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Asgardianwarriorr’s Follow Forever and Beyond

It’s been a year since I made one of these so here we go: I want to thank you guys for making my dashboard a good place to come by. Each one of you mean something to me, you’re all more than just a blog. You’re beautiful, awesome, talented, cool and amazing people, never forget that!

My squad:

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0roro-munroe altair andrasted assasssysin avengeravenue biosshock biowarefangirl bookerrdewitt bornasurvivor buckybarrnes buckynatasha buymevideogames captainjacksparrcw chaptereight chrisevanas cilntasha corvopearce cptnstevens

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damianwaynn darcythornton delsinsrowes doctsoni duchashka dunwall elektrahnatchios elvenking esteljune evungelinelilly ezioxauditore fenharrel gaarrett gamersbliss gamersdaily guardiansofthegalaxys ha-harleyquinn her-avenger hwoaarang inmarvelitrust itsjaneshepard kaidaned kaldwins kaldwinsmask ladylokii ladypool 

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marcusfeniix mattmurdcck miyku momopuff monteriggioni nexya no-puppy-eyes notactuallydaredevil omegastation partyathetower pepperrppotts peterquill phylavel queenclintasha rahgot richiecrispie shepardsassassins shesacroft strategichomelanddivision supersoldiers talizorah the-lost-valley theillusivewoman unfil-dawn vncannyxmen xthevision ysgramur

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Have a great day, guys! ♥ “May your road lead you to warm sands.”