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What do you believe in, spiritually? Karma, the law of attraction, magic etc.?

Usually words of Buddhism and Paganism, and other religions of the Earth. I believe in karma as I and people around me constantly experience it (I’m finally seeing the better light of things). I don’t necessarily believe in magic and spells because I’ve never seen it work for myself, but I keep an open mind and crystal healing has made a difference for me personally. I believe we should respect the Earth and live as eco-friendly as possible without harming anyone or anything. I also believe in synchronicity and the butterfly effect. I’m not sure when it comes to positive thinking, Gods, death and the afterlife, but I keep an open mind about everything! :)

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How do you say I should make my life better? What can I do with myself? :-)

That is such tough question because obviously I don’t know you or your own personal situation. But there are some things in life we can’t change, that we have to accept, and those things we can either dwell on and make ourselves feel worse or we can accept them and not be happy about them but make sure we put things into our life that they r not our only focus.

There are other things we do that actually make our lives worse which we can work towards changing, those our things like the way we think, the way we spend our time, although it is hard to change those things but they r things that we can change if we chose to, but with help.

Because I don’’t know your situation if u are able to explain further what makes you feel so unhappy perhaps I would be able to support you to look at ways that you could change something. I think we have to start small and for me that started with making sure I put things into my life that had meaning, ie: things i felt passionate about, art, people. Then just trying to acknowledge moments in the day when actually it wasn’t so bad, taking notice of why it wasn’t so bad so if possible I could do more of that. Then in the moments when it is bad making sure I don’t do things like dwell on negetive things because I know that feeds depression, try to do something that is the opposite to how I feel and then notice if that makes me feel slightly better, if it does I have atleast mannaged to improve a moment, (Notice i am only talking about a moment) so keeping it really small not trying to change my whole life in a day..

Trying to make myself do atleast something everyday that i am afraid of or I think i don’t like, ie, phoning someone, talking to someone. By gradually putting these things into our lives although the effect isn’t immediate gradually it improves the quality of our life and widens our experience. The tendancy with most of us if we are someone say that struggles with social situations, or depression is that we avoid everything and then our life become narrow and pointless.. But life is not pointless, we have to make it matter but we have to be the ones to make it matter by putting things in our life that have meaning and value to us without these things life does become meaningless and pointless and we become self absorbed and get very unhappy and can’t see a way out.

But these are only suggestions as to things that I try to do with my life to improve it and I can tell you my life is pretty rubbish, I have to go to great lengths to make it meaningful. But please feel you can get back to me and explain what kind of things make life hard for u and perhaps we can think about it . I am also part of a support blog called surviving together. The link at the bottom of my favs page, if you want to follow there, there is often posts about how to improve life if you particually struggle with life to the point of social phobias, depression, anxiety, self harm whatever, and that maybe helpful. Do not hesitate to get back to me though gentle hugs Tabi xxx

On the Morgana question: I tagged those you answered it: Yes, normally I would be all "I'll just watch it and figure it out" but I'm really confused. I am on episode 9 season 1 and a few times they've gone back and forth. They've showed Morgana like in front of well thing all evil and plotting to kill Merlin and then they show her at the castle and she's all good and sweet and innocent and I'm like "Excuse me, isn't that the same person? Why is she super good now and super evil then?" THAT is what I am confused by. Explain?

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I noticed that your anxiety is bad lately, and I just hope it goes away. Sometimes, the best thing to do is literally face it head on and not dwell on it/repeat what potentially went wrong afterwards. Just try and /feel/ confident from the inside, be humbled by the universe and how small these encounters are. I know you've probably heard this all before, but I hope it helps xxx

You’re right, thank you. It’s a combination of exam stress, interviews, my future, family issues, being forced to socialize etc etc and panic attacks have been more frequent, it feels like I’m damaging my health; I never realized how bad it was. Thanks for the advice though :) I’m becoming more calm now and I’ll remain being myself. Have a lovely day xxx

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Aw, what a lovely idea :'3 I'm Jack! I believe in magic, and long to run off into a pretty forest and escape this society. I believe in the worship of the great outdoors :D

Hello Jack, lovely to meet you! I’m Daisy, but I’m sure you already know that.

I agree that it would be nice to run into the beyond and forget about everyday life, but responsibilities call I’m afraid. And yes, the outdoors is a temple :3

Your blog is pretty awesome (hot guys hehe) It’s the sort of stuff I’d reblog on my personal!