All the Juicy Details….about the dress !

So here’s what I know:

* the fabric was ivory and white satin gazar.

* the lace on her gown included  rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock motifs, handmade by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court. These are the 4 emblems of the UK- Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.

* the lace was made in the Carrickmacross fashion, an form of lacework started in the 1890’s in Ireland.

* all the fabric used was sourced from and supplied by British companies.

* the lace motifs are pinned on and applied (hence the name applique) with stab stitching.

* workers washed their hands every 30 minutes so as not to soil the lace and threads. Sewing needles were renewed every 3 hours to ensure sharpness and cleanliness.

* the train (small by Diana standards) was just over 6 feet.

* her lace edged veil (worn over her face down the aisle-not a typical royal tradition) was secured with a Cartier “Halo” tiara. Borrowed from the Queen which had being given to her by her mother (the Queen Mom) who had received it from her husband King George VI (“The Kings Speech”) are you keeping up with me ?

* Princess Catherine’s bouquet (I’m undecided about it) was a shield shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily of the valley, sweet William and hyacinth:

* myrtle - first used by Queen Victoria and a symbol of fidelity in marriage.

* Lily of the Valley- also called the “May Lily” means a “return to happiness” symbolising chastity, purity, luck and humility.

* Sweet William - a nod perhaps to her future husband and a wonderfully fragrant flower.

* Hyacinth- again a very fragrant flower, has roots in Greek mythology and symbolises sport and play.

So that’s it for now….no word on her shoes but I did see Prince Philip sporting spurs !!


The “Other” VIP at your Wedding !

All this talk about wedding gowns, shoes, fittings etc. we sometimes forget about the other VIP in this wedding….the groom !

So what better way to ensure your man looks and feels great on “HIS” big day with some beautiful wedding day attire accessories from Jhilburn.

This custom shirt is a superfine herringbone fabric, full cutaway collar (very popular right now), French round cuff and for some punch and subtlety the interior of the collar and the entire cuff is in a contrast satin stripe…yum !

These make a great gifts either from parents or the bride herself…..what better way to start married life with some new threads in your man’s closet !

Check out  for a full selection and then call for a personal appointment !

Things I learnt this weekend.....

Grooms - check the tuxedo the week before the wedding !

* Grooms - invest in a custom shirt ( for around $80) it photographs wonderfully and you’re a grown up now whose about to be married !

* Grooms - if you are renting your tux insist on your own tie and not the “pre-knotted clown tie” the rental place gives you also, see shirt comment above.

* Brides - recommend a silk white or ivory shirt for the groom and his attendants….it’s subtle and very chic, especially if they are wearing a vibrant coloured tie or your gown is silk (you’ll love the photos !)

* Brides - I’ll say it again: bring back up shoes that are the same heel height (unless your dress is a venetian blind or can some how be magically lengthened and shortened) !

* Bride & Groom - don’t have people IN your wedding that make you nuts !

* Everybody - if you’re not funny and good at public speaking, get help and keep it short.

* Lady guests - keep your shoes on your feet…please, you’re at a 5 star hotel.

….and that’s what I learnt this weekend…any add-ons ?