//not only did I miss a whole bunch of s3 spoilers while I was gone, ((not really angry about it really)) all I know is that they’re calling it; “His Last Vows,” but apparently people are hating on the actor whose playing Mary?!?!? Not cool guys, not cool.

I woke up this morning and checked the Johnlock tag and I see some wonderful fans defending her and being upset over people doing this so, that IS pretty cool, especially since they’re Johnlock shippers like myself.

I mean, I pretty much always knew it’d never be canon, but it was always a possibility, it COULD be, but probably not. I always just read the fanfics and drew fanart and was happy anyway…. it happens.. So yeah I’m a bit upset, my ship sprung a leak, oh well *shrugs* I’ll just help patch it up and continue sailing on and respecting other people’s ships and opinions. We should all just sail along… No hate…. Especially on our talented beautiful actors….

So I’m disappointed in this fandom a little right now, but also, as always proud a bit too….

Okay then…. Morning lovelies?
Want a cuppa?