thexstorms replied to your post: [TEXT] Same here. But I miss you. [TEXT] Sounds great. I’ll be there.

[TEXT] I’ll bring the car lol [TEXT] PEPPERONIIII.

[TEXT] See you soon!

When it became evening she started to prepare herself for the evening, after working the day a shower was needed, and of course new clothes. This was kind of a date right? Though the angel was not really knowing if one between friends or.. not? But then again she didn’t think about such a thing. Not yet, right now everything was simply too new for her, friends, remembering.. everything. So her feelings were right now still all rather innocent.
Since it was a warm night and they wanted to go watching old movies in a retro setting she decided to be dressed accordingly to that. Jeans Shorts, and a white star wars tank top (x), simple, casual but still fitting the occasion enough to not seem like she didn’t care.
Two pizza were gotten fast, for her Hawaii and for him Pepperoni, and soon without any waiting went to the drive-in theater, waiting for his arrival. 


The Oracle walked down an alley silently hoping that she was heading the right way to her TARDIS. Her feet abruptly stopped when she heard a sound, so she turned quickly to see what was there. When she saw no one she shrugged to herself; The Time Lady loved meeting new people even if she found them in a suspicious alley. Taking a couple of steps towards the sound she began to smile.

“Is anyone there?”