they actually have a building to play the game


Haven’t posted anything in a while, due to a combination of school & suddenly having a social life. I also very recently started dating someone (my first time, actually!), so I’ve been spending more times playing games that we’re both familiar with, or can play together, as opposed to the sims.

Here’s some pictures I took for Boolprop’s building competition! Hoping to do a bit of playing this weekend, so I have more stuff to share during the rest of the month. :)

Playing the Sims isn't as simple as just filling their needs.

First you have to make the sims. But, of course you have to make them perfect.

Then comes building/decorating their house. Some might think this is fun, and it can be, unless you’re like me that has OCD and has to take 8 hours to decorate and design. Making sure the house fits the sims you just made PERFECTLY. (Also finding a lot of cool custom content is necessary)

And THEN you get to actually start your sims lives! Yay so exciting!

…but wait. I just spent all day decorating and designing the sims, the house, maybe even the town to live in so they can live awesome lives… And… Eh I don’t feel like playing anymore.

*doesn’t play again for another 6 months and when I decide to play again I start the whole process over*

Yup. That’s the sims.

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Meanwhile Bruce Arena is building the MNT around an 18 year old Christian Pulisic, as he should. Jill Ellis is building around a steadily decline 34 year old Carli Lloyd who will be gone in 3-4 years.

is he actually doing that? he’s only coached 4 games so far, with 2 of them with mls players only. but he did give pulisic starts in both games he was available so yeah, that’s a good plan, he’s the future of this team and the best player they’ll have in the foreseeable future

jill’s stubbornness when it comes to playing carli all the time is ridiculous, especially when it goes against everything she says about player performance and how she acts like she chooses her lineup. and it’s especially ironic when 2 of the brightest young talents she’s got prefer to play the #10 role but they’re being pushed wide so carli can play

🍬chirebrum!🍬 fun things to do 🍬 (optionally, with a/your carer!)🍬

🍬coloring! there are free coloring pages you can print from online, coloring books at the dollor store, even free coloring apps you can get on your phone!

🍬playing with legos, lincoln logs, knex, other building toys

🍬dress up!

🍬building pillow forts (couch cushions are great for this)

🍬watch movies/cartoons (Netflix and are good sites!)

🍬Play Doh - you can even make your own!! you can put whatever you want in it - glitter, beads, color, etc. - to make it more fun

🍬finger painting

🍬reading fairytales and kids books

🍬building sand castles!

🍬picnics or tea parties!

🍬bubble baths - bath bombs or other bath oils are great too

🍬playing with cards, board games or puzzles

🍬picking wildflowers


🍬have tasty snacks like gummy bears, animal crackers, mini cookies, etc. Actually, everything mini tastes better in my mind :)

🍬crafting! there are tons of cheap craft supplies you can get at the dollar store etc. Also, making things like bracelets could be fun to stim with if you like that kind of thing :)

🍬feel free to reblog with more!

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Hi, I hope you're having a great day/night ! My question is, would you ever post gameplay on your tumblr ? I wonder what's your gameplay like :)

I hope you are as well! I actually don’t play the game very often haha :P I am either building or making CC. You probs wouldn’t want to see my gameplay anyway because I don’t do anything exciting when I play, or at least it feels like it haha.

Nordics with Lego
  • Sweden: Makes those amazingly intricate replicas, and spends hours painstakingly creating the giant masterpieces down to the finest detail.
  • Finland: Prefers the actual playing to the building, and will have hastily constructed arenas but he'll create such an interesting storyline that it doesn't matter. His favourite game is using Lego to act out the Hunger Games.
  • Iceland: Prefers building to playing. He follows the set's instructions meticulously, it somehow matters to put the stickers on exactly straight, and hates it when anyone (Denmark) messes up his sets. Once he's done a set he'll get bored and just leave it as-is.
  • Norway: Somehow, he has 1,000 of the same figure (it's Dumbledore) and hides the figures everywhere throughout their house, so you'll be looking for cereal only to find 5 Dumbledores staring right at you. He loves building without instructions but has trouble thinking of what to build.
  • Denmark: He has a GIANT collection of Lego. You need to be careful walking anywhere barefoot, because you will inevitably step on some. He loves playing with it and always mixes up the sets and characters. You'll see a Harry Potter head with Bellatrix hair and a rebel alliance pilot's torso. Half his figurines are missing hands but he doesn't care. His buildings are beautiful even with the mismatched bricks everywhere, and he'll play with you for hours on end.
  • Bonus Sealand: Doesn't really get Lego, so he just follows the instructions. He accidentally drops his buildings when trying to move them to a safe place. He'll mostly do half builds and then he gets bored and goes to do something else.

Hey flight rising fandom! I have an account but haven’t played in a year,,,,, anyone want to help me get back into the game? Im thinking of purging my entire lair except for my first drags and actually building lore

There’s also new dragons and I’m just????

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have you played any of the dragon age games? i want to play all of them but i only have a pc would they still work on there if its not a gaming laptop?

yup, i’ve played all of them! they’re really really good at building a world and setting up a story and very very bad at executing that, unfortunately- origins (1) is the best, 2 is my personal favorite because i actually like having a fairly defined protagonist and tighter scope for the story, inquisition had the most promise and the most letdowns. it’s definitely a series worth playing!! just know that there are some thematic elements handled extremely badly, most notably to me framing the chantry as oppressive and politically domineering and then still somehow making the mages the bad guys every single time

that said i played all 3 in PC and they ran fine! i think origins and 2 are only on origin (the EA steam knockoff) which is unfortunate….. actually inquisition might be also
anyway there’s nothing inherently wrong with them on PC but naturally it depends on how old your pc is, how your graphics card and ram are looking, etc.

edit: for reference, my shit is fairly old, i only have 1gb of graphics memory and 8 of ram, but i have an…. i think an i9? processor. isk it was good when i bought it 4 years ago lmao
Lousy Play


The lights flickered on as a small inkblot shuffled into the room. It was night, and he did hope that everyone was either asleep or out of the building. He would have a hard time explaining this otherwise.

As he crept up to the machine on the other side, he looked around to make sure he was in the clear.

He plugged the machine in, and immediately it started blaring chiptune music as Wario’s face appeared on screen, with the words “PRESS START” blinking below.

The Repairman looked at the controller with some uncertainty. He hadn’t really played a game before. He had been in video game worlds, sure (he was in one right now), but he hadn’t actually played one.

Still, he had to see if this was breaking the Wall, so after a minute of searching he pressed the start button.


•  NAME: Kai
•   PRONOUNS:  xe/xim
•   SEXUALITY:  ???sexual (All  I know is that it’s completely based on mental stimulus)/demiromantic
•   TAKEN OR SINGLE: taken


1. If I was a dragon, I’d have a hoard of blankets. Actually, scratch that. I do have a hoard of blankets. When does my status as dragon get confirmed?
2. Depression runs in my family, but I’m the first to actually seek treatment for it.
3. Despite popular belief Iam Not. A. Gamer. Like Dragon Age and Final Fantasy aside the most complicated games I’m playing right now are Elvenar (an online fantasy town building simulator) and SkipBo on hardmode against the computer.

•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): eh…. two decades at least???
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  notebooks, letters, animexx, skype, discord, tumblr
•   BEST EXPERIENCE:  DARP on tumblr so far has had the must fun experiences

•   FEMALE OR MALE: Concerning the gender of my muses I have collected a great variety by now, but I seem to lean more to male muses.
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: I love fluff, I’m very good at smut and I do enjoy angst too, but my alltime favorite are “weird and funny encounters nobody expected”
•   PLOTS OR MEMES:  Both are good, but atm I prefer plots, or at least some discussion about the overall idea for the thread.
•   LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  whatever fits the current mood of the thread
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE:  Either early morning or late at night. There is no in between.
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  eh…. which one? X,D Some of my OCs probably do carry aspects of my own personality and some of my canon muses probs have partly been chosen, because I can identify myself with them in a way.

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Hi I'm building a simic edh deck(probably Rashmi but maybe Kruphix) centered around bouncing my own lands, like with gush/thwart, and using exploration effects and burgeoning to stay in the game. I want to possibly use sunder + bane of progress/cyclonic rift/nev's disk to finish the game. Do you have any ideas on how to build this so it is actually functional?

Yep, absolutely. I think a really good place to look towards for inspiration is the Modern Deck Amulet Bloom that used ‘play an additional land’ spells (especially summer bloom), massive ramp, karoo lands and amulet of vigor to get huge amounts of mana for some win condition.

I think you could even go in for Red as well as simic and add in fireball effects to put your mana towards. Red can even offer up some mana doublers so that you can net large amounts of mana before returning the card to your hand. Under these conditions I would recommend Thrasios, Triton Hero and Kraum, Ludevic’s Opus a they’re both very strong card draw and Thrasios is really strong (and cheap) ramp.

But if you do just want to be dedicated to Simic, then Kruphix is a better option. While you may find that Rashmi let’s you cast and draw more spells a turn, Kruphix will give you somewhere to put all of your mana between turns, and then just put powerful draw spells into the deck. You could easily make a deck that is completely none threatening and then wins out of nowhere.

Outside of these you deck can be broken down into a couple categories: Draw, ‘play an additional land’ cards, ‘return land to your hand’ cards, mana ramp, win conditions. From there you should have a really strong basis for a deck to play test. If you need more specific advice, I’m happy to offer than too.

When most people want to play a game, the first thing they reach for is likely a smartphone or tablet. Actual pinball machines have become quaint curiosities, but a father-son duo in California is keeping these old-school games alive in a museum.

The Museum of Pinball is hidden away in an old industrial building, just off Interstate 10 and about 90 miles east of Los Angeles in Banning, Calif. It’s pretty quiet when the rows upon rows of pinball machines are not turned on. But once the switch is flipped, it gets loud.

“I built this collection picking them up one by one, and I put them in my house,” says John Weeks, who founded the museum together with his son, Johnathan Weeks. “I’d fill up buildings with them, storage units.”

Their collection is huge. There are 650 games ranging from vintage 1950s-era machines all the way up to ones based on current TV shows such as The Walking Dead. John began amassing the games in the early 1980s.

Tilting Toward Fun: A Museum For Pinball Wizards To Come And Play

Photo: Matt Guilhem/KVCR


He didn’t have time to be playing whatever this little game was with Jessica. There was actual work to be done that he couldn’t accomplish with the P.I. lounging about his office like she owned the damn building. The only reason he hadn’t tried calling security to remove her was that he knew it’d be a waste of time and energy. “Your friend’s office is just down the hall, you know? And Danny doesn’t actually do anything, so he’s free to talk about whatever you want.”


Heya heya! So I’ve been really busy with more projects lately and right now it’s my only day off before I have to essentially camp out in the labs again (and either sleep in the building or in my car. Jeez it can get really cold :/). And because of that, I haven’t been able to do any personal/pony work so I’ve decided to go ahead and upload this, since you guys seemed to actually like it.

If you remember, I posted up earlier the concept art for a game idea I played with for a project in my Game Aesthetics class, and this is our second project in said class. This project called for us to either make another game concept or use the previous concept we’ve used and create the concept art for the User Interface for it. Once again, I chose my previous game idea of the frozen Egypt thing, and this is what I came up with.

So the first image is of a very rough gameplay simulation. Since the class seemed to think it was a side-scrolling platformer I went ahead and ran with that, although the game wouldn’t be a sidescroller if it ever came to fruition. Anyway, the HUD in the game would be made so it wouldn’t be intrusive to the player but still present in case the player ever needed to see what’s happening without pausing. To all of the basic necessities, all you have to do is press, say, select on a PS3 controller, otherwise your health and magic meter will only show up if you take damage or replenish them.

So this is how the health system would work: in the bottom right hand corner of the top image is your Sun Disk and red bar. The Sun Disk is a gift from the Goddess Sekhmet, and it’s installed in Batal’s collar and essentially acts as a shield because it’s the barrier that protects you from the harsh cold of the now-frozen Egypt, as well as damage taken from enemies and other means (example: falling from high ground). If the sun disk’s fire dies, then your shield will be gone, and when that happens you are vulnerable to both attacks and the cold weather. Being short haired, Batal’s red bar essentially acts as a timing meter for you to find shelter from the cold or some Solar Energy orbs to restore your sun disk before you essentially freeze to death. If you freeze or your health is completely taken out and you have no more of your nine lives left, you get a game over screen (seen in the last image provided).

The second and third images are concept works of the pause menu, which if animated, the scroll with “drop” onto the screen and roll itself out so you can see the contents within. The pause menu can be accessed by pressing the “Start” button and exited the say way, and contains your general menu (the 2nd image), your skills menu (third image), your options, and your map. The skills menus contain two separate skill trees: the Blessings skill tree and the Abilities skill tree. The Blessings skill tree are abilities you obtain from the blessings of the Gods. As you rescue them from their imprisonment they will bless you with a new ability that will help you along your journey. For example, the god of the Nile, Sobek, will grant you waterproof fur, which will allow you to swim in waters without immediately freezing to death for a short amount of time.

The Abilities skill tree is for general skills that you learn along the way as well as powering up skills you already have, such as the power behind your slash attack or just how high you can jump without the help of a blessing from the gods or something.

The last image of this set is the concept for the death screen if you get Game Over. If that happens, Batal will collapse and the world around them (the cat has no set gender) will fade to black. Anubis will then fade into existence from the darkness and pick Batal up with his magic, which forms a very faint Ankh symbol as Batal floats before him. The player will then choose their option. If Continue is chosen, Anubis will cocoon Batal in bandages before freeing him, which will revive him and allow the player to start at closest Anubis alter there is. If you choose “Load Game”, Anubis will wave his hands and you will disappear momentarily before another loading screen pops up and you are taken back to the save point you choose. If you choose “Quit”, then Anubis will speak his disappointment of your hesitance to continue your journey to save Egypt before proceeding to mummify you and send you into one of his tombs.


WHEW! I thought a lot about how the interface would work but I’m no expert, so it could definitely use some polishing. That said, I think it isn’t too bad for a mock-up of the game. Which brings me to my next question.

If I were to actually go about making this into a real, playable game, would anyone actually be interested in playing it? More so, would anyone be interested in helping me work on it if I went about recruiting folks?


I’m loving the Sims life on Caldey Isle

 I still building & adding lots to my little world. I’m getting distracted by actually play a household instead of what I’m supposed to doing. Building & testing. I’ve played seasons spring through fall(each 20 day) & the weather throughout has been freakishly spot on to my setting. Plenty of fog & rain ;-)

When I exported Caldey from CAW; the IP distant terrain didn’t show up when I installed in game. I had initially planned my little world to be surrounded by neighboring islands. I found this scenario very comforting. After playing for a while on my isolates isle; I not so sure it actually needs the DT. I will definitely have to rethink my worlds backstory. 

This is always the stage of world building where I get distracted. All the details are kinda over whelming. At present I’m wrestling with a hidden island & several tombs that work in conjunction with each other. I’m stumped on details of the backstory that would make the whole system make sense to anyone besides me. After months or years working on a world there’s always a backstory. Try to make it lucid is another story.

In the meantime, yesterday I painted ceilings & looked for random floating floor tiles. 4 lots down…….. 46 to go O_o!


Screenshots from Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes #2! :)

Have a bomb in your building? 

Scared your home, business, school and/or shacks you own of any kind are going to blow to smithereens in a manner of minutes?  

Call Bob and Jack they can help you by defusing your bombs that you have for some reason! :D

One will be there to actually defuse the bomb while the other will be reading how to defuse the bomb as far away from any possible death that may occur. :) Don’t worry though these guys just started and they successfully have defused bombs by sheer luc I mean teamwork! :D Teamwork and lots of experience! 



This was the moment when I realized something really interesting to me about the Ace Attorney characters/world:  Edgeworth’s reasons for being serious about resigning are entirely his own arc and centered on his own character.

Phoenix can be an important catalyst, much of these events would not have come about without Phoenix’s role in them, but they’re not actually at all about Phoenix.

Edgeworth is resigning because of things that have nothing to do with Phoenix, his motivations (in the cases where he plays a central role, like in 1-4 and 1-5, so far) are ones that have events completely separate from Phoenix’s character, and that’s really interesting to me.  When I went into the game, I expected something pretty shallow and not all that deep characterization-wise, but right around this time is when I began to see that the game genuinely is building up some of the characters to have their own well-rounded, individual personalities and motivations, not just the main character.

It balances this with having Edgeworth and Phoenix (or Phoenix and Maya or Phoenix and Ema here) have fantastic interactions, entangling their characters together, but Edgeworth especially (though, there are others, too!) is genuinely interesting away from Phoenix’s character, too.

That’s pretty much one of the best ways to my fannish heart:  Give me characters who I can get emotionally invested in for themselves, just as much as I do for any potential friendship/ship-related reasons!