THE VAMPS PREFERENCE: His favorite thing about you

Tristan-For your personality, Tristan loves that you are just as crazy as he is. You two can be together and not be doing anything but still have so much fun because of your wild personalities. He likes your bum a lot too and since he’s a loud person he has no problem letting everyone around know as well.

Connor- He likes how kind and caring you are. When on tour with the boys, you are practically their road mom and make sure everyone is eating well and staying happy. If one of them has a bad day you are always there to try to help, and Con notices. Your lips are his favorite thing on you. They way you smile and the way they are just irresistible and he just wants to kiss you all day.

Brad- Joking around is your favorite past time. Brad loves that you’re always smiling or making other people smile with your jokes. He loves to look at your eyes when you smile and finds them intriguing. Some times late at night you’ll find him just staring at your eyes as you watch TV.

James- You love to go to the gym and James does too. So, he likes that he can call you and you’ll always go with him for an hour or two of working out. He also is obsessed with your long legs. You find him always placing a hand on you knee or rubbing your thigh if you all are just sitting on the couch.


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