1 INGREDIENT banana nicecream with strawberries and @thewild_ lime & coconut muesli ❤️✨
The weather ain’t gonna stop me from eating my nicecream hehe 😇🙌
(at 👻 SNAPCHAT: cherietu)

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Tropical 🍍 // I have to say, I’ve been a bit off nicecream lately, just because starches seem to be working better for me right now BUT this Mango Banana Whip was to die for 🙈 it felt like a nice treat amongst a 45+ hour working week at two different jobs 😓 topped w/ @thewild_ granola, mulberries & fresh fruit 🍓🍌

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Last week we received a request for how to be spotted as a startorialist via car decals, and lo and behold @etsy has a treasure trove of options!

Zodiac constellations, Cassiopeia, Big & Little Dipper asterisms, and a two versions of Orion from Overly Attached Decals (heh) on @etsy with dozens of color options, including glow-in-the-dark!

Gold Coast Decals also has all the zodiacal constellations (not pictured).

Beyond the Stars Decals has a section of Moon & Space Designs, including Animal Constellations (Delphinus, Leo, Cetus, and Lupus), a spiral galaxy, and Solar System planets.

Last but not least, a nicely realistic amateur telescope (also available in several colors) from Urban Decal.

BRB - spacing out my ride!