minusforty  asked:

Using the process of elimination you've predicted it will be Crystal/Allison who goes... But what if maybe, just maybe it's Stiles who dies but comes back as a ghost that only Scott can see and hear. They have hilarious buddy adventures and Stiles is always getting Scott into trouble by slapping butts with his invisible hand and making it look like Scott did it. Technically Jeff would have to change the theme to make Stiles look like a ghost. Thoughts?

I mean, this is what they had planned for Jackson right? They made a big deal of the major death in season 2 only to have Jackson come back by the power of luuuuuuve. That of course came back to bite them in the ass, cause Colton left with a lot of unresolved issues surrounding his character and relationships but I’m getting off topic now. 

The point is that they’ve done this death scare bullshit before so there precedence right? Well, they are breaking all of Stiles’ rules this season but I think the big one is going to stay with us. Cause while Stiles is supernatural right now, that’s due to possession rather than a fundamental change to his identity. He’s still human and they’ve stated more times than I can count that Stiles needs to stay human to ground the show.

Also also also, I think ghost!Stiles is a bit ridiculous but that’s just me. Outside of fanfic I mean.