Baron’s inner walls were alive with sound and music on this late summer night. Armed Ensembles were gathered in the throne room, the interior filled with Baronian men and women of important stature. Nobles and Generals, Both divisions of the Mage Academy, and, standing at the very end of the long carpet at his throne, was the King of Baron, Odin himself. They were waiting for him.

Cecil took a deep breath before stepping into the throne room. He was dressed in ceremonial wear, a representation of Baron’s proud culture. All eyes were on him as he strode down the carpet, observing their prince, their new knight. He had passed his trials, and, by merit, had become the Land’s newest Dark Knight. A symbol of Baronian might and strength. A sign of upcoming power. That did not mean he was comfortable being watched by so many, however. The shy prince was always one to avert himself from huge social situations. He did not enjoy being the center of attention. Cecil tried his best to keep his eyes forward and undeterred from his destination: his father.

The King of Baron stood there before him, regal and grand as ever. He had thinned a bit as a result of his advancing age, but that did not take from his commanding presence. The King, a more experienced Dark Knight of his own merit, had a composed posture as his adopted son approached him, but his eyes shone with an immense, deep pride. Pride that the young man whom he had found in the forest so many years ago had grown into his own person, following in his foot steps. It brought at least some respite to the young man, from his current uncertainties. Cecil had made his father proud. For that alone he could be happy.

For a brief moment father and son looked at each other, a sort of understanding exchanged between them. Two men now utilizing the same power.

The experience waa almost surreal to the new Dark Knight. Words were said to begin the ceremony, the King questioning Cecil’s loyalty and duty to the blade he now carried. Words that reached his ears veiled by a fog, marred by the nervousness the young man felt. And in response, short, rehearsed confirmation left his mouth, steady in delivery but with a slight shake. Stage fright, it seemed. King Odin nodded as if accepting the answer, to which Cecil responded by sinking down on a knee, keeping his eyes cast onto the ornate red carpet below. The cold touch of metal touched his shoulder as the King lay the blade on him, swapping sides as he accepted Cecil’s confirmation. Then, automatically, Cecil stood back on his feet once more as the King handed him the blade that he had been Knighted with. The power of the sword coursed through him immediately, sending a chill down his spine. This was the power of the Dark Knight, the power that was now his to use. He would use it well.

Cecil then turned to the crowd of people standing behind him, watching him in anticipation for his next move. They were watching him, waiting. Cecil held the Dark Blade in his hands for them all to see, its black hue illuminated by the sources of light in the hall. He was met with thunderous applause as everyone got to their feet. He could feel a congratulating hand on his shoulder from behind, no doubt the King’s.

Baron now had its newest Dark Knight. Now the celebration could begin.


It was cold, it was raining and she didn’t have a place where to shelter herself, so much so that she was wandering alone along the muddy path. her shoes and legs were dirty but she didn’t care and continued to walk. She was cold and she was trembling: her skin, indeed, became white… Pale, both in face and across her whole body.
She was hungry and thirsty.

— A boy approached. He was wearing a yellow raincoat with hood and he seemed to be worried about her, since they never met, if not in that moment.
The little child looked up to him and let out a small whimper as she approached even more.
“W—Who are you?”

     "Hey, don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe from the monsters,“ he chuckled, trying to reassure the trembling child. It looked like she had been wandering awhile, he wondered what she had been doing in the northern part of the village. But that question could wait, for now he needed to get her out of the rain. After pulling off his coat, he dropped the rain cloak over the girl.

     "My name’s Luneth, I look after the other kids around here. Now hop on,” he crouched to let her climb on his back. The downpour was getting heavier, and it would be a faster trip home if he did the running. “What’s your name?”


15. Going to Disney World.

     Eating small pieces of her cotton candy, Rosa walked along the crowded street of Disney World together with Ingus just to spend a relaxing day together… Just like a day dedicated to mother and son, athough the blonde wasn’t really her son.
     It wasn’t that hard to make their way through the people who occupied the streets because they often stopped to admire the rides and monuments like any tourists would do, afterall. As for the two, they needed to gave a swift look to the interested thing and then leaving the place to continue their walk because their minds were like cameras: they were able to remember any detail of that thing for hours.

          ”— Well, where would you like to go first? We can visit the museum… Or anything you like!” 

— ☩   Ingus held the dole whip he bought with one hand, the other holding the plastic spoon he fed himself with. It was easy to get distracted in this place, which was really the whole point of it—vibrant colors were splashed together, their stark hues inviting the blond’s eyes like a bone would to a dog.

           “Anywhere would be fine," he replied, licking his lips to rid them of the cream. "Did you want to go somewhere specific? I mean, this is a pretty big place.”
           Without using the spoon, he bit a piece off the scoop, sapphire still glued unto emerald. His fingers still danced around the handle of the spoon, tips brushing against the breadth of it; the smallest touching a bit of the bowl that held the food.
           "Or…you really want me to choose, do you?“ he murmured in between bites, eyes blinking.


At the feeling of the tight embrace, the white mage couldn’t help but smile for the sudden warm gesture from the other as she enclosed the little boy between her arms, into a gentle grip.
“A great adventure, I would say, my dear!”

      "Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun!” He laughed, content in her presence. Fringe swayed as his head tilted, the youth gave a theatrical pout and added,“So take me too next time, okay? I wanna fight off any bad guys that try to get you!”

The air had a salty tinge and a slight chill to it.  The restaurant was almost entirely empty save a few loners at the bar.  Zidane was seated in the center of the room, leaning his chair backward and balancing with his tail. He let out a heavy sigh and returned his chair to its original state.  ‘Predictable,’ he thought.

He was planning on meeting a girl he met in town today for dinner but she never showed.  He brought his glass up to his lips and took another sip of his wine.  Zidane was beginning to think he should start on his way back to the castle.  As he was about to leave he heard someone come inside the restaurant.  He whipped his head around to check if it was the girl he was presumably meeting.

It wasn’t.  Although Zidane and the stranger did make eye contact so he knew it would be awkward if he didn’t say anything.  Zidane propped his chair back into its leaning position again.  "Well, hello there. What’s your name?“

The Reunion [ Cecil - Rosa ]

Come on, Cecil. You faced anything in your life, and you don’t manage to find the courage to speak to a woman?

Tch. Let’s do it.” After having released a sigh, Cecil allowed himself to wait for a few seconds before knocking on the door of Rosa’s house.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Is anyone else confused by the random anon messages?

…I’m not. >:D You, my dear loves, have been hit with classic quotes from the Boondock Saints. This was a secret plan of mine specifically for Saint Patrick’s day. If you’re not familiar with the movie, Allow me to give you a quick explanation: “The Boondock Saints" tells the story of Irish fraternal twins who set off on a mission to rid Boston of gangsters who terrorize innocent citizens. 

Your reactions made this really fun, and I apologize if I confused any of you. But I really couldn’t pass this up. :)

Also, I find it really funny that no one responded to the whole "And Shepherds we shall be. For Thee my Lord, for thee Power hath descended forth from thy hand, our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomine Patri, Et Filii, Et Spiritus Sancti.” quote. x’D I don’t blame any of you. I’d probably not want to reply to something like that either.

And I would have posted this earlier, but I wanted to see how many of you would respond before I said something. :)