The Fault In Our Stars: John Green

Hazel’s done it. She’s beat the tumor built up inside of her. Even with that great hunk of news she doesn’t care. She has nothing to really live for, and she knows that her ultimate fate of dying will come eventually. 

Until Augustus Waters shows up in her support group and his eyes are on her the entire time. 

I refuse to write anymore about this book other than you need to read it or yourself. You’ll laugh and cry and see what a harsh reality this is and how you need to live for now.


This Lullaby: Sarah Dessen

Remy has never been one for serious relationships, because love doesn’t exist, right? This is the reason she’s just broken all of her flings off before they had a chance to become addicted to her.

& then in a single moment she meets an annoying and persistent boy named Dexter who seems to be in the right place at the right time. So why not get to know him, she’ll be leaving for college right after this summer and as long as he knows it’s not going to be serious there’s nothing to lose, right?

But what if there is and what if she’s scared to follow what everyone is telling her and even what her feelings are telling herself.

Man, I devoured this book, and I’m not even kidding. I read it in 5 hours. It started a bit slow and I just wanted to get to the parts where Remy spent time with Dexter but it’s all in good time. This book is super relatable and it just brings you to realize that things really do change when you least expect it and it’s all about timing.


The Opposite Of Hallelujah: Anna Jarzab

Caro has the good life. She has nice friends, a boyfriend, and she’s treated like an only child. Only she isn’t. She has an older sister who left home eight years ago to be a nun and all of a sudden she’s coming back. Caro is compelled to keep where she really was a secret and entangles herself in lies. Once her boyfriend and her separate and she sets her eyes on the new boy she lies to him about her sister too, because she’s ashamed of who her sister was.

Caro ignores the signs that Hannah has depression and treates her like shit. Even though she knows she shouldn’t it just happens and soon she starts to regret it. She starts to regret everything when the new guy Pawel comes over for dinner and mentions that her sister was in the ‘peace corps’ and it sets everything into a downward spiral.


I don’t want to tell you guys anymore but I did enjoy every last chapter of this book and if you have some free time definitely open it up and read it!


The Hollow: Jessica Verday (book 1)

Abbey’s life seemed great with her best friend Kristen, about to start Junior year, planning out a future together. Until Kristen goes missing and is proclaimed dead. Then Abbey seems to fall apart and spends all of her time in the cemetery talking to Kristen or even Mr. Irving’s grave. She seems lonely and that’s okay. Until she sees Caspian.

She instantly falls in love with him, and they see enough of each other to make them kind of together. & then they kissed. But after that Caspian stayed away and Abbey wasn’t sure what she did wrong. Until she uncovered the secret about Sleepy Hollow and what’s happened.

I liked this. I disliked the sexual tension definitely but I liked how the legend of Sleepy Hollow tended to be the topic of this book. And the ending left me upset and wanting something, happier.

Thankfully, there are two more books to go!


Wake: Lisa McMann

Janie isn’t normal by any means of the word. Ever since she was eight she hasn’t been able to have normal dreams if anyone is around. If they’re sleeping she’ll fall into their dreams, and see what they’re seeing. It’s a gift, but seeing these nightmares and not being able to help anyone just seems like a curse to her. Until she meets someone just like her. Someone that tells her she can control her dreams. And everything changes. She even has a boyfriend, Cabel, who lies to her but seems to be doing it for a good reason. 

This is actually the second time I’ve read this book since I’ve bought it and I still love it. The idea truly is well executed and I honestly never saw the ending, or even the truth really happening. I’m about to pick up the second book right now and see the relationships keep going and the chance of a lifetime build!


The Future Of Us: Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

Josh and Emma are bestfriends and the perfect next door neighbors. Until Josh mistook their friendship for something more and now they barely speak to each other. Josh gets an America Online Cd-Rom in the mail and after his parents tell him he can’t have it he gives it to Emma. Only Emma logs onto the internet to see a website called Facebook that she’s apparently on. Only it’s 1996 and Facebook hasn’t been invented yet. Josh and Emma become so interested in what their future is, and isn’t, and how they can change it. The real task is just living for now and making it a future worth wanting.

I liked this book. It was written for younger age groups it seems like, just by the choice of words and the little events which take place. I loved hearing about little things like AOL and walkmans and such because it was such a throwback for me and it reminded me of times back then. It’s a nice laidback read which is sure to please readers everywhere.


Far From You: Tess Sharpe

Can I just start this review by saying I started this book today….and had forced myself to stay up to finish it and write this review because it was that good? I know I can’t believe it myself.

Anywho, Sophie had escaped death once, a car crash that had left her broken and battered with more screws in her body than bones. While her best friends Mina and her brother never leave her side. And when Sophie develops an oxy addiction, she gets her help. When Sophie encounters death the second time, it’s just her and Mina, and she’s the only one who survives. Forced into rehab afterwards, left with no end to who killed Mina. Once home from rehab, she takes Mina’s murder investigation into her own hands and attempts to find Mina justice. But finding her justice will not enough to cure her, she’ll need to admit the truth that had been lingering around the entire time.

Like I said, I finished this book within hours, and I loved it. It was so elegantly put together, from the plot to the love story, even to the flashback chapters that had alternated the text. It was easy to get into and I couldn’t put it down until the last few pages, which of course left my teary-eyed


Perception (clarity #2): Kim Harrington 

Claire just had a near death experience last time she worked with the cops, and if it wasn’t for her ex cheating boyfriend Justin, she would have been dead. But he saved her. But Claire is still torn between Justin and Gabriel, and she doesn’t have much time to choose. She’s being stalked, and it isn’t who she thinks it is. Another girl turns up murdered and she’s the next victim

I loved this. It had a fantastic plot and it kept you guessing who she was going to choose, and who her killer actually is up until the very ending. It’s worth reading, as long as you read Clarity first of course!


Hourglass: Myra Mcentire

Emerson’s life has been shattered since she lost her family in a crash. It took her years and a mental hospital, not to mention medication to get her to life a normal life again. Slightly normal. Besides the fact that she can see “ghosts”, or something of that sort. She’s not exactly sure what they are but they make her mood drastically worse when they appear. Until her brother brings in someone to help her deal with this. Only Emerson never though he’d listen to her every word, and believe it all. Or the fact that their touch is electrifying, and it’s like a force draws them together. If only she knew the half of it.

I loved this book. I didn’t really understand what it’d be about in the beginning all I knew is that it made no sense and I was completely okay with it. I loved the romance between Micheal and Emerson, and I loved the sci-fi fantasy concept of time travel that was placed in that book. I’m normally not one for sci-fi but this idea wasn’t overdone in the slightest bit and kept me on the edge of my seat towards the end.

If you haven’t read it I highly suggest that you do 


Bang: Lisa McMann (Visions book two)

Jules thought that after she saved Sawyers life, she’d be vision free and ready to ignite that fire that has burned between them for years as a couple. She couldn’t wait. Jules is vision free, but now there is a new emerging issue. Someone else is experiencing visions, only this time it’s a vision of a school shooting and each day it gets worse and worse. How can Jules help someone decipher their visions if she can’t see it through her own eyes? It’s hard. On top of that her parents want her home 24/7 leaving her with no time to spend with this victim of visions. With no leads and time running out can they solve the mystery in time to save those people? Should she even try?

This book was just as good as the first book Crash, if not better. The action was almost immediate since there was no need for introductions, we know the characters and we know the idea of the novel. It was a great type of chase novel and it continued to keep my guessing during the entire novel. I need to grab the third book, ASAP.


meet me at the river: Nina De Gramont 

Luke and Tressa were always together, until the accident happened that had made Luke leave this earth and Tressa then try to kill herself to be with him. Until her suicide attempt had failed and she lives, and Luke is back as some sort of spirit, only able to visit Tressa at night.

Tressa has decided to spend her days alone, listening to her mother, who looks over her shoulder 24/7 scared that she may try to commit again, while she waits for the nights she can spend with Luke. but when she starts to form new friendships, she must decide if it’s time to move on and think about her future, or stay in her hometown with Luke. Ultimately it’s about choosing to move on or become stuck in the past.

The book was pretty slow for the first half, not in a bad way (i’m used to just heavy love and affection) but it was definietly worth reading. The life long story of love after death and moving on when life seems hopeless is such an amazing story. It had me holding back some tears in the end. 


My Life Next Door: Huntley Fitzpatrick

Samantha seems as if she has everything going for her, her mother is a politician and everything in her house seems to be about order and rules. Still, Sam has found herself looking out of her bedroom window and her next door neighbors, the Garrett’s for years. Something about the messy big family they have has drawn her in. Then one night Jase Garrett does the unthinkable and climbs over the fence and up to Sam’s room and things will never be the same. As Sam’s mom falls deep into politics and is never home she finds herself spending her days over at the Garrett’s and living in the chaos, as well as falling in love with Jase so easily. One night something happens that changes everything and Sam must chose what is right and what she will do, for her family’s sake or theirs.

I would like to start by saying I finished this book in one day, it was so good I couldn’t stop coming back upstairs to read some more. The book was written so easily and the first love as well as the family’s lives were extremely relatable and I felt as if I was right there in the same house while reading.This book will tear at your heart and make you feel good again and enjoy the simple things.


Hereafter: Tara Hudson

Amelia has a terrible ‘afterlife’. Wandering around the river in which she thinks she died in, but she’s not sure. She’s not sure about her past life at all, she doesn’t even know her last name. She also gets pulled into the same nightmare of herself drowning in the very river. Until she’s pulled into this nightmare to realize she’s not the one drowning.

Instantly she gets into the river and wills this boy to live. Even when he’s so close to dying there is nothing she can do. Until he opens his eyes and he sees her. He lives. She yells at him to go to the shore, to get out of the water and he obeys. But that’s impossible. He couldn’t have possibly seen her.

And then he comes back to visit her. and their strange relationship begins. She’s dead and his family background makes him a sneer, which are meant to hunt the dead. He’s meant to hunt and kill her for good. But he can’t. 

I liked this book, I mean the idea is pretty farstretched, but it was really good. I think the relationship between Joshua and Amelia kept me wanting more, and the fact that Amelia couldn’t remember who she was kept giving us more information and it really helped the story continue  This is a good read if you’re sitting alone waiting for the storm to get worse like I am!