they all basically still look the same

Dirty Pop (Pop)
  • Dirty Pop (Pop)
  • N'Sync

30 Day Music Challenge

Day Eight: A Song You Liked When You Were Younger


Artist: N-Sync

 I use to make mix CDs a lot when I was younger, and on every one of them this song was on there– this song and “Who Let the Dogs Out.” It’s still a great song. JC was my favourite; and still is.

i’m gonna voice my opinion and i need y'all to not jump down my throat for this.

i’m an entertainment business and public relations major and i know when something is fishy. there are four things that don’t sit right with me.

1. he announced it before the label which is a huge no no.
2. why is he alone in the picture? a rca member had to be in the picture, its basic protocol.
3. its been 3 hours and RCA still mute about it.
4. it literally looks like the same four pieces of paper.

if y'all feel differently that’s fine but don’t come at me saying “i’m bitter” or some shit like that cause if you know me, you know i love this damn kid and want him to prosper.

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it's a bit hypocritical of you to reblog this post when you run a blog based on kate's face when she was young & fresh. sorry not sorry

I can’t agree with this. The only reason why my blog keeps the focus on Kate’s early career is that I like her first four albums much better. But I’m still a fan of KB and I never ceased to support her, no matter how she looks. Also, my blog is based on her face ??? No, my blog is based on her music. I obviously post pictures of her, but because it’s part of her work, and I’m here to discuss every aspect of it with other fans. That is all. I think you are actually being hypocritical and quite judgemental by making such basic statements. I love Kate and I have absolutely nothing against her current size, just as I have nothing against any other woman that has the same body shape as hers.

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How did you get into nannying? I want to after I graduate high school, I'm just not sure where to start.

The area I’m in (and was in when I was in college) is a very wealthy area for the most part, so people recommended getting nannying jobs. I joined and found tons of opportunities. I love Care because it was safe and thorough. Before I got chosen for my position that I still have now I had to go through a phone interview and an in-person interview before I knew. It was a little nerve-wracking because there were many others going for it too. But, I love nannying. 

Nannying is not the same as babysitting at all. Babysitting is here and there, where nannying is basically every day and you literally invest so much into the kids. It’s the most growing and rewarding job ever, not to mention it pays well (depending on where you’re living), which never hurts!

I hands down recommend looking into nannying! all the way! Let me know if you have any other specific questions, and I can try to help. :)

“Sammi, it’s pretty fucking hilarious that you HAVE done the same things as me, but are still so fucking intent on making me seem worse. You STILL tagged your latest post ‘spamy’ which is still the lamest fucking insult ever & you all look ridiculous as fuck every time you use it. “

I haven’t done the same things as you. I’m no saint, but you’re not either and thats why we’re here. The spAMY thing is supposed to be lame. I may look ridiculous using it, but I consider that my followers may not want to see these posts and tag them so they can be blacklisted; and they’re basically spam anyways, so the name fits. 

“Same with that lame as fuck gif of Jared dropping the mic like that means you’ve 'won’ this discussion. Of course you would think that. Doesn’t make it true.“

Sorry you don’t understand my use of gifs, but it wasn’t used to signify that I had won. There’s no winning with you. Just frustration.

“ You say I’ve harassed you. Got screencaps to back that up? Me replying to your posts in the past doesn’t automatically mean I’ve harassed you, and doesn’t mean I deserve the names you’ve called me. And like I said, yes, thanks for more screencaps for my collection proving you’re a fucking dick, when all you have right now is me telling you to jump off a cliff. “

Well I don’t keep a collection of hate mail like you do. I don’t see why anyone would, but heres a couple. 

I made a simple mistake and you attacked me for it. I tried so hard to be civil with you then, and unfortunately lost my cool, yes. I have even admitted to my pettiness, but all you keep doing is spewing profanities and fuck yous at me. Hmm..

  • And after being blocked on tumblr, you hit me up and blindsided me and Nancy on twitter, and at the time we hadn’t posted about you or anything since the blocking system was fixed.

I’m eager to see that collection you say you have, so please, by all means, put me on blast for being an asshole and show me where I called you all these horrible names.

“ Also, please show me where I said I WASN’T stalking your blog? I never said that. But you never admitted you were stalking mine. Just another lame tactic to try to make me look worse(your tags also said 'and it continues’. YOU ARE THE ONE KEEPING THIS GOING BY MAKING CONSTANT POSTS THAT INSULT ME. JFC.) “

I haven’t been stalking your blog. The past few days, I have checked it to see if you responded to me or not, since you’re obviously doing the same thing I’m doing and responding as well. I fail to see your reasoning in bringing this up. We’re both clearly checking eachothers blogs at the moment. I’m not making posts that insult you. I’m making posts responding to you and posting proof of your hypocritical bullying of people who aren’t Destiew shippers. 

“ OK, now that all of that is said and done, please. Enough is enough. If you want me to respect in the future if you ask me to leave you alone and you want me to comply, you’ll do the same now. If you keep making new posts continuously meant to bash me, that’s not going to happen. It’s also not helping the situation. And just because you asked, I also actually left a note directly TO Chelsea & not to you. “

This post isn’t meant to bash you. I’m responding to your claims and giving you the proof you asked for. Also, pro tip, if you would just stay off our blogs and leave Wincest shippers and anti-shippers alone, and stay in your own lane, we would have no problems with you. But you won’t do that, and once again, thats why we’re here. We have begged and pleaded with you to just stay out of our tags, and leave us all alone, but you just won’t stop. 

I didn’t ask you to address Chelsea, all I asked is that you stopped bringing up others to back up your arguments. I want nothing to do with whatever issues the two of you may have because it’s none of my business.

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i'm so bad at math, and i really need to get better so i don't fail my ib, do you have any tips or good resources i could use?

I got your back! (i will try)

General Tips

1. If there’s one type of question you kinda trudge through every time you do it, do a lot of those questions consecutively. The general effect is that after doing like 500 questions (just an exaggeration dw) doing basically the same calculations and steps, you’ll remember how to do it much better, and you’ll get faster at answering the question. Basically, repetition!! And when you’re confident, move on to actual exam questions to get an idea of how they’ll be phrased.

If you still don’t get it, don’t lose hope! Here’s what I do: go look at the answer to one question (ones that show all working, not just the final answer) and analyse how they did it. Then, write what they did for each step on a piece of paper and why - for example, “they subtracted a from b because that’s how you find the length of c. Next, do that question yourself; if you get it wrong, look over it and do it again til you get it right. Then, do a different question (refer to your steps if you need to). Keep doing this until you get the hang of it, making sure to check your answers as you go along. This will help your general understanding of the topic rather than just memorising 

2. Get your basic skills down to perfection! I don’t know exactly what the IB course consists of, but a lot of my course this year relies on prior knowledge from the last course. Things like indices, surds, rounding, basic trig, factorising, fractions.. You’ll save yourself so much stress if you invest some time in practicing those topics, seriously. I suggest doing a few questions (”starter questions”) on those at the start of your studying. Oh, and also, learn to double-check. You don’t know how many marks I’ve lost for doing things like writing 9 instead of 6. Check you’ve done everything right and read the question properly!!

3. Teachers! Asking teachers for help when you’re stuck is so incredibly important. If you don’t get something in class, for example, either stop the teacher and ask for clarification or wait until they’re finished talking/after class. Go to their study classes, ask for extra material. They’ll also most likely have their own little tips and tricks for certain questions to make it easier - they had to learn this stuff at one point too, after all. Don’t worry about things like seeming overbearing or the outraged cries of “you’re asking for more maths omg??!?!11?!”, because you’ll be glad that you got that help when you’re holding that great grade in your hands. If your teacher’s not an option (i get that tbh) ask people in your class/people who took the class before! They’re studying for exams too, so they may be able to help in ways teachers couldn’t. Again, this is an opportunity to share little tricks, as well as getting a more informal and possibly more memorable explanation of things. (Also, there’s a lot of studyblrs who could help out!)

4. There will be things you’ll have to just remember - not processes or anything, but things like values and formulas. Get started on memorising these immediately. Just like in Tip 2, doing this will save you so much stress later on. Oh, you need to know cos 45 to begin this 10-mark question? Boom, √ 3, now you can focus on the hard stuff. It sounds trivial, but trust me on this one. (the girl who spent an hour before the exam flicking through flash cards and screaming) I included some links on memorisation below!

5. Keep your actual notes separate from exercises you do in class. My teacher in 3rd year gave us a Questions book and a Notes book, and that was probably one of my best years generally for maths. (I’m doing this again this year!) One thing I totally recommend doing is adding pagination and then making an index page. This’ll keep your notes organised and when you’re shoulder-deep in exams, you don’t want to have to rifle through 5,000 sheets of paper for one formula. I’ve also included links on note-taking below!



IB past paper
SQA past papers (my exam board - there are some similar questions I think, you can use this to find q’s on specific topics)
- Khan Academy
- (you can also ask me if I have any questions on certain topics - I have textbooks and stuff!)

study guides:

guide by study-well
guide by academiclesbian
guide by cutenotesandcupcakes
general study guide by kimberlystudies

note-taking & organisation:

notes guide by monica-studies (using the 2-notebook method!)
notes guide by attackonstudying
(yt video) organisation guide by studyign
(yt) mathwithcoco - new channel dedicated to math!
(yt) patrickJMT - another math channel!
how i take notes #shamelesspromo

flash cards for memorisation:

Quizlet (also a phone app!) (can’t recommend enough!!)
guide by study-well
(yt) alternative to flashcards by studyign

Remember to relax and take mental health days anon!! And don’t let the stress get to you - you can pass this, I believe in you!!

Composite Dimension:
Bringing It All Together - XXXVI

Categories of Hexagram Dimensional Discretization - I

(continued from here)

The mandalic cube presents all dimensional discretization categories of the sixty-four hexagrams in interactive  geometric/algebraic form.  It is all one could ask for.  Still the rational mind craves more.  It wants all this explained in words.  That could possibly take years to accomplish, though we can look at some of the basic principles involved in far less time.

When all sixty-four hexagrams are superimposed upon the cube defined by twenty-seven discretized three-dimensional Cartesian points, as prescribed by the method of composite dimension, the hybrid 6D/3D mandalic cube results. This mandalic cube then exhibits all categories of hexagram dimensional discretization described below.

  • Any two trigrams that form a given hexagram occur in both possible forms at the same three-dimensional Cartesian point. For example,  MOUNTAIN over FIRE and FIRE over MOUNTAIN  are found at the same Cartesian point.  This is a necessary result of the method of composite dimension previously described.[1] Where the upper and lower trigrams are identical, as at all eight vertices of the mandalic cube and only there, a single hexagram appears.[2]

  • The principal hexagram discretization category distinguishing dimensions[3] is the one related to orbitals or shells. Four orbitals exist in mandalic geometry, numbered 0 to 3 from inner to outer. The radius of orbital 1 is equal to  1 unit or sqrt(1)  by definition.  Radii of the other orbitals are easily calculated with the Pythagorean theorem - - - sqrt(2) for orbital 2; sqrt(3) for orbital 3 - - - or  by extrapolation  in the case of orbital 0.  These correspond to energy levels, but also to much more.[4] Contrary to the situation existing with atomic orbitals,  these mandalic orbitals increase in energy with decreasing orbital number. Orbital 0 is the most energetic.[5]

  • Movement within or between adjacent orbitals  encodes charge potential differentials, recombinations, and entanglements.  As a result of the fractal nature and recursive constitution of composite dimension, the geometry based on it grows into one of recombinant coordinates.[6] In plain language this means that the nature of charge varies from one orbital to another. Movement between adjacent hexagrams, one within Orbital 3  and the second within  Orbital 2,  as an example,  necessarily involves both  change in charge potential and an accompanying change in  degree of manifestation/actualization  (which is,  in fact,  a different realization of charge potential.)  Another way to grasp this concept is to note that the mandalic line in its simplest form is a line only in terms of three dimensions; in terms of six dimensions, it is a square.[7]  The idea here involves more than geometry alone; it involves physics as well.[8]

  • The orbitals can be pictured either as concentric spheres with radii as described above or as a 6D/3D hybrid mandalic cube with side equal 2 units.  All the corresponding discretized points of the two are  congruent, superposable upon one another.  Other points in this accounting  are not real.  Our eyes,  trained as they are through many years of indoctrination to Cartesian coordinates,  insist that they  are  real,  but this is altogether an illusion, an enticement we must learn to resist.[9]

(to be continued)


[1] This one rule appears to prescribe all possible categories of dimensional dynamics of the mandalic cube. We can presume that this geometric rule has a real world correlate in terms of force fields and particles. If that were true then the quantum numbers  used to define different particles  could all be subsumed in a single more comprehensive interpretation of reality.  Are we there yet? No. But it is tempting to imagine  that we have here  what might be at least a small clue to a Grand Unified Theory (1,2).

[2] Even in this case two hexagrams can be considered to exist, only in a form indistinguishable from one another (at least for now.) A physical correlate might exist, of which we are yet unaware, that would necessitate an expansive outlook such as this.  Extrapolation of the basic modular mandalic cube, which topic we will get into at a later date,  posits that eight such modular units meet at a single vertex of our current solitary module, sharing that one Cartesian point among all eight. Even if all the hexagrams were replicas of one another, if their component trigrams were  continually shunted  from one module  to another  to another,  the situation might be such that  upper and lower trigrams composing the hexagram, though appearing identical would nonetheless differ in some significant manner. In this case the inversive forms of the “identical” trigrams composing the vertex hexagrams would acquire  both unique geometric and physical significance  that eludes us just yet.

[3] This is analogous to the principal quantum number (n) which describes the size of the orbital.  However it maps much more than size and relative size of orbitals. It distinguishes as well the qualities of residents of various orbitals, both within a single orbital and between different orbitals. Not all the qualities, but some of the most important.  Another important distinction with respect to atomic orbitals is that physics disallows a principal quantum number (n) equal to zero (0), whereas for mandalic geometry a zero orbital exists and is located at Cartesian (0,0,0).  The radius of orbital 0 is  0 or sqrt(0)  which mathematics holds are equivalent.  Possibly the reason physics denies existence of an  n = 0 orbital is that since the radius is zero, and Western thought regards zero as null and empty, the possibility of existence of a comprehensive and functional zero orbital is overlooked.  On the other hand,  physics seems to have little problem with quark soup.  (To be fair though,  that concoction  didn’t appear until a few millionths of a second  after  time zero,  an instant  physics  assiduously avoids speaking about.)

[4] We’ve seen for example that in mandalic geometry orbitals also represent different degrees of physical manifestation in both quantitative and qualitative terms.  They encode the dimensions of potentiality,  with alternative directions of actualization and potentialization or differentiation and dedifferentiation.

[5] This difference may be largely a matter of perspective.  Physics here is focused on the electrical energy of single electrons in various shells compared to the energy-dense positively charged nucleus of the atom. If instead it looked at attraction of the nucleus for electrons in different orbitals it would arrive at a different calculation of relative energetic capacity.

[6] The term recombinant is one adopted and adapted from the science of genetics (1,2,3) Genetics originated with Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian friar and late 19th-century scientist. Mendel’s experiments with pea plants between 1856 and 1863  revealed many of the  rules of heredity.  He noted in particular that organisms inherit traits through discrete  units of inheritance,  a somewhat vague term still used today  to refer to a  gene.  Trait inheritance and molecular inheritance mechanisms of genes  are still  indispensable underlying principles of genetics  in the 21st century.  Today,  modern genetics has expanded beyond inheritance to consider the function and behavior of genes and genetic variation in living organisms.  Although generally considered a field of biology,  genetics intersects frequently with other life sciences and is also strongly linked with the study of  information systems.  It might  parenthetically  be added here  that the I Ching,  that classic work of Chinese antiquity  upon which  much of mandalic geometry is based,  far from being just a system for divination,  is, like genetics, a profound study of  principles of combination and recombination  and, for 21st century purposes at least, similarly related to the study of information systems.

[7] If perchance you don’t see this, possibly you forgot to take your red pill this morning.

[8] Possible analogies to contemporary physics might include:

  • Orbitals 3 and 2 involve the electromagnetic force and its force carrier, the photon.  Other than the photon, which is bosonic, the main constituents of Orbitals 3 and 2 are fermionic,  represented by hexagrams which,  either in isolation or combination,  map  electron, proton, neutron, neutrino, up and down quarks and antiparticles of all of these where they exist.
  • Orbitals 2 and 1 involve the weak nuclear force and its force carriers, the W+, W-, and Z bosons known as intermediate vector bosons. As the fundamental process of the weak interaction has been characterized as transformation of a neutron into a proton, an electron and an antineutrino,  Orbital 3 must join the party here as well.
  • Orbitals 1 and 0 involve the origins of the strong nuclear force and its force carrier, the gluon. Here we encounter the primary locative determinants of color charge and color confinement.  Gluons are the exchange particles for the  color force  between quarks,  analogous to the  exchange of photons in the electromagnetic force between two charged particles.  Like the photon, the gluon is bosonic. The gluon,  however,  itself feels the color force, while the photon  does not itself  feel  the electromagnetic force.  Here we have a clear example of how a fundamental aspect of reality, namely charge, varies in character from orbital to orbital. The generic term  charge  may variously refer to  electric charge  in electromagnetism  or  color charge  in  quantum chromodynamics.  In final analysis,  then,  a charge must be considered any generator of  a  continuous symmetry  of  the  physical system under study. This gets us into the still more extensive subject of Noether’s theorem with its emphasis on symmetry and conservation law.  Those might be topics for a future post … or six … or ten.
  • Orbitals 0 and 3 involve ???  Here lies the great mystery.  What mystery is that, you ask.  The mystery is that no one knows.  Possibly this is where the secret of quantum gravity resides.  Then again,  perhaps not.  What is here undeniable though,  is  that  these two orbitals  relate  center to periphery and  periphery to center,  as does gravity also. Someone should attempt to connect the dots,  if only for the fun of it.  (“You didn’t think I was serious!” exclaims the Cheshire Cat as it dissolves in an enormous grin.  Then in the blink of an eye  the Cat is back,  no longer brandishing its  iconic grin.  "On the other hand,  "it volunteers coquettishly,  "if you doubt I was just toying with you before, you might try looking at it this way.  As you progress from outer to inner orbitals, charge changes from electric charge to color charge. If you continue faithfully,  in the same direction,  you should arrive at a point where color charge evolves to  gravitational charge.  Gravitation is the result of mass, and mass is the result of the entanglement of infinitesimally minute material entities  represented by  the Lines of hexagrams and trigrams.  This overlapping and entanglement  become ever greater  as you venture further down the rabbit hole of the atom.  And then suddenly and unexpectedly, the miracle occurs.  Electromagnetism,  a function of  the outermost orbital  has free access to the entire universe. Weak and strong nuclear forces are locked into intermediate orbitals and are able to act over only very short range.  But the deepest orbital of all,  the one in which gravitation originates,  remains in close interactive contact with the outermost orbital and thereby shares in its universal access. Though weaker than electromagnetism, gravitation doesn’t experience the enervating effect of attracting positive and negative charges, so it becomes the primary force throughout the universe at large.“  With that the Cheshire Cat  abruptly vanishes once again,  this time  taking its blatantly capacious smile with it,  leaving me alone  to ponder its unravelling of fractal quantum gravity - or was that fractured quantum gravity?)

[9] Physics, of course, learned this lesson early in the 20th century.  Discrete geometry  is what quantum mechanics is fundamentally all about.  But in over a century, the lesson has mostly failed to trickle down to the popular mentality.  It shouldn’t need to be pointed out, though,  that we are speaking here about scales of magnitude many powers smaller than our customary scales of observation. So you needn’t worry that our world is really mostly empty space like swiss cheese, (though, in fact, it is.)

© 2015 Martin Hauser

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We Germans certainly do not regard ourselves as a particularly cruel or hard-hearted people, still less as particularly irresponsible and happy-go-lucky; but you only have to look at our old penal code in order to see how difficult it was on this earth to breed a ‘nation of thinkers’ (by which I mean: the nation in Europe that still contains the maximum of reliability, solemnity, tastelessness and sobriety, qualities which give it the right to breed all sorts of European mandarin). These Germans made a memory for themselves with dreadful methods, in order to master their basic plebeian instincts and the brutal crudeness of the same: think of old German punishments such as stoning (– even the legend drops the millstone on the guilty person’s head), breaking on the wheel (a unique invention and speciality of German genius in the field of punishment!), impaling, ripping apart and trampling to death by horses (‘quartering’), boiling of the criminal in oil or wine (still in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries), the popular flaying (‘cutting strips’), cutting out flesh from the breast; and, of course, coating the wrong-doer with honey and leaving him to the flies in the scorching sun. With the aid of such images and procedures, man was eventually able to retain five or six ‘I-don’t-want-to’s’ in his memory, in connection with which a promise had been given, in order to enjoy the advantages of society – and there you are! With the aid of this sort of memory, people finally came to ‘reason’!
—  Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality

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I guess its offical, we no longer have Fairy tail mondays but now its Fairy tail sundays great chapter, it showcasing the threat but at the same time it made possible by teamwork to beat him athough Natsu getting the first punch, well lets see what happens next week. Lucy Sagittarius form looks awesome and how she fire all those arrows, Lucy is comparable to Juvia over my fave top athough I'm more attached to Juvia. Ajeel is basically FT answer to Gaara of Naruto. lol. what you think of this

Hi ^_^

I still read it on Mondays early morning when I wake up cuz of the time difference. To be honest I’m not liking this arc so far. Mashima wants to create a sense of threat through large masses, like I giant island disappearing, or a giant sand creature appearing, but after seeing Natsu defeat a huge War God (and we’ve seen Natsu fight against enormous dragons too), this kind of stuff isn’t impressive anymore.. In fact it’s kinda boring at this point..

You have to close your eyes on a bunch of things to accept the fact that Zeref is the emperor. The timing doesn’t match as well. He said the previous attack was 10 years ago, but we now that 7 of those was the first time skip, and 1 is the current one. So they advanced two years before the Tenrou Island incident, but ran due to etherion and faces, and wouldn’t that sort of thing be fresh in everyone’s memory?
Yet everyone is acting like they’ve never heard of this kingdom. (I mean FT members).

I’m glad Lucy is given a proper power up this time. Seems like after the Spirit King gave her her first Star Dress (Aquarius’s) she learned to Chanel the rest on her own.

But this still seems like a power up from nowhere. Regular Celestial spirit clothes don’t increase your power (we’ve seen everyone wear those), yet to get the star dress Aquarius’s key had to be broken. So it seemed like her magic was transformed into a dress. However now it looks like the other spirits just opened up this secret wardrobe with al the star dresses that they just forgot to mention to Lucy…..

Kinda makes Aquarius’s parting pointless. She could’ve just given her the dress to boost Lucy up and Lucy would’ve won against Jackal.

I wouldn’t compare Lucy to Juvia. But if you want to, then the only power up Juvia had was the second origin, but everyone got that. Lucy however got additional golden keys, a celestial whip, urano meteorea and star dresses. And yet I still feel that in a fight Juvia would win, because she defeated the same set of opponents (and even greater if you count Meredy) without any power ups and by herself (no spirits, yukino or hibiki involved).

The Sagittarius dress looks impressive, but we know that his arrows go to the target themselves, remember? So Lucy doesn’t have to aim, she just has to shoot.

Ajeel looks like someone Max could learn from, but I really think it would be beneficial for this arc to have all the FT members fight against just one opponent at a time. I’d like to see some team work. Not necessarily team A and team B, but at least pair work.

(Secretly wishes to see what Gray and Natsu as both slayers can achieve, what Natsu and Wendy could do, if Lucy can figure out a way to work together with Erza now that she has a form of requip, and of course to see what Gray and Juvia could do)

I know this isn’t a “fairy tail is the best manga in the universe” opinion, but the story can still turn out to be a great one! And I’m looking forward to the chapters!

Thank you very much for asking! ^_^

(I’m sorry but I haven’t read Naruto..)

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wait can we go back to talking about the Hope Solo 2007 drama? I'm reading her memoir and she mentioned that earlier before Hope made the team Bri was benched for the Olympic final v. Norwegian and this is what Bri said: “I personally still feel that if I was playing in the goal in the final we would have won it. I’m just a big-game player. When it’s on the line, I’ve been very successful.” She was applauded for her fire and competitive” I think it's fair that Bri was applauded while Hope cont.

while Hope was basically confronted by the coach and all the older players etc. when she did the exact same thing that Bri did. They made Hope look like a bitch and they made Bri look like a competitive player who knew what she was talking about. totally not fair for Hope. some bs tbh

I mean, we could talk about it again😂😂😂

So that’s me. I am a tomboy. I like short hair, like dressing like a boy but I also like dresses and dressing up. I like watching action anime and yaoi but at the same time I watch romance and Romcom films. I like going to gym but I like eating junk food as well. I like boys, girls, basically anyone with a good personality. I like looking like a badass who looks like she doesn’t care but I like smiling at the same time and being a ball of sunshine. I’m still figuring myself out. I am not comfortable in my own skin or around people but everyday I’m making an effort to be comfortable in my own skin. I think we’re all beautiful in our own ways and I hope you will remember that when the sun don’t shine bright and it all seems down, I want you to remember it gets better everyday, little by little. I

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Yo I want to draw but Idk how to start

I’ve been drawing since pre-k so I’m not sure either but my best guess is stick figures and shapes. Drawing lines and shapes gets you used to doodling and the curves and strokes is what gets you drawing.

If you want to draw people, learn how the human body looks and moves. Look at actual people. Look at yourself in the mirror if you need to. Learn basic bone structures and muscle movements. Despite how diverse bodies are there are still rules you need to remember (Like the toe to heel length being the same as wrist to elbow, a persons center of gravity when standing being wherever their head is, hips never go wider than shoulders, etc).

I keep references saved in my likes just in case.

Honestly, I don’t know what else to tell you other than figure it out as you go. Practice is all about trial and error and you can only get better.

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I agree with you I think that the media I making the death rate ridiculously high and the spoilers have just confirmed it basically. Because look who obvs survives: Belle,Vanessa,Kirin,Paddy,Rachel,Megan,Jai,Layla,Robert,Chrissie,Bob,Brenda and we all know that Adam, Aaron and Ross were seen filming so ... I bet like 3 MAX will die maybe Sam, Joanie, Finn. Might get loads of 'nearly goners' like Pete which will make Debbie realise how much she loves him and Aaron, Chas and Vic for the same reaso


Hmmmmm, yeah does seem that way doesn’t it? :/

To be fair though, 3 people dying is still a pretty big death count for Emmerdale seeing as their death rate is pretty low anyway. Its not like HO where 3 days is basically just a standard week (sorry HO fans but its true though ;)) So I get why they’d be hyping it as a lot of deaths, because it is a lot compared to their average.

I’m also on board with only a few deaths because I do not want my faves to die. I breathed such a massive sigh of relief when we found out Leyla wasn’t going to die, seeing as her and Vanessa are my fave ladies, and she was a favourite to die. Oh gosh, Finn though, he does seem so likely but I reeaallly don’t want him to die as I’ve said so many times in my tags haha. But oh god, I am expecting him too now, and seriously if Ross is someone partly to blame or feels any guilt towards that I will cry because hasn’t that boy suffered enough!? 

Sam, Joanie, Finn and Lisa seem pretty likely? Also, those pictures did seem to imply Rachel and Ali were leaving? So maybe one of them dies? People are saying Vanessa’s baby might die which is already making me want to cry at the thought. 

Definitely with you on a lot of nearly goners. A lot of people are definitely going to be injured. Either way I am so excited for the stunt and regardless of who dies it is going to be upsetting as hell because we’re going to see all the other characters cry and that is going to hurt me to my core. 

Thanks for the message! 

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I was tagged by my friend, Isabelle, froglinson it means a hell of a lot if you know what I mean. Thank you so much! 

1. What moment solidified your belief in HL? Hmm well it’s complicated you know? Because I had stages so: basically I was in love with H but my best friend told me he was actually bisexual and that he had a boyfriend in the same band, and I obviously didn’t believe it at first. Tbh I was a bit disappointed bc hell I was in love with him you! So I decided to search for it with my own eyes and looked for X Factor video diaries and all those interviews they’d had, and I caught myself smiling like a fool in front of my laptop screen. After all that I still had my doubts tbh but when the Paris interview happened and I saw them there all flirtatious and all that shit, in the moment they said to each other “dangerous” and “beautiful” I thought that’s it.. I’m Larry af
2. What are your favourite 1D tattoos? Just a few because I sometimes think “why the fuck those?” so just Harry’s belly butterfly, Zayn’s mandala, Harry’s ship (for me that is a ship lmao), and all the Larry matches of course 
3. If you randomly met your fav in public, and there were a lot of fans around them, what would you say in those precious 10 seconds?I’m so ooooover dramatic I probably would say: “The heaven is looking for its angel, just tell them no :)))))” ?? Too much weird? idk idc 
4. What’s your 1D order (incl Zayn) and has it ever changed?Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and yeah it changes mostly because of my mood. But Harry is always ALWAYS on top
5. How would your best friend describe you? Simply as “Larry af”
6. What was the last fanfic that you read?Are you asking me for a larry fanfic or a normal fanfic? Because the last time I read was Anarchy but it was a Harry fanfic, as for Larry, Prince of the Seven Seas, BUT those were the last I read completely, if you asking what was the last I read but still reading, then the sequels of the two
7. Harry or Louis’ thighs (i’m sorry) LOUIS’ OMFG
8. What is something that you are proud of? All the boys’ progress on their vocals. Mostly Harry and Louis’
9. When do you think HL will come out? I honestly don’t think this year but maybe the other? Or who knows probably not in 2 years or 3 but when they are ready. I honestly don’t have an idea but I perfectly know they are going to come out someday
10. Who do you look up to? Harry because he is simply fantastic in all its ways

1. Chris Evans or Chris Pratt?
2. Favorite Larry moment
3. Are you feminist, not feminist, anti feminist or just don’t care?
4. Do you think dinosaurs should live still? Why?
5. You are the only person awake in the whole world at midnight, what do you do?
6. If you could have a wild animal, which one would be?
7. Black chocolate or white chocolate?
8. You have the oportunity to make your fav one (whoever you want in the world) fall in love with you in just one day, tell me how would you do it
9. Cat person or dog person?
10. Larry af?

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ask-fallout-frank asked:

Mmmermaid AU?

  • weh i dont have much bunny is a over grown angel fish, Court is a shark, Katrina is a tuna, and stephen is a goldfish
  • Bunny still eats sailors and pirates, although shes more open about it. 
  • Katrina doesn’t care for the taste of human flesh but she is VERY TERRITORIAL with other merfolk. Will punch them with with her tail and fists at the same time if they accept her comfort zones, but otherwise friendly. 
  • Court is BAsically mer-grinch, will eat merfolk and humans all day, lives deep in the ocean so looks foreign and gross even to other merfolk. 
  • Stephen enjoys free food and attention from the human citizens via being kept at a zoo. LOOK IF THERE WAS A MERMAID AT SEAWORLS WE ALL WOULD WANT TO BE PET TO THEYRE TUMMY OKAY.