Fanpro 0447 Headcanon

To me, fanpro 0447 kind of looks like a Knight gone rouge.

He entered knighthood at the request of his parents, but after 5 years of serving the queen he realizes he actually wants to travel the world. He ditches his helmet but is too attached to the remainder of his armor. Unfortunately he had to leave his sword behind.

On his way out he receives the bandana (around his neck) from the queen herself, as a thank you for his service and reminder of his homeland.

He then sets out to see the world. As he travels, 0447 becomes a kind of protector to the people he encounters. He becomes well known with every town he passes through for his brash fighting technique of picking up whatever is nearest to him in order to fight.

A piece of wood, a chair, a bucket, you name it he can fight with it.

But yeah he helps people, and I think that after traveling for a few years he’ll go home to return to knighthood and finally return the bandana.

Fanpro 0370 Headcanon

Ok so when I look at the drawing submitted for fanpro 370 I see two dark lines behind her head and feet.

My headcanon is she is actually a tiny fairy, and she is actually flying in front of a blank sheet of music. She’s confined to the borders of the music, but she has a special gift.

This is that she can sing in perfect pitch of whatever note she is hovering over on the staff. So if she floats up she can sing higher, and down lower.

If she wants to do sharps she holds up her right arm, and if she wants flats she holds up her left.

I believe that once upon a time she could fly freely and sing whichever notes she pleased, but then some evil force captured her and confined her to the sheet music.