap and don’t last.

• Dress for the life you want. It works. Honestly.

fictionandmusic  asked:

wow your writing in the gods and monsters series is amazing! i've always loved greek myths and you bring them to life and add a different twist that makes it better than anything i've ever read about mythology!! if you have time, could you do a continuation of the Hades and Kore story? Kore/Persephone is one of my fav goddesses and i can't wait to see where you take her story!

(continuation of: x, x)

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has so little left to lose, only an overbearing mother she yearns to escape.

The first time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she fights and swims and survives. She is picked up on the shore and carried to safety in Hades’s arms.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, she is reckless and stubborn and feels like she has everything to lose. She lets the water take her, and she drowns.

The second time Kore throws herself into the River Styx, it kills her.


Kore wakes up after falling unconscious while being carried by the King of the Underworld. Her skin is fully healed, no longer blistering and burning. She’s naked under the soft blankets, but she was naked when she dove into the river, so she’s not too worried about it.

“I didn’t know you were a goddess,” someone says, and she turns her head to see a little girl sitting by her bedside with black skin and grey eyes and hair. She’s glaring at her, “I wouldn’t have tried to kill you if I’d known. You shouldn’t touch my water – it’s not good for you. It will kill you. It does not care what you are.”

“It did not kill Achilles,” Kore says, pushing herself up so the blanket falls to her waist.

The young Lady Styx huffs and gets to her feet, pushing open the long wardrobe on the other side of the room. “It did, actually. What my river takes, it keeps.” Kore raises an eyebrow. Styx doesn’t explain further, only places a dark blue gown on the bed. “Hecate put some of her old things in here for you. She’s taller and thinner than you are. But you are a goddess. You can make it work.”

“I can,” Kore agrees, amused. She pushes herself out of bed, and her hair falls into her face.

Her hair has been a dark brown her whole life.

She strides over to the wardrobe and pulls it open, starring at herself in the mirror.

Her hair has turned pure, snowy white. The hair on her head of course, but the rest of it too. Her eyebrows, the light hair on her arms and legs, going down her navel, the hair between her legs – all of it white.

“You’re lucky nothing worse happened,” Styx scolds. “My river usually does much worse than that.”

Kore touches one of her new, pale eyebrows. “That is an excellent point, Lady Styx.”

With some clever magic, Kore pulls on the now perfectly fitting gown. Hecate doesn’t tend to bother with them, only dresses up if there’s some sort of celebration that requires her attendance – something that hasn’t happened in a long time, ever since she irritated Zeus and Poseidon to the point that they called for her head on a spike. The gown is old, even by their standards, but its beautifully crafted, stars plucked from the heavens and sewn into the bodice, waves from the seven seas curling around the long skirt. “This is very valuable,” she says, “Is Hecate sure she would like me to have it?”

Styx shrugs, “She said it was a young woman’s dress, and however she may look, she’s not a young woman any more. It’s my favorite dress of hers – I was quite cross that she gave it to you, but I did almost kill you. So I suppose that’s fair enough.”

“Ah,” Kore says, not quite sure how to respond to that. “I see.”

Styx grins at her and grabs her hand. The child goddess’s skin is freezing to the touch, but Kore doesn’t flinch back out of fear of being rude. “Come with me now. Hades wants to see you.”

The girl leads her through the twisting hallways to a polished wooden door. It’s not the throne room, where Kore thought that the girl would take her. She’s seen the grand inner chambers of Poseidon and Zeus’s homes before, of the lesser gods even, and Kore braces herself for something just as grandiose and intimidating.

Styx opens the door and pushes her inside before vanishing.

Kore blinks and looks around.

The room is smaller than she expected. It’s lined with shelves packed with scrolls, and mounted on the opposite wall is large map that’s constantly shifting and changing, and it take her almost a full minute of looking at it to realize it’s a map of the underworld.

“You’re looking better.”

Kore’s eyes snap down, and it’s only then that she notices the figure of Hades, King of the Underworld, hunched over his desk. His hair pulled in messy low ponytail, and there are dark bags under his eyes. He’s in a simple black chiffon, one no more presumptuous than any mortal noble would wear. He’s the most unassuming, unremarkable thing in already unassuming, unremarkable room.

Suddenly, she feels over-dressed.

“Thank you,” she says, not knowing what else to say. She feels – awkward, almost, in front of him, which isn’t something she’s ever felt with anyone. She wants to climb into his lap and rest her head against his shoulder. She wants to force him into some proper clothes for a king. She wants to put him to bed and make him sleep until he loses those bruises under his eyes.

She’s never wanted to do any of those things for anyone before. She doesn’t even know him.

Although – she knows he came for her. That he found an intruder into his realm and picked her up and soothed her, carried her to safety and washed her of the corrosive water of the Styx. He placed her in his palace and did not touch her as so many other men would have touched her.

So perhaps she does know him. At least a little.

He rests his chin on his hand while he looks at her. “Hermes came with a message from your mother, demanding your return.” She doesn’t even have the time to panic before he continues, “I denied her. If she wishes to speak to me in person, I told her she is welcome to step into my realm herself.”

“She won’t do that,” Kore says, “She fears your realm. She fears how her power means nothing in your domain.”

Kore had never known her mother to fear anything – except the land of the dead. She’d grown up thinking Hades must be a hulking, formidable figure to pull fear from her mother’s breast, but that’s clearly not the case.

He smiles, and it’s the first hint of sharpness she’s seen from him. “I know. There will be consequences, of course. But those are my concern. You are a guest of my realm, Goddess of Spring. Walk where you please, and do as you please. No one will stop you.”

He’s already looking back down at his papers, eyebrows drawing together as he scratches out a series of numbers and rewrites them. It’s a clear dismissal, but Kore can’t bring herself to move.

She’s never met this man before. Yet he stands against her mother, yet he welcomes her to his realm, yet he permits unrestricted access to his home, yet he grants her every freedom he’s able.

“Thank you,” she says again. He gives an absent nod, already reaching for another scroll.

She leaves as quietly as she came.

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Issues (Smut)


Request: Jeep sex and a good bit of fluff.

A/N: This is my first story in like 8392 years and I’m so put of practice so please bare with me because it’s not great. Also shoutout to Emily. You’re the real mvp. Feedback would be great. 

Originally posted by mxndxsimaginxs

Word count: 4,185

We were sitting in the jeep on the highway from Toronto back to Pickering and though we weren’t even half way yet, the drive seemed longer than usual.
Painfully longer. 

Though it was a rather warm summer day, I felt the chills run down my bare arms the soon as we got into the car. The pesky silence between us was smothering, suffocating really and made my entire body linger in the most uncomfortable way possible. 

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Bath Magic Without a Tub

For when you want to perform Bath Magic but only have access to a shower stall (college students, etc.)

What you’ll need:

  • Large Sachet (substitutions: washcloth, scrap fabric, stocking, new sock; tied closed with rubber band)
  • Preferred Bath Magic ingredients (herbs, flowers, salts, oils)
  • Soap (any bar, liquid, jelly, etc.)
  1. Fill the sachet with your ingredients (minus the soap)
  2. Charge it however you see fit (leave it under moon or sunlight, chant an incantation, direct your energy with a wand, create a sigil, etc.)
  3. Fill the sachet with soap just before you shower. Not any sooner, especially if you’re using liquid soap
  4. Saturate the sachet under hot water in the shower and use it to scrub your body

Essentially, you’re washing your body and exposing it to all the same ingredients you normally would in a bath without soaking in them. Enjoy!

Tip: this exfoliates your skin well so remember to put on lotion after your shower!

study sessions [m]

summary: you never thought that yuta, of all people, would be willing to help you with your salient project. though, one study session turned into two, three, and that was enough for you to get down on your knees, ready to thank him in a special way

pairing: nerd!yuta & reader insert  || university!AU

includes: smut (oral, masturbation, public foreplay, thigh riding, dirty talk)

wc: 14k

note: A sarcastic, submissive nerd yuta is such a concept ftw, enjoy~ ^~^

University had always been stressful.

Students would bustle to and fro from classes to dense libraries, or even coop themselves up in the claustrophobic comfort of their dorm room to crank in some study time. Free days were rare; you would infrequently see other students lounging for hours on end around campus. The only true breaks present would be lunch or last minute plans created after what felt like eons of being studious.

Or perhaps that was just your institute.

Prestigious as it was, that was the life behind the scene of your school. Studying appeared to be the only facet that everyone knew—that each student shared. And since it was crunch week for one of your classes, everything was amplified. There was a grand project that was assigned at the second week of class, and it would take part in a substantial amount of one’s grade. It was an individual project of a plethora of research and proper essays down to the core. There were the students at your school who had started the second they were made aware of the paramount project, and then there was people like you—the certain ones that believed procrastinating was the better option.

So there you were, situated at your desk during class with your jaw dropped to the floor. It was not hanging open from the lack of understanding towards your professor’s words, but because moments ago he said, nonchalant at best, “The project is due a week from today—it wouldn’t fit in with our class schedule if I made it due any later. I’m assuming you all started and some even finished.”

You wanted to clout yourself; how could you had been so off guard? Of course he was going to pull that move—he did it with the other large assignments, but what made you believe otherwise? Your eyes scanned the perimeter to catch the aghast expressions of your surrounding classmates, but each one of them appeared calm and collected—like this was a card they were well aware that the professor was going to play.

You sighed and dug your face into your palms, allowing the weight of the world to sink down on your shoulders. “You’re kidding me,” you mumbled.

And so for the rest of the lecture you were drowning in stress, unable to pay attention to your professor’s informative words until the end.

The second the professor dismissed the class you bolted out of the room and started to rush to the library—then, you became like every other student at your campus. You entered the library hastily like a veritable tornado, sending several loose papers that rested on the surface of the front desk flying like baby birds. Stress was igniting the flame within you, fueling your being to get lost in the labyrinthine of a library and search for every single book in regards to your chosen topic that would aid your project. It took a while of a desperate search, but you finally found the treasure that was the informative tome.

Now, all you had to do was find an empty place to study. Amidst the quietude your angry steps was the only sound that was audible to each person; it boomed throughout the sections you were in and traveled along your side like a penumbra. Your bag was hiked over your shoulder, arms full with notebooks and the books, and you grew tired with every step. You started to trudge after the excursion for information and, like you had seen an oasis in the middle of a parched desert, you found an open seat. You kicked up your pace and bolted for the vacancy; soon, you reached it and occupied the area with your belongings.

The frantic rustles of papers and slams of notebooks over one another caught the student’s, who was situated next to you, attention. He lifted his nose from his book at batted his lashes your way, scrutinizing you with curious eyes. You were too caught up in organizing your belongings to notice the belittling way he was gawking at you; it was not until he cleared his throat for you to come down from your clouds of thought.

“Yes?” you asked him.

The boy looked at you, his expression niche. “Is all that for Professor Sung’s psychology class?”

You blinked twice and tilted your head, wondering how he knew the reason behind your scamper. “Um,” you looked at your open notebooks and took a pen in hand, “yes, why?”

The boy nodded and turned to the next page of the novel he was reading. “It’s an easy project,” he told you. “It will only take a good three days to finish, to be honest.”

You rolled your eyes and took notice of his study area. His notebooks were closed and in a superlative condition, each stacked perfectly upon one another. He was reading a new novel from the fiction section; a sore stand out compared to the other students who were at the library to study, or catch up on the work they pushed off like you.

“How would you know?” you asked him with a sigh. “He assigned this at the beginning of the class, there’s no way. And are you even in his class?”

The boy licked his lips and hesitated. He raised an eyebrow at you, tossing out a look of disbelief.

“What?” you asked again.

“I am in your class, (y/n),” he told you straightforwardly.

“What?!” you repeated, that time with more surprise. There was more raw shock in your tone than interest, and you attempted to recall every detail in your psychology class. You thought you knew everyone’s face in the lecture room, but apparently not. “Are you serious?”

“Yes,” he responded, a little irked by your ignorance, “I’m Nakamoto Yuta.”

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So I’ve been gone for nearly a week converting these. Above you only see 8 previews but actually there are 24 files included. Whenever I did the original file look through, there were 48 files to convert but after trying to converting them and going through the ones that would work I had 24. This is a bit of a test trial so please inbox me all the issues you guys have and I’ll fix them in the future. All these have a maternity morphs, the 2nd romper on the top preview is showing a maternity morph. 

Also full credit for these go to @chisimi. All I did was form the clothes to fit the ea body mesh. I will be doing more of these in a revised set as well as releasing more so please, not tying to be rude, but don’t send request for me to do more, I will do it when I get to it. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any methods or tips on planning a multiple POV novel? I was looking at your 10-step model and was wondering if you have anything similar for 2+ characters. Do each of them get 10 steps, or do the 10 steps have to cover all?

I didn’t create the 10-point plot model, only use it for my own writings, so I’m not sure of the creator’s intentions (I’m not even sure who created it at all, since it was a handout in school ages ago with no attribution). I tend to use it for overall plot of an entire book. It’s not meant to be all-inclusive for every single plot moment that will occur, but rather it’s meant as a general outline to then build up further. It’s a starting point.

That said, I have used simplified versions of it for shorter stories and character arcs as well, so take a look toward the middle/bottom of that article for a glimpse into that process. If the 10-point plot model appeals to you, there are ways to modify it to fit multiple POV narratives.

Start first by looking at each of the characters in turn and mapping out their stories, even if you don’t intend for all of it to get on-screen. This also includes mapping out plot events that are common to more than one character’s progression.

You could certainly do 10-points for each of them, but unless several of the more major events are going to cross over, then you might instead think about reducing it to five- or seven-point plots. Every arc is going to have a beginning, middle, and end, and within that, there will always be a climax of some kind. (Remember that climaxes don’t have to be BIG, like battles. Climaxes can be small and still be meaningful.)

Perhaps something like this:

Now, obviously these are subjective and you can tweak things for what the story needs, particularly in terms of pacing.

You might choose to have one for each character and each line runs parallel to the others, or you might choose to mesh them together into one larger 15- or 20-point model.

Remember: You can put as many or as few scenes in these boxes as you want. As much or as little time can pass between these blocks as you need. The boxes can be used for one character or three. They don’t have to be rigid.

There isn’t really a good way to lay out one definitive point model that any multiple-POV narrative could use because the pacing for those kinds of stories tends to vary widely. When it’s important to have a scene from one character versus another character is very dependent upon what each of those characters is going through, what’s important to the overall story you’re trying to tell, and how you want it to progress.

I have my 10-point plot model up on a wall with post-it notes that I move around a lot before deciding on an order of events for a story. For a multiple-POV narrative using these models, I imagine it would be much the same. Lots of mushing together and pulling apart, and mushing together again in a slightly different arrangement until you get the overall arc of the book and the beats of the individual character arcs to feel right when you’re telling yourself the story in your mind. 

I know that didn’t really answer your question much, but I hope you’re willing to cultivate some patience and try to figure out whether these work best for you, or if another model will be better. It takes time to figure out what works for the type of story you’re telling because nothing is a one-size-fits-all method.

Good luck!

How to Write a Novel with Multiple Points of View from NY Book Editors
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The first hybrid.

This is what Rodimus says when he realizes the underlying paradoxes of Megatron that has become accepted background noise in the common culture of the Cybertron Civil War. How can someone rumored to have a green mottled spark, a rumored point one percenter, be a common mining vehicle, something that was mass produced five million years ago?

And Megatron deflects any questions about his origin as well, showing that in the society that he wants, the question itself should not exist to begin with, be it in law, spoken, or even in thought.

But this is not about him. This is about a different origin of Cybertronians. We have the Forged, we have the Constructed Cold, we have the MTOs. And then we have a breed rarely spoken of.

The Warborns are rarely spoken about. With Whirl’s comment we know that Fortress Maximus never experienced Cybertron before the war, never experienced the senate or even the reign of Zeta Prime. And we know that he’s also Forged, as his spark did not seize when the Kill Switch was activated.

Fulcrum is also Forged. He did not suffer the effects of the Killswitch either.

But notice his wording. It seems to be even more suspect. Sure, Forged has been used to describe the so-called “birth” of a Cybertronian, to the point where it is basically the word for it.

But where do the Warborn come from?

Bumblebee was of the last generation of Cybertronians, yet at the start of his life the war hadn’t really begun. Sure there were Decepticon terrorists, but nothing outright. The Warborn label wouldn’t apply to him or those from his hot spot. The war hadn’t truly become what it was later.

So let’s look at Fortress Maximus again.

Pious Maximus was a figure from before the war. Outspoken against the caste system to the point where he ended up being one of many who conveniently “disappeared”.

And one would have to admit that there is a resemblance. Enough for Sentinel to confuse Fortress Maximus with him.

He disappeared to the Institute, and was never seen again. And there his body was gutted, the brain module taken, probed, peeled.

We never learn what happened to the sparks. While Rossum’s Trinity is a medical term in the Cybertronian medicine, we know that through the Triple-M that you don’t need the transformation cog, and we know that with spark isolation, a common way to house dangerous criminals, the spark can survive on it’s own.

Iced, inside a flower, in a cockpit, the spark can survive a lot. Maybe it need helps, but it can survive.

Rodimus called Megatron the First Hybrid. Which seems to indicate that there are more than one. That there are other forged sparks within constructed cold bodies.

And we do seem to have some sort of indicator that dysphoria in some form might exist, with Starscream continually changing his body, either never feeling that his body was “right”, or he never grew attached to his looks because they weren’t “his”.

So the Warborn, where do they fit to make this a complete image? We don’t know if the Institute kept the sparks, but what if they did? Kept them with the other mass produced bled sparks from the Matrix, but probably catalogued and written down from whom they came from as well. And if dysphoria was documented, hell, it could be used to “explain” Decepticons, then what if Constructed Cold bodies were made to “fit” the sparks.

Pious Maximus might be one of those that couldn’t recall their past lives. After all, if data from the brain can leak into the spark, then it might not do it in the first place.