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Hello! First off, it was actually your Disney pilots serious that gave me the inital push i needed to watch pacific rim so thank you for that! :) Second, with what you said about the villains would Gaston tecnically fall under the same kinda way Hans did? Maybe a drift compatible Gaston and LeFou? Obviously it's your project, I just thought it might be an interesting suggestion :). Also, with the no humanization rule, would the greek gods from hercules could as humanizations? Just wondering :).

YEEEEAAAAAAH, WATCH IT ITS SUPER COOL. So much world building and potential in that movie, we hardly get that with anything these days let alone a one shot movie with no game/book/comic beforehand. 

Certain villains yes, Haven’t fully blocked out what I’m doing with them, but some might be in Jaegers together, some might have different jobs here and there, still workin on it, mulling it over and what not. 

I’d probably do the muses before I do the gods, only because I care about them more. But I dunno, it’s all about inspiration and time. I think for the most part I’m stickin’ to who I have listed. 

(induced Fantasy is probably what got me into writing. When my friend gave me the prompt ‘Me, you and Tom get really high, then fight hugh who leads the goblins. And were on unicorns.’ I’m pretty sure none of us knew it would end up being over 200 pages long. I’ll update this story weekly, and the quality does improve as time goes on.)

Chapter 1: Real good shrooms. 

Tom and Chad were all that were left. Everyone else had either gone home or had other shit to do, or at least that’s how it seemed from how they could tell. In the end they decided to just chill in the crib. It had been a good day of rehearsals. Each had a couch to themselves, and they were laid out flat. 
“So basically, I think I could take him in a fight.” Tom finished, sitting more upright and taking a sip from his lucazade before leaning back down. Chad pulled his hat back slightly, feeling a bit out of it. 
“Fair man.” he muttered, before looking around. As the door went both boy’s looked up to see Hugh Goodier walk through, although he looked a little…odd. Fidgety almost. 
“Safe Hugh.” Chad nodded, and Hugh nodded back before sitting down next to Tom.
“Alright?” He glanced around, a little too nervous. Chad raised an eyebrow.
“What’s getting you man?” He asked, sitting up again.
“Well, I’ve got something you guy’s might like.” He whispered, perking the two boy’s interests. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a little clear plastic bag. Chad and Tom’s eyes widened slightly, and Chad once again checked to make sure no one else was in the crib.
“Is that what I think it is?” He hissed, and Hugh raised his eyes in a way that said it indeed was.
“Trust me, this stuff is the best you can get in Britain. Just don’t ask me how I got it. You’ll not have experienced anything like it, I promise.”
Chad’s signature smirk was beginning to appear on his face as he looked to Tom, who was also smiling. Chad offered his fist, which Hugh nervously pounded, still a little afraid he would be caught Chad guessed.
“Respect mate.” he whispered as Hugh turned the bag upside down, dropping four shrooms into the palm of his hand, offering one to Chad and the other to Tom.
“Who’s the last one for?” Tom asked.
“Someone who’s not yet here obviously.” Hugh muttered, causing Chad to frown a bit. That was kinda unlike Hugh…But who cared, the dude got them shrooms, don’t go doubting him now. He was just about to pop it into his mouth when the door once again opened. Chad jumped and quickly closed his hand, and they all looked to see who it was, and then breathed a sigh of relief as it was just Oliver. Oliver raised a hand in greeting, and the others nodded back. When he finally reached them and put his bags down, a confused look crossed his face.
“What’s up?” He asked, frowning. In retaliation, Hugh just took Oli’s hand and put a shroom in it. 
“Try this.”
“What is it?”
“Trust me.”
Chad raised an eyebrow wondering why Hugh was giving OLI of all people shrooms and was about to say it wasn’t a good idea, but out of the corner of his eye’s he noticed Hugh pop his in, and Tom noticing this too, ate his as well. There was no way these fuckers were gonna get fucked before him. With one swift move, he raised his hand and popped it into his mouth…and that’s when shit started getting weird. He couldn’t even tell if Oli had it, but without a doubt Oli was seeing the same as they were. Tom’s mouth was agape as the walls began to slowly turn, and Hugh’s entire demeanour changed. Where he was nervous and fidgety, a cool and calm look spread across his face as he got up. He walked to the centre of the room, which seemed to rise up to greet him. No…They were sinking. 
“I told you it was like nothing you’ve ever experienced.” He laughed, a twisted look crossing his face as he raised his arm’s high. Slowly, the floor began to spin around the newly formed platform in the centre. This was…fucking amazing. It was like he could feel the room spin-wait a second. 
“What the fuck is going on?” Oliver cried out, as suddenly everything began to spin faster. This was obviously his first time on shrooms, but even still, Chad was sure they shouldn’t have this big an effect. He felt himself gripping onto the side of the couch as it span with the room, and they sunk deeper. Tom looked at Chad with terrified eyes as finally the floor came away.
“Shit!” Chad cried out as the couch began spinning over on it’s side, and thanks to him already gripping it he stayed connected. The raised point which Hugh seemed to be on went into a point, and at the end was something which looked like an extremely colourful black hole. A person with epilepsy would have been fucked. Hugh was cackling on his platform, and looked…scarily evil. It was like a whirlpool-Although there was now no floor, it he didn’t feel the force of gravity pulling on his leg’s. This shit had really fucked him up. Chad looked up at a scream, and watched in horror as Oli was pushed off the couch by his own laptop. He didn’t fall however, but it was like watching a cat try and swim. His arms were flailing as he got closer to the apex of the…whatever the fuck it was, and Chad reached out a hand that just missed. 
“OLI!” He cried out, gritting his teeth and watching with amazed horror as Oliver’s foot collided with the Apex. It was like watching a hair go down the drain. He spun around with a scream several times, before finally being pulled inside. Chad looked up at Tom, who’s expression matched his own. A combination of ‘What the fuck’ and ‘That was fucking Sick, to be honest’. Finally they got close enough for Tom to make a jump onto Chad’s couch (Which had thankfully stopped spinning), and they both held on tightly. 
“What the fuck is going on?” Tom screamed over the roaring carnage of what was happening around them.
“Mate, I wish I could fucking tell you!” Chad called back, reaching out a hand and gripping onto Tom’s sleeve. He watched as the table they were eating at along with their bag’s got pulled in, spinning around and then being sucked through the hole like a spider with a hose. It wouldn’t be long till it was their turn. This was all in his head, but dear god did it feel real. They heard demented laughter from above them, and both Tom and Chad’s mouths fell open as Hugh jumped from his platform, landing surprisingly graciously on the couch Tom was once on, who’s turn it was now to be pulled into the Apex. 
“Teeheeheehee, We’re going to have some fun where I come from, that’s what’s happening.“ He turned back to them with a deranged grin as he chucked, and let out whoops like he was on a rollercoaster as the couch went through. This was insane. It’s just the drugs Chad. That’s all it is. But if It was just that, why was it so real? And why did he feel real fear as the metal bit of Oli’s ridiculously long headphone’s connected with the apex? Wait, what?
“SHIT, FUCKING DUCK.” He cried out as they made a fast swing around, and Chad could feel the wind rush past his hair as it crossed over where his head once was. 
“OLIVER SHOULD GET FUCKING SHORTER HEADPHONES.” Tom screeched, obviously not enjoying this deranged carnival ride. Allow that kid, seriously who even need’s headphones that long? Suddenly without warning, everything began to slow. Were the drug’s wearing off? Tom and Chad shared a glance, before both turning to look over the back of the sofa. Oh. Nope. The drug’s hadn’t warn off. Chad and Tom both let out a bone chilling scream as the Couch reached the Apex and they were spun around at ridiculous levels, before stopping suddenly. Before they even had a chance to stop their first scream another started as it felt like their couch was being shot out of a cannon. As they went flying through the Apex of the storm, bright light’s engulfed them. The force on their faces were ridiculous, their cheeks being pulled back like something out of a cartoon. It felt like, too Chad, being in a rave taking place on top of an aeroplane. They kept screaming as the couch followed it’s path, and something spherical came into view. What on earth was-Chad’s blood went cold when he recognized it. That was unmistakably a fucking planet. The couch sped towards it like a fabric coated blue upholstered Rocket. Still Tom and Chad were screaming. Everything was a blur as they fell, and all Chad could tell for certain was this wasn’t fucking earth. There were not Two suns on earth. The grass was not bluish on earth. Finally more and more was coming into detail, but the most important detail was where they were heading. Straight in front of them was a roof. A roof above a castle. A roof above a castle which they were definitely heading through judging by the two other holes already plainly made, one couch shaped and the other clearly Oliver Spencer-Rexin shaped. Poor fuck, that must have hurt. Both boy’s ducked as the couch smashed through and finally came to a rest, however Tom and Chad were tricked by this before. A quick look at Tom showed he was pale as a ghost. Chad bit his lip, and took a deep breath. They were…Alive! They began to laugh, thankful for life. Taking a deep breath they sunk into the couch.
“Mate, Ho-ly fuuuuck.” He whistled.
“That was fucking terrifying.” Tom agreed, leaning back, but then they both fell silent as they took in the sights before them, and there was a lot to take in. The first thing which Chad noticed was the fate of Oliver Spencer-Rexin. Thankfully, he was alive, albeit knocked unconscious arse up and drooling. Falling through a Roof would do that to a person. He did however, seem to be stirring. Then of course, there were…the others.
“What the fuck are you wearing?” He spat, pulling a face as he looked over them, and he had Good right too. On the right hand side, was Catherine. Dressed in black leather, a utility belt around her waist and a sniper rifle in her hands, andA hood which would normally obscure her face sat around her shoulders. To be fair, it wasn’t a bad look for her. However, as the for other too…On the far left was Megan, and she was dressed as, er…Well, if someone had the brilliant idea of making dominatrix witch porn, she would be the perfect star. The collar stuck up in curved spikes, and a red corset was tight around her waist. Well, Corset might not be the right word. It was more like a Corset-Swimsuit Hybrid, and it left…very little to the imagination. But sat in the centre…was Hugh. And what the fuck was he wearing. His hair was stuck up in odd angles, and black eye liner adorned his eyes. Showing a puffy white dress shirt a low cut navy jacket, which for some reason was sparkling like a bitch. Finally he wore what looked like incredibly uncomfortable leather pants. He sat on a throne with the girls either side of him, his legs crossed and a smile on his face. Before Chad could speak, Tom got in their before him. 
“Hugh why are you dressed like a cunt?” 
Chad nodded with a grin, offering a fist which Tom happily pounded. Hugh however didn’t look as amused.
“Chad, Tom, Oli, Wel-” Megan started, but was cut off at a sharp interjection from Hugh.
“Shut up Meg,” He interjected, before turning to the boy’s. Chad noticed how Oliver was now up. He looked at The girls and Hugh and Chad had to bite his lip to stop himself laughing at the expression Oli made as he turned around. Basically, it said ‘Why is Hugh dressed like a cunt?’ Chad motioned with his hand for Oliver to listen, but Oliver was still a little concussed. 
“Chad. Tom. Oli.” He used his hand to gesture to each of them as he spoke. “Welcome to Rhomoss. I’ll have fun breaking you all.” He smiled a surprisingly creepy smile. Like, the sort of smile which was usually left to Oli to pull. Speaking of Oli, Everyone’s eyes slowly moved over to him as the sound of a lute came from his direction. Where the hell Oli picked that up Chad had no idea. Without warning, he began to sing. Surprisingly well. Chad would have to give him respect when he was next able too.

“And so our hero’s find themselves, 
Betrayed by a dear friend.
Their tale is only beginning,
But how shall it end?
In this immense confusion,
Only a few things are clear,
And I shall list them,
If you care to lend an ear.
They arrived on a couch, 
I can now somehow play the lute.
Megan’s a dominatrix,
And Catherine is still mute.
But will it be a massacre,
Battle or a treasure hunt.
But perhaps the most pressing matter of all:
Why is Hugh dressed like such a cunt?”