how do terfs call themselves “anti-gender” if they insist on enforcing the role of “female” and “male” onto people theve never even met based on their appearence

people saying theve never had a dense cake

have you never had a pound cake

thats a p dense cake

the fluffiest cake is probably something like angel food cake. i’d put your average birthday cake closer to fluffy than dense i think

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i dont really care if people ship sheith bc like... keith is 18. like yes a seven year difference is something to be careful about and both partners should recognize that the older partner should not be trying to control the relationship but on the same hand they are in a SPACE WAR like... its a completely different situation than real life. my grandma starting dating my grandpa when she was 18 and he was 26. theyve been together for 50 years. im not saying it CANT be a bad thing, but (p1)

(p2) it doesnt have to be. i think bexs actions are uncomfortable considering alot of this fandom is minors, and her power bottom comment is uncalled for. it implies that the power dynamic in the relationship is what she thinks is important about them which is gross and homophobic to say that mens sexual dynamics is all their relationships are worth. i prefer klance bc of the lack of issues surrounding it, and i sincerely home sheith is not canon simply because although those relationships can

(p3) be healthy, teens should not have this mindset that as soon as they turn 18 they are emotionally mature to date anyone they want. because alot of teens arent. i definetely dont think any other shaladins are appropriate, and shipping pidge with keith wouldnt be okay. i dont care for ships involving pidge myself, but i think 15/17 for lance/pidge is definetely not the most unhealthy dynamic ive encountered. i had a friend who was in a bad rltshp when she was 14 + he was 18. idk how to feel

listen dawg i respect your opinion and i appreciate how much effort it prolly took to type this im just gonna respond in points

  1. if its a stressful situation thats even more cause to be wary of “things that wouldnt be okay back home”, i think? thats where you start to evaluate why youre doing something. if you wouldnt do it on earth back home, you sure as fuck shouldn’t in space in war
  2. i know people have age gaps in real life lol? my parents have a seven year age gap and have been together since 1998. they love each other but like. my dad has unknowingly influenced my mom’s choices bc he was older and more experienced than her, especially at the time and it made a difference in their lives going forward. my mom was 25 and naive. my dad was 32. they love and respect each other (respect is more important in my house lol) but that does NOT change the fact that the dynamic wasn’t the start for the most equal relationship. EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE BOTH ADULTS. it made a fucking difference
    1. ALSO!! lol my grandparents have a ten year age gap! 16 and 26, theve been together for over sixty years. i have this in my family and im not ignorant to the fact that it can be fucked up and still last, but the fucked up sticks
  3. yea to what you said about bex!!
  4. i think its way too fucking risky for teens to be dating adults, especially if those adults have authority or any sort of power dynamic. honestly seeing how quickly keith defers to shiro isn’t just a sign of respect. he considers shiro above him. thats not a cute relationship thing thats the relationship of a cadet and his captain. respect and formality, even if there’s brotherly love there.
  5. 15/17 isn’t that bad ive seen it a lot at school but a) i always feel the older person is creepy personally cause like, what the fuck? you’re a junior going after vulnerable freshmen, find someone in your class you Fuck.
  6. emotions are weird.

i still think sheith is shitty and tbh? ppl who go off abt technically legal are fucking gross. i hate it. i remember like three years ago seeing posts breaking down the idea of the media pushing that “barely legal is sexy” ideology and how fucked up it is and seeing this shit honestly makes my blood boil.

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Imagine Steve getting child!Bucky and being able to adopt him and showing him what a loving home actually looks like. (Forget all the legal drama, just a fluff follow-up to the abuse piece)

Follow up to this post. Please heed the tags for that prompt fill!

This prompt picks up where the last one left off: Natasha agrees to help Steve get Bucky (age 8) away from an abusive Alexander Pierce, who is Bucky’s adoptive father.

“Bucky?” Steve calls, packing up the sandwich bags filled with carrot sticks, some cookies, and a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. “Where are you?”

“I’m here!” Bucky replies, standing up straight, giving Steve a toothy grin, his top-front teeth missing.

“Go put your shoes on. We’re going to the park!”

Bucky cheers and rushes to tie his light-up shoes. When he’s finally ready, Steve takes Bucky’s hand in his own and leads him down to the street. As they walk the couple blocks to Central Park, Bucky keeps stopping to say hi to all the dogs they pass. The owners are all very nice and let the curious boy pet their dogs.

“Tasha!” Bucky screams when they reach the park, letting go of Steve’s hand and running to his friend.

“Hey bud,” Natasha says, scooping up the small child. “How’s it going?”

“We’re gonna have a picnic! Steve, can Tasha join?” Bucky asks, twisting in Natasha’s arms.

“Well of course, silly head. Let’s go sit down under that tree.”

The three lay out the blanket Steve had brought and Steve starts pulling out snacks from his bag.

“One peanut butter and fluff for the mister,” he says, handing the sandwich (no crust, cut diagonally twice) to Bucky. “One bag of carrots for the miss,” he continues, giving Natasha her snack. “And one bag of cookies for me!”

“No, Theve, don’t eat all the cookieth!” Bucky cries, his words muffled from the sandwich stuck in his mouth.

“What d’you think Tash, should I eat all the cookies?” Steve asks seriously.

“Well it wouldn’t be fair to let this little guy go without some dessert…” Bucky smiles defiantly at Steve. “Buuuut,” Natasha continues, “I did see an ice cream truck on my way here, so it’s up to him.”

Bucky’s eyes widen comically. “Iceth cream?!” he asks. “Oh Theve, pleath?!”

Steve pretends to think about it. “Only if I can eat your cookies.”

Bucky’s face falls a tiny bit. “But what if I want cookies and ice cream?” He finally swallowed his sandwich and sounds normal again.

“Tell ya what,” Steve says, leaning in as if telling Bucky a secret. “Here’s what we’ll do. I’ll save you one cookie that you can eat only after you have a couple of Tasha’s carrots. And then we’ll get some ice cream.”

“This is the best day ever!” Bucky says excitedly, lying back on the blanket. “Let’s do this every day.”

Steve smiles at the small boy and at Tasha. “Thank you,” he mouths to her.

“You’re welcome,” she mouths back, nibbling on a carrot.

“Hey Bucky,” Steve says, looking back at the boy who, after many months, is finally under his guardianship. “Have I told you today how much I love you?”

“Yeah, you told me this morning when I woke up. And when I brushed my teeth. And when I got dressed…”

“I know, Bucky, but I don’t want you to forget it. I love you very much. ‘Til the end of the line, okay?”

“Okay, Steve,” Bucky replies, shifting so he’s curled against Steve’s side. “I love you, too.”

As we all know now, in this scene:

the music used is overture to La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie) by Gioachino Piccini. 
But they didn’t just take simply one part of it  because it sounds good. It’s here for a reason (and not just the title of the opera)

Exactly the same part was used by Stanley Kubrick his film - A Clockwork Orange and Sergio Leone in Once Upon A Time In America. (a direct quote from Kubrick movie)
Kubrick was known for being VERY picky about music used in his films. So it’s not a coincidence that he choosed a few tacts from the middle of the overture. 

The music used in this Sherlock scene is a direct quote from Kubrick. These are the same tacts (169-219 and 195-412) as used here and here.
As you can see in Leone and Kubrick’s films this music connotes what is the expression of criminality. It shows a crime commited always by four people. 

So by using The Theving Magpie in Sherlock, creators tell us in the beginning of episode, that there is no code. Moriarty has three other people helping him. It’s all a scam.

One clever foreshadowing :)

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according to icalendar, i am supposed to remind you to write midnight theater about jarvis playing the sims and making an avengers family


The communal game server at Avengers Tower was an interesting mix of first person shooters, puzzle games, and a sprawling Minecraft world that was the envy of most hobbyists in the country. Some of them had favorites — Bruce liked the simple, mindless puzzle games, Thor liked intricate dramas with lots of cut scenes, and Natasha was all about anything involving Mario. The rest mostly grazed, which was how Steve found the Thems.

It wasn’t like the game itself was hidden, but it wasn’t in anyone’s public “favorites” menu, which meant nobody was playing it on the regular, at least among the Avengers. Steve wasn’t really sure what it was when he opened it, but after a long insomniac night and a couple of tragic first attempts, he more or less worked it out.

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