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I feel like I’ve been reblogging enough of your stuff at this point that I can reply to your posts! I hope that’s alright BUT I could really see Zac as Finnick - he could totally nail the suggestive humor and everyone needs to see more of his body.

Haha hey!!

I know, right? He’s not exactly who I’d pictured, or who I’d necessarily want (Armie Hammer idk) but I honestly think he’d be a good fit. Only, it might be a little bit too obvious?

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Hey - I saw that you used ColorOops. I'm contemplating doing that on my hair and wanted to know your thoughts. Also, do you know any special considerations for the next round of dye or did you just proceed like normal? I would greatly appreciate any answers! Thanks!

Well color oops worked great for my hair, it too the pink out after i had bleached my hair from red. the way that hair dye works is that when you put it in the molecules are small, thats why you have to leave it in, so the molecules become too big to wash out. what color oops does is make the molecules small again so all you have to do is wash it out. directly after i put the color oops in and let it sit for the right amount of time, i shampood it about 10 times back to back, you can let your hair dry in between and you have to make sure to shampoo all of the color out, o it wont work, so 10 times is a good number. I would let my hair rest for a day in between dying because all the shampooing makes the hair kind of rough, but nothing a deep conditioning can’t fix. it’s a great product though.