‘Outfit of choice? Is there anything about your style you’d like to change?’
'Oh… Nah. I’m pretty cool with my tee, jeans and leather jacket. … Oh wait! Right! I just remembered. There is one piece of clothes I’d give anything to have.’
'What is it?’
'The. Tron. Suit. You know, everything shiny and glowy and stuff. Don’t tell me it wouldn’t be just
'Oh god, Rafe, grow up.’

Never! I’m not letting him grow up. I mean… more. I don’t want to think about this beast getting even taller. This was just too tempting. Wanted to try fake screenshot once again. Aaand here we go. <3 Rafe loves everything sci-fi and I remember myself drooling when watching the film in the cinema. Don’t remember a bit from the story, but I felt like attending the best concert ever. Boom. Majestic.  and the shiny clean smooth visuals. <3

‘Hurry, so we don’t get cold.’
'Oh, dear, it’s just a few drops of water!’
'What about the hat you just bought?’
'Oh! And your new book! You are right! Let’s go!’

I gave this to myself as a reward for some finished work and… kind of… well… sketched this out few weeks ago and… it’s been raining and storms whole day here today. No electricity for two hours - I wanted my coffee! (thanks god I was drawing this on labtop). So, I guess this was the right time to finish it.  :D

My baby siblings. Graham took Ady shopping. Oops.

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Touch the wooden gate in the wall you never saw before.
Say “please” before you open the latch,
go through,
walk down the path.
A red metal imp hangs from the green-painted
front door,
as a knocker,
do not touch it; it will bite your fingers.
Walk through the house. Take nothing. Eat nothing.
However, if any creature tells you that it hungers,
feed it.
If it tells you that it is dirty,
clean it.
If it cries to you that it hurts,
if you can,
ease its pain.

From the back garden you will be able to see the
wild wood.
The deep well you walk past leads to Winter’s realm;
there is another land at the bottom of it.
If you turn around here,
you can walk back, safely;
you will lose no face. I will think no less of you.

Once through the garden you will be in the wood.
The trees are old. Eyes peer from the undergrowth.
Beneath a twisted oak sits an old woman. She
may ask for something;
give it to her. She
will point the way to the castle.
Inside it are three princesses.
Do not trust the youngest. Walk on.
In the clearing beyond the castle the twelve
months sit about a fire,
warming their feet, exchanging tales.
They may do favors for you, if you are polite.
You may pick strawberries in December’s frost.
Trust the wolves, but do not tell them where
you are going.
The river can be crossed by the ferry. The ferry-
man will take you.
(The answer to his question is this:
If he hands the oar to his passenger, he will be free to
leave the boat.

Only tell him this from a safe distance.)

If an eagle gives you a feather, keep it safe.
Remember: that giants sleep too soundly; that
witches are often betrayed by their appetites;
dragons have one soft spot, somewhere, always;
hearts can be well-hidden,
and you betray them with your tongue.

Do not be jealous of your sister.
Know that diamonds and roses
are as uncomfortable when they tumble from
one’s lips as toads and frogs:
colder, too, and sharper, and they cut.

Remember your name.
Do not lose hope—what you seek will be found.
Trust ghosts. Trust those that you have helped
to help you in their turn.
Trust dreams.
Trust your heart, and trust your story.
When you come back, return the way you came.
Favors will be returned, debts will be repaid.
Do not forget your manners.
Do not look back.
Ride the wise eagle (you shall not fall).
Ride the silver fish (you will not drown).
Ride the grey wolf (hold tightly to his fur).

There is a worm at the heart of the tower; that is
why it will not stand.

When you reach the little house, the place your
journey started,
you will recognize it, although it will seem
much smaller than you remember.
Walk up the path, and through the garden gate
you never saw before but once.
And then go home. Or make a home.
And rest.

Neil Gaiman, “Instructions”

It’s 12am and I’m sitting here emotions running high,
Swirling inside my chest; like a current that just won’t die.
And I’m trying so damn hard not to tell you all I feel.
I don’t think you’re ready for it to be so real.
I don’t even know how to sum it all up,
It’s all threatening to burst out, like an overfilled cup.
The words are jumbled, I can’t think straight.
Then I realize there are only three words that can describe how I feel
It’s as simple as I love you.
It’s as complicated as I love you.
It’s pounding hearts and soaring hopes. It’s crashing waves and cracklings fires. It’s all the beauty in the world stuffed in to my chest
It’s looking at you and falling harder and harder each time.
It’s not being able to make this rhyme.
It’s your toffee skin and perfect smile.
The way stories take you a while.
It’s a million things all trapped in one.
It’s the reason you are my sun.
And you kiss my lips and it almost slips- I love you.
Oh yes, yes I do.

bring-thewild  asked:

Sugawara and Nishinoya meeting someone through the internet and they gradually fall in love with them would they pursue the relationship? Would they meet irl?

It would take a long time for Sugawara to fall in love with the person, because he knows the dangers of meeting people online. They would probably be friends first and end up growing close (close enough to be having casual video chats and all that), then he might gradually fall in love with them. Since he would be close enough with the person to be falling in love with them, he probably wouldn’t have much of a problem meeting them in real life, the only problem being their locations. If he had the extra money, they would try to meet up over the break.

Nishinoya also knows how sketchy it can be to be meeting people online, but it wouldn’t take as long for him to fall in love with them. Nishinoya is pretty honest and forward, so this might encourage his internet friend to open up about their self too, making the two of them grow close pretty quickly. It would also take some time (not too long though) for Nishinoya to fall in love with them, and he would definitely try to pursue the relationship if he was sure of his feelings (which he probably is) and would try to meet them in real life when he has the time and money.