I crave love,
the purest, deepest and rawest form of it.
The movie love, the book love, the Romeo-Juliet love.

Just someone’s careless kisses on my neck and my yearning lips,
Someone to hold hands with and run into the sunset with,
Someone I can write about endlessly, never getting tired of writing about how they are my sole galaxy in this dark universe, my one nice thing,
About How every word that falls off their lips can put poetry to shame,
Or how his eyes have all my favorite colors in one place, right where I can see them.

How his hands are rough and strong,
And how mine are soft and fragile,
How he would kiss my fingers Every time I would remind him why I love him.

How he and I would make each other mix tapes and pretend we’re in the 90’s.

I wonder if he would write about me too,
That’s the dream, two writers in love.
Exchanging letters and small notes,
Proclaiming our love in ways that haven’t been written about yet,
With two different point of views for the same story.

I want to dance with him, even though I don’t know how to and I am sure he’s a brilliant dancer,
And I want him to sing with me,
Even though he is a terrible singer,
I want to kiss him,
Which is nice cause we’re both great kissers.

I want to hear his far fetched theories about alternate universes and how he reckons
we stumbled across each other, fate or sheer coincidence?

I want to fall in love with the whole person, and not just the idea of them I have constructed in my head.

I want to love them for being shitty, for being sad, for being weird, for crying, for being pathetic,
For being one hundred percent themselves, and being okay with letting me see every side they deemed unlovable.

I want to kiss him lazily like we have all the time in the world and also urgently, like there’s no tomorrow.

I want to cuddle with him, trying to burrow myself deeper into his scent and him,
That’s what I think heaven will smell like,
Leather, cinnamon and him.

I think heaven will sound like his voice,
Every goddamn thing he says sounds like honey and chocolate milkshakes.

Where are you?
When are you planning to show up?

I am exhausted even though I am only seventeen,

But I’ll wait till I am seventy if I have to.

Try writing about a girl that is just too good for words. I can tell you for sure it is hard but the most challenging aspect of the mission is finding words that match her. She is kind, she is beautiful but most of all she is good. The most emphatic person I know and the most fierce creature there is. She will stand up for her rights but most importantly for others. She is that friend that many dream of having the pleasure to know and one that I deem myself lucky to have. Poetry is one of the oldest ways to express thought but just imagine what can be said about the person that not even poetry can contain.

Aaru, I love you, and have a fabulous year! 



You’re so complex, so goddamn intricate,
Your soul is like a labyrinth,
Winding and unending,

It will take eons to figure you out.

Only the best explorer would be able to,
Only the most persistent explorer is meant to.

 — thewriterthatnobodynoticed, we are meant for bigger things// 20:05

blogs to follow  (in my humble opinion) - pt. 1

being me, I started this list with three names, and now have an entire pile. I originally thought I should group them by topic/theme (as in, what each does) but changed my mind. So here are a few blogs I think are pretty awesome (of course, this is just a fraction of the blogs I find awesome off the top of my head). 

*clears throat* 

In no particular order, a few blogs I think people oughta check out:

@mswyrr : writes about feminism, queerness, comics and films - often at the same time. Have already checked out some film recommendations because of this blog. Definitely worth checking out.

@greenish-orange  -  for poetry that might not always make sense to grammarians and punctuation-lubbers but it’s awesome.

@drearydaffodil - for poetry that almost always has a touch of melancholy. covering most poetry needs from haikus to longer poems!

@writerscreed - great poetry/writing community presided over by wonderful human beings who run weekly prompts. Very supportive of the written word. 

@iilahi // @iinfiinte - amazing photographer, writer/poet, artist; and it’s all her own work! (so damn talented)

@housewiththereddoor - for all your horror poetry/prose needs. ghosts, ghouls, demons, and all other creatures live here.

@thewriterthatnobodynoticed - star-starved writer/poet who is a galaxy all by herself.

@bg-grizzo - aside from his great taste in music, he knows how to pack a punch in his poems; a powerful wielder of the written word. 

@dhritspoetry - tries to blur the line between the real and surreal. not conventional by any stretch of the imagination.

@smakka–bagms -  if you’re looking for poetry brimming with strong emotion and a touch of the mystical, this is the place to go. possibly harbouring a secret descendant of Plath.

@seawolfesea  - strings together words in a way that magic looks like poetry. and makes it look easy!

@black-to-the-bones - PoC rights, history, current affairs (mostly US) and everything in between. educational, interesting, and must read! 

@hey-there-little-red-riding-hood - some of the best wolf photos and wolf art around!

@everythingfox  - a fox a day keeps the blues away (for a while at least!). also runs @neothesamoyed , featuring one of the cutest cloud-puppies I have ever seen.

@thebumblebeebindery - bookbinder who might claim amateur status in a fit of modesty (but the work is by no means amateurish). also shares lots of droolworthy books, bookbinding tips and bee facts!

@celtic-poetry poet, booklover and librarian - what more could you ask for?

@shadowscapes-stephlaw - amazing artist. seriously, check this blog out yourselves.

@malicezero - passionate poet and lover of Supernatural. definitely worth a read (or two or three…)

@randomlyjay - this blog is JAYSOME.

There are many more blogs I like (I just can’t think of them right now!) which shall be featured in subsequent parts!