let me live okay?

•so you’re an avenger (finally oh my gos h)

•now lets just say that you are killing it at the premier of the movie and are kinda living for it

•serving #looks, a snack (a meal tbh)

• little do you know that your on screen AND irl best bud, Tom is looking at you

•honestly who isn’t watching you right now, you’re gorgeous

•BUT while tommy boy is taking in #theview his date escapes

•she literally escapes and just runs to you
(spoiler alert it’s tessa)

•it takes Tom a second to realize where the sweet doggo has gone but when he doeS

• “TESsa darling nO! y/n is having her moment!” (spoiler alert tessa doesn’t care)

• you feel a tug on your dress and you see and little angel looking at you obviously asking for cuddles

• you get down to give cuddles because you both are so excited to see each other!!!

•tom is literally having a crisis because he thought your dress got messed up or you were upset but when he sees you smile at him with his happy little pup in your lap he knows it’s all okay (:

• “damn y/n is so perfect”

•he loves you

• wAit, what????

•tommy boy has another crisis because ‘oh my god, I think I love y/n. what, WHAT’

•but honestly it’s all okay because the second he sees you smile at him again he knows that he really does care about you so much (little does he know feel the exact same way)

"Just a Nurse"

I didn’t catch the Miss America competition this weekend, as it was my weekend to work. Not that I would’ve watched anyway, I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”. I suppose that’s why Emergency nursing attracted me. I knew I could do things in the Emergency Department that I would never do anywhere else. Not to mention the autonomy I have there. We are respected by our physicians as the best of the best. So, while the Miss America pageant was broadcasting, I was starting my second 12 hour night shift. I was running a Level 1 Trauma center Emergency Department, as the charge nurse. I was assessing patients coming in by squad with my nifty “doctors stethoscope” and being gatekeeper to the unending lines of squads and patients checking in.

After my 36 hours in the Emergency Department this weekend (what did you do with your weekend?), I slept most of the day Monday. My sleep was broken by the myriad of daytime noises… kids playing, lawn mowers, cars coming and going from the neighbor’s, and our two cats meowing, wanting my attention. When my boyfriend finally called and woke me at 4pm, I felt like I had wasted the entire day, yet only gotten a couple hours of broken sleep. I stumbled to the shower, hoping I could at least salvage the evening.

I spent that evening having dinner with a colleague, an advanced practice nurse with two masters degrees, and my wonderful boyfriend, who listened to us bitch endlessly about the bullshit we put up with just to do our job properly. He has the patience of a saint, not to mention he respects my work. Doesn’t hurt that he’s in love with me either. 😉

Tuesday, I woke up bright and early, ready to accomplish something with my only full day off. But, a morning doctors appt quickly turned into a specialists visit and minor surgery for my boyfriend. He picked me up and I went with him so that I could drive him home afterward and decifer any home going instructions he received. Plus, I’m also in love with him, and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I was sent to the waiting area while he had the procedure where I sat and stewed… I don’t make a good patient, and I make an even worse patients significant other. I mentally checked off all the things I should be on the look out for… fevers, increased swelling, drainage, bleeding, cellulitis, MRSA, etc. Once we were done, I dropped off his prescriptions at the pharmacy and took him home to rest. But, by the time we made the 30 minute trip, the area in question was already significantly swollen and didn’t look right to me. We called the doctors office, but had to leave a voicemail. Then, I waited. And I got him lunch, and picked up his prescriptions, and watched the area like a hawk, while I waited for the office to return the call. I got him a cold pack to put on it, in hopes the swelling would slow, and worried. We watched movies and I stayed with him all afternoon and evening, because again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see, this girl who is “just a nurse”, doesn’t ever stop being a nurse. Even on my days off, my boyfriend will attest to the fact that I am frequently stewing over a work situation, or a sick patient I took care of, or working on items for one of the many committees I belong to in the hospital. When I’m not doing those things, I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and I’m still a nurse. And I take care of the people I love. Even if it’s just to answer a phone call and reassure them they’re not going to die from taking motrin 5 hours apart instead of 6. Yes, this actually happens to us all the time.

My point being, that by Tuesday night, I was finally relaxed enough to scroll through my Facebook feed and catch up on the offensive and appalling comments Joy Behar made on The View about Miss Colorado. You can Google it if you haven’t already heard, but she questioned why she was wearing a “doctors stethoscope” and basically mocked her, calling her “just a nurse.”

Now, I don’t watch much television, I’m too busy for that. So, I’m sure that The View will never miss my patronage, since they never had it to begin with. But let me just say, of all professions to mock, nursing is not the one. With over 3 million nurses in the US alone, not to mention the family, friends and colleagues that love and respect us, you just pissed off the wrong crowd.

Think about this, the very first stethoscope laid on an infants chest after delivery is held in the hands of a nurse. The very last person to hold your hand, or wash your worn out body after you pass from this life to the next, is a nurse. The last person to catch a medication error before it kills you, is a nurse. The person that decides who is seen immediately and who waits in the Emergency Department, is a nurse. The person that watches over your premature infant all night long, and can detect the slightest change in their status, and is responsible for calling in a team to rapidly assess and care for them, is a nurse. When you are critically ill or injured and need flown from a scene or to a hospital with a higher level of care, you are taken by helicopter with a nurse. When you can no longer care for your aging parents, or disabled child, and they are placed in long term care, you rely on nurses. So, when you insult such a large and varied group of professionals, you should know that we will defend ourselves tirelessly for the respect we deserve. Luckily for Joy Behar and her table of witless, intellectually challenged cohorts, the nurses of the world are still bound by law and by profession to provide you with the same care they would their own family member. Unlike Kim Davis, the clerk in Tennessee who is hiding behind her religion as a reason not to do her job, we are professionals, and we will never walk away from someone who needs us, just because we don’t share the same religion, ethics, education, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political beliefs. We are nurses, and we are damn proud of it.

So, Joy Behar, I would like to know what you did with your weekend. When was the last time you saved a life? Have you ever carried a 4 year old to the morgue after they died at the hands of their own parent? Have you ever held brain tissue in your hands after a 16 year old shoots himself in the head? Have you ever picked grass and dirt out of severed limb so that it can reattached to the 8 year old that fell under a riding lawn mower? Have you ever been attacked by a family member of a dead child, after you did everything in your power to save their life? Have you ever left the bedside of your own dying family member to go to work to care for someone else’s sick child? Have you missed out on countless holidays, birthdays and school plays to be cussed at and berated by the people you are bound to care for? Do you lay awake at night wondering if you did enough, worked hard enough or advocated to the best of your ability for the sick and dying? Have you ever done CPR on a coworker? Because I have… and when I get dressed for work tonight and put on my scrubs and hang that “doctors stethoscope” around my neck, please know that will spend all 12 hours working my ass off to save lives, and honor my profession to the best of my ability. And I won’t be losing any sleep over the comments you so carelessly made about me and my colleagues. You sit behind a desk and talk shit about something you obviously know nothing about. Until you’ve walked the proverbial mile in my shoes, you should refrain from ever opening those flapping jowls of yours again with criticism of my profession. You will never have even an ounce of the dignity, courage and professionalism displayed by nurses across the country. You are a disgrace, and I sincerely hope you never speak in public again, unless it’s to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology to nurses everywhere.


“Just a Nurse”

The Signs as Roberto Luongo Tweets
  • ARIES: Must be diarrhea..... #expertanalasys
  • TAURUS: Anytime you add a 68 to a 1 the total will always amount to good times...... #JagrBomb
  • GEMINI: No sign of @ovi8 's liver at optional skate this morning...... #NHLAllStarWeekend
  • CANCER: Guys don't tell anyone but I'm currently deflating a few pucks for the breakaway relay.... #NHLAllStarWeekend
  • LEO: If 4 shootout wins in a row is not a Festivus Miracle I don't know what is......
  • VIRGO: Can we keep the spin-o-rama and ban the shootout instead @nhl ?
  • LIBRA: Guys I know it's getting frustrating but bare with me, my nudes will be leaked shortly.......
  • SCORPIO: Whoopi Goldberg just said on TheView that she has a vibrator at home.So it's nice 2 know that I will b having nightmares the rest of my life
  • SAGITTARIUS: I was blowing 2 goal leads way before all the cool kids started doing it #innovator
  • CAPRICORN: Carey Price is giving me a Stromboner
  • #strombonecatchphrases
  • AQUARIUS: First time I've ever won ANYTHING!!!! #NHLDraftLottery
  • PISCES: You're welcome @VanCanucks ! Glad I could help! #stillonpayroll #15%

Wow. #TheView fucked up. NURSING is a talent & I hope you realize that if you or your loved one is ever hospitalized that the person you will mostly depend on is THE NURSE, not so much the doctor bc they do rounds with their hundreds of patients. THE NURSE is the one who has first hand perspective of what the patient is going through & are the ones who CALL the doctor to advocate for the patient. #boycotttheview #shameonyou

  • me, watching the view: yas drag donald trump
  • kelly osbourne: if you kick every latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump?
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: i have to turn this off right now, immediately