anonymous asked:

Favourite blogs?

This is such a hard question ugh, I’m sure I’ll leave a few out. But here are a few:

Oh, wow, I’m going to have to make a complete list sooner or later! Mind I follow around 800 people, and I really have love for every one of them, I just couldn’t go through and list everybody! These are mainly ones that I remembered immediately, or they were my tumblr crushes, or I had corresponded with them before, etc, etc. At one point I’m make a whole big list, I just don’t have the time now, I’m about to go make breakfast for my dad. 

 I really mainly follow pastel blogs, or just general pretty ones, you know. I’m very much a fan of pink and frills and light colors and such. I’m sorry this carried on so long, I just get so excited when I can kind of show appreciation for the lovely people I’m following, you know. So yeah :)