(I’m gomen I just needed to show you I’m laughing really hard hahaha)



Omfg you two get the fuck out.  CANCERS ARE VERY SERIOUS OKAY.  Also I already mentioned this to Scone but my favorite inappropriate part of all of these are my bonyass wrists.  MAMA ROSA NEEDS TO GET THAT BOY A HOT POCKET.

violetprince  asked:

5, 8, 15! :D

5. Your favorite costume to wear.  Hhhhammy: Karkat!  Gothichamlet: Kankri in all iterations because reasons.  We both clearly have Candyblood problems.

Least favorite is an uncomfortable Elizabethan gown that I can’t seem to find any pictures of boo.

8. Favorite prop: 2x3 pointy jams trident!

15. Pick one of your friends and tell us your favorite cosplay of theirs and why. VIOLET WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS.  Okay.  I’m making a list:

Thevvioletprince: Eridan because I can’t deal with the amazing Eridan faces you make.
Vantasss: Genderbend Terezi because it’s the cutest thing in the universe.
Ceriene: Spinnerette Mindfang because it’s ridiculously well-constructed.
Vantasticmess: The Signless because I have an Ancestor feelings problem.
Knightarcadia: The Psiioniic because see above.
Vintage-Aerith: The Dolorosa because also see above.
Snowchildhero: Potterstuck!Aranea because Potterstuck is the greatest.
Saccharinesylph: Beforus!Feferi because I really like well-done AU designs!
Gomugomugodhead: Karkat because that cosplay is flawless and I had an awesome time at our Katsu shoot.
Labyrinth1n3: Human Applejack obviously!
Jaimons-le-bon-vin: Purple dress Roxy because I can’t believe that’s her first cosplay.


Progress pics of the Eridan/Dualscar Ren Faire outfit I’m making. Violet kindly offered to wear Dualscar for my birthday Ren Faire trip, and I sort of wanted an outfit if Lilly and I get to do Ren Faire shenanigans some day. As well as more Ren Faire clothing in general!

So, here we go, this poetish shirt is done! The striped fabric is for a jerkin/vest sorta thing, the grayish fabric (which has a purple tint!) is for some breeches/loose fitting pants to be tucked into boots.

I like making Ren Faire gear. I also like Aquarius boys. WHY NOT THE TWO TOGETHER?