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Screen-Capture(s) of the Week:

Tales of Zestiria the X #06.
「ベルベット・クラウ Velvet Crowe」
(”Velvet Crowe”)

Red Museum - Episode 34. I took the “museum” part of the title to heart for this poster, giving the design a fine art quality.

3 - Episode 31. This is one of those episodes that is not on the top of most people’s lists - which makes me want to make an even cooler poster for it. I went with a horror vibe and played up the “unholy trinity” angle of the killers, which ties in nicely to the cross Scully left behind which pops up again and again in this episode.

Aubrey - Episode 36. When I was designing this poster, I found myself wishing this episode was titled ‘Sister’. I’m glad I was still able to work that instinct into my design. I found much of the episode disturbing and I aimed to create an image that was equally jarring.

Firewalker - Episode 33. This episode covers some of the same ground as season one’s Ice so I gave it’s poster a similar layout to the poster I created for that episode. I focused on the volcanic aspect of the story in the design and tried to marry the concept to the throat-bursting antagonists.