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Can you show me your top 10 school-life movie and drama ?

sure ;)

1) Nobuta wo Produce

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2) My Boss My Hero

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3) Gokusen series

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4) Dragon Zakura

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5) Kinkyori Renai

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6) Samurai High School

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7) Kimi ni Todoke

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8) Yamada kun to 7nin no mayo

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9) Itazura na Kiss 1

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10) Yamada Taro Monogatari

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Done! Finally. This killed me on so many levels.
Prints will be available at my booth at RPC in Germany! I’m wondering if some of you would be interested in buying them online? Then I would set a shop. : )

“Manwë is the dearest to Iluvater and understands most clearly his purposes. He was appointed to be, in fullness of time,
the first of all Kings: lord of the realm of Arda and ruler of all that dwell therein. In Arda his delights is in the
winds and the clouds, and in all the regions of the air, from the heights to the depths, from the utmost borders of the Veil
of Arda to the breezes that blow in the grass. Sulimo he is surnamed, Lord of the Breath of Arda. All swift birds, strong of
wing, he loves, and they come and go at his bidding.”

I can’t hold your hand,

so I’ve been holding onto

the words I wish you

would say, we’ve been

oceans deep before our

knees feel the root of a

wish the clouds clap

into tears. I want to wear

the reminder of your

pregnant laughter like the

wind holds my hair when I

haven’t moved past the

comma - I don’t sleep

much, but I always dream

of you - I just want to be

enough to fill you up

one day

Watching my

stomach-acid tears

evaporate in the

winds of my

triumph, this

mass exodus of

negativity is

marked by

graves etched in

lyrics and



for the sky.

Red Velvet

So this is where we stand. Estranged from our own bodies, and we rummage through fragile tissue; fields of ripened skin. We become mere onlookers,

detached from ideals of our own destruction. So you tell me about the dream. About the night you slit your tongue on broken glass. About the ratchet of the

wind and the lullabies you whispered into your momma’s coffin. The way you worship kitchen sinks and bloodied noses. The indomitable rush of a wild drive 

to nowhere. The birth of hunger in a cavalcade. How their footsteps bite and stir. This is arson, you say. This is what I was dying for. Now, I’ve kissed the

mouths of many tigers. My flirtatiousness, a subterfuge, my lips limp from icicle stings. Now I’ve decoded the subliminal pleas of your tea-stained tiles. The

stygian in your eyes. How it eats you from the inside, a death in the womb. Maybe, somewhere we’ll find a five-star restaurant where they feed us our

brains on golden platters, freshly cooked! Maybe, that tunnel we spent half of July rotting in is finally being reclaimed by foliage. You are nature in its truest 

form: carnal, chaotic. Cracking floors. What’s worse than an earthquake, you ask? I don’t know, I’ve been unlearning my own history lately. Posing questions

to nobody. When will we be able to distinguish mutely existing from blithely living? Why do you hold my hand still, flinty to the touch & steeped in

pomegranate welts? The truth is, if you left me, I would not be able to bear it. And honestly, you can be awful but I love you. These days all I want is to pry the

sword out of the stone and wear it in my hair. Between these swollen toes. All I want is to engrave the shadow of you upon me. All I want is, perhaps, childish

and unattainable. A bowl of plastic fruit on the living room table. Wounded evenings, hot & numb. Alluvium pooling from between my legs. Call an

ambulance, call an army. Something unsought after grows in this endless river undoing me, drills a cage for a tumulting god, seized & vanquished by nightfall.

Chasing the Empty Closets

I’ve never understood
how closely I felt about it
when people at poetry conventions
spoke in rhyme about sexuality
and suicide.

I never thought I’d find
tears running down my
cheeks as a man reads
quotes from suicide notes
and love letters.

I never thought I’d heave
out a relieved sigh when a
transman wrote to his
former self, saying that,
‘I don’t hate you.’

I never thought I’d relate
to these things that I keep
locked away so far inside,
that sometimes I forget
they are even there,
until powerful words
pull them out into
the open air to

I never thought I’d feel
so lonely, as when a girl
said that loving someone
was maybe enough for her
to love herself.

I’ve never been able to
breathe so clearly as
when I got back into

My lungs are clear,
my sleeves have been
rolled up,
my chest has been
split apart,
and every piece of me
is going to be taken
to the world by the
wind, and I’m just
here for the ride.

- ??? // 9:32 PM // poetry hurts my chest but somehow it fights against my dysphoria

Never Smiling, Only Loving

I caught your

scent in the

wind that

crawled from the

mountain where we

deconstructed our

first kiss.

(As our lips

entwined like

sick serpents, the

lights of the

distant city

ignited in a

cacophony of

cathartic lust.)

The smell

entrenched into my

guts and I vomited

photographs of us at

parties, concerts, and

funerals; never

smiling, only


I no longer

go out to those


They all remind me of

ghosts, of your

hatred for

everything but

me and I’m left

holding my

own battered body,

wondering what I did to

lose your

catastrophic charm.

Stomach acid

runs down the

face you

once compared to a


mid-air collision and

I don’t think the

burns will

heal this time.


sorry for everything.

Levias from Skyward Sword, the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening, and the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass are all the same person/whale. The nightmare in like Awakening is residue from the parasite in Skyward Sword, and the world of Phantom Hourglass is actually another one of his dreams. (This also means that Linebeck’s wish caused him to become real).

Headcanon sent by anonymous.



Koethe did one more excelent music about Life is Strange.
This time, maybe it’s about the sacrifice arcadia ending.

Come what may we’ve lived a lifetime
What matters to me?
Forget the future I’ve made my mind
You’re all that i see
Waves come crashing down and the
Winds scream round and round but
I’ll wait out this storm
I’ll wait out this storm with you

I’m not leaving any more
I’ve found its you I’m fighting for
And even if this is the end
I swear I’ll never leave your side again

Come what will I’ve had enough now
Whats left to decide?
Faced with this there is no question
I’d choose you every
Time comes crashing down
And our world burns to the ground
But I’ll wait out this storm
I’ll wait out this storm for you

I’m not leaving any more
I’ve found its you I’m fighting for
And even if this is the end
I swear I’ll never leave your side again

I’m not leaving any more
I’ve found its you I’m fighting for
And if this really is the end
I swear I’ll never leave your side again 

To expand upon the headcanon about the Guardian’s gills, as I have been inspired.

These gills also give interesting effects to their associated Flight, although all Flights have the ability to close off their trachea to allow better oxygen flow in circumstances where esophageal breathing (I think that’s the term?) would be unhelpful.

This also holds true for those that are severely sick (even in Plagueborn’s case) and they are unable to breathe through their mouth/nose. Their gills supply just enough oxygen on their own that they are able to recover, if this is possible.

Guardians associated with the

  • Wind Flight find that their gills allow them to find oxygen easier when at incredibly high altitudes (for their species). Their gills allow them the ability to better dissolve what oxygen they find and distribute it through the blood, allowing them to remain fly higher for longer periods of time, and this also allows them to stay in the air longer than non Wind-affiliated Guardians. (Also, helps to prevent those pesky stitches as it allows them to breathe even better when performing endurance flights. [Stitches are caused when you are not breathing correctly. Take a few deeper breaths when you’re jogging and you’ll notice it.])

  • Fire Flight find that their gills are mutated to allow them to safely pass magma, flame, and smog when assisting other Flights that are having a flame-associated crisis when their lungs would normally give out. Their gills are better adapted to filtering out the oxygen from the smog and smoke so they can breathe properly, and for flame and magma, it has the opposite effect that fire has with oxygen: Fire Flight Guardians find that their gills are able to actually pick the oxygen from the fire that it gets it’s heat from.

  • Plague Flight have the hardest time with their gills in anything other than liquid. No matter the liquid, their diseased gills are given a more-or-less blessing from… someone. Be it Tidecaller or Plaguemom, they are able to pull oxygen and other life-sustaining particles from the putrid petri dishes that dot their home.

  • Water Flight find their gills have evolved for diving. They are able to reach surprisingly deep areas of the ocean with little problem whatsoever. Of course, they’re given additional privilege due to their heritage and, sometimes, breeding. Their blood dissolves the oxygen slower in addition to a larger lung capacity and they are able to stay down longer, though this usually leads to a bad case of hubris with depth competitions - some overestimate their abilities. The ocean floor has taken it’s share of Guardians, though some find Exaltation in this method - a display of their courage and strength. Those that reach the farthest before panicking are typically taken to serve for the Tidecaller.

  • Lightning Flight has long since discovered that, like the Wind Flight, they can reach and maintain higher altitudes than some flights, but not quite as long as their breezy rivals and cousins. What their surprising discovery is, however, that they can actually use sparks, thunder, and lightning itself, to bring them oxygen if it passes through them and dances upon their gills. Thunder brings them oxygen from the molecules being shaken, their bodies acting as a magnet for the particles to be pulled toward.

  • Earth Flight has noticed that they are able to resist heat and pressure, thanks to their gills, when they are deep within their caves where there is little oxygen. Most other dragons within this Flight have evolved a larger lung capacity for this, but theirs hasn’t drastically changed like some. They are able to pull additional oxygen with little effort by fanning their gills, instead of relying breathing practices - expending only a little energy to get the most air.

  • Shadow Flight have found through trial and error, presumably lots of cautious error, that when they melt into shadow, go Between, and Blink, and their lungs do not work, that their gills are able to supply them with enough oxygen they can remain in position longer without having to reveal any portion of themselves. This is especially helpful for the Guardians that have some claustrophobia: They can shut out everything but sound and focus on their gills until they need to leave the Shade.

  • Ice Flight and their tendency toward the cold air have actually a somewhat smaller lung capacity and instead rely on their gills possibly the most out of all the Flights, especially those that live in the high mountain peaks where air is especially hard to breathe.

  • Arcane Flight have found that their gills are useful during experiments where they are unable to breathe normally with their lungs.

Those that leave a Flight and go to another one typically find themselves at a disadvantage because these abilities are actually bredand not a Blessing bestowed upon them. When they mate, their offspring typically has some combination of the abilities, though in a smaller manner, and certain combination of Flights are actually detrimental to the draclings’ health if they’re unlucky.

(Erm. Sorry, I was unable to figure out anything for Light and Nature Flights. I simply wasn’t able to see how their gills would be beneficial for their exact region, beyond the natural ability to breathe underwater. Being Nature Flight myself, I would love to hear someone else’s idea of how it benefits them, but… They live with trees and plants. They already have more than enough oxygen unless they’re severely sick.)


So thewind-upbirdsings‘ friend and his girlfriend opened up a new cafe in Itaewon called Good Afternoon that is absolutely lovely and wonderful and omg. It’s a “British Tea Room” so they have real afternoon tea sets! They also serve coffees, teas, juices, ades, etc. They have an assortment of biscuits, cookies, and merengue. The decor is adorable and the place feels clean, modern, and comfortable. They make everything in the cafe. You can get some biscuits to eat with your tea/coffee or you can fill little boxes with them and take it home! 

We were really hungry for some food so we decided to just grab some drinks and come back for the tea set another day, but they have sample tea set displays on set and they look so yummy! The sets are not just sweets but actually include proper mini sandwiches~ I got a kiwi natural juice (which was amazing). thewind-upbirdsings got a cinnamon apple ade that tasted like liquid magic. & lavamos got an iced milk tea blend that came with syrup! She also said it actually tasted like real tea (unlike other places that serve milk tea). We also got their coconut merengue and it was wonderful. So sweet and fluffy and yummy. 

Not because the owners are our friends but they are super nice and kind and speak English if you need some guidance in trying their menu. Also, they let you smell the teas before you order them. I thought that was pretty cool~ If you’re looking for a cute cafe to spend the day in, go visit~ or if anyone wants to go together after pay day haha, let’s go!

List For Taylor #Whatevernumberwelefton

So this is a list made by a Swiftie to help other Swifties out. That Swiftie is me (Ana). Hey Taylor taylorswift id you’re reading this, which is very likely, I want you to follow all these amazing one of a kind blogs that kindly asked me to make this list for you. It warms my heart to know you followed me and also that I am now a better help to other fans to get them a follow. You must get bombarded by these daily. But click on their blogs from here and check them out. (PS: WE ALL LOVE YOU)

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