This is the interview, recently posted by Fusion, with Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump on The View on March 6, 2006, in which he stated that he would probably be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter.


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The Signs as Roberto Luongo Tweets
  • ARIES: Must be diarrhea..... #expertanalasys
  • TAURUS: Anytime you add a 68 to a 1 the total will always amount to good times...... #JagrBomb
  • GEMINI: No sign of @ovi8 's liver at optional skate this morning...... #NHLAllStarWeekend
  • CANCER: Guys don't tell anyone but I'm currently deflating a few pucks for the breakaway relay.... #NHLAllStarWeekend
  • LEO: If 4 shootout wins in a row is not a Festivus Miracle I don't know what is......
  • VIRGO: Can we keep the spin-o-rama and ban the shootout instead @nhl ?
  • LIBRA: Guys I know it's getting frustrating but bare with me, my nudes will be leaked shortly.......
  • SCORPIO: Whoopi Goldberg just said on TheView that she has a vibrator at home.So it's nice 2 know that I will b having nightmares the rest of my life
  • SAGITTARIUS: I was blowing 2 goal leads way before all the cool kids started doing it #innovator
  • CAPRICORN: Carey Price is giving me a Stromboner
  • #strombonecatchphrases
  • AQUARIUS: First time I've ever won ANYTHING!!!! #NHLDraftLottery
  • PISCES: You're welcome @VanCanucks ! Glad I could help! #stillonpayroll #15%

Wow. #TheView fucked up. NURSING is a talent & I hope you realize that if you or your loved one is ever hospitalized that the person you will mostly depend on is THE NURSE, not so much the doctor bc they do rounds with their hundreds of patients. THE NURSE is the one who has first hand perspective of what the patient is going through & are the ones who CALL the doctor to advocate for the patient. #boycotttheview #shameonyou