thevacanteyes said: do you know where i can get tablo’s book? ☺️

Hanbooks :   [it was the cheapest (for me) and i think it’s one of the more ‘offical publishers’ of korean-english content]

Ebay :
Kpopmart :
Yesasia :
Amazon :

i thought everything was perfect, i felt the rush of overwhelming happiness in my heart, knowing that everything was back to the rightful place. all is in order. it’s what i’ve always wanted,


but now, a week later, i woke up feeling,
this ain’t right. did i got blinded by the rainbows and butterflies? that i forgot all about the storms and the change of winds that once brought catastrophe into my haven? is this really what i want?

or was that just the paranoia in me daunting, thinking i don’t deserve any of this?

my faith. it’s currently floating, aimlessly. and i know only you could help me make it grounded, so that maybe, just maybe that could put my heart at peace.