you forget,
I’ve watched you split my heart open like a pomegranate
and carve out the seeds with your bare hands—nails stained
the same colour of the sky as the sun sets in rome. if there’s
ever blood on your hands again, I want it to be mine. how do
you live with a guilt so large it feels like the moon is always
hanging over your head, just waiting for an excuse to fall?
what I mean is, how do you pretend faith in a lover who never
says your name? I watched the sun rise from the walls of
constantinople and considered surface tension and breaking
point. oil on canvas, still life of boy with his fist against the
wall, cut from hip to collarbone. I turned the night back on and
signed the lease on another house. I sewed the stars back into
threads of light. I don’t want to be the one putting holes in
things anymore. 5 years. imagine that. the distance between
us a landscape that learned to paint itself. I called from the
wrong side of the fire door to tell you I was coming home.
static. and you said
                                                  stay gone.

Yves Olade, “Translation: an introduction to impossible arts”

Sorry about the baby
in the river
& the amber alerts
& the emergency rooms
the way one of us kids was
always peeling the other’s
body off the street

Sorry I bled all over
Walgreens / & that the
walls are thin
that I heard mama on the
phone / asking about the
liquor, the forgotten
breakfasts, all the fear.

Sorry you held onto that
electric fence so long that
the whole world went red
& it reached me in the dirt
or wherever I was before I
was born / that made me
come out upside down.

Who the hell are you?

Yeah, here I am with another shitty imagine, really, I don’t even know what to say so… enjoy it (or not)

Request: Could you please write a Clint Barton x reader where the reader is a badass archer with purple hair and listens to mint royale - blue song when fighting xx

Clint’s P.O.V

– Are you ready Barton? You know what you have to do right?

– Yes Nat, I got it

– Alright, good luck there, be quick

I was in a mission with Natasha to get back a magica artifact that was stolen from S.H.I.E.L.D, we were
at the Quinjet flying to the place where the object were. The plan was simple: Get in there, get back the
artifact, go back to the Quinjet and done. It looked like a simple mission, the place should be empty
making the mission easier. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong

I got inside the building very quickly, I was heading to the room where the artifact were when I heard a
little crash and a kind of an alarm, when I turned my head to see what was that there was an arrow at the
wall, No, not an arrow, an explosive arrow and before I could react the arrow exploded throwing me at the
floor, before I could stand up I heard footsteps

– Lost something here?

It was a woman voice. There was a woman stading next to me. I couldn’t see her face, she was wearing a mask all that I could see were that she was an archer. Obviously.

– Who are you?

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