theurgia goetia

Aerial Realm of King Gediel II

Late Morning-Noon EST

I decide I will go to his realms and explore the palace some. I lie down, relax, and focus on that realm, remembering the bedroom he gave me in the palace.

I manifest in the bedroom, picking stylish and cool clothes. The bedroom still looks exactly the same, six cozy beds, two against each wall except the wall with the entrance door. I remind myself that I should bring my other companions and friends with me next time.

I head out, observing the warm, gentle glow of the palace halls in the morning light. Grand windows stretching from floor to ceiling line the hall, providing an awesome view of the rest of the realm. I’m unsure of where to go, until a guard clad in silver armour comes up to me and politely asks me for identification.  

“My name is Jelly and I was invited here by King Gediel, this is the room he has provided me and any of my companions that I might bring.”

The guard ponders for a bit, then speaks into a sigil; I assume he was asking for confirmation from a higher up. He then nods, which I take to mean that he did confirm I was the real deal.

I then ask for directions, a map, and specific places to go. He recommends the VIP dining hall and the courtyard, and provides me with a high-tech map so that I may go where I need to. The map looked and worked very similarly to a tablet; you could pinch or widen your fingers to zoom out or in.  It had a friendly AI built in to help the user in whatever they needed. It could even float, using magnet power!

The guard gave me directions to the dining hall and let me keep the map. I am also told that I may need someone else’s help to reach the courtyard, as it floats and moves around the castle, thus can only be reached by flying or teleporting. I thank him and move on; my new Map companion floated in front of me, leading the way to the hall. We go through three flights of steps down, through a well-lit spiral staircase. After reaching the right floor, I make a left and keep going. On the way there, I wasn’t paying attention to the ground so I trip up some stairs. Someone helps me up, I thank them and keep going. I ask Map to warn me of any stairs next time.

We make it to the dining hall and holy moly it is huge. Windows at least 50 feet tall were to the left, providing a view of the rest of the realm. Inexplicably long tables were lined up. Gigantic columns carefully engraved with beautiful designs stretched from floor to the ceiling. A voice snaps me out of my gawking: “Where would you like to be seated?”

“Um idk I’m just. I’m new here and I don’t know how anything works.” She takes me to a random seat and hands me a menu. “Does this cost anything? I don’t have any money with me, so…” I am informed that VIP guests dine free. Nice. I look at the menu, able to see clearly enough that I can make out letters that are definitely not english. It looks similar to Enochian, though I don’t think that’s what it is. Map scans the menu and translates each thing for me. From there it’s just like ordering at any restaurant, except the waitress can teleport.

She brings me my side dish, some sort of pasta which is covered in something similar to cheese. It has a very nice herbal and flowery taste, though of course being a different realm, I couldn’t specifically identify anything. She teleports away, then a few minutes later brings what I ordered, some sort of roast. I think of the “one large, dark roast” vine and suppress my laughter. The dish is some sort of bird, and it’s BIG. Like…an entire turkey in size, but not a turkey. I have no idea how I’m supposed to finish it, and gorge myself anyways. The meat is definitely some sort of bird, which makes sense since the entire realm is in the air. It’s delicious, but again I can’t make out what flavors were put into it.

The waitress returns again and asks if I need a box. “Yes, definitely.” She brings a box and puts my food inside of it for me, and I thank her for her time and then just sit there because I’m full to bursting. After lazing around, I decide to check out the courtyard the guard mentioned.

Map begins to lead me out of the dining room. However,I have weird issues going through the door, and smack straight into it. I am gently reminded that it is a pull door. I pull on the doorknob and leave. Map suggests getting someone to just teleport us to the courtyard, since the palace is humongous, and I agree. Map zips ahead of me and asks a guard to teleport us to the courtyard. They comply, telling me to “hold on” and teleports us there. I thank them and begin exploring…after finding sitting on a bench some more because ughhhh my astral stomach…

Even though it’s already almost noon in EST time, it still looks like dawn in the realm. The courtyard paths and decorations, made of glamourous light colored stone, look amazing bathed in the dawn’s glow. I tuned out a bit to type this, and when I return, a girl is standing in front of me.

“May I sit here?” She motions towards the bench, and I agree. She works in the courtyard, and tells me a bit about it. The courtyard changes its appearance to the time of day; it never looks the same from minute to minute. It was built thousands of years ago in this realm’s time. The decorations and architecture are meant to balance with the plants; one shouldn’t rule over the other. She tells me her name, and I tell her mine. I then say bye-bye and explore the courtyard a bit more.

I pass by the fountain in the center, noting its amazing craftmanship. Many of the flowers are slowly changing color as the sun continues to rise, just as she said. I walk all the way to the edge of the courtyard, and I can see that we’re slowly moving through the air. I then wanted to do something else so I teleported to my room so I could rest.

Question: In the Theurgia Goetia, what does it mean by “aerial spirits”? Are they another type of angel, nature spirits, or something else entirely?