A BIG congrats to our friends in @THEREFORTMRW is in order, as they release their brand new album The Verge. We’ve been jamming to the new tunes all morning at the Impressto headquarters! Be sure to get the deluxe version, which includes an amazing documentary featuring @theundesigned -


IT’S HERE. We put so much honest energy & quality time put into every aspect of this record. We’ve learned a lot about ourselves & others from hitting the different corners of the world. We’ve learned how easy things can fall apart without your full grasp on them. This time around, every piece of pride that the four of us contain is expressed with the record. Thank you all for being along for the ride; the ups, the downs, the stagnant times. Although it has just began, we’ve made a hell of a fuss already.

Huge thanks to The Undesigned, Elvis Baskette, Dave Holdrege, Jef Moll, Hopeless Records, & YOU.

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-The Boys