Nine of Vessels ~ Generosity

Nature’s open-hearted, spiritual cauldron has a welcome for those who approach the waters of knowledge with compassion. They are blessed by regeneration.
Generosity will always come back to you thousandfold if it is gifted with selfless goodwill and a common humanity. To recognize and acknowledge that you are merely a conduit for this abundant enriching blessing, and to let it flow through you and into others’ lives, allows your good fortune to circulate and your positive momentum to carry others with you. By freely giving of your time, support and energy, the blessing of the Divine surrounds you. In this cynical and material world, such things may seem to have little value, but those who have experienced the process in their own lives understand that, in the words of Theodore Rubin: ‘Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom.’ ❤ #Meditation #TheWildwood #Generosity

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