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It took the blonde a few moments to process the fact that the person in front of her, the one she was coldly staring at, was in fact a perfect reflection of herself. Same blonde hair, same eyes, same collected way of acting. If she had to put the pieces back together, Emma’s mind directly went to a clone of some sort – The hypothesis was viable. After all, while Sublime’s laboratory and most of the Hive-mind he had so carefully created had been destroyed by the Phoenix, there was still the possibility of one last, single clone, neglected because it was too physically old for Sublime’s purposes. Besides, he was hardly the only one obsessed with genetics to this extreme – This could be the last trick, poisoned gift from Sinister, or any other petty genius. In all retrospective, the idea that it might be a shapeshifter was also more than credible, much like the one of the multiverse.

Yet, there was something in the idea of it being a clone or coming from a Universe where she still had a fully functioning telepathy which felt bothering, almost frustrating. This meant Scott could very well use whatever was standing in front of her to fix their powers, but could also mean that herself would end up getting somewhat the bad end of the bargain. And this could not happen, the blonde decided – She needed to comprehend what was happening, and how to turn it to her own advantage, before anything else.

“Whatever are you, dear?” She asked carefully, almost on her guards.

Seeing how her life had taken such a pathetic, bad soap opera turn, it would after all seem almost likely for her other self to attack her somehow.