Following on from Kathy’s Kerastase review, I thought I’d review a similar product that claims to ‘Full Repair’ dry damaged hair, but this time, it’s from the high street! Like Kathy, my hair is dyed blonde over-processed and I use heat on it almost everyday. I know it’s bad for my hair but, trust me, if you saw my hair in the morning, you’d understand!

John Frieda have recently brought out their new ‘Full Repair’ line that claims to leave your hair moisturised, full of body and manageable and is perfect for heat-obsessed addicts like me. I have long blonde hair and I do get dry split ends and it is often frizzy, so I thought I’d put the high street line to the test! 

And I was impressed! I wasn’t expecting much as the products start from £5.59 from Boots but they really do measure up to much more expensive, salon brand products! I usually bounce between Paul Mitchell and Shu Uemera shampoos and conditioners, but the John Frieda products definitely measured up to them. I used the ‘Full Repair’ Shampoo, Conditioner and deep Infusion serum and they left my hair feeling light, smooth and healthy and smelling amazing.

Verdict: a must for style addicts seeking a cheaper alternative! What a find!

Love Lauren



I am into nail art and painting my nails in a big way, so I thought I’d experiment with the Myleene Klass Nail Wraps. The former Hear’Say singer launched her new line of ‘Magic’ Nail Wraps back in November, claiming you “Just peel, stick and go. You don’t even need to heat them up. Best of all you can change your look as quickly as you change your clothes.” I’ve tried nail wraps before and some of them are pretty pathetic, but these looked good and had a nice selection of patterns, so I thought I’d put them to the test!

I must say, I was impressed! They come in a wide selection of sizes, although all of mine were the small nail sizes so I had a fair few left over, but I guess I could cut them down to a better shape for another use. Like Myleene claimed, you don’t need to use heat to get them to stick, but I tried with using a hairdryer for a couple of them and they definitely latched onto my natural nail better, so if you do go for these, maybe pass them under a hairdryer for a couple of seconds before applying. Otherwise, these were a great success for me! They lasted just over a week and I certainly put them to the test, I went out to a club three different nights with them on and they didn’t budge!

Verdict: definitely worth the £5.99 I paid for them at Boots

Love Lauren


I guess this isn’t beauty or fashion, but I’ve had loads of questions and compliments on my iPhone cover, so thought I’d share it on here and let you know where I got it! I’ve had a black iPhone 4 for nearly a year now and I absolutely adore the phone case I have for it: its a tape cassette! As a child of the 90s I had tonnes of cassettes and I love it when people think I’m talking into one :)

I got it from amazon for an amazingly cheap £3.99 and its pretty good quality! It is a little loose on my phone, but I don’t mind that. I drop my phone on a daily basis and so far, in nearly a year, the case has prevented it breaking or scratching! That’s good enough for me. If you click the picture it should take you to the webpage where I bought it!

Verdict: i love it!

This was random but, well, yea :)

Love Lauren


So I’m obsessed with all things nail varnish and I’ve found a new product to add to the obsession !! Nails inc have started to do customised nail varnishes. You can choose the colour, cap and create your own label, which is so exciting - you can basically create your very own nail varnish. For £20 its a unique present idea and definitely something different to treat your friends and family members. I love love love this idea and can’t wait to get creating individual nail varnishes for some of my friend’s birthdays that are coming up soon !!! Have a look at the website, by clicking on the photo, and get started on your own creation. 

Verdict: Exciting and unique idea !!

Love Kathy


  • Cath Kidston Make Up Brush Set - £25
  • Cath Kidston Keyring - £4.50
  • Cath Kidston Kindle Cover - £24

So… I am absolutely obsessed with Cath Kidston. I love nothing more than building up my collection, including my new Kindle cover. One of my friends got me hooked on the products and I’m forever grateful because most of these products are exactly the style I love, vintage/chique. However one of my best buys was the Cath Kidston makeup brush set. I always think you need to invest in decent makeup brushes but this set is amazing and at a fairly good price, £25.  You get a big powder and blusher brush as well as three eye shadow blending brushes, an eyebrow shaping brush and an eye shadow bud brush.  Mine has been well used because I take it everywhere when I travel. It’s easy to transport because it rolls up making it compact. The brushes are surprisingly good and I love being able to take a good variety of brushes around with me. You can get the set in many different patterns. It also has a zip storage section, where you can store a few products or cotton wool pads etc. 

Verdict : A great buy, very convenient and good quality. Worth it for frequent travellers who can’t take all their brushes with them but want a great selection. 

Love Kathy



So, recently I decided to embark on a mission to get my hair back into its pre-straightener/ highlighted condition. My hair is pretty thick so I needed to try and find something that would be suitable and I can honestly say I have found the perfect hair products - Kérastase products. Yes, they are slightly expensive, but if you buy the right products it is an amazing investment and they do last a long time. I have noticed an amazing results on my own hair, it’s looking in much better condition even with all the straightening that still goes on!

 Kérastase products are amazing but my favourite ones have been the:

1) Nectar Thermique– leave in treatment for dry hair – range of prices on different websites or local salons – average £13:

Basically this product is FANTASTIC.  You apply it by rubbing a pin size amount onto wet hair. You can also use it as a leave in conditioning treatment. I noticed a massive improvement on my hair when I used this after every wash. It makes it so much softer and brighter and it smells amazing too.  This is a product I will use for years to come and it has lasted for ages too!!! 

You can also get the equivalent as a heat protector. I think using one or the other seems to work fine. Both are great!

2) Elixir Ultime – oil treatment- range of prices on different websites or local salons – average £25.

This product, I only use every week or so as a hair treatment. You leave it on your hair for twenty minutes and then wash it off with shampoo. It makes my hair feel so soft and shiny and keeps it in better condition over the week. 

3) Lumiere Nutri-Sculpt - styling - average price £18.50.

I adore this product. You put 1 or 2 small pumps of the Nutri- Sculpt into your hands and rub them until the product becomes clear. Then you run it through your hair. It gives an amazing finish to your hair and its smells gorgeous. It definitely makes my hair less flyaway !! 

I have used the shampoo and conditioners, which are again beautiful but I think if you invest in one of the above products and use it regularly, then it still achieves the same effect. All the products are amazing and what is even better is that the team at Kérastase even show you home hair care routines so you can match the best products to your own hair types. 

Verdict: Slightly pricey but definitely products that make your hair look healthy and are worth investing in.  

 Love Kathy 



Hi! It’s our first blog post so we are so excited! We wanted to say hi and hope everyone is great. Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy our blog. We have wanted to start blogging for ages and we finally decided why not get together and enjoy making our own unique blog, which we can create as a joint effort – two heads are better than one right!

From Lauren ….

I’m Lauren, I’m 20 and I have an uncontrollable obsession with makeup and my hair! Although I’m not a typical girly girl, I love experimenting with makeup and styling my hair when I have too much free time during the day, and painting my nails almost every day. I love all things makeup and fashion and would very much like to be a professional makeup artist one day!

From Kathy ….

Hi, I’m Kathy and I’m 21 and in my last year of Uni. I love all things to do with make- up and I’m really into the vintage look/ style that’s re-emerging right now. I am a bit of a girly girl – I love all things sparkly and pretty and I love spending time with the girls and going out. Being at Uni, I’ve had lots of chances to experiment with different looks and styles. There is nothing better to just relax than just pamper yourself and try out new styles.

From L+ K…

We wanted our blog to include lots of experimenting with new and exciting makeup; product reviews and comparisons and probably lots of nail varnish! We love watching YouTube videos of makeup girls, our favourites being FleurDeForce, Pixi2woo and Amarixe and we also love all those beauty blogs out there like, Lipglossiping, DailyPolish and dancewithem. We would love our blog to be as successful as theirs, and maybe we could move to YouTube videos one day too.

Come back and see us soon
Lauren and Kathy