they about to kiss in the 2nd photo

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Hi. I have a 2 part question about the infamous March 26 pic of Larry and the frenchrosebud. First, how did that pic leak in the first place - where was it originally posted (I've seen the "never again " comment Larry made about it). Is there any other known information about the photo or about Larry and the frenchrosebud hooking up. And 2nd, was the ltfandom in complete pandemonium when this photo first appeared lol?

The picture first appeared on the gossip site - As you can see in the picture, Larry is taking the picture with HER phone and she is taking the selfie of her kissing him.  The picture had to have been leaked to the website by her - but it is unclear if Larry knew that it had been submitted to the site.  

I pulled the pictures off the website.

As for the fandom - OH WHAT A DAY THAT WAS.  First was the confusion as if it was Larry or Laurent.  The mirrored reflection threw some people off, but upon taking a closer look, the tattoos and jeweled skull ring didn’t lie.  I believe Mediatakeout mixed up the name as well - not the first time a gossip site mixed up the names.  

Once it was established it was Larry, it was the tale of two fandoms.  The Tumblr crew were up to their creative shenanigans having fun and celebrating the pic.  A few photoshop masterpieces were created and it was deemed an LT national holiday. We also clowned about the fact that as the picture hit, Lylah and Lilo were en route to Portugal for the final show of the MCWT.  Ohhh to be a fly on the wall for that convo.  

Meanwhile in an alternate universe, the IG girls were shocked, saddened, and worried about Larry’s feelings.  They demanded the picture NOT be posted and harassed fans who posted to delete it out of “respect” for poor Larry who must be “so humiliated”.  They demanded an explanation as to why innocent sweet Larry would ever allow himself to be a part of such shameful behavior as they tagged him several thousand times.  Larry appeased the ludicrous outcry with a “never again” response, knowing damn well he didn’t owe ANYONE an explanation or a sorry.  

He wasn’t sorry it happened because we all know there was some serious “surfboarding” going on based on the bathtub remanence in the background, he was just sorry he had to apologize to shut them all up.  

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So how did you think of the concept for Rock and Riot? Did it just occur to you or did you get inspiration from something??

A combination of many things! I had the characters Connie and Carla first, but it was this photo that circulated around that made me want to put Connie in a girl gang: 

I also saw an article about photos from the 1950′s being found of two boys kissing in a photobooth. It made me also want to create two male characters to follow alongside Connie+Carla.  

And of course, Grease is a HUGE inspiration. I love the overly macho-ness of the men, and the stupid turf wars in the 2nd film. Buuut, the films are obviously very… straight and white. 

With all these cheating rumours swirling around... I just want to write a theory. I

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris split up on amicable terms before May 20th.

In the scary event of Calvin’s car crash on May 20th, he requested a private room at the hospital to treat the minor lacerations to his face - when the hospital was unable to provide this, he reportedly jumped out of his bed and left the building.
At the time, many fingers were pointed accusing him of “substance abuse” meaning he could’ve been more responsible for the accident than the female student who T-Boned his 4x4 than previously thought - but consider with the chaos and clamour of the open hospital room, he may have wanted that private room to avoid even the slightest chance of being asked about his newly-split but not yet known to the world girlfriend, Taylor Swift - especially as she was trying to visit.

The last candid photographs we have of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris together are on May 20th outside the hospital, where Taylor pulled up for a mere 2 minutes, Calvin kissed her on the forehead and they both drove off separate ways.Taylor travelled back to Nashville and spent time with her family and childhood best friend, Abigail.
Those are our last candids, and with hindsight of their break up they don’t appear to be more than a “goodbye”.

On May 22nd the BBMAs were held - infamous for Taylor and Calvin being a couple at during 2015 - but despite Calvin’s only very minor injuries, both he and Taylor decided to bail on the award show - note how the fans had been hyping this up because yet again, the leaked seating plan showed Taylor to be sitting with not only her boyfriend Calvin, but also Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez!
Headlines read that Taylor was missing the show to be with Calvin, to help his “recuperation” - but his injuries sustained weren’t even visible in candids, and there really was not anything wrong with him by this point.
The likelihood is, they’d both already decided to ditch the show for having to sit next to an ex the entire time is an episode Taylor’s known to not enjoy, and requesting to have their seats changed would just spark rumours when they already knew how they were going to deliver the truth.

June 1st, People announced in their tabloid reserved for celebrity publicists to get their “say” out that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris had split after a 15 month relationship, for becoming more friends than lovers. Calvin Harris later tweeted a confirmation announcing that there was nothing but “love and respect” for each other, still.

Shockingly a full fortnight after the split announcement, Calvin Harris began deleting Instagram photos of Taylor, unfollowing her and her brother on all social media platforms and even going as far as to delete tweets referring to her - including “love and respect” before dropping a cryptic “It’s about to go down 💀💀💀” which he also, later deleted.

For the next couple of hours the minority Taylor’s fans - and others - harassed Calvin disgustingly and blamed him for the break up, before candid photographs of Taylor kissing Tom Hiddleston on a public beach in Rhode Island flooded the internet dated June 15th - a mere 6 weeks after they’d first met at the MET Gala, May 2nd of that very year. Notably within those hours, Taylor also retaliated by deleting several of her own Instagram photos depicting Calvin.

Less than 18 days after meeting Tom Hiddleston, things came to an amicable end between Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris.

More than likely either Taylor, or either one of their publicists contact Calvin to inform him of the Rhode Island candids that would be appearing shortly, and suddenly the rash behaviour from Calvin Harris on social media made sense - he had not formerly been aware of Taylor seeing somebody so soon after the break up, whom she’d only met so shortly before it, and it feels like betrayal for him.

Whether there was in fact infidelity or not we have no true way of knowing, but realistically, Taylor Swift who has hoards of paparazzi on all four of her doorsteps at all times runs a very slim chance of being able to sneak around with Tom Hiddleston from place to place to have an affair.

Cheating Probability: Very Unlikely.

haruhana magazine vol. 23 (April&May 2014 issue) partial translation

Q1. Please tell us your “Memories” with the members.
A1. The memory I shared with Soohyun was that when we were performing in a musical in Japan, we practiced and worked hard together. 
With Hoon was that during Lunar New Year this year, my family and Hoon’s family had fun together. We had a meal at Hoon’s place and went for a bowling battle afterwards. My family won the battle~ After that we went to karaoke and sang a lot of UKISS songs (laughs). 
Kiseop and I share the same room, so we’re learning composing together.
Eli and I were the MCs of the US tour, and the two of us had a meal together.
AJ said that he likes my voice, so I often do the guide vocal for him when he composes. I’m glad that I’m useful/helpful for him.

Q2. What is your embarrassing moments that you want to forget?
A2. The concept of our title song “I like you (니가 좋아)” in our 2nd Korean mini album was the 80’s, and I had a perm. At that time I really hated it and didn’t want to go out…I don’t want to remember/think about the outfits either (laughs).

Translation: karenwu0109


Ok, so great news!

The guy who originally posted this photo tweeted that it was Bobby and JMo, but the fan I tweeted with above said the next day that she saw Bobby and Emilie……and then others said they saw JMo had sent an instagram that night from LA. 

Per my discussion with the 2nd fan, it’s now been confirmed that it was Bobby and Emilie. I’m guessing the crew told that guy that it was JMo in order not to give away the fact that something significant was happening. This is from 5x06 and if I had to guess, Belle will heal Rumple’s white heart with a kiss…….there were wind fans blowing, so something was happening.

I’m so excited!!!!  If I’m right about a KISS, this is the beginning of the beginning for Rumbelle!

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