Gold Everywhere!

While working on a huge list of other stuff (including polishing the Lich boss and adding sounds), I finally added gold as an actual item in game. I can’t decide on a look for it though. I tried using outlines, different colors and different styles yet nothing feels perfect. I decided to stick with this simple look for now, hoping it will grow on me. What do you guys think?


Teleport animations for the lich boss character! This guy is not a big fan of walking or hovering, so instead he just teleports away when you get too close. I had so much fun doing these. Can’t wait to finish all his animations (which there are a lot of) and get him in game.

That’s all I have to show for now, everything else I have being doing is boring code stuff to make things easier for me and also work a bit better. Shop is almost finished tho so I should be posting something about that soon.

Here’s a preview of the Lich Boss in action. I hope you can see the GIF because tumblr is acting a bit weird about it. I should really start posting videos soon instead of gifs. So far the Lich has only one attack and just does it repeatedly forever. Coming along nicely however and should be done soon!

Other than that I have also implemented generation seeds into the dungeon generator. All that means is that I can now pass a string (text) into the generator and it will use it for it’s randomization which will result in always the same output for the same string. I implemented this mostly to help me during generation testing later on, however it might be interesting to add it as a feature in game where users can share seeds between each other to recommend dungeons or save seeds for particularly fun or challenging dungeons

That’s all for now. I will try and find a way to record and upload videos soon so I can give a better look at the finished boss. Cya!

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Bit of a Path-Finding obstacle course for different enemy types. Still pretty rough but it’s definitely getting better. Once it’s a bit more stable I will move onto improving the AI of each enemy one by one and making them a bit smarter instead of just running at you and attack.


the life story of hazel grace and how she fell inlove

catch me by lovato, thinking out loud by sheeran, i want crazy by hayes, flaw by bastille, tell me where it hurts by ronquillo, i’ll follow you into the dark by death cab for cutie, don’t forget by lovato, suppose by secondhand serenade, uni by sheeran, i don’t wanna love somebody else by a great big world, without you by rafael

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