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Okay let’s take a look at the parent’s “love” stories in shingeki no kyojin

- two persecuted minorities meet ‘on the run’, fall in love and marry.
- mysterious outcast guy comes to thewalls out of nowhere and cures the cute waitress from a deadly disease, they marry.
- prostitute from the underground gets pregnant inconveniently, but wants to keep the child. Did she even know who the father was?
- everyone is dead

Good job, Isayama!

February 8, 2015
Title: A Sky Full of Stars
Pairing: Levi x Eren
Setting: Post-66 (Implied), Canon Divergence

“I dream of those still, you know- the outside of thewalls… the freedom, the vastness, and, everything new yet strange. I dream of the absurd and the peculiar slowly integrating itself to the normalcy that should be, if there weren’t any titans…” he mused out loud, looking up at the stars too far to reach even as a titan. “It’s a good dream to have… a fleeting peace within warring thoughts.” Eren finished, voice quiet and expression softening.

Levi should’ve been watching the stars with him. Instead, his sombre gaze was focused on the small smile on Eren’s lips. And despite being Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, it was daunting how easy it was to understand and accept that the vision itself was a relief- 

-a simple joy

-and a peculiar calmness settling itself on Levi’s chest as he watched Eren without the angry, determined lines of when he met him, as well as the crazed look of hopeless futility that held the shifter down even without the chains just recently. 

Because this was just Eren, not the avenger whose mother was eaten, nor the Eren who wasn’t necessary to happen. And right now, he too was just Levi.

Then, gunmetal orbs slowly slid up to watch Eren so closely that the green-eyed shifter found himself looking elsewhere again. Because Eren thinks he does not have the strength to answer those narrow and knowing eyes that looked as if it was okay to lose himself for a moment 

The reality was much bleaker. After all, he just does not have the strength to answer the quiet power with his meagre one. The silence stretched before he decided to speak again, for Levi’s mouth was shut tight and grim.

“But…” he murmured finally, eyes losing focus as he delved into a deep guarded feeling that he’s just now willing to unlock. He owes Levi that much. “The changes… the reality. You who is important… my friends who have grounded me back despite [me] not being necessary…” he paused, taking a calming breath. “In the end, presently, when the war is won and the blade is dull in your hands…”

Levi’s nails dug into his palms as he watched Eren pause, sure that the shifter wasn’t afraid to say the words out loud… 

… sure he was just afraid to tell them to Levi. 

He let Eren compose himself, because even though he doesn’t want to hear them, it will still hang over his head in a more painful ache hovering like death when unspoken. It was inevitable… this was war and there are scars you cannot see.

“My peace will not be in finding those strange places…” Eren started again, slowly turning his head to face Levi. 

There was a calmness in his features Levi couldn’t explain… a strange tranquility he knew would make him say yes. Because he knows what Eren will ask… knows he would too, if he was in Eren’s shoes. Because they were alike just like that, where it matters. So Levi let Eren lift his hand, wordlessly pressing cold lips on cold fingers.

 Eren moved the back of Levi’s hands across his mouth in a whisper of a kiss.

“Let me die using these… let me sleep well and forever.” Eren implored and he looked satisfied to have said his wish, like he did not ask Levi of a burden that shouldn’t be asked of anyone. Those same treacherous lips of his curled into a wry smile. “Maybe in another life… a better one… we’ll wake up somehow and we’ll be free to realize that dream together.” he suggested, as if a make-believe will make his wish less heavier than it is. But…

“There’s no other life.” Levi answered promptly instead, turning his hand so it’s pressing against that mouth that had violated Levi’s dream of the same boundless sky with this same brat walking with him past those walls, quiet and calm and normal. He pressed firmly, as if to stop it from speaking any more than that. “There’s no better life either. There’s only now. I don’t care if you’re unsatisfied with just this. After all, this life is shitty. But you forget we’re still here while others have wasted away. We’re still here, and we’re still alive.”

Levi didn’t claim he was poetic, but he had hoped for better words… words that are more convincing- words that will so completely reach for Eren’s heart and grasp it firmly, imprisoning him into this life they did not ask.

Yet somehow, for some reason, Eren looked shocked, as if he understood what Levi meant. They’re still here. There’s still peace with just them, sitting like that and stargazing- after everything.

There’s still peace with just them, amidst the bloody chaos of this bound world of theirs.

Ultimately though, he knows Eren’s peace still comes with a high price- one that will let him truly be free from the shackles of this life, as if the tall walls weren’t enough.

His fingers slid to caress Eren’s cheeks, expression softening when Eren leaned to his touch and closed his eyes. Levi thinks he’ll treasure this, just like this. Even after this very hand and his dulled blade had forced those precious eyes to never open again-

-never open any more to see this sky full of stars.

Despite Levi’s thoughts, Eren had still smiled to himself, hand trapping Levi’s with a light touch. He did not see the way Levi’s mouth curled in response. Felt it instead in the way Levi brushed a finger across his closed eye.

“We’re still here.” Eren confirmed quietly. “We’re still alive.”