Where Are They Now?

Prospero Tate by rosessupposesmanythings and Ella Robbins by thevelouriumcamper.

When Prospero was eliminated first, he wasn’t too discouraged. He spent his days after cultivating a perfect garden outside his small home. That’s when he saw her walking down the street. Ella was in disbelief when she was sent home, but seeing a somewhat familiar face in town was wonderful for her. Prospero stopped her and asked her to dinner, as a welcome to the real world again. A few drinks later and a drunk romp in the bathroom stall, their fate was sealed as twins Hanna and Chester were made. The couple soon realized that being eliminated was the best thing that happened to them, and quickly wed before the twins were born. A year after the show aired, the couple are expecting their third child, and are extremely happy to be together.

Benji was a very angry man when he left the Bachelorette House, and after a bit of calming down, realized that there was really no loss when he got eliminated. He has started his own art business, and is having a lot of fun with his creative side.

Ilia realized that maybe Meera was right about her, and did a bit of soul searching after she was eliminated. She stumbled upon Benji soon after, and realized that it wasn’t something wrong with her, just that there was something wrong with the way she had been going about her romantic life. She had fallen hopelessly in love with Benji, and that is why she couldn’t fall for Meera, or even Pascale. 

Her and Benji have moved into a small loft/art studio and they are having a fantastic time breaking in every surface of their new place. 

“No hard feelings?” Aubrey asked as Ella faced her. 

“Absolutely not. The attraction was there, although I just couldn’t get my head in the game. Maybe competition for love isn’t for me, but when this is all over, we’ve gotta hang out as friends, ‘kay?" 

Aubrey nodded, and the two girls high fived before Ella made her way to the Diary Room. 

"Okay everyone, I’m headed to the hot tub. Whoever gets a seat gets to spend two hours with me before we go into a real free time, where anything is possible! Catch you all out there!” Aubrey winked at the remaining contestants before skipping off to the hot tub.

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  1. I am the world’s coolest aunt. Noah knows it already and he’s only seen me three times.
  2. I legit cried when Noah smiled at me for the first time.
  3. I am obviously super obsessed with my nephew.
  4. Because I Said So is probably one of my favorite movies ever, but I don’t remember that it is until I’m watching it.
  5. I hate being tall because I always wanted a guy who could rest his chin on my head when we hugged.

Meera pulled Ilia close as she did the others, but she realized it was a mistake as soon as their lips touched and Ilia’s turned into a scowl. She quickly pulled away as Ilia bombarded her. 

“Antonio is right, Meera! Our first kiss should be special, not just some ploy so you can weed out the suckers!" 

Meera shook her head. "I don’t think that way, but I can’t change your mind, Ilia. You can take your seat. Asher, if you’ll come up here please.”