THAT stage is waiting for me!? I can’t believe I will have the PRIVILEGE to step on there and perform for the world and 4 of the industry’s ICONS! It’s so surreal and feels like a dream! But it feels amazing to know that anything in this life we live is possible and that dreams can become a reality if you set your mind full force on it! It’s all up to you and how perseverant and passionate you are! God will make it happen sooner or later you just can’t stop! I’m doing this for the LOVE of music! I truly am passionate about singing ever since I was a little girl it’s all I ever wanted so I can share my talent with the world and help those in need maybe even through my music. My life may change but I will always be the same cubanita from Miami with big hopes for a better future. Just so one day people can remember not just me but my music and my purpose! Thank you all for the support it means the world to me! #letsdothis #paralagente #thevoicemarch25 #TheVoicePremiere #TeamMonique #Miamitakeover