Well I figured because I love people too damn much I should give out my Forever Follow on tumblr I guess it’s a trend? lol. These won’t be in alphabetical order, they will be in the order of whom I took a liking to. The first list are the randoms that I met on here.

Favorite Naya Shipper, Steph The 3rd Lovely, The Bo To My Kenzi, This Badass Monvera Shipper, Best Wrestling Confessions Sharer On The Internet

Okay that covers my randoms, now onto the ones I love for life cuz they are my friends/family.

My Son!, My Daughter!!,Lemons,Craig,Ash, Juana :3, Captain Terraria

Sorry the forever follows list is kinda bullshit right now lol, maybe next year I will get more people that I talk to often on here. Til then, have a good rest of 2013, and a kick ass 2014. I know I am gonna try to <3