they actually look good in floral crown =)))

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HELLOOO! ❤️❤️Without doing any test, what would you think are the signs of each god claiming you? For example: if you get straight A's, you might be athenas child or if you do music, you might be apollos child or if you feel the need to buy adidas hermes, you might be hermes child lol

Hi :) Well… I made the test because literally every other quiz out there had very stereotypical answers like DO YOU LIKE ARCHITECTURE???? OR FLYING? OR SWIMMING? Buuuuuut if we’re gonna do a High School stereotype of each god/cabin, let’s make it a proper one shall we (rubs hands)

Zeus: Class President, volunteering, leader of group projects, head of debate club and MUN, does AP Gov and Politics, thinks theyre the most popular kid, headstrong

Poseidon: yachting, canoeing, is super chill and funny, actually the most popular kid cuz Zeus kids are too domineering, swim team, equestrians, loyal, creative. always wants to help, resting bitch face

Hera: Homecoming Queen, yearbook committee, always wants everyone to do their best and look good, constantly sidelined but actually really smart, manipulative, perfectionist

Demeter: BAKE SALES AND FOOD FAIRS, vegetarian, biology and botany is their best subject, wears earth tones, florals, pastels etc. actually wore a flower crown once unironically, motherly and bossy

Ares: signs up for eVERY SPORT, huge jock kids, hit puberty too early, sports scholarships, patriotic, family of vets and soldiers, (probably your bullies), also probably beats up your bullies, loud and commanding

Athena: Vice President, actually does all of Zeus kid’s work, valedictorian, straight As, Ivy League schools, arrogant, never pays attention in class or takes notes, but somehow remembers everything

Apollo: Theater star, wears a fedora and brings a ukelele to school, sweet-talker, school radio/emcee, teacher’s favorite, was the only kid who loved Advanced English Literature, underestimated, probably covered in paint

Artemis: Nature Photography, always on the field trip committee, combat boots and flannels, edgy haircuts, only one who can put the jocks in their place, Girl Scouts, sprinters

Hephaestus: Future engineers, tech whizzes, special effects, lights and AV club, creative and precise, shone during science fairs and carpentry, down-to-earth and funny, hide their feelings behind a mask

Aphrodite: Cheerleaders, popular girls, valentines day committee, empathetic, the kids who would listen to your problems, natural artists, latest trends, instagram and snapchat, EQ is off the charts, all-rounders, never taken seriously

Hermes: sneaker enthusiast, entrepreneurs, best Emcees and hosts, class clowns, easily the most liked, detentions, 100m dash, social media freaks, up to date on current affairs, too cool for school to join the MUN, Business Management, troublemakers

Dionysus: that one stoner kid who went through all of hs high but never got caught, video game geek, throws the best parties, loves Halloween, open-minded, spontaneous, sassy as hell, unpredictable

Hades: went through a emo/goth phase, loved rock/punk music, dressed in jewel tones and blacks, actually super nice and cool to hang with, insecure but strong as hell, nobody messes with them, volunteers for projects others wont, smart and resourceful, always wears that one piece of jewelry every day no matter what

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Orrrrr arranged marriage trope (idk where that came from)

@annytecture Sorry this took me so long! but it was good that it did!

Alright, this came to me based on a few tags regarding that ball scene from 5x02 and possibles AU scenarios, here.

Dedicated to @in-spirational and @duathadun that had birthdays this week!

Ever since she could remember, Princess Emma Swan from Misthaven had been told she’d marry Prince Liam of Camelot. She was raised with that knowledge and every story about a brave prince coming to the princess’ rescue would be filled by Liam and she on her mind.

She’d only met him once, when she was eleven and he was sixteen. He had blue eyes and curly brown hair and a nice smile. And he treated her with the utmost respect, not like a child, but like an important princess. He listened carefully to her ideas about what should be done in a kingdom (she had ideas but no one was willing to listen). His little brother used to interrupt them, a dark haired boy of thirteen that wanted nothing more than his brother to teach him swordplay instead of being with that princess. Emma scoffed at the little boy who clearly didn’t understand how crown princes and princesses should behave.

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