Pictures above is a before logging and after logging shot of Nolan’s Gully.
Nolan’s Gully, an hour north-east from Melbourne is being threatened of mass logging. This area was few to avoid the wrath of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, which badly affected much of the surrounding forest and ranges. It’s a miracle it still stands.

Areas like Nolan’s Gully are critical to local biodiversity, particularly the endangered animal emblem of the state – the Fairy (Leadbeater’s) Possum – of which fewer than 700 are thought to be left in the wild.


Send a tweet to Victorian Premier Denis Napthine @Vic_Premier using the hashtags #leadbeaterspossum and #forests, asking him to immediately pull the bulldozers and chainsaws out of this precious stand of forest at Nolan’s Gully. Or drop him an email at

(Sourced from The Wilderness Society)

#Repost from origin source @natgeo with @repostapp — Light and fog mix on the Lamplugh Glacier in Glacier Bay Wilderness area in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. It consists of the park section of 3.28-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Surrounded by a spectacular, glaciated horseshoe rim of mountains, the bay is sheltered by the Fairweather Range to the west and the Saint Elias Mountains on the north. The highest peak is Mount Fairweather at 15,300 feet.
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