Today (Act I)

Today is the day when Bianca and I planned a formal meeting because we have only been talking through the cyberworld.

Today couldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for my fabulous goddess friend Roselle, who covered me for the Yearbook meeting which was, unfortunately, scheduled today.

I arrived at SM Bacoor at about 10:45. Bianca wasn’t there yet so I was just walking around the mall awkwardly. Mint caught my attention, mainly because there’s an Aztec print shirt displayed. So I stayed there for a while until she arrived and we finally met in person.

We were strolling awkwardly and we were talking about where to eat. We checked the cinema first to see what movies were showing. We decided that we should watch Oblivion because Morgan Freeman is there. We were still undecided where to eat. Ultimately, we fell for the mainstream choice - McDonald’s.

After eating, we went to the theater to watch a movie. We dropped Oblivion because we were unsure if it will be good or not. So, we just decided to watch It Takes A Man and A Woman.

We bought popcorn at Kettle Corn and then drinks at the Snack Bar. Poor Ate back at the Snack Bar gave Bianca two drinks, even though she ordered only one.

We went into the theater and it’s unreasonably dark like they’re already showing a film. We chatted for a bit before the trailers and then the Philippine National Anthem played and Bianca asked me, “Should we stand?” Everyone around us did, so we followed.

Throughout the trailers, we were just talking and blabbering about stuff. And then the movie started. I have to tell you, though. The movie was really entertaining and will bombard you with emotions from the climax up to the denouement.

After the flick, we had nowhere else to go and it was still early. So, we went window shopping. We came back at Mint and their clothes are cheap and really nice to look at. Unlike other local brands, *cough*Bench*cough* who sell sad clothes at a sad price. Lee has a nice denim long sleeve on sale and it’s price is sad. NBS and Booksale were our last stops.

It was still too early to go home. We decided to go to the Supermarket because we can. We were just roaming around until we got the idea to get a cart and fill it with everything that we want. But of course we won’t pay for it.

I grabbed a cart and we took everything we want from every aisle.

After we’ve satisfied ourselves with our shopping, we ended up with this:

And slowly, we backed away - and then we practically ran.

We went home after, mainly because I have a fear that we will be questioned by the staff of SM Bacoor.

Anyways, thanks again Bianca for this day! I had fün~